Chapter 15
It's now February and the group of friends; Mark, Amy, Maureen, Joanne, Collins, Angel, Roger, and Mimi; are still at what they call the safe house. There have been no sign of Benny or his wife Allison. Right now Roger and Mimi are out for a stroll on this peace full afternoon.

"Man I can't believe how peace full it is out here." Mimi said her hand in Roger's.

"Yeah I know what you mean." Roger said as he put a protective arm around Mimi's shoulders.

"Roger I love you. You know that right?" Mimi asked.

"Of course I do. And I love you with all of my heart." Roger said as they stopped walking.

"Good. Cause you're stuck with me." Mimi said jokingly.

"Well, well, well. What do we got here?" Allison asked as she came out of hiding.

"Allison?" Mimi asked her gut telling her to flee with Roger.

"Well, duh. Don't you too look so cute together? Too bad it won't last. Thanks to you Mimi dad kicked me out, your mother won't talk to me. And my life is now ruined." Allison ranted.

"You did it to yourself." Mimi said.

Just then Allison pulled out a gun and aimed it at Mimi. "No you did you bitch." Allison pulled the trigger and then Mimi fell to the ground.

"MIMI!" Roger called out.

At this point Allison fled and was nowhere to be seen. Roger carefully carried Mimi to a cab and they quickly got her to a hospital. Once there roger gave his statement to the police and then called his friends. Then he waited for what seemed like forever, until his friends arrived.

"Rog." Mark said as he and the rest of the gang came into the waiting room.

"Hey guys." Roger choked out. His eyes were red from crying and he was still wearing the shirt that had Mimi's blood on it.

"Here's a clean shirt." Amy said as she handed the shirt to Roger.

"Thank you all of you." Roger said as he took the shirt. "I'll go change. There's no news as to how Mimi is doing. She's still in surgery."

Once Roger left the rest of the gang took a seat. "I can't believe that this is happening." Angel said leaning into Collins's shoulder. "She can't leave us. Not like this."

"She's going to be ok Angel. You know Mimi. She's a fighter. She'll get through this." Collins said as he put a comforting arm around Angel's shoulders.

"I hope your right."

"Angel you know as well as I do that Collins is right." Maureen said trying to be strong for everyone. "I mean she is a fighter."

"Honey are you ok?" Joanne asked sensing that Maureen was about to cry as well.

"No I'm not Pookie. I mean we can't lose her. Not yet. She and Roger are getting married and this can't be happening." Maureen then broke down into tears.

"Mimi Marquez." A doctor called out.

"Yes here." Roger said as he made his presence know.

"Well she's a fighter. And is doing well. We retrieved the bullet and patched her up. Now all we have to do is wait for her to wake up."

"Do you know how long that could be?" Mark asked his arm around Amy's shoulders.

"Could be days, weeks, that is up to her."

"When can we see her?" Amy asked knowing what everyone was thinking.

"You can all visit her in the morning. For right now she needs her rest."

"Thank you doctor." Roger said shaking the doctor's hand.

"You want to sleep here tonight Roger?" Angel asked knowing very well that he did.

"Yeah I do."

"Then we'll stay here with you." Collins said.

Its been three day since the shooting and Mimi is alive and awake. She's now able to see all of her friends in her room.

"Mimi. Thank God." Mark and Maureen both said in unison.

"Aw did you guys miss me?" Mimi asked. With only a hint of humor in her voice.

"You know we did." Mark said. "You know, There is no future

There is no past


Thank God this

Moment's no the last


There's only us

There's only this

Forget regret or

Life is yours to miss


No other road no other way

No day but today


I can't control

My destiny

I trust my soul

My only goal


Will I lose my dignity

Will someone care

Will I wake tomorrow

From this nightmare


Is just to be



The hand gropes

The ear hers

The pulse beats

Life goes on

But I'm gone


There's only now

There's only here

Give in to love

Or live in fear

No other path

No other way


'Cause I die

Without you

I die without you

I die without you

I die without you

I die without you

I die without you


No day but today

No day but today

No day but today

No day but today

No day but today

No day but today