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July 1st, 2010 – Gotham City – 10:43AM

Korra slowly woke in the same bed she was met with on the first night, facing the wall as her sight adjusted, she looked up at the cat poster that hung above her giving out a long sigh, every morning for the past three days she had hoped to wake up with a sudden recollection of her life but, no such luck. Sitting up did manage to lift her spirits just a bit as she was met with a stunning blonde in tight leggings and a black sports bra doing pull ups on a bench she installed into her doorframe.

It was a minute or two before Artemis would realize she was being watched so, Korra took that time to analyze her defined muscles that trickled with droplets of sweat, making them appear slick to the touch, giving her a sensation that she'd never felt before or at least one she didn't remember feeling before. Korra's heartbeat raced as the heat flushed her cheeks quickly, Artemis strained her arms slowly moving up and down, her tight biceps glistening in the sunlight from the window. She caught herself staring at a single drop of sweat as gravity pulled it down into the crevasse of the blonde's cleavage, snapping her out of it and shaking her head when her sneakers hit the ground, finishing her routine.

"Morning," Artemis announced as she dropped down from the pull-up gear, pulling one of her headphones out and stretching her shoulder with a flex. She grabbed a white rag from her opposing twin-sized bed, drying the sweat from her chest and neck. Korra gulped and found her mouth getting dry, what was this feeling?! Taking a glance back at Artemis, she noticed without it tied up, her beach-blonde hair hung down passed her waistline, brushing against her hips as she grabbed an emerald hair-tie.

Korra did her best to comb down her bedhead with her hands and rub the dry gunk from her eyes as she responded, avoiding eye contact as best as possible, "Morning to you too, how long have you been up?" her face was burning up, if it weren't for her tan complexion, she'd be red as a tomato.

"Only an hour or two; I didn't want to wake you when you seemed so peaceful," Artemis pulled her hair back and into a ponytail, tying it up with the band around her wrist, which was her signature style as far as Korra could tell, "You gonna try meditating your memories back again?" she swung the rag over her shoulder and sat down next to her as she stared pensively at the floor.

Korra sighed with exasperation, starting to feel like she was going insane looking for answers within her own psyche, "I've been trying that for almost three days, and I've gotten nowhere, I'm not sure how to get them back, exactly…" only glancing up into her eyes briefly, she brushed her feet together a bit, trying to focus on her foggy memories for any hope of recalling them.

Artemis reached out, putting a hand on her forearm, comforting her as they met eyes again, "You remembered about bending metal, and you said it yourself that has to mean you'll get them back eventually…" Korra noticed her doughy brown eyes, sweet and reassuring, like something she could just fall into, pools of ocean blue becoming fixated on her sympathetic stare.

Though she was enamored for a few seconds at first, she slowly allowed her eyes to fall again in disappointment prompting Artemis to try her best and cheer her new friend up, "I know something we can do to take your mind off that stuff…" tossing the rag onto her bed, she knelt down and pulled a trunk out from under her bunk. Korra stood up to look over the blonde's shoulder as she unhooked two latches and put a three-digit code into a pad-lock, finally picking it up and dropping it on her bed, swinging it open, "This is everything I've collected from scenes of the kidnappings; they always take the same escape route and use the same four alleyways as target zones," Artemis was interrupted when she noticed Korra took a step forwards, unintentionally pressing her above average bust against her back as she spoke, "W-Which they alternate between, n-now that we stopped their last gig, they're going to migrate to the next location, here."

She opened a large sheet of construction paper which detailed their routes and mapped each location thoroughly with tiny bulletins, pointing at a red dot ten blocks from where Korra arrived several nights prior, "So, what do we do?" they both stood back upright as Artemis pulled out her emerald compound-bow from the trunk, looking it over with the passionate expression of a vigilante.

"Tonight, we make this city a little safer…"

Korra smiled and pumped her fist into her palm at the last part of her sentence, she didn't fully understand all of this organized crime fighting but, getting some payback and saving lives sounded like it fit perfectly in her lifestyle, "I could definitely use a good fight, I've been itching to get back at those thugs that jumped me."

Artemis raised a brow with a coy smile, dropping the bow back in her wooden-box before starting to fold up the map, "Well," she started as Korra pulled off her shirt, headed for the bathroom where she was preparing to shower, "Tonight we can get payback and interrogate some… some… uh…" she trailed off as she turned around to face Korra proudly listening to her friend completely topless, not seeing any problem with her attire.


The heat that rose to Artemis' cheeks turned her skin red hot, turning away to face the nightstand suddenly, biting her lower lip to distract from other sensations, "Ya know… you seem pretty open with your body for someone who doesn't have any memory of who they were," she jested.

Korra looked down at her breasts and blinked for a moment, "Huh, I guess you're right…" grabbing her blue garb that she'd removed to cover up, "Maybe it's because we're both girls so I just assumed it was okay," her expression softened, not realizing the real issue at all, she became a bit concerned holding the shirt over her chest, "I hope I didn't make you uncomfortable…"

Artemis choked down a gulp of air suddenly, turning around now that Korra was somewhat covered, "No, I mean, well… it's hard to explain," she rubbed the back of her neck sheepishly for a moment, "It's not like I have feelings for you or anything like that it's just that I'm… well, a lesbian," she whispered the last part as if it were a swear-word, though it was only harder to say with the beautiful older woman exposing so much skin.

"Oh," Korra said quietly, finally understanding her point of view before glancing down as she noticed a nipple hanging freely out of the top lazily draped over them, "Oh! Oh!" A blush finally erupted across the water tribe girl's cheeks as she quickly stood and practically jumped into the bathroom a few feet away, shutting the door as fast as possible. Waiting only a second or two, she placed her bare back against the wooden door, "Why didn't you say anything!" she shouted from inside.

Artemis became just as flustered, pacing around the small room for a second, "It is not my fault that you wouldn't know a flirt if it hit you in the back of the head! I made it so obvious!" she heard nothing but silence in response and so she turned to the closed door, and scoffed, "You were the one stripping in front of me!"

Suddenly, the door creaked open slowly with Korra now wearing her sleeveless teal blue top again that she arrived in, peeking out between the door and the doorframe but, looking down at the ground not up at the blonde, "You were flirting… with me?" she asked as though it were insane that anyone would be interested in her.

Artemis giggled and facepalmed at her reaction, calling the Avatar's blazing blue eyes up from the floorboards to look into the archer's gaze, "A superpowered woman with the body of a Greek goddess literally dropped out of the sky into my life," this description of her made Korra's cheeks flush once again only even deeper as she opened the door completely now, holding her hands innocently behind her back, "Of course I was flirting with you but, I know you've been through a lot so I've been giving you some space…" she rubbed her arm anxiously.

Korra found herself playing with a strand of her hair that hung down just above her shoulder, stroking it a bit as her blush faded, "That's super sweet of you, but, we did just meet and I still don't really know who I am so, let's stay friends for now…" she glanced back at Artemis with a bit of a coy smile before looking into the mirror, "For all I know, I'm spoken for… and I promise to wear a shirt around you from now on."

Artemis giggled again, not recalling a time where she was this happy in years, looking over the gorgeous woman standing in her bathroom gave her pause, noticing that she was only wearing grey sweatpants and the blue top she arrived in, being stained with dirt that she couldn't get off.

"How about we kill some time by getting you some new clothes?"

Korra was using the spare toothbrush by this point to shine her pearly whites, speaking through the fluoride, "What's wrong with what I'm wearing?" she mumbled.

"Trust me, I think once you get a new outfit on you, you'll feel like a whole new person! Maybe it'll even help get your memories back," Artemis grabbed some of her spare clothes, heading towards her mother's room to change, leaving Korra to consider the last few minutes of conversation.

Not only did this amazingly kind and attractive blonde like her but, she had been flirting with her since they'd met, and she hadn't even noticed. She took a second thought about Artemis and the way she felt staring at her work out just as she woke up, she wasn't sure if she were in a relationship or not but, she could definitely tell that she wasn't straight, not completely at least. Trying to ignore the heat that grew between her legs when she followed that single drop of sweat down her shirt, what in the spirits was that crazy feeling that made her go crazy?

Gotham City Outlet Mall; July 1st, 2010; 12:49PM

"Woah, this building is bigger on the inside than it is on the outside," Korra noted, looking around in awe at the interior of the shopping center, the skylight shone down rays of sunlight over a fountain that center pieced a large room that separated into four different wide corridors each lined with shops of different kinds. Korra was dressed in one of Artemis' green hoodies and the grey sweatpants that she had on earlier, "And people come here all the time just to shop and eat?" the concept was surprisingly familiar but, on an entirely different scale than she'd ever experienced, that much she could tell.

"Well, this place does have some of my favorite shops," Artemis confirmed with her hands still in her jean pockets, feeling content with her emerald crop top with the symbol of an arrow emblazoned across the chest, she suddenly felt her hands tugged out of her pockets against her will.

Korra ripped them from their secure position hidden in her jeans, clasping her palms gently with her more rugged hands grazing smoothly over her fingers until all twenty of them were intertwined, "You have to show me!" she announced giddily, pulling the blonde forward, she couldn't fight the blush that crept back up into her creamy cheeks, watching the back of Korra's dark hair bounce as she excitedly pulled her in a random direction.

They first stopped at a department store that had dozens of different racks of clothing lined up to chose from with thousands of possible combinations, after a few minutes of mixing and matching, it wasn't long before they found something Korra liked. Some people stared at Korra's current outfit, being a tad ragged and baggy, it only irritated the blonde archer, ignoring them as the adorable amnesiac picked out a decent set of clothes. Surprisingly, it turned out to be a greyish black blouse that was quite loose but, silky smooth and tighter to her figure coupled with the matching black straps to a sports bra underneath, along with a pair of grey denim jeans made for quite the stunning outfit. As Korra finally found white sneakers to wear, and the proper pair of jeans, she stepped out of the changing room in her new clothes slowly, "How do I look?" she asked bashfully, tucking a lock of hair behind her ear, which seemed to be her staple for when she was a tad nervous.

Artemis was caught speechless, the blouse was a tad short exposing her midriff ever so slightly, showing off her natural curves which the jeans clung to. "I-I… uhm," her amber brown pupils drifted down to the tears in her jeans that exposed small shreds of her toned thighs forcing her to gulp, "You look… amazing, so beautiful and… and," She took a step closer to her, placing both hands on either shoulder, shaking off the stupor, and giving her a warm smile, "I mean it's uh, great for you, suits your style," she finished, trying to save face.

Korra's smile was practically gleaming, it was flattering to know that Artemis found her so attractive, deciding to take the compliment in stride, "Thanks," she announced proudly looking over herself until she came across a plastic bar-coded tape, "Oh, wait… I don't have any money for any of this," she gave Artemis a disappointed expression, holding a price tag attached to the hem of her blouse, which pulled it up exposing her abdomen a tad more as she tried to read it. "And it seems expensive…" she muttered innocently.

Artemis took a step into her proximity, close enough to see her reflection in the crystal pools of blue that stared back at her as she grabbed the price tag from the Avatar's hands, glancing down at it, "It's actually not that much, like I said, this is just a department store," giggling a bit at her naivete, the blonde pulled the tag off the hem and pocketed it.

"What are you doing?"

She went around tearing the tags off her outfit, one by one, "You don't want to change back into my old hoodie, do you? I'll take the tags and scan them at the front," though she didn't mind wearing her sweater, she couldn't help admitting how comfortable the blouse was. After taking the tags off the blouse, bra, shoes, and jeans, Artemis used one of the shopping bags to toss her sweater into along with the sweatpants, aside from the arctic armband which she proudly kept on the entire time. Contrasting a bit from the rest of her outfit but, she refused to discard it as it felt incredibly important to her for some reason. They walked around some more after paying for the clothes, allowing Korra to strut around the mall in her new outfit, reaching the food court that smelled divine. Better than the noodles Artemis had been feeding her anyways.

Artemis turned around as they approached the line of different restaurants embedded in the walls of the massive room known as the 'food court', walking backwards to face Korra as she spoke, "You haven't really had a burger until you've tried Big Belly Burger's deluxe meal," this time it was the blonde that donned a wide smirk, grabbing the Avatar's wrist and yanking her through the crowds of people. Feeling the warmth of her dainty hand gripping her wrist gave her a pleasant feeling in her chest, like butterflies fluttering in her stomach, it forced a giggle out of her lips against her will. Korra watched as the blonde ordered them a meal she'd never really heard of, taking nearly five minutes to cook, they were finally handed a tray of food and drinks for them to take to a small table in the middle of the food court.

They sat down as Korra stared at the silver aluminum sheet that wrapped the burger within keeping it warm, watching Artemis first tear apart the paper to take a bite, she too followed the example, slowly unwrapping it and taking a bite out of the juicy greasy monstrosity. A bit of mustard trailed down her lower lip as she chomped down with a smile, chewing, and swallowing with a loud gulp, "This is amazing!" she shouted almost a bit too loudly, not noticing the bit of sauce on her face at all.

Artemis giggled almost uncontrollably at her reaction to a simple burger, grabbing one of the brown napkins from the table and reaching over, standing up slightly to face her closely. Standing and reaching her hand towards her pulled up on her crop top, getting close enough so that Korra could notice the silver ring embedded in her bellybutton, which only drew more attention to the sharp v-cut abs that led down her stomach and into her jeans. Korra's face would only become more obviously crimson shaded when the blonde took her thumb beneath the napkin and glided her finger gently across her lower lip, wiping away the bit of mustard.

It wasn't until she was actually doing it that Artemis realized how slowly and sensually she was doing it, finding herself almost mesmerized by Korra's eyes staring back at hers as she drifted her finger over her soft pink lips. Feeling her breath suddenly on her hand, Artemis cleared her throat, and pulled back, "Y-You had something…" she tried pointing to where the mustard was to justify why she had gotten up that way but, retreated midsentence back into her seat, "Never mind."

The Avatar felt the butterflies in her stomach dancing again, prompting her to do something she'd never done before, "You mean, here?" Korra opened her mouth a bit slowly, letting her tongue slide out over her lower lip, this time doing it one hundred percent on purpose, she slowly glided her tongue over the corner of her mouth, using her pinky to collect the smallest amount of sauce left from her lip, sucking it off quickly. "Did I get it?"

Artemis might as well have been sweating, nearly choking on her own spit as she leaned back in her chair, frowning with a knowing smile, "You so did that on purpose! Are you… flirting?!" she practically slapped her palms on the table, prepared to shout the accusation louder.

Korra folded her arms over her chest, confidently closing her eyes, "I have no idea what you're talking about," she denied with a coy smile, shrugging her shoulders.

Artemis narrowed her eyes with a smile, noticing how comfortable the Avatar was getting, "Alright, I'll let that slide," she was honestly just content in seeing the woman adjusting well to a new lifestyle, who knows exactly what she was dealing with before dropping out of the sky and getting shot in the head? To hear her genuine giggle, flooding her senses like a river, it was more relieving than it should have been, "For now," she finished.

Korra picked up another fry and tossed it into her mouth, "These are delicious, so salty," she muttered between bites.

Artemis looked down at the chocolate milkshake she'd ordered for herself, getting an idea as a metaphorical lightbulb manifested above her head, she grabbed a fry from Korra's pile, and pulled back with it, "Hey! You ordered your own!" she shouted playfully.

"Hear me out," Artemis reasoned, dipping the salty fried potato into the whipped rim cream over the top of the chocolate milkshake, coating it in sweetness, "Here…" she pointed the sweet end up at her face, taking a moment to stare down at it, Korra reluctantly parted her lips, taking it into her mouth instead of grabbing it, brushing those soft lips against the archer's fingers again.

Artemis couldn't stop the heat from rushing into her cheeks, "Wow… that's actually really good," she exclaimed, as Artemis lowered her hand with a smile, satisfied with the reaction she received.

She shrugged nonchalantly though, not letting on how much fun she was actually having or how she was practically swooning embarrassingly over her, "Yea, it's alright, my mom showed me that when I was little, its one of the few good memories I have of my childhood actually," she took one of the fries and stared at it as she dipped it in the shake, taking a bite silently. "Sometimes it makes me feel like I'm still sharing a booth with her, all those years ago."

Korra raised a brow as she took another fry of her own and tossed it into her mouth nonchalantly, leaning her chin on her hand, she stared at Artemis, "So, we talked a bunch about me already, or as much as I can remember anyway, what about you?"

Artemis immediately changed her expression, just a tad bit of anxiousness crossing her face, though she quickly accounted for it and pretended as though it didn't bother her, "What do you wanna know?" pulling the straw of her shake in between her lips, averting her gaze as she took a sip.

"Well, you talked about your Mom and how she's a nurse, what about your Dad? Is he not around?" Korra obviously didn't put too much thought into the complexities of why a Father might not be around before asking such a strained question. "Does he work a lot too?" she asked.

"My Father…" Artemis started with a bit of a disdainful tone hidden behind her words, she huffed and put down the shake, staring at the straw as she flicked it, "He was never a good person and when my Mom got into an accident that paralyzed her from the waist down… he just up and left us."

Korra furrowed her brow, her fist tightening a bit at the sound of her tone fluctuating between anger and sympathetic, feeling the immediate regret of asking the question, "What a jerk… I'm so sorry, I shouldn't have asked you, and I had no idea your Mom was in a wheelchair either," suddenly feeling incredibly insensitive as she noticed the blonde's disheartened expression.

"Who do you think put her there?"

Korra dropped her beet red face into her hands, feeling like the biggest idiot in the world, "I'm so sorry, I guess I have no idea how to do this… I'm so stupid…" she was interrupted when she felt the cool touch of Artemis' hand on hers, pulling them down so that doughy brown eyes could meet with crystal clear pools of blue.

"It's okay!" She insisted sweetly, tightening her soft grip on the Avatar's hands, "What do you mean this?" she finished with a bit of a laugh, though mostly serious about her question.

Korra's blush deepened when she realized how she had worded her sentence, quickly pulling her hands back, she brushed a strand of her hair behind her ear with an averted gaze, "I don't know for sure, but something tells me, that I've never flirted with a girl as pretty as you…" sheepishly rubbing the back of her neck, "And I keep messing it up by saying stupid things."

Artemis giggled a bit, leaning back in her seat having finished her burger, she tucked a strand of blonde hair behind her ear as she laughed "The only stupid one is the idiot who broke my Mom's back that I happen to call Dad," she started the sentence with a coy smile but, it soon faded into a fog of memories that clearly plagued her.

"Ugh," Korra groaned noticing the blonde's disposition, chomping down on another fry furiously, "I hate when people get away with stuff like that, I don't really know if I was a good Avatar or not but, how could anyone be so cruel?" she pumped her fist into her palm with a bit of frustration, "Now I feel like really pummeling some bad guys." Korra looked up and noticed that Artemis had mostly shaken her sorrowful eyes, replacing them with an amber fire of determination.

"It's almost nightfall, once the sun goes down, we can take out all our stress on the bastards that tried to take you the other night," Artemis leaned over the short table and placed another comforting hand on her forearm, "Wanna know a secret?"

"Sure," Korra answered with a smile, leaning in closer as they were both only a few inches apart.

"Whenever I punch a mugger or fire an arrow into a thug, I pretend it's my Dad, finally getting what he deserves..." Artemis was proud of this news, giving the Avatar a wink as she pulled back, letting her know that she was okay and that she had long since dealt with the awful feelings that came with what happened between her parents, "C'mon," the blonde announced changing the subject, standing up as she noticed it was nearly five in the afternoon, "We should be in position before they get there, so let's get back to my place and get ready."

Gotham City; July 1st, 2010; 12:48AM

Korra and Artemis peeked their heads over the ledge of the rooftop on a building that juxtaposed the alleyway they knew would be where everything was going to go down, the two vigilantes even noticed Smith, sporting a few large bruises and a sling around his right arm, smoking a cigarette under a streetlight. Korra was immediately consumed by rage, recalling how she trusted him in a moment of vulnerability and what he planned to do to her. Kneeling next to Artemis who kept her eyes locked on the target, Korra turned her head to face her, "Alright, lets go down there and kick his ass until he needs a cast for the other arm," impulsively ready to spring into action, the blonde placed a hand on her shoulder, giving her a reassuring smile that quelled the boiling rage bubbling beneath the surface.

"Not yet, we need to draw out the rest of their crew, if we want to get any information on where these women are being taken and what they're really doing to them," Artemis stood up in a brown trench coat that covered up her entire person, from her neck to her ankles, "He'll recognize you right away so, I'll go down there and pretend to be drunk and when he leads me through the alley, a black van should round the corner in just a few seconds, that's your que," Artemis explained as simply as she could to Korra who watched her fiddle with the coat, that she obviously didn't care for. Pulling it apart and sliding it off revealed a thin, midnight black strapless party dress that cut off at the upper thigh, showing off her creamy, smooth skin as much as possible. Her hair tie even matched the outfit being a shade of black itself wrapping her golden blonde hair in a long mane ponytail.

Artemis gave Korra a bashful look, holding her arm by her side as her crystal-clear blue eyes slowly drifted across her outfit, feeling the heat rising from her chest into her cheeks, "Well? What do you think?" she asked the elemental bender who nearly choked on her own words.

"Y-You look… wow, fantastic," Korra sputtered trying not to drool as the blonde took a step back, feeling her own cheeks starting to warm up in response.

Artemis chuckled, "You think so? I haven't worn this in forever, I wasn't even sure if it would fit," she looked herself over noticing as Korra looked away to break her staring gaze.

"It fits alright," she muttered to herself prying her eyes from the blonde's toned waistline. Korra distracted herself by peering over the ledge, narrowing her eyes in suspicion at that hired thugs below, Artemis dusted off the dress and shook her mane of hair in its ponytail frizzing it ever so slightly as though she'd been out all night. She turned to face the roof access exit, prepared to walk down the stairs, and turn into the alleyway when she felt a petite hand grab her wrist, "Just… be careful?"

"You've got nothing to worry about, this should be cake," the blonde knelt down to eye level, clasping the Avatar's hand with both of her own with a reassuring smile.

"Okay," Korra nodded and Artemis made her way down the wooden steps through out the foreign building, which had clearly seen better days with mold stains and broken steps, she approached the door and peaked through the wooden frame. She spotted Smith glancing around, likely looking for their next prey, he flicked the bud of a cigarette away into a puddle as she finally took a break and opened the door with more force than necessary, stumbling out a step or two. She effectively caught their attention as two men peaked their head around the corner of the alley, taking notice of her appearance and her body language.

"You okay, lady?" Smith asked approaching first.

"Y-Yea, I'm absholutely fine!" Artemis purposefully slurred her words in succession, lucky to have had plenty of time partying in her younger teenage years, "But, uh, do any of you know where Gotham Heights ish, becausse I think I'm lost…" she scratched her head and squinted as if to focus her vision through the inebriation at the adjacent street signs.

"Yea, sure, that's just around the corner a few blocks away," Smith insisted, looking behind at the other men who simply shrugged, willing to take another girl if she stumbled right into them this way, "Why don't we escort you?"

Korra frowned at the sound of this, who knows how many times they'd used those same lined on innocent vulnerable women, her grip on the ledge tightened still peaking her head over it to get a better look at them as they walked down the alley. Her anger prompted her to squeeze tighter on the concrete by accident, cracking through it and sending several rocks down to the asphalt shattering on impact. Other than Artemis, they all turned for a second, glancing up at the roof where they found no sign of any nosy people trying scope them out.

One of the thugs could swear he heard something like gravel being crushed up on the roof but, Smith shouted out to him after a few steps, "Let's go, we don't have all night…"

"Can't be too careful with those vigilantes running around…" he turned around and approached from behind, as they approached the fence at the end of the alley, a set of high beam headlights came from the intersecting alleyway on her right. A pair of tires screeched as it accelerated forwards, one of the men put a hand on her shoulder, "We'll take you to Gotham Heights and make sure your safe and sound," Artemis' eyes snapped open as she reached up without turning her body, grabbing his wrist in her hand at such an angle she was able to bring him to his knees with one hand.

"Not tonight, scum bag," the van pulled up right in front of her, the door to the back sliding open with two more men exiting, they watched as Artemis used her free hand to tear the hem to her dress so that she was flexible enough to wrap her leg around the downed mans neck. Using his own weight, she flipped him onto his back, pressing his face into a puddle and twisting his entire arm by the wrist.

The two men who exited the van lifted their shirts to reveal handguns tucked in their waistline, trying to intimidate her into backing down but, not expecting her lips to curve into a mischievous grin, "Awe, you brought friends? I brought a friend too," even though it was obvious she could handle them on her own, Korra still felt the need to step in, leaping from the roof top and casting a brief shadow over them before she landed in the center of the alleyway with a thundering crack, Earthbending a crater into the ground with a stomp of her feet. They were all a bit shaken up by her arrival, almost expecting someone like Batman to be leaping down on them but, instead it was a familiar teenage meta-human girl.

Smith gulped audibly as Artemis proceeded to dislocate the thug's shoulder whom she still had face planted into the gravel, "Be careful! She's a meta!" they took out their glocks now and aimed them at her, not hesitating to fire them immediately sending lead projectiles at her at nearly the speed of sound. Korra responded with a wave of her hand, gripping the shards of earth within the metal with her mind, Artemis was momentarily worried until she noticed the bullets floating in midair.

"You dropped these!" with a swaying motion of her arms, she stomped a foot, and thrusted her palms at them, targeting the weapons in their hands as they shouted in pain. The bullets knocked the weapons out of their hands, leaving them unarmed.

The driver of the car stepped out and put a gun to the back of Artemis' head, a burly man who didn't seem like he was threatened by the two girls though, he was about to reassess his situation, "This is over…" he announced pressing the weapon up against the blonde's right temple, waiting only a brief second to act, she elbowed him in the arm taking his gun off center. It fired but the bullet missed entirely as she continued to grab his arm, tearing the gun from his grip, and stomping with all of her strength onto his foot at the same time before elbow striking him once more in the side of the head. She quickly rolled out of the now falling man's way with his gun in hand, quickly shooting with marksman accuracy into the remaining men's upper thighs. They dropped to their knees first, shouting in pain and trying their best to back away from the two vigilantes. It wouldn't matter considering Korra's crater, with her in it, blocked their only other exit that wasn't blocked by their own unmarked van.

Artemis took a few steps forward towards one of the downed men still clutching his leg with bullet wound seeping through his jeans, she didn't hesitate to kneel down next to him with the loaded gun still in her hand, "Looks like… I shot you in the," taking a second to look over her handy work, "Kneecap, ouch, that'll smart in the morning but, unless you want another shattered knee I suggest you answer our questions," Korra approached from behind, simply for moral support at this point as it seemed she had everything handled.

He tried to talk but, he kept sputtering saliva over himself, groaning in pain every few seconds unable to finish a sentence, Artemis responded by cocking the gun back and firing it into the wall startling Korra slightly. She used the heated barrel to press against the mans face, causing him to shout, "O-Okay! Okay, okay! What do you wanna know?" he reasoned.

"Where do the girls go when you're done with them here? What do you do to their heads? And who the hell are you working for?" Artemis was concise and straight to the point with her questions, not wanting to waste any time, however she wasn't expecting him to laugh in her face.

"Are you kidding me? I don't know where they take these chicks, and I don't know who we work for, it's just a job; the money is wired into out bank accounts directly, we never met 'em before!" Artemis huffed and took a quick second to think before putting the gun back against his head, frowning down at the pathetic man.

"Well, where were you going to take them from here?" the blonde asked appropriately, the next best thing being another lead.

He closed his eyes and shook his head to jog his memory, only having heard it mentioned by his 'co-workers' earlier that day, "I think it was… the docks! Yea! Gotham Harbor, shipment number four-two-nine!"

Artemis took a step back, pulling the gun away from his head, taking out the clip and popping the round in the chamber onto the ground next to him, "If you're wrong, I'm coming back for your other knee," she explained, dropping the gun at her feet lazily and stepping over it. Korra stared down at the man for just a second, following her back towards the street nonchalantly.

"That was awesome, you took them down like it was nothing!" She exclaimed, walking beside the blonde proudly, exclaiming their victory, "You didn't even have your bow or quiver!"

"I spent five years forging my body into a weapon, but if you hadn't been there I'm not so sure I would have walked away without a scratch like this," Artemis looked up into Korra's crystal blue eyes as she walked backwards, facing her friend who started to blush as she bit her lower lip, "I wanted to say thank you, for helping me, the other day and tonight… maybe, if you'd want, we could… I don't know, grab dinner or something?" she nervously rubbed the back of her neck, looking for a reaction from the young Avatar.

They both turned red, the heat in Artemis' cheeks being much more prominent against her lighter complexion but, she could still tell Korra was responding the same way. She blinked for a moment, being caught off guard by the question, she ended up stumbling over her words, "Y-You want to go on a date? With me?" jabbing her thumb into her chest, almost wondering why she would choose her.

Artemis ended up intertwining her hands behind her back with her head tilted slightly down towards her feet, looking up into Korra's eyes with an innocent smile, "I mean if that's something you would be into… it's totally up to you," she responded as they turned the corner, exiting the alleyway onto the sidewalk. Her obvious lack of confidence on the subject compared to how she carried herself on a regular basis spoke volumes to the Avatar.

Korra giggled in response to her new friend's demeanor, "Wait, am I the first girl you've ever asked out?" she picked up on the context clues, folding her arms over her chest with a sly smirk.

Artemis responded by lightly jabbing her in the arm, noticing almost for the first time how defined her muscles were, more toned than she expected, "No- Maybe…" she glanced away until she felt firm grip over her hand, clasping her palm which managed to sooth the bit of embarrassment she felt. "So, what? For all you know, I'm the first girl whose ever asked you out at all!"

Korra didn't react with anything more than a light giggle, looking down into her brown eyes, being almost three or four inches taller, Artemis was surprised when her thumb started caressing the back of her hand, "I'd love to go to dinner with you, it sounds like a lot of fun…" Korra realized quickly enough that they had been holding hands for a minute or two, flustering them both.

Korra pulled her hand back and found herself imitating the only person she'd gotten to know since she'd arrived, rubbing the back of her neck a bit nervously, "Sorry," they both attempted to apologize at the same time, only flustering them more. They eventually approached the entrance to Artemis' apartment complex; Artemis opened the door for the Avatar allowing her to walk through the doorway.

"It's okay, I kinda like holding your hand," Artemis took the liberty of mentioning before she reached out and grabbed Korra's hand again, this time locking their fingers together as they walked up the stairs. Artemis pulled her keys out of clevage where they had been stashed for the duration of the fight, moving to unlock the door but, finding it was already unlocked. She remembered vividly locking it before she left which made her a bit suspicious, letting go of Korra and turning the doorknob, she stepped inside expecting to find someone looting her Mother's stuff.

Making her way through the apartment slowly with Korra tailing her, she couldn't find anything out of place until she walked into her room and noticed a familiar bottle of pills sitting on her bed. Korra being either too nervous or too scared to look over the blonde's shoulder, she missed how she quickly grabbed it and tucked it behind her back as she turned around.

"What was it?"

Nervously, Artemis cleared her throat and shook her head, "It's… nothing," she lied, still being new to all of this, the Avatar didn't think much of it.

"Are you sure you locked it?" Korra asked turning back towards the front door, tilting her head with a bit of confusion.

Artemis chuckled and simply doubled down on the lie, shrugging her shoulders with a nervous smile, "Ya know, I guess not, I must still be on edge from the fighting."

Korra smiled in response, sitting on her sister's bed, and glancing over at the bathroom with a nod, "Well, if you're stressed, you can take the first shower if you want," referring to the system of taking turns they had been following since she first started staying with the archer.

Artemis clutched the pill bottle in her hand behind her back a bit tighter, nervously she played it off, "Nah, it's totally, fine… you get undressed and I'll just be in the kitchen," walking backwards out the doorway to avoid tipping her hand, literally, she waited until she heard the bathroom door close before exiting the kitchenette and making her way out of the apartment.

Looking down at the pill bottle, the label read Percocet with the words Oxycodone and Hydrochloride in smaller text underneath it, knowing that something wasn't right, she quickly raced towards the stairs. Making her way up towards the roof, she could tell immediately that someone was standing on the gravel outside the metal door which she kicked open. It swung and hit the wall behind it as she stepped out, facing a tall, blonde man in armored gear wearing a hockey mask over his face.

She didn't hesitate to toss the pill bottle at him, it hit him in the chest and toppled towards the ground, rolling towards his feet, "You left something when you broke into our apartment."

The man didn't say anything, he only knelt down, grabbing the bottle from the ground as his military combat boots crunched the gravel beneath his weight, "I was giving you a gift, I seem to remember you liked these things…" he shook the bottle at her, reminding her of her past, "Especially since you used to steal them from your injured Mother."

Artemis only rolled her almond colored, hugging her chest to warm up against the chilled breeze, "Don't you dare 'high horse' me, you're the one who put her there in the first place."

"I've done a lot of things I regret in my life but, that? Isn't one of them," he walked towards the ledge that lead to another abandoned alley way fifty feet below, staring down at the busy street, his words cut through her like a knife.

She gave an exasperated groan, turning to glance at the roof access stairwell out of a nervous paranoia, "What are you doing here?!" Artemis finally shouted out of desperation, "Why come to me now? And don't pretend it was really to give me drugs…"

Without turning his head, he spoke over the ledge at her, his voice was deep and intimidating but, not to her, "I saw you're fight earlier tonight; I was impressed, I can tell you haven't slacked in your training since I've been gone."

"So, what? Is this all supposed to remind me of the good ol' days? Hunting people down like a mercenary at age sixteen with Mom and…" She choked on her words trying to swallow the lump in her throat, "You haven't answered my question," she insisted.

"In due time, little girl, for now," the masked man turned around approaching where he had been standing before as to kick the bottle of pills back over to the blonde, slowly turning around to face her, "Take 'em, you know you want to…" he didn't wait for her to react, Artemis only glance down at the bottle with blue orbs dancing around the clear container. By the time she turned her head back up at him, he was nowhere in sight, gaining that particular ability from his run-ins with the dark knight over the years.

"Thanks so much, Dad," she uttered sarcastically before narrowing her eyes back down at the bottle, only hesitating for a second or two before scooping it off the ground and walking back towards the stairs.