Into The Breach One Last Time

A (1987 BATB) & (2018 Hanna) crossover.

Your origin should never define who you are, what you do in life does...

Prologue: How it all began…

In the 1950s the CIA starts its first genetic experiments program to create supersoldiers code-named Alpha-Mogul. The results were human-animal hybrids that had the physical characteristics of the particular animal DNA that had been spliced into the embryos 6 embryos each were spliced with different animals Subject 0 or Alpha was part human part lion, Subject 1 Beta was part Hyena, 2 was cobra snake, 3 was wolf, 4 was Crocodile and 5 was half honey badger. But the CIA program handler Robert Hendrick was less than impressed with the results.

June 16, 1950 12PM, Upstate New York, Undisclosed CIA research facility.

"You have got to be kidding me doctor! You promised me supersoldiers! Not this island of Dr Moreau freak show!" Hendrick snarled at Dr Covington "What you want has never been attempted before, all these subjects are all perfectly viable, they will grow to be stronger, faster and more agile than any living human!" Dr Covington protested.

"Oh really Dr do you think that any of these freaks of yours can pass undetected while walking alongside a crowd on a sidewalk or drinking tea at a shop?" Hendrick asked. "Obviously not, but they can be dropped in the middle of the night in enemy territory to efficiently kill any target and any opposition to his objective." Covington explained.

"Maybe you didn't get the memo Dr. but the CIA is not the marines, inconspicuousness is our motif. And your menagerie is anything but, but I'll tell you what I will keep one subject so this doesn't become a total loss, terminate the rest and torch this place down!" Kendrick said coldly "That one #1, Beta take him, you have your orders." He added as one of his lackeys picked #1 AKA Beta and left the premises.

"You heard the boss, let's close shop, quick!" Dr. Covington said sighing. "But, sir you can't! Its murder!" Head Nurse Sandra Walters emphatically protested. "You will obey the orders of your superiors or you will find yourself working in the Arctic circle in Alaska Nurse Walters! Do I make myself clear!" Dr. Covington snapped.

"Yes sir" she said sighing deeply, tears rolling down her cheeks. "I have told you a 1000 times, never get attached to your subjects Sandra!" Covington said as he left. The rest of the staff coldly and methodically killed each of the hybrid infants by lethal injection. Only Alpha remained.

"Do you want me to do it for you Ms Walters" and assistant asked as Sandra coddled the tiny half human half lion hybrid infant who was cooing and purring on his craddle. "No I'll do it myself, everyone leave." She said. The staff did as ordered.

"I did not sign up to murder children, hybrids or otherwise, so you are going to leave with me little feller!" Walters mused to herself as she picked up subject Alpha and gently wrapped him in a blanket.

Sandra got to her car with the hybrid infant she emptied a groceries' basket in the backseat and tucked Alpha in it. She secured the basket in the front passenger seat as much as possible and placing a towel over the basket she headed for the exit of the facility.

The guard stopped the car as they always routinely did. "Can we hurry this up I need to get home to cook dinner!" Sandra pleaded with the guard. "You know the routine Ma'am" the guard replied mechanically as he searched with his flashlight, the inside of the car.

"Well everything seems to be in order, so you can go on your way…" He said as suddenly Alpha loudly cooed and purred inside the basket. "... What the hell stop!" He yelled as Sandra accelerated the car breaking the wooden barrier" the guard fired several shots in rapid succession at the fleeing vehicle.

"Code red, code red we have a broken arrow situation code red! Son of a bitch!" The guard yelled on the phone in the security booth. "Cunt!" He added angrily as he walked out of the booth. Sandra was wheezing she knew she had been hit and that she was most likely going to die but it was not going to be in vain, she was going to save the infant even though it was probably the very last thing she would do in what little remained of her life.

New York City, St Vincent's hospital 11PM

Sandra Walters somehow managed to park her car nearby even though she was agonizing she was determined to save the hybrid infant at any cost. She placed the basket near the Emergency entrance and left as fast as she could manage, after walking 2 blocks she collapsed and expired.

New York City, St Vincent's hospital 11:15PM

"Do you hear that? Sounds like a baby crying!" Jacob Wells said to his comrade John Peter as both walked beside the hospital emergency entrance in their way back to their secret underground community both had built several years earlier.

"You always have to be the champion of lost causes aren't you Jacob?" John said. "That's the reason we built our community John! Or have you forgotten?" Jacob replied sighing as he approached the source of the crying sounds. An old groceries' basket when both peered inside they couldn't believe what they saw.

"My God Jacob! Look at him!" John said in absolute fascination. "Yes! He is a miracle, let's go!" Wells said. John scoffed. "A miracle! Is that your professional scientific assessment Jacob!" "I don't have time to argue with you John let's go now!" Jacob replied as he took the basket with the hybrid infant inside and hurriedly walked back to the tunnels. "A miracle! More like a scientific miracle! Asshole!" John mused to himself as he followed Jacob into their underground domain.

New York City 2AM

"Report agent Wagner!" Hendrick said as he rolled the rear car window of the black 1950 Plymouth he was in. "We found the woman Nurse Walters dead about 2 blocks from St Vincent's hospital and her car parked near the emergency entrance of the hospital but found no trace of the subject anywhere, with respect sir I don't think it will survive anyway but we will continue the search until daybreak." Agent Wagner reported.

Hendrick snickered "Oh you believe that do you? For your sake he better be Agent Wagner!" he said as he gestured the driver to go. Wagner sighed deeply "Look everywhere! Leave no stone in this perimeter unturned." he ordered his lackeys but found nothing. At daybreak the search was called off and subject Alpha was classified as missing and presumed dead.

November 22, 1950,8PM New York City, Underworld secret community, Father's (Jacob Wells) chamber.

"You can't be serious! The 2 of you have got to either be joking or gone completely insane!" John Peter snarled at Jacob and Mary the community Matriarch.

"We have decided and that's final" Mary said. "Oh have you now, Mary? Look at him, take a good look and you Jacob for crying out loud you are a doctor, a scientist! He was created for one purpose, to be a weapon!" John angrily retorted back.

"The reason behind his creation if that's what it was should not define who he is or what he can be!" Mary said defiantly. "Do you honestly think you can raise him as one of us Mary? That he can go to school, play football, get a job, have children?" John asked exasperated.

"Maybe not, but we can give him all the opportunities other kids have, I don't care if he is a hybrid of some sort or a feline humanoid alien child for all we know what I care is that he is, and he should be treated as such." Mary explained with fierce determination in her voice.

"This child is a godsend a weapon to crush anyone who threatens our way of life in fact we can use him to put and end to the domain of the aboveworlders!" John snapped back.

"We created this community to get away from the violence above John and you want to bring that violence here!" Jacob said now angry. "Listen to me the 2 of you and mark my words, the aboveworlders will inevitably come down here one day and will take everything from us just as they have done everywhere else!" John said as he angrily departed from the chamber.

Mary was about to go after him but Jacob stopped her "Let him go to cool it off" he said. "I don't think he will, he is about ready to snap and try to turn others against us, Jacob, sooner or later we will have to make a decision."

"We'll cross that bridge when we get there Mary." Jacob said. "What if he is right that no matter how much love we bring this child we cannot change whatever he was made for?" Mary asked. "Oh Mary if anyone can change the fate of this child it's you!" He said kissing her in the forehead.

"Have you chosen a name yet?" Mary asked. "Well we found him on St Vincent's hospital so its only proper that we should call him Vincent." Jacob replied "Vincent is indeed a great name." Mary said.

Vincent grew loved by Father, Mary and the entire community. His mind was like a sponge he read every book there was. Tolkien was one of his favorites.

He could recognize any music by name as well. Specially classic music by just hearing a small fragment of it. His sense of hearing was well above any human.

He could also see and even read in near pitch darkness. He was in fact surprised no one else could. "Why Am I so different, father?" He asked Jacob. "You are different because you are special Vincent, you are unique as far as I know as you know I found you at the emergency entrance of St Vincent's Hospital which is why you bear your name." Jacob replied.

"But where did I come from?" The 8 years old Vincent asked. "My boy I do not know the answer to that and your origin is not as important as what you can become Vincent, your origin whatever it maybe doesn't define you, but what you do with your life does." Jacob answered.

The years passed Vincent grew into adulthood. Saved and met the love of his life to whom he had a connection that defied all logical explanation but it was undeniable. But his happiness with Catherine Chandler was cut tragically short as she was murdered by the Kingpin Gabriel Capriano. But not before she gave birth to Vincent's son. Which Vincent rescued from the evil drug lord but in doing, so he announced his presence to the world and inevitably the CIA learned that subject Alpha had survived after all.

May 12, 1991, 9AM New York City, Underworld secret community Mouse's surveillance chamber.

Hendrick initiated a full scale manhunt and soon the tunnels would not be safe any longer. "The government spooks keep going deeper into the tunnels, there's no question that they are looking for you Vincent!" Mouse said concerned.

"We can seal all the remaining tunnels and wait them out!" Mary said. "That won't work they are using explosives if necessary to clear any obstructions, it hasn't been this bad since Gabriel!" William said. "No offense." He added.

"None taken, for my sake and more importantly my son and the community I will leave with my son at the quickest convenience." Vincent said somberly.

"Where will you go?" Father asked. "I always wanted to go North I guess that's where we'll go." Vincent replied. "I will make the arrangements for your transportation to Alaska by the underground" Jacob said holding back the tears. "Father I.." Jacob hugged Vincent silently and Mary joined them.