She's a Star

Disclaimer: Harry Potter belongs to JKR. I noticed that this fic rather resembles one called 'Passing Notes' that I read awhile back, but that was entirely unintentional. Sorry if anyone is offended. :-)

Author's Note: I wrote this ages ago because I was far too lazy to write correctly, so I just did notes. Yay. And now I've decided I need to upload something, but I'm too lazy to actually . . . write in general, so instead you get this.

Enjoy. :-)


Ron Weasley

Harry Potter

Hermione Granger

Draco Malfoy

Okay. Binns has started rambling on senselessly. Note-passing is officially safe. Now TELL ME.


You're not getting off that easy. Don't be a coward, Weasley.

Sod off. I'm trying to pay attention.

Right. And Hermione's in love with Malfoy.


Jeez. Calm down. I was being sarcastic.

. . . It's her, isn't it?

Shut up. I'm learning here.

It is. You fancy Hermione.

Says who?

I'm not completely stupid, Ron. I kind of noticed when your eye started twitching spastically after I made that - sarcastic, mind you - remark about Hermione and Malfoy.

Well, how can you blame me? You never know with that one. She went to the ball with Vicky last year!

Are you ever going to get over that?


Didn't think so.

I knew it!

Quit it, Hermione!

Well, that was rather rude! You can't just snatch the paper away from me! You two shouldn't be passing notes in the middle of class! To think I actually thought you were copying down what Binns was saying.

Please, Hermione. Even you don't copy down what Binns is saying.

Yes I do!

No you don't. You're passing notes.

Oh, shut up, Ron Weasley.

. . . You reckon she's mad at me?

It's not completely unlikely.

Well, I don't care.


What? You don't believe me?

. . . No.

Well, you're wrong, then. I don't bloody care.


I thought you were taking notes.

Look out for her, Harry. She's a rebellious one.

Oh, hush. Harry, how could you write that up there? Oh, that is so . . . you have some nerve!

Yeah. Thanks, Harry.

. . . Is he smirking at us?

I think so.

How can he do that?! First, he goes and acts as though we're . . . we're . . . well, you know, and then he just sits there and looks amused!

That's Harry for you.


Hey! I haven't done anything!

Yes. In the past five minutes, anyway.

I'm going to disregard that comment.


. . . So, who is it?


Who do you fancy, then?

. . . I can't tell you.

Oh, really, Ron! Just because I'm a girl doesn't mean you immediately can't tell me anything! Who knows? Maybe I know something about her. Maybe she likes you too.

. . . Ya think so?

. . . I suppose. Maybe.

Do you know someone who fancies me?

. . . I can't tell you.


Thank you.

Well, well, well, what have we here? The tangled love lives of the Mudblood and the Weasel? How quaint.

I Goddamn bloody hate him.


He just called you a Mudblood, Hermione! He ripped the note out of my hand! What if he read the part about you fancying him?

He's thoroughly ridiculous if he takes it seriously. That's the most ludicrous thing I've ever heard. He's not at all my type, I'm afraid.



. . . What is your type?

Not Malfoy.

Well, that's specific.

Well, I don't know. Nice, I suppose. Intelligent. Someone I can trust.

Not Malfoy.

Yes. I believe we established that.


. . . I can't believe that you're still dwelling on the Viktor thing. That was over a year ago, Ron!

You were fraternizing with the enemy.

Oh, I was not! Even I know what you really meant by that!

What is that supposed to mean? I know what I meant! I meant you were fraternizing with the bloody enemy!

Really, Ron.

Well, what was the reason then, if you're so clever?

You were jealous.

. . . That's insane.

You can't tell me you weren't.

I wasn't.

I don't believe you.

Well, maybe that's because you want to think that I was jealous.

I can't stand you sometimes.

. . . Dammit.

You're rather good at that, aren't you?

What the hell do you mean?

Well . . . getting her angry.

That's bloody ridiculous. I don't do anything. She gets mad too easily. Oversensitive, that one. Completely barking mad.



Hate to break it to you, but . . . it really did seem like you were jealous.


. . . Harry?


He's angry.

Certainly seems that way.




I'm only pointing out the obvious.

Well, thanks nonetheless. Goodness knows Ron needs it.

He'll come around.

You think so?

. . . Hopefully.

Oh, honestly.

If you got involved with Malfoy, I'm sure that Ron'd come around pretty fast.

I'll pass.


Talking about me, are you?

As if you two weren't talking about me!

That wasn't the same!

Oh really. How?

You know.

I'm afraid not. Enlighten me.

Well, that was . . . you know, guy talk.

Guy talk? GUY TALK?! Honestly, Ronald Weasley, you are the most unbearable, incorrigible, sexist-

You're such a-

Give me that, you-

STOP IT! Can't you two argue like civilized people?

She started it.

Excuse me?! I did not! It was entirely your fault!

Oh, of course. Because everything is. Saint Hermione is never to blame!

It's not like that! YOU were talking about me to Harry! Simple as that!

Well, YOU were talking about ME to Harry!

. . . How come no one ever talks about me?

Er. . .

Um . . .

That's a good question.


Did it ever occur to you guys that maybe you like to talk about each other?

And what is that supposed to mean?

Don't say anything stupid, or I'll be forced to hex you. Or Hermione can hex you. She knows more hexes.

But yours have the tendency to go wrong, and it will probably make it even more painful.

Good point.

You two are both so clueless.

Clueless? CLUELESS? We are not clueless.

I'm not the clueless one here! YOU are the clueless one! You haven't even realized anything yet!

And what's that supposed to mean?

You know perfectly well what I mean! And if you don't, I'm not about to tell you.



I think I might get what you're talking about.

. . . Really?

Yeah. I-

Really, guys. Pay attention.

. . . Can we talk about Harry now?