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Chapter 4: Tense Diplomacy and Thought Communication

Tanya Von Degurechaff was not one to express herself much when eating a meal. She viewed the activity as a simple task that needed to be completed to remain functional and coherent. So when the waitress placed a bowl of Ramen, real ramen, in front of her. Tanya was surprised that she could not stop the joy that she felt from showing on her face. It was food, real food. Not the terrible military rations she had been eating for years. Her eyes stung a little as small droplets formed in the corner of her eyes.

Blinking, Tanya quickly dug into her meal. Milim watched her eat and tried her best to copy Tanya. She fumbled with the chopsticks and slowly brought the noodles to her mouth. The two ate in silence as Milim experienced this new meal and Tanya made up for years of terrible meals.

Tanya sighed in satisfaction as she drained the bowl of the broth and set the bowl down. "That was amazing. Oh how good it feels to have a decent meal again."

Milim nodded her head in agreement as she patted her stomach. "That was so yummy. Oh I can't wait to try out all the food this place has.!" She pointed her right hand to the ceiling.

Tanya shook her head. "I don't think I can eat anything right now. I'm stuffed." Tanya leaned into her seat and closed her eyes. Enjoying the warmth of the Ramen, she almost felt like dozing off. Then Milim spoke up.

"Hey Tanya. Do you wanna play with me?" Milim jumped off her seat. "Come on, we can fly around!"

Tanya groaned as Milim took her by the hand and dragged her out the place. As they exited Milim shouted to the waitress that Rimuru was paying for them. Tanya shook her head in disgust, Milim had made her an accomplice to a Dine and Dash.

Once outside Milim floated a few feet off the ground. "Come on Tanya let go! Catch me if you can!" As she finished her sentence Milim shot off into the sky. Tanya sighed to herself and took off after her. The two continued to climb until they had burst through the clouds at 10,000 ft. Tanya could tell she could still keep climbing, something she would have been hard pressed to do in her past, at least not without the Type-95.

The magic of this world really was amazing. Tanya decided to push herself to her limits. Milim noticed that Tanya was quickly closing the distance between them and grinned. "It won't be that easy to catch me Tanya!" She shouted at the elf. With a sonic boom Milim once again expanded the distance between herself and Tanya.

Tanya grit her teeth as sweat began to form on her skin. She was pushing with all her might to try and catch up, but the rate of magicules she was consuming was incredibly high. Tanya shuddered at the thought of how many magicules Milim was consuming right now. To maintain supersonic speeds must be absolutely insane. But Milim had an immense pool of magicules to draw from so it must be miniscule to her. Tanya felt some anxiety at the thought of the other Demon Lords that lay to the south. Milim had decided she liked Tempest in general and Rimuru in particular. That couldn't be said about the other Demon Lords who remained a mystery.

Tanya thought about everything that needed to be done. She would need to get Benimaru and a few of the fighters to help her train the troops, at least until she could figure out how to get some guns manufactured. Next would be the tunnels and defense structures that would be spread throughout the Jura Forest. The south would need to be prioritized for the moment. But she wanted work to begin on the other areas too, even if it will be much slower.

Tanya was definitely going to teach Benimaru everything she knew about tactics. Since he had been previously in charge he would be much more familiar with the troops, their power, style of fighting, and could help find more competent monsters to train as officers. The one problem would be how the troops would fight. Tanya was out of her depth in this world and how they fought in large scale battles. It was one thing to fight a single individual and figure out how to best defeat them. It is a completely different matter to control large numbers of troops and to use them effectively to either flank around the enemy or to punch through their lines to circle and destroy them. Another issue was figuring out what aerial threats there were in this world. Did any country have an airforce or aerial mages? Were they numerous enough that air defense systems needed to be developed?

If Tempest is able to manufacture firearms then Tanya wouldn't have to worry about learning the established ways of this world. She would simply use what she learned during her time in the Imperial Army. Though she doubted it would be possible to create aircraft or tanks. So she would be working with an army that could only move as fast as their feet could take them. And supplies would have to move by horseback.

Tanya decided she would shelf all that for later. Right now she had a game to end. She knew that her pool of magicules wasn't going to give her much more time at the speeds she was moving. So to catch up to Milim, she decided to use the rest of her magicules for one massive burst of speed.

Tanya did her best to keep up with the Demon Lords wild turns, as she waited for her opportunity. That moment came when Milim turned sharply to the right. Tanya gathered all the magicules in her body and pumped it all into her flight magic. A thunderous boom was all the warning Milim got. Milim turned her head toward the sound and was suddenly thrown back by a powerful force. Recovering her bearings, she glanced around to find a winded Tanya smirking at her.

"I...ha...I...Got you!" Tanya said. She had burned through about ninety percent of the magic she had to catch Milim. Tanya had never before gone supersonic under her own power so the experience was definitely jarring.

Milim grinned at Tanya. "So you have. But It looks like you burned yourself out." Tanya couldn't deny that, so she just started making her way down.

"So Tanya, what else should we do today?" Milim asked. She hoped that the elf would suggest something. She didn't want the day to end so early, after all, only a few hours had passed since they started.

"Hmm, well I want to ask you some questions about the Demon Lords and what they are like." Tanya slowed down and gently landed on the grass. Milim soon followed and the two moved towards the nearest tree. Tanya sat down and leaned against the tree to rest. "I also wanted to ask you about yourself. Well to be more accurate, about how strong you are, what can you do, and other things." Milim plopped down across from Tanya and crossed her legs.

She didn't like talking about boring stuff so she decided to start with herself, after all she was thee Milim Nava. Hopefully Tanya would be too in awe of her to ask about the boring stuff.

"Like I said when we first met. I am Milim Nava, the Destroyer. The only Dragonoid in the world!" She said. "I see. So Milim how did you get the title Destroyer?" Tanya asked. The Demon Lords eyes for a slight moment swirled with numerous emotions. But just as sudden as they appeared, a grin spread across the Demon Lords face. "I don't really remember but I've been told I destroyed a country that pissed me off."

Tanya decided not to comment on what she had observed. "You don't remember how you earned your title?"

"It was a long time ago ok!" Milim quickly replied. "How long ago?" Tanya asked.

"Maybe a few hundred?" Milim said, uncertain.

Tanya remained quiet for a moment to think. So I have a nation destroying, ill tempered Demon Lord who is hundreds of years old. I think I should move on.

"So you are the only Dragonoid, what is that exactly." Tanya asked. Milim jumped up to her feet and spread her arms out. "A dragonoid is the child of a True Dragon and a Human! I am the only one in the world!" Milim was more than happy to brag.

"True Dragons? Fucking hell this world is too much." Tanya whispered to herself. "What are the True Dragons?" She asked.

"Oh, they are-"

The ground beneath rumbled and a boom resonated. In the distance wisps of smoke could be seen. Neither Tanya or Milim said a word to each other. Both took to the air and headed back to the city. When they arrived they saw Rigurd covering his face with his right hand. Both could see the red flesh beneath his hand.

A few feet from him was a tan man. He wore purple armor and had quite the angry face. His right hand was clenched in a fist and smoke was coming off of it. Tanya and Milim connected the dots pretty quickly. Before the elf could say anything Milim closed the distance, she grabbed the man by the throat and slammed him into the ground. He gasped in shock but was unable to respond to the sudden attack. Then Milim punched him repeatedly until he lost consciousness. Tanya didn't interfere because she honestly had no sympathy for the moron and it was a Demon Lord unleashing her wrath. This was not her problem.

After some time passed Rimuru arrived at the scene. Milim had hoped for some praise but was swiftly rebuked. Tanya felt that this was slightly unwarranted so she spoke up. "I believe Milim did the right thing. This man attacked Rigurd and could have killed him. Milim came to his defense and quickly neutralized the enemy." Tanya explained. "If anything this man is lucky Milim didn't kill him. I certainly would. In fact I believe we are well within our rights as a sovereign nation to execute this man."

Tanya grabbed the unconscious man by the hair and lifted his head up. She formed a holy blade and pointed the end to the back of his head. "Just say the word." Was all she said.

Rimuru turned a little pale as he realized Tanya was dead serious. "Wait, wait, hold on just a moment. I don't think we should kill him." He tried to reason.

"No self respecting nation would allow some foreigner to waltz into their nation and nearly kill one of their representatives. If we don't kill him that could send the message that we are weak." Tanya said, her eyes were icy blue and held no emotion. Rimuru nearly flinched at the cold look. He took a moment to gather himself before asserting himself. "No, I wish to talk to him before judging him." He said with a firm voice.

Tanya and Rimuru stared at each other for a few seconds. Tanya sighed and let go of the man's hair, he slammed his head on the ground and groaned in pain. Rimuru sighed in relief and told himself to remember that Tanya was a war veteran and was really scary.

Tanya stared at the unconscious man with a cold glare. If it was up to her he would have already been run through with her blade and dumped in an unmarked grave. She glanced at Rimuru and walked towards him. Once close enough she whispered. "I'll be at the executive building, or whatever you call it. Please call for me when this trash wakes up. I wish to be at the meeting." Tanya said. Rimuru simply replied "No problem."

Rimuru watched the elf walk away and sighed. Her words had certainly cut through. She was right to say that any country that didn't deal swift justice to a foreign attacker would be viewed as weak. But he just didn't want to kill anyone unless they left him with no choice. Rimuru believed that taking a life must be done after all other options had been exhausted. That difference of opinion had finally come to light. Rimuru knew that Tanya was not adverse to taking a life. He was sure she had taken many over the course of the war. So he was glad he had been able to reign her in before she ran her holy blade through the man's head.

Taking a deep breath Rimuru turned his attention to the scene before him. "Alright let's get this over with." Walking over to Rigurd he splashed him with some healing potion and asked what had occurred.

"Well I was strolling through the city and this man began shouting about something. As I approached he said that his name was Phobio and that he was here to take over the city for Demon Lord Carrion. I introduced myself as I usually do and he struck me. Soon after that Milim-sama and Tanya-sama arrived and he was swiftly taken care of." He concluded. Rimuru rubbed his chin and quickly thought of what questions he wanted to ask.

"Rigurd, get this man tied up. Move him to the meeting room. Also tell Benimaru and the others that they should be present. Just in case." Rimuru said as he walked away.

The past few days had been filled with one event after another. He just wanted to relax and enjoy himself.

Executive Building, Meeting Room

Rimuru walked into the room as Shuna opened it for him. He could see that Tanya had seated herself to the right of his chair. She looked like she had been thinking about something. But she soon put on a neutral face and straightened her back.

Rimuru nodded to her and pulled out his chair at the head of the table. Turning into his slime form he bounced slightly as he landed on the cushion of the chair. Moments later Benimaru arrived along with Shion and Hakuru, Rigurd was the last to arrive with the tied up Phobio.

Placing the unconscious man in the chair opposite of Rimuru he walked around to take his seat. Shuna closed the doors to the room and took her seat. The arrangement goes as follows. Rimuru is seated at the head of the table. Tanya is seated to the right of Rimuru. Benimaru sat to the left of Rimuru. Seated next to Benimaru was Shuna, and next to Tanya Hakuru sat. Rigurd took his seat next to Hakuru. Shion moved to stand behind Rimuru. And Phobio sat at the far end of the table.

Rimuru looked at everyone in the room. He was the center of attention as they awaited what he was going to say. "So has everyone been informed about why I have called this meeting?" He asked.

"Everyone has been informed, Rimuru-sama." Shion said. Rimuru looked around and saw that everyone nodded their heads. "Alright then let's get this over with." Rimuru said.

He was about to tell Shion to wake Phobio up, but was interrupted as the doors blew open. An angry Milim stormed in. "Rimuru you can't just call a meeting and exclude me!" She said as she stomped towards Rimuru.

The sudden commotion woke Phobio up. He scanned the room quickly and opened his mouth to shout something out.

But Milim instead turned her head to glare at him. She snarled and her aura hung over her like a bloody cloud. "You shut your mouth! I don't want to hear a word from you or I will tear you to pieces!" She spat out. Phobio felt the hairs on his neck stand up so he quickly shut his mouth. His anger for the moment was overcome by his fear.

Milim then walked up to Rimuru and picked him up. Her face softened as she asked him why he had excluded her. Rimuru would have been sweating if he could and quickly found his excuse. "Ah, I just didn't want to bother you with something so boring. I'm sorry really." He then quickly added. "I'll make it up to you, I promise."

Milim frowned for a second before smiling and putting him down. "OK! You promised!" She then took one of the empty chairs and placed it in the corner of the room behind Tanya and Rimuru.

With the situation resolved Rimuru began his questioning. "So who are you exactly? And why did you attack Rigurd?"

Phobio grit his teeth and shouted back. "Why the fuck should I answer your questions huh? Some fucking slime is acting like a bigshot cause Milim likes you?"

Tanya carefully maintained her neutral expression but the man's arrogance and disrespectful attitude was quickly burning through her tolerance of idiocy.

After Milim let out a burst of aura, Phobio quickly shut up and let out a growl of frustration. "Fine, I work for Demon Lord Carrion. He heard someone here took down the Orc Disaster and wanted to find out who. I think we should just take over the place. Whoever took it down is obviously worthy of joining our ranks."

Rimuru was silent for a moment before asking a new question. "So why did you attack Rigurd?"

Once again Phobio's aggressive tone returned. "Huh? Why the fuck would you ask me that? Its fucking obvious, he's weak trash who tired to get in my way." He said, as if it were the most obvious thing in the world.

After hearing his answer Tanya had heard enough. "Rimuru-sama this moron isn't worth the air he breathes. We should-."

"What the fuck did you say you elf bitch?" Phobio shouted.

Tanya clenched her fists as she tried to stop the boiling anger beneath from showing. She looked Phobio directly in the eyes. Her icy blue eyes told Phobio that she was seconds from doing something.

"I said that you aren't worth the air you breathe. If it had been my decision I would have carved your skull open." Her tone was cold and venomous. She hadn't raised her voice but her flat tone had made everyone tense up. She kept her eyes on Phobio as she returned to what she was originally going to say. "Rimuru-sama as I was saying before, we should execute this man. His disregard for the lives of the people of this country and admission to overthrowing you as head of state, has led me to this conclusion. He is dangerous and will continue to be a danger unless eliminated."

Phobio swallowed as he listened to her speak. She had not taken her eyes off of him the whole time and that gave Phobio a sense of dread. Rimuru was certainly not going to kill the man as Tanya had suggested. He didn't want to start a conflict with Demon Lord Carrion. But since he had Milim here he could make him leave without trouble but the problem was with how to get Carrion not to take action. Threatening to kill one of his underlings certainly will force his hand in some way. Rimuru believed he was right.

So I have to get this guy to understand that talking with us would be more favorable than conflict. I think I know how to do that.

Rimuru brought himself out of his thoughts and scanned the room. Tanya was still staring down Phobio, practically daring him to say something. While everyone else watched with tension. Rimuru broke the tense silence as he spoke up. "Well I have come to a conclusion. Phobio you will not be executed but you will have to leave my country immediately. If you refuse to leave under peaceful means then can we assume that Demon Lord Carrion wishes for war with the whole of the Jura Forest? Is that the wish of Demon Lord Carrion? If so then declare it now."

Phobio was silent as he realized what Rimuru was saying. He had royally screwed up. Demon Lord Carrion had only ordered him to scout for the ones that had defeated the Orc Disaster and to recruit them. Now those very same people were assuming that Carrion wished hostile intent.

Phobio swallowed his pride and spoke with a subdued tone. "I will leave immediately."

Rimuru told Rigurd to untie Phobio and then spoke. "Tell Demon Lord Carrion that if he wishes to speak with us, then we are available to negotiate a time and place." Phobio nodded silently and made his way to the door. As he did he took one last look at the people there. Milim was waving her hand at him, he felt anger beginning to bubble up. She was definitely mocking him right now. Then his eyes landed on the elf. She was still looking at him, eyes as cold as ice. He couldn't sense her magicule levels because she seemed to be suppressing it. But he knows the eyes of a killer. Still if he got the opportunity he would find a way to put Milim and the little brat in their place. With those thoughts Phobio left the room to begin his return to Yuurazania.

After Phobio left the room Rimuru let out a sigh of relief. "Things really got dicey there." He said. "I think you made the right decision." Tanya said as she crossed her arms. "But that Phobio is an arrogant piece of shit. I've seen too many of those types cause a huge mess." Her eyes were dull as she remembered something. "I have no tolerance for such violent and arrogant people."

Rimuru watched as she shook her head in disgust. "Well at least the situation has been defused without anyone dying." He said.

"Indeed Rimuru-sama. But what are we going to do if Demon Lord Carrion pays us a visit?" Hakuru spoke up. Benimaru nodded his head in agreement. "We will have a dialog to see what our positions will be for the future. I hope that I will be able to get Carrion to like us. The less enemies we have to deal with the better." Rimuru replied. "So for now we just wait."

With that Rimuru dismissed the meeting. He transformed back into his human form and moved to leave. "Rimuru may I have a word with you?" Rimuru stopped at the sound of Tanya's voice. Turning his head towards her he nodded. "What is it?"

"Can you take me to the smiths? You do have smiths right?" Tanya asked.

"Sure no problem. But why all of a sudden?" Rimuru asked. Tanya grinned and simply said. "Because I want to see what they are capable of."

Rimuru now wasn't so sure about himself so he decided to press her for an answer. "Capable for what exactly?"

"To make guns. I want to know if they would be capable of making guns." Tanya said. "I remember how my gun functioned, I just want to see if I can convey the concept to them."

Well if you want to convey something as complex as that...you should use Thought Communication." Rimuru suggested.

"Thought Communication? How would I do that?" Tanya asked.

"Like this." Rimuru said. Suddenly Tanya was flooded with images of Tokyo. "I started with something familiar." Rimuru's voice echoed in her head. Suddenly the connection was severed.

Tanya touched her head with her left hand and took a deep breath. "That was amazing, to be able to share images and communicate silently. This ability is so useful." Tanya marveled at the applications of Thought Communication.

"So Tanya, want to try it out?" Rimuru asked. Tanya paused for a second. "How would I even do that?"

"Use your magicules to create a connection with me. Then try and send me information." Rimuru explained.

Tanya closed her eyes and concentrated on the magicules within her. She slowly streamed them towards Rimuru. Once they reached him, Tanya slowly pushed her magicules into him. Then suddenly she felt a tug on her magicules and the stream expanded. A connection had been formed. Tanya next thought of her submachine and took that still image and tried to push it to the connection. She felt like there was a thin barrier stopping her, so she gathered a greater concentration of magicules and rammed it against the barrier. She continued this for sometime, until finally it gave in and collapsed.

"Skill Acquired, Thought Communication."

Rimuru was a little surprised at the sudden image appearing in his head. It was an old submachine from the past, soon other pictures entered his head. These were from when Tanya was cleaning the weapon. Great Sage, analyse these for me and turn them into blueprints.

Understood. Was the only reply.

Rimuru grunted to get Tanya's attention and then pointed at the door. "Now that you can use Thought Communication. I think it's time we visited Kaijin and the others.

Black Smith Shop

As the two made their way to the shop Tanya finished explaining to Rimuru about hand grenades. "While the movies show grenades as a giant fireball, this is simply not true. When a grenade explodes the shell fragments into hundreds of pieces of shrapnel. This causes mutilation or death in the surrounding area." Tanya said. "I'll show you an example."

Using Thought Communication Tanya shared Rimuru a memory from the war.

Tanya flew through the cold northern air as she climbed past 10,000 feet. She moved erratically as she dodged the heavy machine guns fire coming from the bombers above. She flew between the formation and landed on the lead bomber. She pulled out a potato masher and pulled the cap with her teeth. Saying goodbye to the crew she dropped the grenade into the cabin and flew away. She watched as they scrambled to pick up the grenade before they were consumed in an explosion and chunks of body parts rained down.

Rimuru shook his head as the memory finished. He looked a little pale from the graphic imagery but quickly recovered. "I uh see what you mean. Guess the movies were wrong." He said weakly.

"Indeed they are." Was all Tanya said as they arrived at the front door of the shop. Rimuru took a step forward and pushed the door open. "Oi Kaijin you here?" He shouted.

Oh, Rimuru-sama? I will be right there!" A muffled voice could be heard callout from deep within the shop. Soon a short man appeared.

"Kaijin! Let me introduce you to our new Commander In-Chief. This is Tanya Von Degurechaff." Rimuru said as he pointed towards her. Hearing the more formal introduction Tanya straightened her back and reverted back to her behavior when standing before the brass.

Kaijin for his part, raised an eyebrow at the newcomer before quickly bowing his head slightly. "Ah an honor to meet you Tanya-sama." He said with practiced grace.

Tanya picked up on how quickly he changed his tone of voice. She assumed he was well versed in dealing with the upper crust of society. "It is an honor to meet you as well Kaijin-san." She said.

"Ah no need for that Tanya-sama just call me Kaijin." He said.

Tanya simply nodded her head. Rimuru took this moment to get things moving. "Kaijin. Tanya here wants to see if you can make something for her." Rimuru said. "Tanya?"

"Right. I was wondering if you could make a firearm for me. And before you ask, I can show you what it looks like." Tanya said. Using Thought Communication she showed Kaijin her submachine gun and how it worked in action. Afterward Kaijin rubbed his beard deep in thought. Before he could say anything Rimuru spoke up. "Ah, actually I analysed the gun and all of its parts and made some blueprints." He said.

A stack of paper was expelled from his stomach and landed in his hands. Tanya's eyes widened in surprise. "How did you do that so quickly?" Rimuru simply smiled smugly. "Please don't look so shocked. Tanya-chan. I am capable of many things." His vague answer made Tanya narrow her eyes but then she sighed and decided to drop it. This world was full of insane absurdities, no point trying to argue.

"Well this so-called firearm looks very complex. I can try and make it but it will take me quite some time. Plus what are these?" Kaijin pointed to a blueprint that had a drawing of the magazine. Next to the magazine was the design on the ammunition Tanya used for the submachine gun. 9x25mm Mauser.

"Ah, that is the ammunition that this gun uses. It is a casing with an explosive powder, at the end there is the projectile or bullet. Once the powder is ignited the bullet will be sent down the barrel at an incredible speed." Tanya said. Kaijin at her with disbelief. But decided that there was no point arguing.

"I shall see what I can do. But this will probably take quite some time to finish. Plus I am going to have to try and figure out how to make some of these parts." Kaijin said. He was looking at the tiny parts that would makeup the trigger group.

"That is fine. I wasn't expecting you to be able to make it immediately." Tanya said. "Please notify me when it is complete or if there are any problems." Tanya bowed her head slightly.

"Yeah I'll do that…" Kaijin trailed off as he continued to look at the blueprints. Seeing that Kaijin was already completely focused on the new project Rimuru decided it was time to go. "Come one Tanya."

As the two left Tanya remembered something. "Rimuru I still need to talk to whoever is going to make the tunnels to the south."

"Oh yeah I almost forgot. Come, follow me." As the two made their way in a new direction. Tanya realized they were on the road that was under construction when she had first arrived. In the distance huge monsters broke rock and slammed it into the ground until it was flat. They made the work look easy, but Tanya knew any normal person would have been exhausted at the heavy work.

Once they had arrived Tanya was introduced to an orc named Geld he was a serious fellow but Tanya could sense he was a hardworking monster. Tanya quickly explained what she wanted to do in the south of the Jura Forest and he told her it would be an easy task.

"While only working on the south would be quick, I need the entire border of the Jura Tempest tunneled. I imagine a network of tunnels running from the edges of the forest to the very City of Rimuru. Do you think you can manage that?" Tanya asked. She would have accepted his first answer, but now that Demon Lord Carrion had shown his interest in Tempest, it was a race against the clock to fortify the forest. Yes the south was the priority, but Tanya didn't want them getting caught off guard.

Geld rubbed his chin as he thought about what to do. He then gave what Tanya thought was a reassuring smile. "Worry not Tanya-sama. I shall simply have to contact some of the other orc tribes that had to move. Would that be acceptable?" He asked.

"How many would you be able to bring?" Tanya asked.

"Well in total there are about 150,000 of us. But I doubt we would need that many. So I say about 15,000 if you want the project done as quickly as possible." He said. Tanya's eyes nearly popped out of her head as she heard the number.

"Fifteen thousand!? That's a small army!" Tanya shouted. She turned to look at Rimuru. He simply looked smug. "What can I say."

"Alright how fast do you think 15,000 orcs could do the job?" Tanya asked. Geld paused for a moment before crossing his arms. "I say we could probably complete the whole Jura Forest in about a month or two." Tanya thought back to the map she had seen of the forest. She shook her head in amazement.

"What if we bump that number to 20,000?" She asked.

"Then I can guarantee in a month it will be completed. You have my word." Geld said. Tanya smiled at his response before looking to Rimuru.

"If you believe that it is necessary then I won't stand in your way." Rimuru said.

With his approval given, Tanya extended her arm to Geld. Though she had to raise it up because of the enormous height difference. Geld had to bend over a little to reach her arm and his hand was too big so he used three fingers to shake her hand.

"It will be my pleasure to work with you Tanya-sama. You have my word that we shall complete our job in a month." Geld said. Tanya smiled at that and shook his hand. "It will be my pleasure as well to work with you Geld."

After that Tanya and Geld left to go recruit the others they needed to start working. Tanya had told Rimuru that she would remain with the work crew to observe from the air at various worksites how progress was going. She also was going to use her experience in the trenches to help Gled and the others make fortified sleeping quarters underground. She had also told Rimuru that if anything happened to just let her know and she would head back immediately.

Rimuru shook his head as he made it back to the city. She is going to be busy for a while. I don't want to bother her while she focuses on that. Should anything happen I'm sure we can take care of it.

Wow this chapter took way too long to type. I think I rewrote this chapter like 3-4 times. I'm so sorry for taking so long. But after rereading the other chapters that I was moving way too quickly. Anyway I hope you guys like this chapter.