Today is my 1 year anniversary from when I wrote and posted the first chapter of my first Scorpion story 'Head Space'. What a year it has been. Hope you enjoy this one shot! There are no plans to continue this AU, but I am assigning the story its own AU number of 75.

To the Adventure! -Tim

Paige stood with her back against the door of the Garage. Disbelief and wonder were struggling against each other to hold onto her facial expression. Her hand pressed against her lips. 'That kiss, my God it seemed like Walter was going to devour me through it. I can't believe he has that level of passion.' The thought raced through her mind quickly. 'I've got to get out of here before I do something I might regret.' Paige finally pushed off from the door and began walking towards her car. 'God I am an idiot. Why did I lie, why did I tell him I didn't feel anything?' She continued thinking.

She reached into her coat pocket and pulled her keys from inside. She looked back towards the Garage just as she reached her car. She swallowed and looked down at the door and she dropped her keys as her hand shook so badly. She cursed silently as she bent over and picked them up. She slowly slid her key into the lock when suddenly she heard the door bang open behind her. "Paige, a moment please, there is something I need to tell you."

Paige swallowed hard but forced a happy smile to replace the nervous one that formed at the sound of his voice. Paige pulled the key out of the lock and turned around. "Of course Walter, what is it?" She tried to calm her breathing.

Walter shook his head. "Not out here, please come inside."

Paige was grateful he wasn't looking at her as she swallowed hard again. She wasn't sure she could trust herself. "I really need to get going Walter. Can't this wait until tomorrow?"

Walter swallowed hard as he looked towards the floor of the Garage. "No, this has to be addressed now."

Paige felt her foot move to take a step and she reached behind her and grabbed the door handle as if trying to force her feet to stand firm. "Can't you just tell me from here?"

Walter shook his head. "This isn't the appropriate setting."

Paige nodded as she sighed and slowly willed her fingers to release the door handle. Her feet were quick to carry her towards the door.

Walter stepped back holding the door open for her. Paige smiled as she stepped inside.

Walter shut the door as his fingers flipped the small lever that locked the knob. He wanted as much warning as possible if someone tried to enter behind them. Walter gestured towards the red faux leather couch and Paige nodded slowly before stepping on over and sitting down mostly on the east end of the couch. But she was half turned towards the west end and her knees rested partially against the center cushion.

Walter sat down mostly on the west end of the couch. Like Paige he was partially turned but facing the east end with his knees resting partially against the center cushion. There was maybe six inches between their knees. His eyes were miles from where they were and Paige took a moment to lick her lips.

Walter was lost in his thoughts from just a few minutes before. He fell into his office chair as Paige left. Their kiss had awakened a part of himself he had never truly known. Her lips pressed into his and then their lips parted and his tongue slipped out and into her mouth before he knew what was happening. Her tongue battled against his. Touch had always been a bit of a torture for him, but this, this was pure heaven.

Even his own sister touching him usually made him cringe inside. But then with Paige, he had felt the need to disappear inside of her. The desire to take her into his arms, to run his hands up and down her body, to simply begin tearing her clothes off of her had been so strong. Never before had he felt such passion. But that kiss scared him, scared him so bad he lied.

"Walter?" Paige asked for the third time.

It was the touch of her hand on his that finally broke the revelry of the memory. More like short circuited his memory temporarily. He looked up into her eyes with his eyes wide open and raised eyebrows. "Huh?"

Paige smiled just a bit. "I'd said your name three times. What was it you needed to tell me?"

"Oh right," logical Walter took over. "I just wanted to really thank you for what you did for me on the balloon. You really took a big risk to save my life and I really appreciate it."

Paige frowned. 'What happened to the passion that was on his face a moment ago? A thank you for saving his life, are you kidding me with this Walter?' Her thoughts kept swimming around. 'Come on Paige. Tell him the truth about that kiss.'

Walter could see the disappointment or was it hurt on her face? He struggled trying to analyze what he was seeing. He wasn't sure why but he reached out and touched her hand. It was like electricity jumped between them and logical Walter took a step back in his mind. "Paige, no, that isn't what I wanted to say to you. You know I always tell everyone I only state facts."

Paige's face became puzzled but she nodded.

Walter swallowed hard. "The fact is that I'm not attracted towards you because of the symmetrical features of your face. Don't get me wrong you are beautiful, that's an unequivocal truth, but I am attracted to you because of the person you are. You are so loving and kind."

Paige smiled. "Thank you Walter. That is very kind of you to say. Is that all the facts you wanted to share."

Logical Walter panicked and pushed himself back out and nodded. "That was all. I realize that I could have told you that outside but." Logical Walter got pushed back again. "No, it isn't the only fact I wanted to tell you. Our kiss earlier, Paige in the few seconds after you left that kiss replayed in my mind a hundred times. It was without a doubt the most wonderful and sensual kiss I have ever experienced."

Paige blushed. "Thank you Walter, I really enjoyed it too, far more than I told you. I've never felt such passion in a kiss before. It was like you were going to devour me on the spot."

Logical Walter reasserted himself and he nearly jumped up as he stood and shoved his hands into his pockets as he turned away and took several steps from her towards the door. 'I got to get control of myself. I can't risk Scorpion. What is wrong with me? I need to end this.'

Paige frowned. "Walter, what is it? Did I say something wrong?"

"NO," Walter responded forcefully, but not at her.

Paige sat back with even greater puzzlement on her face. "Walter? What is going on?"

Logical Walter was forcefully shoved aside as passionate Walter yelled at him. Walter spun around and moved quickly and almost slid to a stop and plopped down on the couch right next to her.

Paige looked into his eyes and saw a fire she'd never seen in his eyes before and suddenly his hands shot out and he wrapped his arms around her as he pressed in and kissed her.

As surprised and shocked as she was, Paige quickly gave in to the passion Walter was displaying. She felt her own passion she'd only partially dealt with outside rising within herself quickly. She wrapped her arms around him as she began returning his kiss. They were quickly melting into each other.

Walter's lips pulled back and he began kissing across her cheek and onto her neck. Paige's eyes were still closed as her fingers curled and her nails dug into the back of his shirt and into the flesh of his back under it. She felt his hands move lower down her back as he bit and sucked on her neck.

Walter growled feeling her nails dig into his back.

Her smile turned into a grin before she moaned. His fingers reached the waist of her pants and his left hand grabbed her shirt and yanked up on it pulling the tail of it free from where she was sitting on it.

Walter's left hand moved quickly under the hem and she felt the smooth tips of his fingers move up caressing the flesh of her back. The apparatus on his right hand didn't allow for a lot of dexterity but he moved it up the left side of her body until he felt the swell of her breast. His thumb had the greatest amount of movement and he used his thumb to squeeze her breast allowing her flesh to slip slowly out from under his thumb as he moved it across her breast. He felt her harden nipple pass under his thumb.

She smiled feeling him fumbling with his left hand trying to unhook her bra with just the one hand. She heard him growl and felt the vibration of it transfer through his teeth into her neck as he became frustrated with the clasp of her bra. She then felt his hand move enough to slip under the strap. He pulled his hand from around her back and side until he was able to force the right cup of her bra to slip over her breast and he pulled and slipped the other cup over her left breast.

"Walter." She murmured his name.

Walter pushed gently and she lay backwards and he followed pushing her shirt up and as he exposed her breasts he began kissing, licking and sucking on them.

"Walter." Paige said again but a bit more forceful. "This isn't the place for this. One of the guys could come back in."

Walter's eyes opened and he released her wet nipple from his mouth. Logical Walter tried to reassert control. "I-I'm so-so sorry Paige."

Paige frowned as she saw the fire dimming in his eyes. She pulled him back to her and kissed him hard, shoving her tongue into his mouth as she pressed his left hand against her bare breast. She was determined to bring that fire back out of him.

Walter tried reciting pi when he was thrust back out of control and passionate Walter came back out and pressed in harder against Paige.

Paige smiled feeling him taking back control of the situation. But this time as he pulled back he pulled her along with him and they struggled together to stand and they clumsily made their way to the bottom of the ramp. Kissing each other hungrily as Walter's left hand continued to caress her breasts under her shirt. He pulled and tugged upon her nipple while they continued kissing. Paige began unbuttoning his shirt as they as they moved clumsily up the ramp to the loft.

When they reached his bed his shirt was unbuttoned and pulled out of his pants. They continued fumbling with each other's clothes until they were both naked and then they fell onto his bed.

Three hours later and it was just past midnight when their passion became sated and they lay in each other's arms basking in that feeling of contentment. "God, Walter. That was wonderful, thank you."

Walter smiled. "No, thank you."

Paige shook her head. "No, if you hadn't of called me back into the Garage, there is no telling how things would have turned out. Now we both know just how we feel for each other. And now we both know just how much passion there is within you."

Walter nodded. "It surprised me too. I'm so glad you came back. Sorry I didn't have any condoms."

Paige smiled. "Well I am on the pill but you need to get some for extra protection."

Walter grinned as he looked at her. "Does that mean you'd like to repeat this?"

Paige nodded with a grin.

They hugged and then Paige sighed. "I guess I better get up and get dressed. It is too late to pick up Ralph but I'll have to pick him up in the morning."

Walter watched her sit up on the side of the bed. He reached out and wrapped his left arm around her waist. "Paige, stay, please."

Paige smiled as she put a hand on his arm. She looked back. "I'd love too, but I have to go home to change and clean up. Ralph would wonder why I am wearing the same clothes two days in a row. Not to mention the guys and we'd never hear the end of it from Toby."

Walter nodded as he kissed the small of her back. His eyes went wide. "Your go-bag is downstairs. I'll run down and get it. You've got at least one change of clothes in it right? I can throw a load of laundry in the washer and put your clothes from today in with it and tomorrow repack your go-bag with them."

Paige grinned and nodded as she lay back onto his bed. They kissed several times before Walter quickly got up and grabbed up her shirt and pants. He held up her bra and panties. "Wash them together?"

Paige shook her head. "Those will need to be hand washed and hung up to dry."

Walter nodded. "I'll put them in the bathroom and wash them in the morning then."

Paige smiled as she watched him disappear into his bathroom. She heard him pee and then flush and water ran in the sink for a few minutes before he emerged a few moments later and move out into the loft. She heard him exclaim "Ouch" as he stubbed his toe against the table leg and then heard him move down the steps.

Paige got up and went in and used the bathroom. As she went to wash up a bit she smiled seeing her underwear lying on the sink. After she finished she turned and walked out and heard him coming back up the stairs before she returned to his bed. A few moments later he came back into the bedroom.

He opened her go-bag and pulled out her top and skirt inside of it. He grabbed a couple of hangers and hung them up to help fight the wrinkles. He pulled her fresh underwear out and sat them on top of his dresser and pulled out her spare toothbrush and toothpaste and set them next to her underwear. He pulled out her lavender body lotion. He read the label and looked back at her. "Do you use this before bed or after you get up in the morning?"

Paige smiled. "Depends on when I shower."

Walter nodded as he sat it on the dresser before he climbed back into bed with her. "Did you want to take a shower now?"

Paige shook her head. Then he saw a twinkle in her eyes. "I'll wait until morning, just in case we decide to get dirty some more."

Paige grinned as he opened his arms and she crawled over to lie against his chest. Walter closed his arms around her and hugged her tight against him. "You really want me to stay huh?"

Walter nodded as he kissed her softly. Paige grinned and deepened the kiss.

They both groaned as Walter's alarm went off. They'd only been asleep for about two hours. Logical Walter kissed the top of her head. "I'll go start the coffee if you want to get in the shower first."

Paige frowned at the sound of his voice and looked up at him. "Wouldn't you rather get in the shower with me?"

Passionate Walter took over instantly and grinned. "You get the shower going and I will start the coffee and join you."

Paige grinned and nodded.

Paige barely got out of the Garage and left before the guys showed up. They made love two more times in the shower and probably would have made love in his bed again as he rubbed her lotion into her body had Ralph not called her phone. Walter was coming down the steps with his bed linens as the gang walked into the Garage.

Toby stared at him as he turned the corner and went into the kitchen. "Uh, you're doing laundry on a Tuesday?"

"I haven't been here in a while, remember?" Walter called out to him.

Toby followed in behind him and stood in the kitchen and watched as he emptied the washer of clothes and started the dryer.

"Uh huh, so why were Paige's shirt and pants she was wearing yesterday in that load you put into the dryer?" Toby eyed him.

"She got something on them before she left last night and she changed into the clothes from her go bag. Since I was going to wash some of mine I put them in with them and told her I'd repack her go back when they were dry." Walter told him.

As Walter reset the washer and added detergent and started the washer. Toby walked out of the kitchen and quietly snuck upstairs. Walter began layering the bed clothes into the washer.

Toby went into Walter's bathroom and saw a pair of panties and a bra on his vanity. Toby grinned, "You sly dog." He heard Walter start up the steps and he quickly moved around to the back of the loft and down the ramp.

Walter went into his bathroom and read the directions on the care tags and filled his sink with water and a bit of laundry detergent before he added her underwear and began washing them. His mind raced the entire time he washed them. His brilliant mind replayed all of the events starting with their first kiss as a test. He finally finished and hung them up before he walked out and walked downstairs. He looked around and frowned. "Where's Toby?"

Sylvester looked up and shook his head. "I didn't see him leave and he didn't say anything."

Toby quietly went the rest of the way back up the ramp when Walter went down the steps. He stepped back into the bathroom and saw the freshly washed underwear now hanging up in his shower and he grinned. He stepped over to his bedroom and saw her body lotion and her toothbrush. He opened the container and felt the brush and smiled as he felt the moisture still on it. He looked in the general direction of Walter's desk. "Way to go Walt. I'm proud of you."

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