Henry stood in front of the building with a big grin on his face. His sister beside him and with them Jedayi ,Mabel and Carrie waiting for the bell to ring.

"Hey Jedayi.",waved Henry.

"Hi Henry.",smiled Jedayi happily.

Mabel and Carrie followed behind him

"You excited?"asked Mabel.

"Yes indeed.",said Henry, he nodded his head in response towards Mabel.

"Good.",said Mabel as she smiles back at everyone in the small circle of friends . In the next moment, the bell had begun to ring letting everybody else inside of the school building.

In The School Cafeteria~

Henry was sitting by himself in the cafeteria waiting for class to begin but during the few hours of him sitting at his table there was a group of mean girls that came up to him

"Oh look it's blueberry boy." One of them said as the others laugh along with her but one of them happen to be a young girl with long curly dark brown hair wearing a pink dress and along with that was a black leather jacket around her

"Guys stop it will you?" Asked the girl annoyed

"Woah Emma what's with the attitude." Says another one of the girls

"It's not an attitude it's just his my friend." Told Emma

"Fine we'll leave you two be." Said the third mean girl as the three mean girls walked off in a group leaving Henry and Emma be

"Sorry about that." Said Emma


That's Emma, she is the daughter of famous actress, Veruca Teavee and security expert Mike Teavee. Henry and Emma have been best friends ever since they were little. They would have all sorts of adventures together and with their pals. One favorite adventure they would have is building pillow forts together to hide from their parents, isn't that something?

"So how was your summer?",asked Emma.

"Pretty good. How was yours?",asked Henry.

"Pretty good, did some touring, modeling and other stuff. What can I say?! Thats part of being a celebrity right?",joked Emma, making Henry laugh.

"I guess.. so you are your mom's daughter, after all.",observed Henry

Emma laughed along with him until that the laughter had faded away. A tall male figure came along..

"Hey baby.",smiled the young man

"Hey Jonah.",said Emma.

"Hi Jonah.",said Henry

"Hey Hank."responded Jonah.


That's Jonah, Emma's boyfriend, the popular guy, who used to be captain of the basketball team at Henry's school when he was little. He has been good in every sport. Thats why a lot of girls swoon for him. That was the reason she was drawn to people told me why Emma's dating him but Henry doesn't seem to like her boyfriend so much though...

"Jonah,how many times do I have to tell you to not call him that?.",scolded Emma.

"Why ?I'm just being a guy, just like Henry "., smirked Jonah.

Justin then looked over to Henry as Henry was looking back at him, their stares became hard.

"Right Henry?",challenged Jonah.

Henry was silent for a couple minutes

"Right, Jonah.", nodded Henry annoyed.

Jonah continued to smile then turned around to Emma.

"Henry, come on you know better don't be mean.",said Emma

"You heard him Emma. It is how guys talk to each other, while you girls giggle and gossip, we guys bro it out and tease each other."explained Jonah.

Emma was silent for a few minutes before saying

"If you say so.",said Emma.

She and Jonah walked off into the distance. The school bell rang meant class just started. sopHenry waved goodbye to them. He had got up from his seat to walk his way to class himself.