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Rin plopped herself on the couch. She was planning to go to Shirou's house later but after filling gems with her excess prana she decided to lay down.

"There you are Archer" She yawned. "What has that boy gotten himself into?"

"Almost got killed by a servant with a command seal"

Rin flinched. "He's a perfect master killer but he doesn't stand a chance against servants, is he alright?"

"Trust your servant Rin" Archer said, sitting beside her.

"Wake me up at 9pm, 2am should be fine but Emiya-kun might be asleep already"

As drowsiness washed over her she heard Archer say something she couldn't really hear.

"Sleep tight, Tohsaka"

Shirou dabbed the wet cloth on Sakura's forehead. Her fever was still up and has no sign of it being lower.

"Senpai.." he heard Sakura mutter

"I'm cold.."

Shirou's eyes softened. He placed the cloth down and placed a blanket on Sakura's shivering form.

She looked almost fragile, Shirou wanted to save her. He could only allow himself to rub on her face.


Saber's reply was fast. 'What is it master?'

'Since..um you're both girls can you help me with Sakura'

'I see what you mean,I'll be there'

Shirou turned for the door to leave, before something stopped him. A hand reached out and gripped his shirt. It wasn't a strong grip at all, Shirou could shake it off if he wanted to.

"Don't go senpai"

He smiled at the girl before him.

"Alright, I'll stay here with you"

(I suck at writing romance forgive me)

Saber signed as she was done. The girl's temperature has lowered a bit and she was sleeping soundly. She gazed at her master, asleep beside his younger one. Love is truly a magnificent thing and Saber couldn't help but smile at them.

She swore to herself she would protect them at all costs, as a knight as a servant and a friend.

She hated to shake the young man to wake him but it was important as she heard someone enter their house.


She earned a faint noise as he stirred.

"There is an intruder here"

His eyes snapped open, first was surprise then realization struck.

"It must be Tohsaka, I think it's time"

Kazuto wasn't exactly asleep. He was in his bed, yes but he wasn't sleeping. The moment he felt someone enter the bounded field he quickly got up. Kiritsugu's bounded field never really weakened. He just strengthened it to another potential. Originally, it was capable of tracking who the intruder was and such so he modified it to track if they were a magus or not.

"Oh senpai" he opened the front door, revealing a certain raven haired girl.

"Nice bounded field you got here, I feel proud" She said and Kazuto wasn't sure if she was sarcastic or not.

"Anyways where's your brother?"

"He's in Sakura's room, she-she has a fever!"

He said quickly to avoid the glare in Rin's eyes.

"I see, I need to talk to him about something"

"The grail war?"

Rin nodded. Kazuto motioned for her to come in as he closed the door.

"Tohsaka you're quite late.." His brother walked out of the hall.

"Some servant almost forgot," she said through her clenched teeth.

"Let's go, it's late already," Shirou's expression hardened.

"Wait where are you going?" Kazuto narrowed his eyes. This was getting suspicious.

"We're investigating Ryuudou temple, I feel there was abnormally low prana there" Rin replied

"Wait, you knew Kazuto could do magecraft?"

Shirou raised an eyebrow.

Rin glanced at Kazuto for permission while he just nodded. It seems the conversation was too natural.

"The thing is Emiya-kun, Kazuto's my lab-I mean pupil"

Rin admitted.

"And you've been hiding that from me?" Shirou asked the one behind him.

"I'm sorry" he managed

"While I could be mad you didn't tell me and now I suck at magecraft because of that, I want to know the reason why you hid that from me"

"I...wanted you to be safe"

"Safe? Because I don't know magecraft I can't protect anyone or myself!"

"Magecraft is not beautiful Shirou! It could kill someone!"

Shirou widened his eyes. "Kill? What do you mean by that? Why are you so sure?"

He winced. He wanted to forget that topic but this time he couldn't avoid it. Rin looked at him in sympathy while Saber was quiet.

"Her name was Sachi" was all he could say.

He knew his brother well. The features on his face softened when he knew he had brought up a disturbing topic for him. Unsurprisingly, Shirou didn't pry further.

"I'll be going now, take care of Sakura for me," Shirou said, now taking his shinai with him.

"Maybe you should stay here, Sakura needs you"

"No, you're the one who's staying here" Shirou said with a stern look on his face.


"Yes, Kazuto you are not a master in this war, no servant will be here to protect you, including me if I were to be engaged in battle"

Saber agreed

"I trust you'll protect Sakura, you should trust me and Emiya-kun too" Rin smiled.

He pursed his lips. Although staying here would mean Shirou and Rin have less protection, Sakura's condition isn't something to be ignored either.


He looked at the three figures that were leaving in front of him, minus Archer who was in spiritual form.

"Take care.."

She never hated Rin. She never really despised her. Instead, she pity her for living alone, no comfort. Tohsaka Rin was always alone, isolated from others. It was the best word to describe Kazuto too. She knew him before he knew her and before Shirou knew. She found a strange attraction to the boy. It wasn't love since she was sure she would do anything for Shirou, it was something else. Something inside her responded to him.

Her crest worms.

Her prana was failing her. She was going to die. She thought she had been prepared to die since she was sent to hell. She thought if she lived through the grail war she would wish for Shirou to be happy, yet Sakura knew. His command seals had meant he was participating.

Sometimes the world was cruel. Sakura wanted to protect him. Shirou emiya. She wasn't stupid she realized her own feelings for him since she was in middle school. He was too kind for his own good. He was kind, kinder than anyone else. If Sakura was selfish he was selfless. If Sakura was a bad person, Shirou was from heaven. He never genuinely smiled. She should be the one giving Shirou happiness, not the other way around.

Because of that she knew deep down. Her love will never be returned.

And she was happy for that, because she couldn't give happiness to Shirou like the others.

Unless they put him in danger. Sakura was now convinced that Rin and "Anna" were getting Shirou involved in the war. Sakura from plain sight could see that "Anna" was a servant, Shirou blew her cover since he kept calling her Saber.

Sakura hoped her second command seal wouldn't blow her cover. The only other person in his house was Kazuto after all and Sakura felt he knew she was a master already.

If Rin and Saber died will he stop going to do dangerous things?

If she could somehow make Shirou give up on the grail war will he stay with her?

Sakura was sure she could do anything as she shook her head of her thoughts and tried to sleep.

Her crest worms flailed around and she screamed.

Kazuto was minding his own business when Sakura's scream erupted through the whole house. He quickly made his way to the source of the sound.

She was writhing in her bed, beads of sweat on her forehead.


He grabbed the shaking girl's wrists.

It seemed she didn't acknowledge he was there so Kazuto tried calling her name again.


She snapped back. If it didn't work, Kazuto was prepared to Glandr her out but luckily, Sakura looked around the room.

"I.." she whispered, barely a sound came out.

"You've calmed down, thank god"

She hung her head down. "I'm sorry I—"

"N-no you're not causing trouble! Shirou likes to have you around"

Maybe he was seeing things but the girl whose face was already pink turned into a deeper shade of red.

"I-I mean it's okay! Just..just sleep" he flung his arms around trying best to describe his thoughts. "You're not a burden! You're even a cook sometimes ah—don't feel down"

Sakura just looked at him in confusion.

"Shirou is going to have my head, just lay down you're heating up again"

Sakura smiled, briefly but it disappeared as she gazed into his eyes.

"Something happened to senpai"

The pupiless eyes met midnight blue and Kazuto immediately understood what she meant.

"I think he's safe since Tohsaka-senpai is with him"

Sakura settled down on her bed. "You think so?"

"Yeah, Tohsaka-senpai is a powerful mage after all"

Sakura swallowed down her disheartened feelings as she slept while the cloth rubbed on her skin.

30 minutes earlier

"Shirou, both Caster and her master are dead"

Saber announced.

"I can't believe it..Kuzuki-sensei" Shirou grumbled

"Who would do this?" Rin winced as she stepped around the corpse of her former teacher and his servant.

"I am confused, Shirou the wound seems to be the work of a rapier and a sword" Saber narrowed her eyes at the strange combination. "Could it be the work of two servants, while the Rapier one could be Lancer I cannot think of another servant that wields a sword other than me"

"Didn't we see Lancer already? He has a lance" Shirou asked

"I assure you it's the work of one servant and I know who that is" Archer materialized in front of their eyes.

"Don't tell me.." Rin's eyes widened.

"Yes, the strange Assassin one who dual wield with a sword and a rapier"

"That's disgraceful," Saber remarked. "From my time rapiers are not meant to be dual wielded, and even with a sword they would lower their speed"

"Then it would make them recognizable, but history books doesn't seem to have a record of this servant"

Rin shook her head.

"This doesn't make any sense!"

"Servants can be summoned from the future Rin" Archer said, earning Rin's glare.

"Then why would she be wielding this, shouldn't she be wielding like; guns?"

Archer rolled his eyes. "I don't know"

Rin scowled then spun around to the entrance.

"Let's get going we're done for today"

The group turned around, unaware of the rising corpse behind them.

They were on their route going home when something blocked their way.

"Zouken" Rin growled.

"Hello there miss Tohsaka" he rasped, the crest worms writhing and falling below him.

Caster's corpse rose, the worms filling the void.

"How dare you toy with a heroic spirit's body" Saber readied her sword.

Zouken smirked.

"Attack. Caster"

Caster leapt forward, she was suddenly behind Saber, her weapon ready to attack. Sure, Saber could counter it if it were to be a normal weapon.

Well, it wasn't.

Shirou knew that it was a noble phantasm. How was he able to structure analysis this far amazed him. But he didn't have time to be amazed as he saw through the noble phantasm.

Rule breaker.

"Saber!" Shirou shouted, Archer was already there pulling Saber out of the noble Phantasm's range.

"Watch out for that blade Saber" Archer summoned his married blades.

Saber nodded as the view came to full focus.

Caster was already conjuring up a giant ball of fire after she retreated. Saber gritted her teeth. She could use her noble phantasm as she felt her master's circuits gave her more prana. She wasn't sure why but she was relieved. To use her noble phantasm, she would have to reveal her identity and since the man in front of her was made of worms she knew her identity was no longer going to be a secret.

An unknown black and red substance was in front of them. The ball of fire was released and it absorbed the energy as if eating its favorite food.

Zouken retreated, smirking at the two dumbfounded masters and servants before him.

A black line shot forward and Shirou pushed Rin out of the way.

He saw everything as the world in front of him faded.

He felt himself sinking. He was suffocating, as he tried to breath. The more he inhaled the more it grew harder for him to breath. He realized that he was in the water as he struggled to rise up the surface. It was cold, so cold it made him freezed. Yet, his body disobeyed. He continued to sink further into the darkness as it embraced him.

"How do I become a hero of justice old man?"

"Please..tell me"

"Oh..you're awake" Rin worried face blocked his vision.

"What..what happened?" He felt weak. His muscles were trembling and he himself was too.

"Prana drain" Rin's face hardened in disgust.

"Shirou, can you stand?" Saber asked. Shirou nodded before trying to stand, then almost falling if Saber hadn't helped him.

Unbeknownst to all of them a purple haired servant was watching them from the shadows minutes earlier before returning to her master,

Murdering a servant and master in cold blood was not Asuna had in mind but she didn't feel a tinge of sympathy. All she felt was disgust and.. in a sick and twisted way, relief.

She knew why, she was a step closer to end this grail war and get him back.

Her master was surprised he didn't need to use a command seal and Asuna knew why. He thought she was a servant who didn't dared harm a hair of others but he was wrong.

Asuna had killed

and killed

and killed

and killed

More than the magus would ever think she has. The pain of taking other people's lives had dulled and made a killing machine.

She wiped out more of the laughing coffins and red guilds more than anyone. She had leveled up above anyone. She had run the strongest guild in Aincrad and that's all what matters.

"I..I can't stop worrying about him" Sakura pursed her lips. She waited to trust in Rin but she was aching to run out of the house to find Shirou.

"You couldn't sleep?" Kazuto asked

Sakura nodded.

"Do you want to sleep with Shirou then?"

Sakura felt her cheeks heating up.


Kazuto's head snapped back up.

"I think they're back"

Sakura hurriedly scurried down the hall, almost tripping over as she opened the front door.

"Hold on-you're still sick Sakura" Kazuto followed suit.

She took the barely conscious redhead into the house with a glare.

"I'm sorry Sakura" Saber looked ashamed.

As the girl disappeared down the hall, Kazuto welcomed them with cups of warm milk.

"It'll be snowing someday now, Tohsaka-senpai wear something warm instead of your leggings"

Kazuto handed the cup to the two girls.

Rin seemed embarrassed at the comment while Saber clenched her teeth.

"I'm sorry Kazuto, I was unable to protect my master"

"It's not your fault, he's being an idiot throwing himself to save others didn't he?"

Saber looked up a bit.

"Your hair's going to..um fall into the milk"

That made Saber raise her head entirely.

"Is..Sakura okay?" Rin asked.

"She wasn't about five minutes ago, she started flailing around like she had a nightmare but I managed to calm her down"

Rin signed in acknowledgment.

He stood alone. It was a small hill with nothing but swords. Fire burned before him and Shirou was sure this was hell. He was surprised that he could breath. He felt normal, he wasn't dying nor was he suffering. It was devoid of life. Swords as a memento stood before him.

He had never seen that many swords in his life but he gazed at them, fascinated.

He was fascinated by the scene in front of him.

Shirou knew that it was wrong.

He shouldn't enjoy hell, yet he couldn't help but feel he belonged.

He watched as the fire came closer.

He wasn't in pain.

He didn't feel any pain at all.

He knew it was burning him whole.

But it wasn't hot, it was warm, like a person's arms.

It made his eyes watered.

The fire was so bright now and he couldn't fully witness it.

No this is wrong! What am I doing?

Then the fire was gone as red liquid flooded his feet.

It was sticky, the smell was foul. It was blood.

His hands were stained with blood that wasn't his.

Sakura sat across him, she was alive and well and she was happy.

He felt himself smiled as two people walked away, leaving him alone. One of them was a man in his thirties and one of them was a man in red with white hair.

He heard his own voice.

'This is the path you chose Emiya Shirou'

His eyes snapped open. It was morning and he felt himself burning up like Sakura yesterday.

He was expecting Sakura or Kazuto to be in the room but there was no one. He remembered hazily about the dream and the day before.

He felt faint like when the fire tried to engulf him. He felt like he had just escaped from death. His whole body ached, especially his arms. He tried wiggling his fingers but pain jolted up his whole body.

"Patience you could get yourself killed" the man in red was cowering him.


"Your circuits were forced open by that thing, I could dull the pain a bit if you want"

Shirou nodded. He didn't understand why Archer would help him but he was thankful for it.

"Emiya shirou what would you do to become a hero of justice"

The question came out of nowhere but Shirou wasn't hesitant to answer.

"I won't I'll become a hero for the ones I love, the ones I'll protect at all costs"

Archer signed.

"I see"

"I'm glad"

Shirou couldn't make out the last part Archer was saying.

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