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This is a fanfiction, a work of fiction. It is an unofficial, non-canon alternate story based on Yana Toboso's story "kuroshitsuji" Or also known as "Black Butler". Most of the media - such as the images and video's used in this fanfiction - are from the web. Thus, most of them aren't mine (because I really, really can't draw) unless mentioned. To fit the story, images are also edited by a photo editor. So they aren't mine, just edited.

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I owe a lot of these idea's and the development of my story to my idea beta Zmxt, who helped me create and develop these ideas.

How would the story change if Ciel was a girl and had to take her fraternal twin brothers place in the world. What if she started developing feelings for her hell of a butler? Follow the story of Celine Phantomhive, posing to be her brother in the Victorian period, as she faces the challenges of keeping her true gender a secret from the world, well completing the tasks expected of her as an earl.

"Are you sure you want to do this? Because once you do this… you can't ever go back. I won't ever let you go." Sebastian growled lowly into her ear.

"I don't care. I'm already on a road that I can't come back from. Besides, who says I even want to come back." WIth that, I pressed my lips against his.