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Natsu woke up before the sun, like usual. He would normally go out and train before the day got crazy, but today was anything but usual. Today he would be picking out his future wife.

Natsu was the oldest son of King Igneel and Queen Grandeeney. They were the best rulers the country of Fiore had ever seen. Under them there was economic prosperity, peace with surrounding nations, and happiness among their people. King Igneel was a tall and strong looking man. He had short red hair that fell around his ears. He was very just and fair with his citizens in every area, which earned him the respect of every person in and around the country. Queen Grandeeney was a striking character, with her cascading white hair and blue eyes, her beauty captivated all who gazed upon her. She was kind and loving to all the people, and the people, in turn, loved her. They were the perfect match, they complimented one another perfectly in every area of their lives.

In addition to Natsu, they also had a little girl named Wendy, who was 13. Wendy was a soft-spoken, shy, little girl, yet she still had a positive outlook on life. She had long hair like her mother, but hers was as blue as the ocean instead of white. She was very playful and only wished to spend her days outside in the stables with the horses.

Natsu was a strong-willed, stubborn young man. He had spiky, pink hair, and dark onyx eyes. He could be quite unreasonable, but when it came to the kingdom, he did what he thought was best for everyone. His parents had high expectations of him, but he was able to shoulder them, and continue to be there to help Wendy as well. Natsu's crowning was in 4 months, on his 21st birthday. But before then he had to get married.

That brings us to the beginning of our story.

Natsu was to be married in 4 weeks. 4 short weeks. But he didn't have a bride, or anything close to one. His parents saw that and took initiative. They found all the most beautiful young maidens in the country and brought them to the castle to find one suitable for Natsu. At first there had been hundreds of girls, but his parents had the list whittled down, and now it was a short list of 5 girls. Today he would be meeting them. And by the middle on the week he had to choose.

This shouldn't be the way it is. I should get to go out and fall in love on my own time like everyone else. Did the poor girls even get a say in it? Or was it their parents forcing them?

That was the price he had to pay for being the future King.

Maybe I can abdicate the throne and Wendy can rule instead.

No, he didn't want Wendy to go through what he currently was. He knew he just had to suck it up and get over it.

I can only hope that one of the girls will be tolerable.

Natsu looked out the window and saw the sun was coming up over the horizon and he knew it was time for breakfast. He rolled of bed and got dressed. He walked down the hall to the dining room where his parents and Wendy were already waiting.

"Good morning Natsu!" Wendy happily greeted.

"Morning." Natsu replied without much emotion. His mother looked at him with disapproval. He knew he shouldn't take his frustration out on Wendy, but he didn't really care this morning.

He took a seat next to his father's left hand while his mother was across from him with Wendy at her side.

The breakfast was pancakes and sausage, his favorite.

"Are you ready?" The King asked.

"No." Natsu said, "I don't see why I have to get married before I'm 21! I mean, can't I just wait a few more years or something?" He stated, finally letting some of his frustration boil over. He had kept his feelings at bay the entire process and now it was getting to him.

Grandeeney gave her son a bittersweet smile, "You know why, Natsu. The people need assurance that there will be an heir. I know it's going to be hard, you need to lay down your own feelings for the good of Fiore."

Deep down Natsu did know, "But that doesn't mean I have to be happy about it!" He exclaimed.

"You're right," She stated, "but if you hold onto that bitterness it will only make it harder. I hope you have the maturity to see the harm that anger causes." She said in an uncharacteristically solemn manner.

Natsu huffed and stuffed a pancake, yes a whole pancake, into his mouth at once.

Wendy, in her normal cheerful fashion, spoke up, "You never know Natsu, she could be the greatest and coolest girl in the entire world!"

Natsu chuckled lightly, "I hope so Wendy, I hope so." He said with a slight smile on his face. Even though he was annoyed at his parents and the rules, he wanted Wendy to know how much he appreciated her sunny disposition.

"That's more like it!" Grandeeney nearly cheered.

Igneel cleared his throat, "Make sure you eat quickly, Natsu. The first girl will be ready shortly after breakfast. And Natsu, please to be kind to them all." He reminded, "This is the first formal meeting you will have with each of them."

Natsu sighed and resumed eating with his family. He normally wolfed down all of his food, but he wasn't that eager today.

After they were all done and the servants began clearing the table, Igneel stood up, "It's time to go." He stated in his kingly voice. It always surprised Natsu that he could go from the crazy and loving Dad to the serious and regal King so quickly.

They all stood up and proceeded toward the throne room. Natsu was secretly glad Wendy was going to be there since she was such a good judge of character.

Natsu lagged behind his family, trying to stall for as much time as he could, but he knew that there was no way to avoid what was coming next. He knew it was his duty. All he could do was hope there was at least one good choice for him.

When they reached the doors his parents stepped aside and looked at him. He stepped up and put his hands on the doors.

This is where my future starts. And nothing can stop the future that lays behind these doors.

He gathered his resolve and pushed himself forward. Forward into the throne room. Forward into the future. Forward into the unknown.

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