When you meet your parent for the first time it's meant to be overwhelming right?

I'm Gon's case it was more or less the opposite.

The moment he saw Ging's face is knew what he had to do.

Not wasting any time Gon pulled out his gun and shot his daddy in the head.

Everyone was speechless, including Leorio and Killua. More so Leorio than anyone else.

But he wasn't done, oh no. Not by a long shot.

He continued to shoot at Ging's lifeless body over and over.

Blood leaking from his body, his eyes lifeless and filled with betrayal.

And there was more to come. So much more. He pulled out some gasoline and poured it on Ging. He pulled his pants off and took a piss on the lifeless body before him.

The preparations were complete.

Taking a match and lighting it, Gon threw the lit match at Ging's body and it burst into flames.

"Let go get Kurapika and eat some ice cream!" Gon said with his usual enthusiasm.

Authors Comment: This is my first crack fic, and I died laughing making this. Thank you goodbye. P.s. This is gonna be rated M just to be safe.