It was a hot summer day, 10-year old Venessa was asleep in her bed. "Nessy!",shouted a young male voice.

Venessa was still asleep and was holding the covers close to her chin.

"Nessy, wake up!",shouted the young male voice again.

Venessa continued quietly snoring in her bed.

"WAKE UP!", the young male voice raised his voice louder.

Venessa finally opened one eye, realized Henry was there and sat straight up in bed.

"Ahh what!?",she shouted.

Her 12-year old brother, Henry had a big smirk on his face.

"Ugh,Henry, I have told you a million times to stop doing that!", Venessa scolded Henry.

"Come on sis, I mean, today is a very important day! It's still summer and I planned that you,me and the others are going to do something.",declared Henry.

"What do you mean?",asked Venessa.

"We're all going to swim at the nearby lake!" ,shared Henry.

"Wait Henry, are you sure that you really found a lake? It has to be safe. The last one had chemicals in it. We all KNOW what happened.",said Venessa.

"Relax, I'm sure this lake is safe, besides, it's the summer time. We're all going to have fun.",said Henry.

"Alright, then, Henry, I'm not sure. This is just the type of adventure you get us alll in trouble, said Venessa.

"Good. Lets go tell Mom and Dad.",said Henry, as he ran out of the bedroom. "Henry, I haven't put my clothes on...

"Henry responded with opening and shutting.. the door leaving Venessa to groan

"I guess I'll get dressed .",said to herself.