Riley's parents are heading out for the night

Riley: Do I really have to stay in tonight?

Cory: I'm afraid so.

Riley: But I'm a teenager.

Topanga: Sorry but we asked the babysitters to watch August and you have to stay to make sure he doesn't mess anything up.

Riley: Well can I invite Maya over?

Maya: I'm already here.

Cory: How did you get in?

Maya: Though the window.

Doorbell rings

Topanga: Oh that must be the babysitters.

Topanga opens the door and on the other side are Sam Puckett from iCarly/Sam & Cat and Cat Valentine from Victorious/Sam & Cat

Cat: Hi.

Cory: Thanks so much for agreeing to babysit our son tonight.

Topanga: He can be a handful.

August: No I'm not.

Sam: You're paying us right?

Cory: Well if all goes well, we will pay you two $500.

Maya: Riley do you see the blonde girl?

Riley: Yeah.

Maya: That's Sam from the iCarly web show.

Riley: No way I love iCarly.

Maya: Who doesn't.

Topanga: August, you behave yourself and do whatever Sam and Cat tell you.

August: Yes mommy.

Cory and Topanga walk out and into their car and drives off

Riley: Are you really Sam Puckett from iCarly?

Sam: Yeah I'm Sam Puckett. Why?

Maya: You have no idea how much we are obsessed with that show.

Cat: Aw you still have fans.

Sam: I can tell.

Riley: Are you guys ever going to continue the show?

Sam: Well that depends.

Maya: Depends on what?

Sam: If Carly ever comes back from Italy.

August: Can someone get me a soda please?

Cat: Sure I'll get you a soda.

Sam: What's his name again?

Riley: It's August but most people call him Auggie.

Cat: Aw it's cute that he's named after a month.

Maya: You're named after the animal?

Cat: What's that supposed to mean?

Maya: Nothing.

August: I didn't really see all of iCarly but I watched some of it.

Sam: Did you like it?

August: Yeah but what was up with that Gibby guy?

Sam: No one knows.

Riley: He had a little crush on Carly.

Cat: Aw how cute.

Maya: So what have you been doing since the show ended?

Sam: Well I have been living with Cat and doing our babysitting service.

August: Do you get paid a lot of money?

Cat: Oh yeah we do.

Sam: We've been doing it for two years and over that time we have made over $100,000.

Riley: Dang.

Maya: That's a lot.

Cat: We know.

Riley gets a text from Lucas

Maya: Who texted?

Riley: Lucas.

Sam: Who's Lucas?

August: Hey boyfriend.

Cat: Oh.

Maya: What did he say?

Riley: He wants to know if he can come over?

August: I'm sure it's fine with mom and dad.

Riley: Alright I'll invite him over.

Cat: Is he nice?

Riley: Yeah.

Maya: You'll like him.

Sam: Did he watch iCarly?

Riley: Yeah he did. He is a fan of the show.

Cat: Good to know that you still have fans.

Sam: Don't remind me.

August: I thought you would have liked having fans.

Cat: Sam's not the person to like many stuff.

Sam: She's right. I like having fans, but not the ones that are insane.

Riley: Well we aren't insane.

Maya: Yeah.

Cat: Well invite your boyfriend over.

Riley: I just did.

A few minutes later, Lucas arrives

Lucas: Hey I'm here.

Sam: Bout time.

Riley: Glad you could make it.

Lucas: Hi Maya.

Maya: Sup.

Lucas: And who are the other girls?

Cat: I'm Cat Valentine.

Sam: And I'm Sam Puckett.

August: They're my babysitters.

Lucas: No way your from that web show iCarly.

Sam: Yeah I know.

Riley: Told ya he liked watching that web show.

Lucas: You were awesome. I loved that Fluffley and Peeta.

Cat: Me too.

Maya: That was so funny.

Sam: Thanks.

Lucas: You're welcome.

Riley: So Lucas how does it feel that you're talking to an iCarly star?

Lucas: Okay I guess.

Maya: I'd thought you'd be freaking out.

August: Me too.

Lucas: Well I have always wanted to meet one of them.

Cat: Well now you did.

Riley's phone starts to ring

Riley: Hello?

Cory: Hey sweetie we just got done with our date. We're on our way home now. See you in 10 minutes.

Riley: Okay, bye.

Cory: Bye.

Call ends

Lucas: Who was it?

Riley: My dad.

Maya: What did he say?

Riley: He and mom are on their way back from their date.

Cat: Already?

Sam: Well things have to get rushed in these 30 minute episodes.

August: I really had fun with you tonight.

Cat: We had fun with you too, August.

August: Please, call me Auggie.

Sam: But isn't August your full name?

Riley: He prefers to be called Auggie.

Sam: Ah.

Lucas: Well I'm going to head out. See you at school Riley. Bye Maya.

Riley: Bye baby.

Maya: See ya.

10 minutes later, Cory and Topanga walk in

Topanga: We're back.

Cory: Did Auggie behave himself?

Cat: He sure did.

August: Sam and Cat are the best babysitters ever.

Cory: Well here's your money for the babysitting.

Cory hands Sam and Cat $500 each

Sam: Sweet.

Topanga: Thanks for babysitting our kid.

Cat: You're very welcome.

Sam: Come on, Cat. We got to head back home now.

Cat: Kay Kay.

Maya: Bye girls.

Riley: Get home safe.

Cat: Bye.

Sam: Later.

The final scene takes place

Maya: How cool was that?

Riley: We finally met an iCarly star.

Cory: Wait there was a star from a popular web show?

August: Yeah it was Sam.

Topanga: How did you not notice that?

Cory: I don't know.

Maya: Well I'm glad we got to meet an iCarly star.

Riley: Me too.

Riley turns to the audience

Riley: We hope you liked our crossover episode.

Topanga: Who is she talking to?

Cory: No idea.