A/N: Hey there to let you readers know that I will be write the story of the show itself with its altered history but between seasons I will be writing side stories of certain characters that will possibly come in later on. Right now I will focus on finish the remaining chapters of the first season with at least a side story to two. Until that time enjoy.

Chapter three: An Empty Throne

Last Time on Dragon Prince: Xadia Alchemy-

"Solomon is right it's up to us now. We have to return this egg. We have to keep it safe and carry it to Xadia," said Callum.

"And find it's mother," said Ezran.

We see the boys in front of the lodge's stairs with both Callum and Solomon smiling while Solomon's fake out of fear. Amaya dismounts her horse and Ezran recognizes her.

"Aunt Amaya," asked Ezran.

Amaya walk forward and gives her nephews a big bear hug while Solomon takes a sidestep away from the general and maybe not be found by the general, but he was spotted and was given a glare. She put the two princes down and sign language the princes

"I'm so glad you're safe. Even your explosion boy," said Gren being Amaya's voice.

"Yes ma'am," said Solomon fearfully causing some soldiers to laugh.

We Solomon walking in a circle around the golem he made with the words of air and the golem inhales.

"Golem rise," ordered the alchemist and that is what the golem.

We see the castle of Katolis with Viren giving his speech, "I will humbly take up the battle in Harrow's name.

We see Opeli steps forward holding the crown with the face of disgust. Before the crown was placed on his head. A horse whinnies.

"Stop the coronation! The princes are alive," exclaimed Gren translating Amaya's sign language.

We see Ralya carrying an unconscious Solomon head towards a boat where both princes and golem gets on the boat but Rayla gains a face of disgust looking at the boat.

"Ugh. I don't think a boat-"

"Just get in," Callum interrupts Rayle having no time for arguments.

Rayla tosses Solomon off her shoulder with him landing on the boat with a clunck from the engine and the added weight to the boat becoming weighed down but stays afloat. They set sail down the river with the guards watching.

We then see Solomon in a place full of white.

"Hello," Solomon calls out and hears the echo of his voice.

"Hello Solomon," said the voice that sound like a mix of both a man and woman.

Fade to black

We see Viren entering his study, locking the door and heads towards a bookcase. He push one book back to the case but with the sound of a click the bookcase spins around showing beautiful glowing butterflies.

"Good morning, little rays of sunshine," said Viren cheerfully and one butterfly flutters to the mage's hand, "A volunteer. How eager."

That is when an ominous purple light shines through the cracks of the door. The open and Viren whose face no longer has a bruise from Theo. He breezes in deeply and sighs like he had a full night's rest but that is where you see a dead butterfly who lost its glowing colors.

Back to the team of four now five with Solomon's golem. Pretty much all of them are asleep except for Callum and golem where Callum in examining the cube and Golem looking at their surrounds seeing its beauty. When Callum stuck with the cube no seeing any of the glowing from last night, so he picked up his sky primal stone and moved it close to the cube.

What he gets is the same glowing as before and turned the cube to the side of sky that is glowing. Callum looks to his left and see the sleeping Rayla and he becomes curious. He walks towards Rayla and lowers the cube to her face and the symbol of moon glows which got Callum to smile for his new discovery. He points the cube to her repeatedly until she wakes up grumpy grasping his hand.

"This doesn't end well for you," stated the elf which could tell she is not a morning person.

Callum got out her grip and fell dropping both the cube and stone at the same time with the noise waking Solomon up who was in the boat all this time and having a slight twinge of pain at the back of his head.

"Last night, you thought the cube was just a worthless toy. But now we know-"

"It's a glow toy," said Rayla interrupting Callum.

"Exactly," said Callum bemused.

"Exactly," said Rayla but not as enthused.

"Ugh, how long was I out," asked Solomon catching the attention of Rayla, Callum, and Golem at the same time.

"Solomon you're awake that is great. That hit to the head was pretty hard," said Callum glad his friend is all right from the hit at the back from the head.

"Be glad that you were knocked out because if you were awake last night, I would have punched you in the face for that action you made me do," said Rayla giving Solomon a glare.

Then Rayla looks away and scoffs then she gets up saying, "I'm going to find some food."

That is when Ezran wakes up and says, "Wait we got food. We grabbed a sack of bread at the Banther Lodge."

"Ez that is very kind of you to do that but those sticks nearly broke one of your teeth," stated Solomon still remembering that crunch.

Rayla pulls out one of the stale breads and said, "I thought this was a sack of clubs."

She then precedes to swing it around and doing some twirls but then she felt pain to her wrist which cause to drop the bread. It hits the rock below it and cracked it in half. Solomon knew what is causing her pain. That is when golem comes in to help Solomon get off the boat.

This amazes Solomon even further that his creation is doing its thing without his or any of his friends' orders.

"Uh, thank you Golem now continue whatever you have been doing while I was predisposed," ordered Solomon and the golem walks to the log where it sat down continuing to observe nature.

"Interesting," said Solomon rubbing his chin.

Ezran looks down at the dropped stale bread then pick it up saying, "No, it's food…ish."

That is when Ezran begins to chomp on the bread, but it barely breaks.

"Ez please stop before you break something," said Solomon worrying about the little prince's wellbeing.

"Yeah, I'm good," said Rayla not want to risk losing any teeth and she heads out to the woods to find something actually edible.

Solomon rubs the back if his head, "Wow, that whack in the head was pretty strong. When I was out, I saw nothing but white and an odd voice talking to me."

That got Callum to worry, "Solomon did you get close to Truth. Okay, I here-by ordering you to not do that again on the account you were being close to dying."

"Cal its fine. I am fine. I am not dying this early but still I will be more careful moving forward. Sound good," said the alchemist's offer and Callum is okay with that so they both shake hands and continued on.

Back to the castle Viren enters the throne room smiling at the throne getting very close to the power he is trying to get.

"Thought I might run into you here and what happened to Theo that kooky mad alchemist. We need to talk," said Gren interpreting for Amaya which got Viren's attention squinting his eyes.

Back to the forest is at a cliff where she sits and think. She is having an internal struggle inside of her asking herself should she tell the princes that the kill is dead or possibly not dead due to the bind to unbind itself while not turning red but kept its silver color. There is the added fact that the alchemist knows the kills death but allowed her to have the chance to tell the truth herself.

In fact, throughout this journey so far started out as an annoying jerk like what most humans are but later on, he shows kindness and he is willing to not discriminate to try out new things. Makes her wish maybe there should be more humans that are like.

She smiled internally but she has other problems to deal with such as the bind that is currently squeezing her left wrist. She pulls out her sword and takes a deep breath.

"Here goes nothing," said Rayla and she proceeds on trying to cut it but no tearing has occurred.

"Easy now," said Rayla getting a little more concentration to not cut herself.

At first, she thought she got it, but it turns out it did not. She tries again and nothing.

"Ugh. What is thing made of," said Rayla getting frustrated and speeding up her cutting but all it was nothing to it. She gave up and stabbed her sword to the ground then her hears Callum calling for help.

It possible someone is after the egg. She grabbed her sword, ran, and jumps to the tree branches while bouncing off of them to gain more speed. She then done a swan dive, a handstand and then a flip to stop her fall while continuing her run.

Rayla pulls out her swords in a fighting position asking, "What is it? What happened?"

What she is Callum stinking his hand away from him which is covered in lightening.

"Help," said Callum.

"I warned him," said Solomon who is at a distance away from the lightening.

Rayla calmed down and put away her swords. She walks to Callum to assess the situation.

"He tried to copy Claudia's lightening spell, but he doesn't know how to finish it," explained Ezran.

"Yeah, I… I only saw her do the first half. But I'm very good at the first half," Callum agreeing with his little brother.

"And this is why you shouldn't have done that is the reason why us alchemists experiments the first half of everything then figuring out the rest," said Solomon irritated by his friend's recklessness.

"Seriouly? That sound like a really good and safe idea," said Rayla shellshocked by the situation.

"I know right," Solomon agreeing with Rayla.

"Okay lecture well-deserved, but what do I do now," asked Callum not knowing what to do.

"When you release a spell, there's usually a word or a phrase or something in ancient draconic," said Rayla trying to find an answer to this problem.

"Wish I had my equipment or learn dragon," said Solomon to himself.

"Okay. Uh, anybody speak dragon? I don't speak dragon," said Callum trying to figure out a way to same himself. He looks to Solomon.

"Hey, I'm smart but I do not know everything," stated Solomon raising surrender hands.

"You didn't hear Claudia say anything," asked Rayla trying to find the answer to this problem.

"No. I-I-I mean, I think right when I grabbed her hand away, she might have called me a fool," said Callum recollecting.

"Yeah, fool seems about right," said Rayla and that irritated Solomon.

"Hey, Callum is many things, but fool is not one of them," announced Solomon defending his friend which Callum smiled for having a good friend.

"Okay, give me a second. I know some draconic words. Just let me think," said Rayla going through her mind to find how the lightening spell is spoken.

Callum took a second to think and he came up with a bad idea saying, "Know what? I'm just gonna throw it."

"What? No," exclaimed Rayla being shocked by the prince's idea.

"Yeah, I agree with her. Tossing lightening is really not safe," said Solomon thinking the same as Rayla.

"Yeah, I'm gonna throw you the Primal Stone," said Callum.

"That's a good plan," said Ezran smiling about the idea.

"No, it is not," Solomon disagreeing the idea while bait croaked.

"No, that's not a good plan. Throwing is bad," said Rayla agree with alchemist again.

"I won't throw it. I'll just gently toss it," said Callum sticking to his guns with his plan.

"That is still dangerous Cal," said Solomon.

"No,no,no! No throwing. No tossing," said Rayla trying get not get fried by electricity.

That when golem speaks again to Solomon, "Maker may I get the stone."

"Sorry golem but with lightening having the ability to heat your body. I am not willing let you take that chance at least for now," said Solomon attempting to keep his successful project in one piece.

"Tossing it," said Callum which he did and Rayla caught it with a flash.

Callum uncovered his eyes and looked at himself to see he is okay.

"Ha! Ah! It worked. I'm okay."

That where everyone sees Ralya with her hair sticking out with arcs of electricity dancing between the gaps have a grumpy look. Solomon hold every fiber of his being to not laugh at how the elf looks.

"You're kind of making a sizzling sound," said Ezran walking up to the elf.

"Yeah, I have been in this situation before," said Solomon walking up to her and pat her should.

"Helpful tips do not go into any water for a couple of minutes and do not go near any unnailed down metal objects for a day or two. Then you are good," said Solomon remembering the day he tried to catch lightening in a bottle but it did not go well and once he was in the castle's kitchen all the pots pans and even utensils fly to his body. Luckily for him the pots and pans protected him from the knives.

That is when a small bolt hit his hand where he tries to shake off the pain, but it at least got her to smile at the funny circumstances.

Callum sighs, "Sorry about that. I guess I'm just so excited to be learning magic, and I got a little carried away."

"You think," stated Solomon giving a friend a dead pan look.

After Rayla is done fixing her hair she says, "Okay, enough almost-killing me. The sooner we return this egg, the sooner, maybe, this war can end."

"And to prevent both sides from going extinct," stated Solomon which got a shocked look from Rayla.

"What it is possible during a war," said Solomon raising his shoulders.

Rayla shakes her head and tosses the stone to Callum saying, "It's time to hit the road."

"You heard her Golem lets pack up and go," said Solomon getting his things.

"Yes maker," said golem following Rayla.

"Road? Why wear ourselves out walking on a road when we can let the river do the walking," asked Callum which causes Rayla to stop and Golem to bump into her making it stop.

After Solomon got his bags on him, he thought what his friend said and he does have a point less energy waisted and we will not any tracks behind but then there is the problem of a certain heavy project that his is sure cannot float.

"Nope. Say goodbye to the boat. We go by land from here," said Rayla being serious.

"But, why? The river's going the right direction and moves much faster than we ever could on foot. I mean, look at those legs," said Callum defending the idea of using the boat.

"What? I have nice legs," said Ezran feeling offended.

"Callum while granted the boat can help save our energy later on the road ahead but there are many factors that this boat ride can go wrong and those factors lead to me drowning and possibly have Golem melt away granted I did not test for that but I side with Rayla," said Solomon and that got Rayla to smile for someone agreeing with her.

"Besides all that walking is good for your buns and thighs," stated Solomon.

In another universe we see an Austrian bodybuilder flexing in front of a mirror saying, "Yeah buns and thighs."

Rayla not taking any more suggestions saying, "We're walking. That's final."

She walks away but for a second Callum looks at Solomon for a second and to Solomon he knows the looking Callum is giving. Solomon shakes his head no, but Callum is already catching up to her asking, "Is there maybe another reason you don't wanna take the boat? Something you're not telling us?"

"No. There's no secret reason," said Rayla and to Solomon he knows that she is lying.

"So, wait. *chuckle* Are you, like, this back-flippin', tree-climbin', sword-stabbin' elven warrior, but scared of a little splish-splashin'," asked Callum not believing what he is seeing.

She tries to retort but she got nothing.

"Aw, that's cute," said Ezran.

"Guys knock it off. She tells us when she is ready and beside you guys remembered my fear of the… Big Blue," said Solomon trembling from a bad experience back at one of the port towns with master Theo.

"Oh yes you and Theo gone to that port to pick up fish for your guy's experiment. Didn't you say that an octopus got you," asked Callum trying to remember that past event.

"That "thing" was no octopus. What I saw was a monstrosity of tentacles, claws, and rows upon rows of teeth that shred you to oblivion. I am glad Theo saved me from that real monster and I do not trust that ecosystem of death. So, forgive me to stick with rivers and lakes thank you very much," said Solomon being stern with his ideal and it made Rayla more happy to have someone having almost the same fear as her.

"Yep, Solomon the alchemist is afraid of Aunt Amaya and the ocean," said Ezran and bait croaked.

Having enough of this conversation she said, "Fine, we'll take the stupid boat."

Both princes shrugged and Solomon grabs golem to be placed on the boat behind Rayla but before getting on the boat maybe he replace some of his pendants so he removed the earth and fire pendants and kept the water and air pendants just in case.

Back to the Katolis throne room, Amaya through Gren's interpreting is have a heated talk to Viren.

"How could you let it come to this," asked Gren for Amaya.

"You speak as if I invited these assassins," said Viren feeling offended by that accusation.

"I had to leave our stronghold at the Breach. Do you have any idea the dangerous forces gathered at our border? Also do not get me started on the deadly sins. Their antics is making the job even more difficult with them around as well with their disguised spies and inner workings in the criminal underground," said Amaya through Gren.

"I did everything in my power to protect King Harrow. I was willing to give my own life," Viren defended himself.

"Then what went wrong? You I know Theo can put up a fight when it is needed," said Amaya trying to put the puzzle together.

"He did. His own stubborn ways stopped me from helping him and Theo took too long to use his steam to push back the elves. You know him as I do. His pride was more important to him than his life," Viren exclaimed on how his idea "did not" work.

"You want this outcome," said pointed Amaya accusingly.

"How dare you suggest- "

"His death creates opportunity for you and the sins," Amaya presses on stopping Viren's offence.

"His death breaks my heart," said Viren.

"Then honor him. Find his children," said Amaya.

"They're gone, Amaya. Captured by a Moonshadow elf. If they're not already dead, they will be soon. This is a time of crisis," said Viren now walking up to the throne.

"An empty throne is a beacon of weakness, an invitation to destroy us. *sighs* We must defend Katolis and all of the human kingdoms against what's coming. I can help us from there," said Viren show actual concern for the kingdom but what got was Amaya shaking her head no.

"You think I am being an opportunist. But I couldn't be more selfless in my motivation. I am a servant of Katolis. I am a servant," said Viren shouting at the last sentence stomping his staff.

"Those are awfully nice clothes for a humble servant, Viren," said Amaya the Gren.

That when Viren calms down feeling sad.

"You don't believe me. Then you take it. Go ahead, sit down. I'll support you as queen regent. I'll gather the high Council, and we'll send word to the other crowns of the Pentarchy immediately," Viren offered Amaya.

"The throne stays empty until we find the boys," said Amaya standing her ground on that decision. Viren sighs pushing out his way upset for Amaya's choice and that just made the general worried.

At the river outside the kingdom we see our traveler riding the river on their boat with the glow toad dipping his tail in the water and Ezran caught him in the act.

"Bait, you know you're not supposed to do that," said Ezran reprimanding his pet and getting him out of the water. "No playing in the water."

"Bait loves the water, but he should be afraid of it. You wanna know why he's named Bait," asked Callum rowing at the right side of the boat to Rayla try to start up some conversation but to the elf she is not feeling comfortable whatsoever.

"Not Really," said Rayla.

"Callum you know that it is a sick joke," said Solomon holding the other oar at the left side chastising his friend.

"Well, I'm gonna tell you anyway and like Solomon said it's a sick joke, I guess," said Callum while Solomon shakes his head and rolls his eyes.

"Glow toads? They're apparently…delicious," whispered Callum.

"Gross," Rayla responded with face of disgust.

"Deep-sea fishermen use them to catch giant fish, stuff like that. That's why he's named "Bait." Get it? That's my stepdad's sense of humor," asked Callum before chuckling.

That when golem sticks it head out and asks, "Maker what is deep-sea?"

"That is another name for the ocean to define that is from the previous conversation we had before getting on the boat," said Solomon.

"Oh," Golem said before laying back down.

"I swear you getting smarter by each passing day. Either that or I am that good or I did something extra when doing that ritual but either way it is good to have an extra set of hand with a mind to use them," said Solomon to himself while keeping the boat on course.

"But, yeah, that's why we have to be extra careful about him not getting in the water," said Callum.

"Walking on land is starting to sound good right now," stated the alchemist and Rayla agrees with him.

"Guys, he doesn't know how delicious he is, so shh."

"You know I now realized you are adorable when try to chastise us," said Solomon and Ezran puffed his cheeks.

Bait croaked suspiciously.

"And that's how the noodle got its name," said the little prince's cover but everyone just focuses on keeping the boat stable.

Back to Katolis where Amaya and Gren head to royal grave site. Amaya dismounts her horse to walk up to a statue of a young woman which is most likely her sister. Amaya's eyes were fill with sorrow and sign language her prayer to her sister, she the kneels down to light a candle and continued her voiceless words.

Then sound of a horse was heard, and it is Viren who has arrived walking to Amaya.

"May I light a candle," Viren asks.

Amaya smiled and nods to Viren to proceed.

Back to the river, we see Rayla in agony with both Solomon and Callum getting worried.

"Are you all right," asked Callum.

Rayla groans, "I'm doing great. I just love boats so much. That's why I'm down here. *gags* To be close to the boat."

"Maker she seems paler than last time she is on land," said Golem and Solomon not wanting one of his companions being miserable.

"Yeah, here Rayla," said Solomon pulling his satchel in front of him and grabbing the first aid kit that both Solomon and master Theo made together.

"I maybe not a doctor but us alchemist know motion sickness when we see it. Here," said Solomon holding a greenish yellow tablet and presenting it to the elf.

"The is experimental sea sickness pills. Master Theo tested them at the port town before finding me and they do their job surprisingly well. Just swallow the pill with a gulp of water, wait a minute or two and you will be good for a time," Solomon instructed the elf and that is what she did but she is still in misery wishing for the pill to do its job.

Callum already had experience of the wait time on alchemist medicine so he thought of a distraction to help pass the time.

"Tell you what. I'm gonna ask you five question," said Callum

"Please don't," begged Rayla.

"Come on! It'll be a fun distraction, help take your mind off things," Callum insisted.

"Also consider this as payment to the pill. Answers is better than money," stated Solomon being curious as well.

Rayla sighs, "Five questions, that all you get."

"Equivalent exchange," said Solomon.

"Okay, question one. We always heard all these crazy things about Xadia. Like, it was this place with just…magic everywhere. Is that really what it's like," asked Callum getting excited.

"Yes. Next question," said Rayla setting herself in another position on the boat.

"It must be so weird that everywhere you look there's magic," said Callum but to Solomon's mind that "magic" is an odd energy source that the elves, dragons, and wildlife Xadia has while have ways to use it.

Solomon is more comfortable with alchemy because it is a more hands on form of study with the detail information of how atoms work if anything thanks to the start of broadening the study the work will be drastically changed for better or worse but that's just how it is.

"It's not weird. In Xadia, magic is pretty much in everything. It's no different from saying, "Everywhere you look, there's nature." It's just part of the vibrance or spirit of things, you know," Rayla asked at that last sentence and it appears that the motion sickness pills are taking affect.

"You know Rayla, I think I understand you a little. While yes magic is more natural to you but to an alchemist magic as a whole is to mysterious and chaotic to me but I was taught the ways in alchemy the things that magic has done have been was broken down, studied, and tested all while the results are being recorded. Sure, it is slower and a tad bit sophisticated it is just a part of me as magic is a part of you," said Solomon and the elf nods her head in understanding.

Callum got up to sit next to Rayla and said, "I can't wait to see that. It sounds incredible."

"Yeah. Yeah, it is," said Rayla smiling.

"See, it's working, right? Don't you feel a little better," asked Callum.

"Maybe so with the added help of Solomon's medicine. Ask your next question," said Rayla and to Solomon he can see the elf get her usual colors back.

"Okay, question two," said Callum happily. "What are your parents like?"

"They're dead," said Rayla losing her happy tone and hear that news even caught Solomon off guard.

"Oh," said Callum, now feeling guilty for bringing back a bad memory. "Rayla, I didn't mean to…"

"It's fine," stated the elf.

"I guess were more a like than I first thought, said Solomon feeling the same pain of not have a parent to your life in fact throughout most of his life all every knew who was family to him was master Theo. He was the closest thing to a father to him and he already knows that he is dead, but he will never be gone as long as I am do his practices he will never be forgotten.

That when Callum looks at the front of the boat and see some dead ahead.

"So, this might not be the best time to bring this up, but you're not scared of the water," asked Callum concerningly.

"I'm done with questions," stated Rayla.

"Oh boy," said Solomon seeing what Callum is seeing while bracing himself.

"I-I know, it's just…the water's about to… Look!" shouted Callum and Rayla looks to see a waterfall ahead.

"Brace for possible impact," ordered Solomon to everyone and Golem did that by squeezing one the sitting boards close to itself.

"Pull the boat over," said Rayla desperately.

"I don't think there's time," said Callum.

"Pull it over! I admit itm I hate the water. I'm afraid of it. It makes me sick. All of the bad feeling," Rayla confesses.

"It's too late, hang on," shouted Callum.

Once the boat reached the waterfall the boat falls with everyone screaming but thankfully, they landed while spinning around hitting rocks and getting splashed everywhere.

Solomon spits out some water saying, "We should've walked."

Back to the royal graveyard, Viren starts a conversation with Amaya, "Your sister made him better, Harrow told me he was never as strong or brave as Queen Sarai believed him to be, but he tried every day to be stronger and braver so he could live up to what she saw in him."

"She was compassionate and patient. Unless of course, you took the last jelly tart," said Amaya through Gren reminiscing the good her sister did and how brutal she is when comes to sweets.

"I and Theo only made that mistake once," said Viren remember that time made him laugh and so did the others.

"A sweet tooth and an iron fist," said Amaya through sign.

Viren lightly cough into his hand and said, "General Amaya, I am sorry for what happened in the throne room. You helped me see the truth."

Amaya curious asks while Gren interprets, "And why was that so hard?"

"I was blinded by my abiding love of our kingdom and humanity itself," said Viren's half-truth.

"Guard, fetch a stable boy, quickly. I've encountered a giant pile of bull…dropping" interpreting Gren not wanting to say something inappropriate.

Viren chuckled, "The princes come first. Finding them is absolutely the top priority of the kingdom of Katolis."

"Good. You see it my way. I'll be departing at sundown with a rescue party," said Amaya through Gren leaving to retrieve their horses.

"Of course. But allow me to ask…what happens to the breach," asked Viren before they left.

Amaya turns around to listen to him, "You said yourself how precarious the situation is. Without you there commanding the fortress, do you believe, in your heart, that the border will hold?"

Amaya does not like where this is going but she entertains the thought saying, "Make your point."

"If the Breach falls, the enemy will surge into Katolis, and I can hardly imagine the death and destruction that will follow," said Viren that possibility of the General's absence.

"Then what are you suggesting," asked Amaya.

"You return to the border, hold it fast. It's where you're needed most. A party of our best will be dispatched immediately to find the princes. And in case you still doubt my intentions, I will task my own children, Soren and Claudia, with leading the rescue expedition," Viren offered to the general but she does not trust him.

"I do doubt your intentions. I will return to the Breach, but your children won't lead the rescue. The mission will be assigned to…Commander Gren," said Gren being shocked by the news that he is tasked on this mission.

"That's…that's me. I am Commander Gren," said Gren while Vire gives him a not so amused look to the commander.

Back to the journeying party at the river it would appear that they got out of the waterfalls in one piece.

"You faced your fear. Do you feel better about water now," Callum asked Rayla.

"I have never felt worse about water," groaned Rayla.

"Unlike her I am okay with the water but not the waterfalls. Let's never do that again," said Solomon partially agreeing with the elf.

"Hmm. Well, anyway, we're making great time," said Callum being optimistic.

"Hey, guys? Does anyone else see Bait," asked Ezran looking around.

"I have not found the thing you called Bait Ezran," said Golem popping their head up to talk to everyone.

Everyone was looking around the boat until they all hear the croaks of the toad and they now see Bait riding the rapids toward the waterfall but he made out uninjured.

"Bait! Come back here! Do your froggy paddle," said the little prince and that is what his pet is doing slowly swimming towards them.

"Could this day get any better," asked Solomon aloud while Callum set the oar to slow down the boat for Bait.

"You know you're not supposed to get in the water," Ezran reprimanded his pet but he is happy that he is safe.

"What a disaster," said Rayla sighing from stress she has been through.

"I know, right? My socks are all soggy. A disaster! A soggy disaster," said Callum while moves back from his feet.

"Cal, I swear-," Solomon was about to say something to Callum until Rayla notices something and interrupts the alchemist.

"Uh, Callum…" said Rayla seeing the cube humming and glowing a water blue.

Both Rayla and Solomon moved a side for Callum to get the cube.

"Hey, Ocean Rune. I've never seen it light up before," said Callum picking up the cube and looking at it up close.

After moving the cube up and down it still maintained its glow and that got Callum curiosity, "Wait, why would the Ocean Rune be…"

Before Callum could say anything, else there is a large shadow underwater coming towards the boat and Solomon had that bad feel back when he was at the port town with master Theo.

"Me and my big mouth," said Solomon frowning.

That when a giant fish hits the bottom of the boat sending everyone flying into the air screaming.

"Oh, I get it," exclaimed Callum why the ocean rune glowed mid-soaring.

Callum, Ezran, and Solomon splashed into the water while Rayla, Golem, and both Solomon's gun and engine crashed on land. The fish monster roared submerging itself underwater going after the boys and back on land Rayla was overjoyed to be reunited with the ground kissing it until she sees Golem's left hand jumping by surprise.

"Pardon elf Rayla but care to return my arm," asked Golem who is sunken to the ground due to impact from falling.

"Here you go dirt man," said Rayla tossing Golem their arm.

"Thank you."

Rayla hears the roar and looks back seeing Callum and Ezran gasping for air but Solomon he gasped once and swam to the two princes. Bait emerges from the water only to scream where the monster emerges trying to take a bite of Bait. While Solomon is trying to focus on charging his water pendant which he is thankful he left it on his gauntlet but the fears of both the beast and the safety of the prince made it more difficult to have it charged.

"Guys, behind you! Bait is in trouble," shouted Rayla to the boys in the water.

"What," asked Ezran not catching what Rayla said.

"I think she said Bait want to rumble. I do not think that toad is not a fighter," said Solomon.

"Bait needs help," again Rayla shouted.

"Bait sneezed kelp," asked Ezran

"No. She says, "Bait's knees smell."," said Callum and to Solomon he is wondering if his friend is on something.

"Well, that's just mean," said Ezran take offense to the misinterpreted message.

"No!" exclaimed Rayla angry at all of them not hearing her.

Then the fish monster flicked its tail send Bait flying to the monster's face. Rayla rolls her eye knowing what she needs to do but she is going to regret it.

"Of course, it is. Goodbye, sweet, solid land. I barely knew you," said Rayla before climbing the tree and making her attempt in rescuing the boys from the giant fish.

She jumped of the branch and landed on some driftwood still having her fears.

"Come on, Rayla, do it for the frog. The grumpy frog that hates you," said Rayla trying to gain some confidence but failing.

Rayla takes a deep breath, "Here it goes."

Ralya balances herself on the wood pulling out her swords with the fish monster get real close to the toad but with her mighty elven leap she kick the fish creature at its face. She runs on top of her body and with a flick of its tail both Rayla and Bait were sent to the air but Rayla catches the toad.

Once both elf and toad were submerged the fish monster swam to the two opening its mouth ready to take a bite. Rayla tries to swim away but luckily, she escaped from the beast's jaw through the gaps of its teeth and hanging on to its lips. The fish creature reemerges out to the surface of the water and in doing so the wave carried all three of the boys to shore.

Callum looks at his primal stone while Solomon looks for both his things and Golem to make sure they are okay. After a few seconds of looking he found only the engine and satchel but not the rest.

"Where are-," said Solomon until he hears a familiar gravelly voice.

"Here it is maker," said Golem presenting the gun to him.

Not wanting to ask questions Solomon grabs the guns and he can tell it is loaded both with a shot and enough pressure for said shot. He takes aim and waits for opportunity. Then Callum says drawing the rune in the air, "I have an idea."

"So, do I," stated Solomon now stable to make the shot. Callum nods to his friend in responds.

"Rayla, jump," shouted Callum.

Rayla tries to say something but Callum demands her to jump. She jumped right above the monster's mouth and Callum slams his hand into the water. Solomon know what will happen.

Thanks to water being very conductive in nature with the added touch of electricity from the lightening spell that monster will be down but not out and that where Solomon steps in to make it does not bother anyone else again. Just before the monster head hits the water Solomon takes the shot.


The sound was heard across the forest with Corvus hearing it to. He has already been informed by Amaya the other soldiers of one of elder alchemist Theo's latest projects and by hearing that sound that is most definitely be thar project. Back to the lake we see blood rising in the water with Rayla and Bait emerging from the water with Rayla having a face of horror seeing a mighty magical creature taken down by one shot of the new contraption and it nearly did the same to her.

That moment of the change once she sees many fish surfacing due to Callum electricity and the body of the monster surfacing as well making is a good platform for the two.

"Yeah did you see that guys. This invention is amazing sure it still needs worked on but overall, it did great," cheered Solomon of his successful shot.

"I saw it make. It is amazing," said Golem.

"You know you really did not have to kill it," said Ezran now remembering what Solomon did to the fish while it did try to kill them the Solomon did was horrible.

"Heh. Heh. Yes, sorry about that but hey plenty of food and heck who know maybe this big fish could be worth a pretty coin. True," said Solomon seeing the benefits more than the damages.

Back to the castle general Amaya is giving orders to her men while Gren interprets, "I've sent word to Corvus that King Harrow has passed."

"Is Lord Viren aware that Corvus has been tracking the princes and the alchemist," said the soldier.

"No. Do not trust Viren. It may be a month from now, it may be a year, but he will stab you in the back," answered Amaya and looking at Gren very seriously with her signs.

All three that the general spoke to nods their heads in understand what the general said.

"I'll be careful," said Gren before Amaya plants a finger to his lip and signs him that she trusts him to get the job done.

Gren bows to her and hugs her. She mounts her horse with Viren arriving.

Seeing Amaya signs and Gren interprets, "I expect to be notified when the princes are found. And safe."

"Of course," said Viren bowing down. "I'll send word to the Breach immediately."

Amaya rides off out of the castle but once she is out of sight Soren says, "Oh, Gren, bad news. There's been a change of plans."

Gren shocked asks, "What are you talking about? What is he talking about?"

"Oh, I've decided you're off the mission. Soren will lead the rescue expedition," said Viren out of nowhere about the change of plans.

"What? General Amaya was very specific that I was to lead this," said Gren outrage by this deception.

"Oh, perhaps there was a misunderstanding? Soren, set up a meeting for Commander Gren and I to discuss his concerns. Somewhere quiet. Say, around 9:00," said Viren pretending to be innocent and giving his son orders.

"Yes, very good. 9:00 suits my schedule," said Gren playing along.

"Very good," Viren walking to the stairs.

Back to the forest Rayla is squeezing the bloody water out of her and Ezran congratulating her for saving his pet glow toad from being eaten while seeing Solomon collecting, descaling, gutting, and cooking the fish that all four of the killed.

"That was brave, Rayla," said Callum with a smile.

"No, I already told you, I'm afraid of water," insisted Rayla.

"Okay Golem keep spinning the spit while look for some spices to flavor the fish. At least we can have a real meal tonight," said Solomon walking into the woods.

"Yes, maker," said Golem doing its job.

"I know. That's why doing what you did was so heroic," said Callum.

"Oh, thanks," said Rayla about the compliment.

"Why wouldn't you just tell us about your fear before? It's okay to be afraid of things," said Ezran.

Rayla looks at her reflection on the water, "I guess I was afraid of being afraid."

"Well, that kind of circular. But, hey, worth noting: you're not afraid of being afraid of being afraid," said Callum.

"That's deep. But stupid," said Rayla smile. "The thing is, Moonshadow elves aren't supposed to show fear. Ever."

"That's sad," stated Ezran.

"It's our way. My parents aren't really dead, but I wish they were. They're cowards," said Rayla getting angry.

"What do you mean," asked Callum.

"My parents were part of an elite force, the Dragon Guard, eight elven warriors chosen to protect the egg of the Dragon Prince. Storm dragons only lay an egg every thousand years. So that egg is so rare and precious," said Rayla the history of her family, their job, and the importance of the which Ezran looked at it.

"But when the humans came and killed the Dragon King even with their alchemist trying to not let the king suffer, the Dragon Guard, my parents, failed in their duty. They ran away. I'm so ashamed," said Rayla now bowing her head in shame.

Callum walks up to Rayla and placed his hand on her shoulder saying, "Rayla, I'm so sorry for what humans did."

"So, you see, that's why I have to make things right. When I came here, I was on a quest for revenge. But the moment I saw that egg, everything changed. Now, this is a journey of redemption," said Rayla now newly determined with a smile.

"We're in this together," said Callum.

Then they all see their boat floating away and Rayla says, "Oh, no. Our boat seems to be drifting away. It slipped just out of my reach. What will we do now?"

That is when the boat floats back to the group, but it made her lose her smile but Callum steps in and pushes the boat away from them.

"Goodbye, boat," Callum sighs.

"Thank you," said Rayla.

"So, what's the deal with your wrist ribbon thing? Does it mean something," asked Callum.

Before Rayla could say a word, Solomon steps in shouts, "Guys you cannot believe what I found here in this part of the forest. We got thyme, we got ginger, we got some wild garlic and onion. This fish dinner of ours is going to be our best one yet."

After saying his declaration, he looks at everyone feeling like he is missing something here.

"Uh. Did I miss something while I was gone," asked Solomon trying figure out what happened.

Callum shakes his head and says, "Don't worry Solomon I will fill you in on the detail until then."

That when Callum does his playful act with Solomon, "Alchemist, I, Prince Callum order you to whip me and marry party a fine meal."

Solomon smiles knowing that he missed the mock plays that they did as kids and so he plays along by bowing, "Oh why yes your majesty it shall be done. Golem. Continue the cooking. We have guests to feed."

"Yes, maker," said Golem with it use voice.

This got everyone to laugh but she looks at her wrist in concern and worry in her eyes. Everybody was served a leaf plate of a cooked fish coated in spices and loving them. To Rayla she knows that Alchemist are just like mages they may not exactly have magic but what do can make many of thing of beauty and horror. As a whole she is happy to meet them all.

Back in castle mainly the dungeon Verin enter the room with a smile.

Viren sighs, "Five past 9:00. I apologize for my tardiness."

"It was only five minutes," said Gren.

Viren walks up to him, "So, what are your concerns?"

"Well…*clears throat* You took me of the mission," sated Gren.

"Hmm, noted. Go on."

"And you threw me in this dungeon," said Gren now seeing him chained to a wall.

"Ah, I see. Anything else," asked Viren acting like he is concerned.

"Uh, no. But… No. I guess those are the main two."

"Thank you. Your feedback is a gift," said Viren.

Then Claudia sticks her head at the door saying, "Father, it's about our other prisoner…"

That got his attention and both dark mages walk down the hall to the prison where Runaan is currently staying.

"He's still refusing to eat," said Claudia.

Viren sighs, "Then let him be hungry."

Both dark mages closes the door and once closed Runaan glares.

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