AN this is just an idea i have had nocking around for a while. hope you enjoy please read and review thanks Harry Ron and Hermione were relaxing in there compartment on the Hogwarts express headinng back to London. They had just finished their second year at school.
Harry was doing much thinking about the past 2 years and all that had happened. He had now had proof that Lord Voldemort was not dead and was trying to come back. He had enjoied his time at school but he knew he had not tried very hard to apply him self to his studies.
Now though with Voldemort trying to come back he knew he did not have enough knoledge to face him and survive. Unless his protections were better in the future he would have to face him again. The protections had not done very well to date so he could not place his hope in it. He had better raise the issue with his friends and together find a way forward.

"Guies I have been doing a lot of thinking. It seams Voldemort is trying to come back and will succeed some time. He seams to have some sort of interest in me and well i don't know enough to even hold him off for a few seconds never mine finish him. Ron you know you and I have not really tried as hard as we can at school. I think it is time we do and even with potions. Plus i don't think divination will help us far on that road so I was thinking of taken up runes and maybe the other one. In the last few days i looked at a few runes books and what can be done with them and it is very useful,! Harry said to his friends.
"Harry mate," said Ron.
"I think you are right. we had a lot of fun at Hogwarts but well that is not going to help us in the reall world at all so i think we should make some plans for over the summer to move forward and see what we need to do."
Hermione was so pleased.
"Oh yes lets do that. i will go to the alley and have a look."
Harry thought for a moment "do either of you know of a way to travel without using magic and needing muggle money?"
Ron spoke up.
"There is the night bus. just stick out your wand hand with your wand in it and it will take you anywhere. It is fast and uses wizarding money."
Harry thought this was very useful.
"Thanks ron. I will use that tomorrow to get to the alley. I want to talk to the bank to see how much money I have so we know how much we can use for equipment and books and stuff."
Harry sat in thought for a moment.
"One thing i would like to look in to is ways of communication that can not be tracked or messed with. I would give you my number but my aunt and uncle would not go for that. hermione have a look in the alley if you go today and i will look tomorrow and ask at the bank if there is i will owl you both tomorrow night and we will go from there."
The 3 of them spent the rest of the ride in thought and chatting about some of there class mates.

Hermione managed to talk her parents into stopping at diagon alley where she picked up a few books on runes, charms, wizarding travel and ways of communicating magically.
Ron went home where he pulled Fred and George aside and spoke to them about what they had discussed on the train. He asked them for any advice. Fred and George looked at each other before Fred replied "ron yes it is good to have fun as long as you have the learning to back that up if you need to. Look at us yes our results are not good but that is because we are not trying to excell in every class but we know what we need to."
"That is good you two but please make sure you get your owls just to put mum at ease."
"George our little brother is all grown up," said Fred wiping away a fake tear.
"Your right my less intellegent brother."
"Don't worry Ron we will help you and will do some research. You should try for runes and try harder in potions. A lot can be done with both of those."
"thanks you 2," said ron. Then he headed up to his room to settle his stuff.
Harry had a quiet trip back. After he put his stuff in his room he got on with some house work. He wanted a full day in the alley so he made sure to work hard.
He told his aunt and uncle he was going tomorrow and if he was not able to go Professor Dumbledore would be calling. They grumbled a bit but did not say no so he fixed supper for them all. He then went to bed after getting ready for the next day.

The next morning Harry woke up well rested. It was still early so he had a quick wash and got dressed in his best muggle clothes. In a backpack he put his best robe and his wand. His fathers cloak went in there too. In an outer pocket he put his money pouch and his Gringuts key.
He headed down the stairs and started breakfast. He set the bacon to frying and set to making fried eggs and some omlet. He was just setting the heapped serving dishes on the table when his aunt uncle and cousin came down and started to tuck in. He helped him self to a slice of bacon some toast and a bit of the omlet. Cleaning up after breakfast he made sure the kitchen was clean before grabbing his backpack and heading out.
Stopping on the corner of Privit drive he checked that no one was looking before pulling on his robes and checking they were neat. He took out his want and thrusted it out. With a loud BANG the bus stopped in front of him. Handing Stan 11 sickles he grabbed a seat as the bus moved off with another BANG! The ride was not too long thankfully as he had fallen 3 times. He got a table in the leaky cauldren and bought a cup of tea and some toast. Paying up he left a tip of 5 sickles and headed for the back door.

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