This first chapter contains spoilers from Volume 7 of Youjo Senki. Nothing too important but definitely a spoiler. So if you don't want that then probably skip this chapter. Or try to forget what you read.

Chapter 1: Rusted Silver's Last Stand

Somewhere on the Eastern Front, June 23, 1927

Tanya lamented her predicament. Looking down below she could see that the once unstoppable and nearly infallible Imperial Army was collapsing before her eyes. Collapsing under the ever increasing pressure from the Russy Federation on the east and the Allied Kingdom, along with aid from the Unified States, in the west. And the unending game of cat and mouse in the south with the Republic. The Empire was slowly bleeding to death. Every day that passed was more ground slowly being lost. It was maddening to Tanya Von Degurechaff to see such resources wasted. It pained her heart to see all the equipment dutifully created by the citizens of the Empire destroyed. She muttered an apology to the Railroad Department and Lieutenant Colonel Uger for all the waste happening below her.

"Colonel!" Major Weiss said in a raised voice. "Orders from Eastern HQ are for a full retreat. All forces are to move to the new established line as fast as possible. The 203rd is to help provide cover for the retreating forces!"

Tanya sighed, how many times had she done so? Only God would know. Not that she believed in such an absurd thing.

"Understood. Tell command that we shall do our utmost to help out our comrades." She quickly replied.

Not even needing to say anything, the battalion went into formation and began to descend for a ground assault. Increasing speed and in unison they unleashed their formulas in splendid fashion. Tanya smiled at how much her troops had grown over the course of the war. Now they could quickly turn enemies into fertilizer with minimum effort. Truly this was the result of her careful effort and care. What wonderful human resources she had grown. If only she could've been given the rear position she always wanted. She could have trained many more troops like this. But she knew now to never trust the General Staff when they offered her exactly what she wanted. That's how she ended up in the East in the First place, having trained and organized the Salamander Kampfgruppe.

"Alright climb to 4,000, we are gonna circle around and hit'em again. Get ready to take fire, now that they know we are here." Tanya said.

After climbing to the appointed altitude, the 203rd prepared to take another dive when suddenly Lieutenant Serebryakov shouted a warning. "Colonel I'm detecting enemy mages approaching fast! Altitude is 5,000 and speed is 250!"

Tanya realized that the enemy must have been scrambled in response to the first attack, seeing that they were approaching at the maximum speed Federation mages were known to travel.

"Climb to 8,000 quickly! We are sitting ducks if we stay here!" she shouted into her comms. It was followed by a chorus of "yes ma'am". Smiling in satisfaction, Tanya prepared herself for the coming combat.

She nearly flinched when a bullet flew by her and exploded a distance away. Realizing that they weren't going to make 8,000 she quickly decided to try and shake the enemy by turning towards them while climbing at an angle and firing on them. Yelling out the orders, her battalion quickly formed up and opened fire. Federation mages cursed at them as they passed each other followed by screams as their formulas found their mark and turned organisms into fertilizer.

The battle was pretty easy if Tanya was being honest. Federation mages simply weren't good enough and those that survived encounters with Imperial Mages, more specifically the 203rd, were very few indeed. So when she felt a formula glance off of her passive shell, her shock was quite strong. Not needing orders the battalion split up into platoons and began to flank around the enemy mages.

Tanya glanced at them as she flew by and noticed among them were Allied mages. Cursing under her breath. Tanya raised the threat level of the enemy mentally. "This is 01 to all units enemy mages seem to include some John Bulls. Keep your eyes open and move carefully, they could be trying to lure us into a trap."

With that done the 203rd began to engage the enemy. Knowing that Federation mages were poor at close quarters combat. The 203rd closed in on their prey with a predatory glint in their eyes. It soon turned into a massacre. The Federation mages screamed in terror as mage blades sliced through their passive and active barriers with ease. Their body parts rained down in the muddy battlefield below.

The few Allied mages among them closed ranks and moved to gain some distance, taking pot shots at they retreated from the carnage. The 203rd moved to pursue, not content to allow the Allied mages escape.

Tanya felt her instinct being to scream that something was wrong, so she immediately told her battalion to break off the pursuit. But it was all too late, multiple explosive formulas intercepted them from below. Bracing herself she felt the explosions throw her higher into the air. Tumbling the whole time Tanya couldn't comprehend what was happening.

Once she stabilized, she looked around and saw that over a third of her troops had been either killed or incapacitated. It was an immense loss. Nearly screaming in rage Tanya could only try and figure out what to do now. There was no time for mourning, only fighting.

Colonel Drake sighed in relief as he watched the smoke clear so see that indeed their explosive formulas had landed their mark. He had instructed everyone on the ground to maintain absolute magic silence until it was the moment to strike. And to his surprise it had been successful. He had been praying for weeks for a chance to finally tag some of the elite Imperial mages that had caused the Federation and Allied Kingdom so much trouble, the infamous 203rd mage battalion. For weeks they had avoided every trap he tried to spring on them, but a break through came when the eastern front began to collapse. Intelligence learned that the enemy battalion had been on the move constantly, never staying in one place for too long. Normally this would have been frustrating, but Drake realized that eventually they would have to get tired after all they were human too, despite the rumors. So he waited biding his time for an opportunity to strike.

"Allright troops show those devils what the Kingdom is made of! For King and Country!" he shouted over the comms. Soon they were all in the air, a fresh battalion of Allied and Federation mages.

Mary couldn't contain her glee when the order to sortey was given. For weeks she had to endure, watching as that demon slaughtered her allies. Each one of them fighting to save the world from the Empire. It was a noble and just cause in her eyes and every one of them was a martyr in her eyes. So with every death she witnessed her anger grew and her heart turned that much colder. All of it focused on Rusted Silver, that demon that killed her father and the fathers of countless others. She swore in her heart and to God above that she would slay that demon if it was the last thing she did on earth.

A quick apology to her mother and grandmother in the Unified States, and she was off into the air with the rest of mages. She felt it instinctively, this wasn't going to be like all the other skirmishes. This battle would be the final one for either Rusted Silver or herself. The thought didn't scare her however, because she had already resolved to end that demons life no matter the cost. Thus began the final battle.

Tanya immediately ordered her battalion to begin retreating to the new defensive line. The wounded were carried by those that could, two platoons served as rear guard to protect the retreat. Enemy fire was relentless as they took the rare moment of weakness to try and annihilate them. She felt a great sense of urgency as more enemy mages were detected rising from the ground below. Sensing that the danger of annihilation was immense Tanya decided to take a risk for her precious human resources and joined the rear guard. Major Weiss would take command of the retreat along with First Lieutenant Serebryakov. First Lieutenant Grantz would join her in the rear guard. Lieutenant Wustemann unfortunately was killed by the enemy barrage.

Tanya sent her own explosive formula towards the enemy forcing them to scatter to avoid the blast. But unfortunately the enemy was making progress, it was slow, but they continued their advance. Soon Tanya and Grantz had to being dodging enemy fire as their distance continued to steadily close.

Then it all went to hell. An immense magic signature appeared and Tanya was immediately in close quarters combat. Lieutenant Grantz tried to assist but was intercepted by another mage. Both enemies were clearly dangerous, one was definitely a named mage. And the other was a wild power house, less tactical intelligence and more like an angry bull of magical force.

Tanya flew erratically trying her best to avoid the strikes of the crazed mage. Shifting her momentum and twisting her body as it flipped she managed to get herself behind the mage as she charged by Tanya. Forming a mage blade in her hand Tanya slashed at the back of the mage. Her blade wasn't fast enough and only managed to leave a shallow cut across her enemy's back. Clicking her tongue in frustration, Tanya aimed her submachine gun at the retreating figure and fired four times. Two hit the mages Active Barrier and the other two missed their mark.

Pursuing after the girl Tanya tried to think of ways to get closer, she knew from experience that this girl had a very strong shield. She would have preferred to kill her with a mage blade but that seemed far off now that her opportunity had left. She would need to bait the girl to her then.

Grinning, Tanya chased after the girl taking shots where she could but never letting up the pressure. Then she decided to try out her new idea. Using an open comms channel she shouted to the girl "Coward! You claim to want to avenge your father's death yet you run away from the enemy! How pathetic, you poor excuse for a soldier!" she said. It worked as she predicted.

The enemy mage immediately turned around and let loose an animalistic scream of rage. A rain of optical formulas followed, the enemy mage tried with all their might to kill Tanya.

Mary could see the edges of her vision turning red as an indescribable rage coursed through her veins. All thoughts vanished from her mind and every fiber of her being was focused on killing that demon that tormented her by continuing to exist. Mary opened her mouth and spoke the words she would say every Sunday at church. "Oh Lord give me strength once more so that I may destroy this demon that walks upon this earth. Let this lamb of yours be your vessel so that smite this demon from the skies and damm her to the darkest pit of hell!" her prayer to God was answered by the feeling of immense strength welling up within her.

With new found strength and her resolve strengthened once more Mary caught up to Tanya. Avoiding the trick Tanya did earlier, Mary attempted to skewer Tanya with her bayonet. The young girl barely avoided it and responded with a mage blade. Swinging her right hand down Tanya wanted to slice right through Mary's throat.

Mary flew back and avoided the strike, retaliating with a shot from her rifle. Tanya simply raised her hand out and formed a barrier to block the bullet. The explosion created a smoke screen, blinding Tanya from the next strike.


Tanya was forced to let go of her submachine gun to stop the magic blade on Mary's bayonet from slicing right through her. Now unarmed Tanya tried to use Mary's rifle as a means to keep the distance between them. Mary responded by pulling her rifle back with one hand and punching Tanya across the face with the other.

Having been separated from the punch, now it was Tanya's turn to close the distance. She knew without her rifle a fight from a distance was death. So she doped her mind to ease her fear and charged right back in. Forming mage blades on both hands, Tanya closed the distance between them quickly. Swinging with her left hand, her blade quickly closed the distance. Mary knew she wouldn't be able to stop the blade with her barrier so she held her rifle in front of her and tried to bayonet Tanya. To her surprise Tanya didn't try to dodge, she simply grabbed the barrel with her right hand as she avoided the bayonet and with her left sliced right through it, splitting it in two.

Then Tanya drew her service pistol and raised it to fire. Mary's hand grabbed Tanya's hand and pulled it down before the pistol could be aimed properly. With her left hand Tanya formed a mage blade and attempted to cut off Mary's head. Forced to defend herself, Mary let one of her hands go and blocked the mage blade by grabbing Tanya's forearm. Tanya grinned at her and a shot rang out.

A hot searing pain coursed through Mary's left leg as the bullet pierced deep into her flesh. The pain quickly dulled as adrenaline began to flood her system. Retaliating for the shot Mary used her larger strength to force both of Tanya's hands up. Then with a twist of Tanya's wrist the pistol was forced out of her hand.

Tanya's face scrunched up in pain as Mary's knee slammed into her chest. Then again, and again, and again, till she coughed up blood. Seeing the next knee coming Tanya lifted her legs and blocked the knee. Tanya then slammed both her legs into Mary's chest, causing her to let go of her arms. Taking this opportunity, Tanya attempted to regroup with her battalion, only for her eyes to widen is horror.

While she had been fighting for her life, more Federation troops had arrived and now her battalion was fighting for their lives. She could see there were even fewer of them from before. In her mind she knew this was the end. There was no way she would get away if even her battalion was being annihilated. "Even still, I can't give up. I won't give up, not here! Not too a bunch of fucking commies!"

Hardening her resolve, Tanya prepared to fight for her life. But then she felt herself falling towards the ground. Mary had slammed into her and was going to try to slam them both into the ground. Her eyes were crazed, glowing golden. Tanya knew what this meant, but even still she prepared to fight hand to hand.

"Demon! Devil! Today you will finally be vanquished from this earth! God has chosen it fit for me to be the martyr!" Mary screamed out, the first time she spoke since her prayer.

Tanya's eyes widened in rage and terror as Mary's eyes turned red and mana began to radiate from her green computation orb. Tanya struggled against Mary's hold with all her might but the girl would not budge, she had a death grip. Knowing it was now or never, Tanya grit her teeth and poured all the mana she could into the cursed Type-95. The sudden feeling of being refreshed disgusted Tanya to her very core. But just this once, in her whole time in this world did she genuinely appreciate the feeling. At the very least she wouldn't die afraid. Though many thought she had no fear, Tanya was like any other human. The dread of death was inescapable, and knowing that this was it, her last life. Knowing for a certainty that she would never again exist, that primordial fear hung over her. It's power was absolute, its arrival unstoppable. It was a fear very few can truly say they have conquered.

So for the first time ever, and maybe last. Tanya prayed, she put her heart and soul into this one prayer. Though most likely due to the curse of the Type-95, she prayed involuntarily, once the floodgates were open it could no longer be stopped.

"Oh Lord in heaven! Blessed be your name for you are the mightiest of all. The alpha and omega, the king of kings. You who will exist and will always exist. I implore thee! Protect me oh lord, save me! I give my all to you, my heart, my soul! I will spread thy name to the four corners of the world! I implore thee to protect me in my hour of need. In thy holy name I pray amen!"

Tanya didn't realize that the whole time the prayer forced itself through her lips, that she had nearly tripled the amount of mana entering the Type-95. From the point of view of those around them a blinding golden light shined. Its brilliance was so great that it felt as if the sun was before them.

Tanya couldn't hear anything as she closed her eyes and hoped she could create a barrier strong enough to protect herself. But then a crack appeared on the Type-95. Tanya's heart nearly stopped, as another crack formed. Then she heard a voice, so familiar that it caused her to shudder in disgust.

"This is quite the sad finale isn't it? You of so little faith. I was almost convinced by your final heresy but managed to realize you held no conviction even in the end. So as I said before, when we first crossed paths. You will be torn from the wheel of reincarnation and will cease to exist. This is goodbye my lost lamb."

"BEING X YOU! YOU PIECE OF SHIT!" Tanya screamed at the top of her lungs, her rage exploding out of her. She screamed as loud as she could, deciding she would take as many enemies with her as possible. Tanya poured all her mana into the Type-95 until she was on the verge of death. Then with one final scream the concentration of mana exploded. The light was so bright that people could see the bones in their hands as they covered their eyes. The heat was so brilliant that everyone in a three mile radius burned. And the fireball expanded to nearly one mile.

It was a nuclear explosion before the nuclear age had even begun. Remembered by the world as the Last Stand of Rusted Silver. The explosion that followed would be dubbed The Final Divine Judgment of Rusted Silver.

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