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A/N: Artemis Crock is Seventeen-Eighteen years old in this story.

Republic City Center – Spirit Wilds

"Kuvira!" a female voice shouted through the thick vines that wrapped around every building for miles, a woman clad in torn emerald garbs and metal armor stumbled through the forest, "Give up!" she heard as she pushed through a thicket of vines leading to a clearing where hung a massive silver cannon suspended in midair tangled in vines.

Kuvira smiled sinisterly with a muttered response, "Never…"

Korra, the source of the voice and the world's Avatar, wandered through the abandoned and vine layered streets searching for the already injured tyrant who couldn't have gone far. Being of the water tribe from birth, she sported her arctic armband which was designed to signify how she grew up in the South Pole along with a matching blue sleeveless top with fingerless gloves that wrapped her arm up just passed the elbow. It was more humid than she'd expected with all the vines surrounding her so, she was glad she made the decision to keep her hair cut above shoulder length.

She's all but lost Kuvira's trail when a voice shouted out to her from her right, "If you really want to end this, come and get me!" Korra took this as an opportunity to sprint through the vines towards the source of the shout.

Pushing through the same vines Kuvira had, she was shocked to see her at the helm of an unstable spirit weapon dislodged and likely damaged, "Now it's over…" she aimed the huge barrel down at her enemy without mercy.

"Don't!" Korra was too late as Kuvira only needed to push one lever setting off the device which unleashed a massive beam of purple spirit energy carving through the ground and nearly vaporizing the Avatar had she not jumped out of the way of its line of fire. It quickly became uncontrollable as the recoil of the cannon caused it to spin out of control, cutting through the thich vines and slashing apart surrounding buildings, sending explosions across the city.

As it expelled nigh-infinite meta-physical energy out into the city, Korra managed to get to her feet, "Shut it off!" she shouted with her hands cupping her mouth to throw her voice over the loud bass-like hum of the cannon firing.

Kuvira struggled to stay on the weapon as it spun rapidly firing in all directions, she managed to pull the lever back but, there was no response as she was soon wrestled from the massive control panel, "I can't!" she managed to shout before being tossed from the device, landing in a heap. She tumbled for a moment as the cannon spun around and slowly aimed to vaporize her as well, Kuvira braced for death but was surprised when someone stepped in front of her.

Korra allowed the light spirit within her to shine through her eyes illuminating brightly, thrusting her palms out she actually bent the energy of the blast around her as a sudden explosion went off or, rather, the explosion imploded somehow in a dome of spirit energy the size of several shockwave sent Kuvira off her feet and back through the forest hitting a tree back-first, cracking her metal armor, she was exhausted and injured as she fell to her hands and knees with a loud huff.

"K-Korra?" Kuvira muttered as she glanced around, alone in the crater; she may have become a tad unraveled but, she'd never attempt directly murdering the Avatar in cold blood which scared her as the smoke cleared there was no sign of her; the cannon was smoking still but had ceased firing all together after the city quaking explosion. All that was left was a smoldering ground-zero where a massive scorch-mark was plainly visible.

YJU – June 28th 2010 – Gotham City – 10:43PM

Korra wasn't sure what to expect when she stepped in front of the blast, she didn't even know if she would survive but, it was her instinct as the Avatar to jump in front of it; the concentrated blast of ethereal energy colliding with Ravaa's light spirit created a singularity which pulled the young woman in and through to a new reality.

She was ejected from a wormhole, hitting a parked mini van back first shattering the windows as she rolled off the roof with a groan, she hit the ground on her hands and knees landing in a dirty street puddle. Korra glanced up noticing the swirling hole of blue spiritual energy suddenly collapsed in on itself, leaving her stranded in an unfamiliar city staring up at the moon.

Korra stood slowly, looking around and feeling an incredibly uncomfortable vibe as everything was now totally unfamiliar, strange lights and flashing signs radiated from the buildings as she stepped out onto the sidewalk. People gave her odd looks in obvious reference to what she was wearing as the bystanders seem to be wearing less colorful clothing. Suddenly, she was startled by the fastest sato-mobile she'd ever seen flying passed her in the street, it was also sleeker and far more advanced than anything she'd ever encountered.

Stumbling back, she tripped on a curb and landed on her butt in shock as the man honked at her with an angry shout, "Sorry!" Korra shouted back but, only looked down at the dirty sidewalk in disappointment, "I have no clue where I am or what happened…" she was wet, injured, and disoriented but, it only made the situation worse now being covered in mud on her rear.

A young man dressed very well approached her from behind and tapped her on the shoulder, "Hello miss, can I give you a hand?" he was handsome and seemed very nice, it didn't hurt that he was the only one offering her help of any kind.

"Thanks, you're the first person that's been nice to me since I got here, I think I'm lost," she grabbed his hand and stood to meet eyes with him; he was taller than her and must've done a lot of weight training as his muscles were also nothing to shrug at.

"New in town?" he asked as Korra dusted off her pants, she didn't notice him checking out her chest and backside as she tried to get a stain off the hem of her shirt.

She chuckled and turned focus back up to him, "You could say that yea; are we anywhere near Republic City? Or maybe Ba-Sing-Se?"

The man raised a brow, coming up with a story on the spot, "My name is Smith, we're actually not too far from uh… Republic City, yea, I know the way."

He gestured for her to follow him as they made their way down the street, after turning a few corners and walking a few blocks, Korra finally spoke up, "I don't recognize any of these streets, are you sure we're near Republic City?" She started getting suspicious but, didn't want to write off the situation just yet.

Smith smiled, putting a hand on her back as he pointed down an alley with a tall fence at the end, it was lined with several dumpsters and there was no light to speak of, "Normally I don't tell people this but, there's a shortcut to the city just over that fence," he pointed down the alley also littered with trash and discarded items, "There's a tunnel just on the other side, I'll walk you over…"

Korra, still slightly disoriented, agreed as she took the lead approaching the end of the alley; assuming she was drunk, Smith came from behind without warning and injected her in the neck with a powerful tranquilizer. The Avatar quickly grabbed the syringe and shattered in in one hand before palm-thrusting Smith with airbending, sending him twenty-feet away into an empty dumpster with his impact shutting the lid on him.

"W-What…?" she muttered as her vision doubled and the light-headedness kicked in, she looked around but couldn't focus her vision properly anymore.

Three more men emerged from the alley way as Korra started to feel the effects of the drug she'd been hit with growing stronger, "We've got a powered girl too…" she dropped to her knees as her eyes fluttered, "Let's get her clothes off and see what we're working with."

Korra's eyes widened as she backed away on her hands and knees, sending random waves of fire out of her palms, striking another heap of trash and lighting it ablaze to just barely keep them back but, it was becoming harder for her to move her muscles as though they were going numb.

"W-Why are you doing this?!" She shouted as she moved to Earth bend but, her arm fell short collapsing to her back with the rest of her body going limp.

One of the men chuckled loudly while another answered with a pipe in his hand, patting his hand with it for intimidation, "Have you seen your rack? Once we're done having fun with you, you won't remember anything so, I wouldn't worry."

"Y-Y-You're s-sick, I…" Korra rolled onto her stomach and tried dragging herself away but a man put a foot down on her wrist, "Agh!" her body felt similar to being incapacitated by chi-blockers years ago against the Equalists, she couldn't move and felt powerless.

The third man finally spoke up after being silent through the entire encounter, "That may have been our original plan but, that was before we knew she had powers… I know some very wealthy men and women who would love to buy a slave like this."

"S-Slave?!" Her eyes started to flutter, and her pupils crossed, as everything faded into the background.

They looked between each other before glancing back down to Korra who was so numb across her body she was drooling into the asphalt and losing consciousness, "Can we at least check out her tits?"

He scowled at them, "Unless you want the Light to have you terminated from your positions… I suggest you retrieve Smith from the trash while I deal with this one," he was in a black suit, far more formal than his underlings as he clearly led the operation, "You are going to make me a very rich man, elemental…"

As he held her chin up to make eye contact with her, she spat at him but, missed as her lips could hardly purse themselves; they were interrupted as a whizzing flew passed them, hitting the street centimeters from his hand, embedded in the ground, was an emerald arrow.

He looked up at the rooftops above where stood a silhouette, one with a hoodie covering her features, only ascertaining her gender through her hourglass hardened figure and long blonde hair that hung to her waistline. She brandished a bow that shun emerald off the moon-light, once they caught sight of her, she didn't hesitate to release two more arrows pinning one of the two men to the dumpster that held Smith simultaneously locking him inside it.

Using a fire escape just below her, Korra was in the perfect position to watch the mystery woman hop from floor to floor down six stories, landing on the ground with them in a matter of seconds. The remaining man who was attempting to help Smith approached with a pipe, he swung it at her head but instead she caught his wrist and twisted it until he dropped his weapon.

She kicked out the back of his knee, sending him to the ground before knocking him unconscious with her bow; wasting no time, she turned, pulled an arrow from her quiver and leveled it at the last man who now had Korra's limp body at gunpoint. She could have dismantled them all herself had she not been caught totally off guard by a drug she didn't recognize, thankfully someone had her back.

"Let her go…"

"If you fire, I fire," he pulled back the hammer on his revolver with the barrel still placed against Korra's left temple; she had no idea what made that weapon so dangerous as she'd never seen anything like it before but, if she'd learned anything in the last fifteen minutes is that she was totally clueless as to what was going on, "Let's see if an arrow hits me before a bullet hits her…"

There was a tense silence erupting through the alleyway as they stared each other down, the vigilante wasn't willing to back down but, the low-level gang thug was slowly beginning to sweat; he closed his eyes and pulled the trigger, sending a bullet straight into the temple of Korra's head.

The Avatar had been hit by boulders ten times her size, fire nearly as hot as the sun, sliced by frozen projectiles and even took an attack from Vatuu that could split mountains so, it's not as though her brains would splatter across the pavement but, there was a serious wound bleeding from her temple as she collapsed. Ringing echoed through the alley which slowly started spinning as she toppled over onto her side, the bullet clattered on the ground not piercing her skin entirely but simultaneously putting her brain through a mixer.

The man was promptly shot in the shoulder with an arrow and then kicked into the dead-end fence and pinned by an arrow that exploded into a net keeping him trapped until the cops arrived at the sound of gunfire. The vigilante approached Korra who could only mutter nonsense, "Aang… Ravaa…"

The Avatar slowly fell unconscious as she could feel her mind fogging over, the motion of being scooped up and held so tightly by a comfortable form lulled her to sleep, it was that or the drugs pumping through her system and bullet wound to the head.

Korra sat up quickly, gasping as she looked around but, found herself not in an alley choking on dirty rain-puddles; she was in a twin sized bed, in a small rundown efficiency but, there was something incredibly weird about this place. Before she could delve deeper into thinking about that, the door swung open as a young woman stepped through holding a cup of water and three pills. She wore a green turtleneck and denim jeans as she approached the frightened amnesiac.

Being generally unsure of the situation, Korra backed away in fear, into the corner where she pulled her knees into her chest almost like a child; the woman placed the water and pills on the dresser next to the bed, "Must have been some night, wanna fill me in on your name?"

"K-Korra…" She stuttered as if trying to remember.

"I'm Artemis," she pulled her emerald sleeve back and held a handout for a greeting which Korra hesitantly reached out and shook, "Can you tell me where you're from?"

Korra tried diving deep into her psyche, her memories had been scattered by the physical trauma, there was even a ringing still in the background of her thoughts, "I'm the Avatar… I bend the four elements… the bridge between the physical and spirit worlds…" the ringing started up again, louder this time, as she tried to remember the most obvious things, like how she arrived in this strange world or where she came from in the first place, where she was born, "Agh, I don't remember…" she held her temples looking down disappointedly at the sheets she was under, the woman had tucked her in? Still absorbing everything as she rubbed her eyes noticing the poster on the wall of a grinning cat, tattered as though it had been hung ages ago.

"Well," Artemis folded her arms across her chest, "I did see you throw a guy twice your size through the air like he was made of cardboard and unless I'm going crazy, you threw fire at them too?"

"Air and fire… I can bend water and earth too; the four elements… why is that all I can remember?!" Korra became frustrated as the ringing got louder and she quickly grabbed her head tighter in discomfort.

Artemis took a seat on the bed, reaching out and grabbing Korra's cheek with her petite hand, drawing her attention up toward her, "Breath…"; this gave the Avatar the opportunity to look at her savior in close proximity, taking a deep breath as she was instructed, she seemed so kind and gentle as she grazed the side of her face where Korra had been shot.

"The bullet struck the side of your head, you're lucky to be alive, just a little memory loss is almost a miracle," Artemis pulled her hand back and grabbed an anti-septic rag, which she dabbed the wound with slowly, "You said you were the Avatar? What does that mean?"

"I'm not sure, I don't remember much but, the Avatar is supposed to bridge the physical and spiritual worlds… but, I don't know what that means," Korra started to tear up as, having lost her memory also shaved away her inner-confidence and determination which she'd gained over the years through many experiences, becoming more fragile, "I…I don't know who I am."

Artemis sighed and put down the gauze, placing a hand over Korra's trembling forearm, "Listen, my mom works as a nurse and is almost never home; you can stay here for a while until you get back on your feet at least."

The Avatar sighed and looked up into her dark eyes meeting crystal clear blue iris' it almost made Korra blush but, she held it in, "Are you sure I wouldn't be imposing…?"

Artemis stood and chuckled, plopping down on the opposing twin bed which was made up unlike the one Korra laid in, implying fully that it was her personal bed, "No way, I could use the company, I'm on summer break and I have no supervision."

Korra sat up slowly, her head aching but the ringing slowly subsided the longer she spoke with Artemis, "Is that why you were out at night firing arrows at bad guys?"

Artemis laid back flat as her blonde hair splayed out across her sheets, letting out a long sigh, "It helps let off some steam, I usually just deal with muggings and rapes… the real heroes take care of everything else."

Korra raised her brow, "Who are the real heroes?"

Artemis chuckled and grabbed a remote from the drawer in the nightstand separating both beds; she quickly pointed it at a box with a glass screen as lights and colorful animations started playing. It was an old box Tv with only about thirty inches of screen but, still the most advanced thing Korra had ever seen.

"Ah!" She shouted sheepishly, having lost her memory she was no longer the fearless fighter she once was, "What is that thing!?"

Artemis raised a brow as she watched Korra cower behind her blankets, "You must really be out of it, it's just a tv… it shows you movies and videos."

"Movies… movers… I think I remember something about that," Korra slowly lowered her blankets as Artemis stood up, she didn't know what it was but, the innocence and power held in a single package intrigued her… it didn't hurt that she was an incredibly attractive older woman lying in her room watching tv with her.

She pointed to the TV which displayed the news, as the Justice League stopped another catastrophe across the world; Superman, Flash, Wonder Woman, and Green Lantern were the only ones she saw but, Korra was astounded by their colorful abilities, "Those are the real heroes, and one day, I'm going to be one of them," Artemis winced down at Korra as she moved to exit the room.

"I'm going to go into the kitchen and start dinner; those pills on the counter are pain-killers, it'll help with the headaches," Artemis smiled as she exited the room and made her way to the kitchen where she could boil some simple pasta, she was already seventeen years old and she'd be a legal adult by the end of the year so, at this point her mother allowed her to do as she pleased. It wasn't that she didn't care but, more like she worked overtime almost every night just to afford the small room they had now.

Artemis re-entered the room a few minutes later to find Korra standing up, her pants were torn and covered in mud and she had dry blood over her neck where she'd been injected; "Well, the good news is I can feel my legs again; the bad news is I smell awful…" she reached to pull off her top but, her muscles went limp as she was half-way through.

"Here, let me help," Artemis giggled a bit taking a few steps forwards and grabbing the hem of her shirt for her, pulling it up and helping her out of it; she did her best to keep her eyes off her exposed chest until it was finally off and in the archer's hand. They stood staring at each other for a moment as Korra blinked, Artemis cleared her throat and backed away while she made no efforts to cover her chest.

"I'll p-put your clothes to wash and then-" she backed into the doorframe of her own room as Artemis gestured to the bathroom, "You can shower in there and I'll leave the, uh, clothes out on the bed…"

"Okay-" she was cut off as Artemis shut the door on her, "Thanks?" Korra wasn't entirely sure what to make of her current situation, turning her head to face the adjoined bathroom, she simply shrugged it off and continued getting disrobed.

The blonde planted herself back first against her own bedroom door and slid down the length of it until she was sitting flat on the ground, "Wow… just wow…" as red as a tomato she suddenly realized the pasta was still boiling on the stove-top rushing to take care of it before it spilled over.

It had only been about half an hour but, Artemis was surprised that Korra could look even better than she already did after just a hot shower and a fresh change of clothes, the blonde would be drooling if the water-tribe gal hadn't been inhaling noodles like a vacuum, slurping them up without hesitation.

"You sure are hungry," Artemis chuckled as she took a single mouthful of spaghetti herself.

She looked up with swollen cheeks and a noodle hanging from her lips, quickly chewing a few times before swallowing letting out a satisfied exhale, "I feel like I haven't eaten in days… which is entirely possible."

"Still no sign of your memories?" Artemis asked, twisting her fork into her bowl of instant-ramen.

She looked down at her own food, playing with her fork for a moment, "Those pills you gave me helped with the headaches but, every time I try to think about what happened before I ended up in that alley, my mind just fogs up…"

Artemis smiled, "Don't worry, time heals all wounds I guess, I'm sure you'll remember eventually."

Korra swallowed a portion of her food and looked up at her new friend, changing the subject, "So, you dress up with a bow and arrow fighting crime so that these Justice people will let you join their group?"

Artemis scoffed a bit and put down her fork, "It's a little more complicated than that but, I'm hoping they'll notice me out there and even if they don't, I can't stand by and do nothing when I know I could be doing… something," she punctuated her sentence by grabbing her fork and shoveling more noodles into her mouth.

Korra giggled as she watched her swallow the mound of pasta, "I get it, you're really passionate about your city and the people in it; you want to make a difference and that's super sweet," Artemis looked down at her food as her cheeks turned a rosey shade for a moment until she suddenly got an idea.

"Hey! I know something we can do that outta be fun," she practically slapped the table as Korra proceeded to clean the inside of the bowl with her tongue, only stopping to raise a brow at the blonde's suggestion.

June 28th 2010 – Gotham City – 12:57AM

City Junk Yard

After walking half a mile through the darkened streets, Korra stopped to ask about different things she saw around her none of which felt familiar in any way; Artemis led her to a yard with a twelve-foot gate where the entrance was clearly pad-locked, "Come on, just over this gate…"

"Over?" Korra asked watching Artemis grapple the side of the fence, "I have a better idea," just by simply snapping, a four-inch burst of flames erupted from her two fingertips resembling a blowtorch. She grabbed the lock and forced the flame directly into the keyhole where it quickly melted right through the cheap iron.

Artemis watched as the lock fell apart in her hands, falling into the gravel at their feet, "You keep surprising me," she winced with a smile as she pulled the gate open and led Korra through the yard.

Rows and rows of totaled and otherwise trashed cars were piled up twenty-feet high or more, leaving pathways for people to walk through as Artemis led her new friend to the back where the fence reappeared, on the other side of it was a large bay of water separating Gotham from another larger city. They approached what was an open space and a few discarded cars that hadn't been piled up yet. Korra glanced around noticing a few steel barrels around with emerald arrows embedded in them as well as the car, "This is where I come to train, I practice agility, weight training but, mostly…" grabbing an arrow from the tire of one of the trashed vehicles, "Archery."

Korra took a three-sixty spin only to face Artemis again, "So, what? You want me to show you what I can do?"

Artemis sat back on the hood of the car, looking over her arrow, "You are the Avatar, after all?"

Korra frowned with a smile, obviously relishing in the challenge, "Okay, sure, but it could get a little messy…"

Scoffing back at her, the blonde put the arrow down and gestured to their surroundings, "We're in the middle of nowhere on the edge of the city in the middle of the night; I think we'll be fine," she folded her arms once again, still in slight disbelief at the high regard she held her powers at. She saw some power in the alley but, it wasn't anything she hadn't seen before.

"Don't say I didn't warn you," Korra put her hands up in front of her face, turning to get an abandoned pick-up truck in her sights and directly in Artemis' sightline; with a single jab, she sent a blast of flames so strong it audibly roared, cutting through the air as it hit the truck and exploded in seconds.

Artemis nearly fell back on the hood, if she was drinking something she would have done a spit-take, standing up and approaching Korra from behind with a bit of fear, "H-Holy crap, okay we might get in trouble for this… I know you warned me but-"

"Stop worrying," Korra announced, she moved rhythmically, almost dancing in a way as her arms swayed Artemis was shocked when the water from the bay slowly floated up in a perfect stream, a single gesture sent the liquid into the fire. Normally, this would only make a car-fire worse, however; she drenched it so severely that the flames were smothered all at once.

Korra turned back around to face Artemis who stepped passed her, looking over the smoldering car before turning back to face the elemental bender, "Wow, you're incredible! I've never seen anyone move water like that, I've never seen anyone move like that…" she suddenly realized that she'd gotten into close proximity with the Avatar, being slightly shorter than her, the blonde looked up into her bright-blue eyes. "I… uhm…" Artemis cleared her throat, realizing that Korra hadn't noticed her advance at all, simply blinking back at her as she took a step back.


Artemis bit her lip and turned to walk back towards the cars with arrows stuck into them, "Nothing… I was just wondering… about your memories…?" quickly changing the subject as fast as possible.

"What about them?"

Artemis leaned up against the rusted door of the sedan she'd been sitting on earlier, "Well, you remembered your name… is there anything else about you personally that you might remember?"

Korra narrowed her eyes, taking the moment to approach and sit on a drum across from the car and from her, "Well… like what?" noticing a small pit in between them with ashes littered in it, without asking she proceeded to send a tiny flame out, sparking a fire.

Artemis chuckled, "Useful in more ways than one… okay, for example, how old are you?" the light from the fire cast shadows over them that danced across their faces.

Korra didn't hesitate to answer with a smile, "Nineteen, but I still can't really remember my birthday, bizarre."

Artemis wasn't surprised, the woman was obviously older than a high school student but, she wanted to see how far she could probe before the headaches returned, "Are you in school or do you have a job or…?"

"I don't know about school but, I have this really strong feeling that being the Avatar has always been my job or maybe my duty?" Looking down at her thumbs as she twirled them anxiously, "I obviously know English and can do basic math so I probably learned somehow."

"Fair enough," Artemis answered, thinking of a better question she wanted answered, "What about relationships, friends or family? Maybe a boyfriend or…"

Korra tapped her chin and looked up at the sky for a moment, noticing just how many stars were out, "Hmm… I think I remember my parents being super nice and… I don't remember having any boyfriends or girlfriends."

"Girlfriends meaning… do you remember your sexuality?"

"My what? I'm obviously female… a girl…" She frowned at this, assuming she was being mistaken for a man, brushing some of her hair behind her ear and folding her arms.

Artemis stood waving her hands, "No! No… I meant whether you're romantically interested in guys or girls…"

"Oh!" Korra announced, her irritation dissipating as quickly as it had come, "Probably both, I don't really have a type of gender I like… I guess it depends on the person."

Smiling, Artemis leaned back against the car-door again, "That's good, that's something you remember about yourself! You're bisexual."

"Is that a good thing?"

Artemis stood up approaching slowly and sitting next to her, "It definitely isn't a bad thing," she was going to reach out to touch Korra's hand but before she could the bender stood up suddenly without even noticing the advance.

"I just remembered something!" She shouted with her hands in the air.

Artemis slowly stood, trying to pretend she didn't just totally get curved, "What is it?" she asked.

Korra took a stance, preparing herself as she thrusted both hands forward into the car Artemis was previously resting against; the doors inexplicably crunched as the two-ton vehicle toppled over, she proceeded to swipe her hands apart tearing the doors off the car and levitating them above her head, "I can metalbend too! I'm a metal bender, how could I forget!?"

Artemis blinked rapidly, still in shock as Korra dropped the doors and quickly embraced her new friend, wrapping her arms around her neck, "This means my memories are going to come back for sure, sooner or later."

The blonde smiled, blushing as Korra pressed her bust against her own chest, she wrapped her own arms around the Avatars waist, slowly caressing her lower back, "I'm happy for you, I'm just glad I could help out…"

Korra pulled away for a moment, getting a good look at Artemis in the light for one of the first times, really seeing her brown eyes twinkle from the moon light, and the fire accentuated her features with flickering shadows, "Thank you, Artemis, I don't know where I'd be without you or how to repay you for all of your hospitality…" for the first time, the archer noticed Korra blush just a bit, turning away to avoid making eye contact any longer.

"I have an idea, why don't you get a hoodie of your own and come out at night with me?" Artemis grabbed Korra's shoulders with a smile, "Do you remember the guys that attacked you?"

"Yea," She frowned, holding her neck still remembering the pain of being forcefully injected, "What about them?"

Artemis backed away and turned to face the fire, staring into the blaze, "They're apart of a human trafficking ring that I've been following, they operate out of my neighborhood luring young women and then drugging them."

"Just like they did to me…"

"Worse," Artemis turned to look Korra in the eyes, "That was just to sedate you and get you to a secure location; there are rumors on the streets that they use a combination of drugs and some kind of hypnosis to literally sell these women as slaves."

"How is that even possible?" Korra asked with a confused shrug as Artemis was suddenly in deep thought of her own, looking back at the fire for a moment.

"I'm not totally sure but, once they've been taken, they're never heard from again, that was until I did some digging of my own on the dark web," Artemis closed her eyes realizing what she'd just said and turning back to face the Avatar who was already preparing to ask the question, "It's like a massive illegal storage of information that I managed to get my hands on, I found one of the women I watched get kidnapped with my own eyes."

"That's great, you can go rescue her or call the Justice people, they'll get her back to her-"

Artemis sighed loudly, sitting back on the drum and propping her chin up with the palm of her hand, "The problem is I found her… in a foreign country married to some middle eastern diplomate, when I contacted her she said she remembered everything and didn't want to come back."

"Who would want that?"

She covered her face with her hands and dragged them down, "Nobody, Korra, that's the scary part; whatever they do to these women, totally brainwashes them. If it weren't for me, you might've even joined them yourself."

Taking a seat next to her again, she looked down to her boots, "Thanks again for that, but how do we stop something like that? Even if all of those guys got arrested tonight, there has to be more of them than that…"

Artemis spilled her shameful truth, one she hated admitting, "I know there are… I've seen them, I've had to watch as they've taken at least four women."

"You just watched?"

"Tonight I got lucky," Artemis glanced back at Korra, "You managed to knock one of them out and they were two men short, usually two guys lead and three more jump the victim with another two nearby in a get-away van, I could never take them on alone…" turning her attention back to the flickering blaze, Korra tried her best to cheer her up.

"I know standing by and doing nothing is probably one of the worst feelings you can have but, like you said you couldn't do it alone," Korra stood up and held a hand out for the blonde to take, "But, you aren't alone anymore and if you know so much about them, it should be cake for us to shut their entire operation down."

Artemis turned her frown upside down, smiling and taking Korra's hand, feeling how firm yet gentle it was in her own grasp, she pulled herself to her feet with a nod, "So, do you wanna borrow a hoodie of mine or should we go buy you one in the morning?"

Korra took a deep breath with an expression of serious determination, putting her hands on her hips, before slowly exhaling anticlimactically letting her upper body fall limp, "Tomorrow, I'm exhausted…"