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This is a fanfiction, a work of fiction. It is an unofficial, non-canon alternate story based on Yana Toboso's story "kuroshitsuji" Or also known as "Black Butler". Most of the media - such as the images and video's used in this fanfiction - are from the web. Thus, most of them aren't mine (because I really, really can't draw) unless mentioned. To fit the story, images are also edited by a photo editor. So they aren't mine, just edited.

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Lau and Hinata used to be childhood friends. But eventually, their ideals clash, and they both separate into different paths in life. That is… until their roads meet once again. But Hinata is determined to keep her distance, well Lau refuses to let her go and let them separate once again.

"How did this Happen?" Lau asked, talking a step forward. "We used to be so close."

Hinata raised her hand, her palm connecting with the man's chest, stopping him from coming any closer. "The line between love and hate is quite thin." The woman's expression softened, her eyes glossing over. "You never realise that you've crossed it. That is... until it is far too late."

Lau's expression darkened, he slammed his hand against the wall, over his childhood friend's head, his over hand caught hold of her chin, bringing her eyes up to meet his. "Then let's cross it again." With that, he captures her lips in a kiss.