Henry, can you give me and Jonah some space?",asked Emma politely to Henry.

Henry couldn't help it, he responded with a huff. Then, he started walking away. With Henry out of the way, Emma then pulled Jonah to a private area so no one could see them. As they started to talk privately, Jonah, not really listening, was getting flirtatious with Emma. Emma pushed him away.

"Jonah…you know we need to have a serious discussion.",scolded Emma.

"Come on babe.. it's true, Harley Quinn stands by her man at all times.",laughed Jonah.

"What I'm saying Jonah, you're actually being gross! You kept teasing Henry, you kept telling me what to do, and, what not to do. ANNDD..you kept pressuring me into things I don't want to do! You're are being gross!",yelled Emma.

Jonah glared at Emma in anger.

"You know why? I'm always like this Emma, because you don't always listen to me! YOU are nothing but bossy,difficult and selfish!",yelled Jonah.

"Hey it's because you don't listen either, you know!",yelled Emma.

"Hey.. I ALWAYS listen!",yelled Jonah.

"No Jonah, you don't! Why wouldn't you dressed up as the Joker while I'm Supergirl?",asked Emma.

"Well, 'cause Joker is cooler way more better than Wreck It Ralph.",grunted Jonah.

It wasn't until he looked over to see that Henry was nearby. Jonah was angry to see he was talking to his friends and his sister as if all was well. Jonah was NOT going to let that continue. That's when he walked off to Henry's group.

Henry was laughing and talking as Jonah moved towards him.

"Since your Wreck It Ralph, can you avoid this?",asked Jonah.

He swung a punch to hit him. Everyone gasped in shock about what just happened.

"Jonah stop!",yelled Emma.

Vanessa came to see if her brother was okay. It turned out he had a mark across his face.

"What now, big guy? Are you going to fight back like a man or you going to cry?",teased Jonah.

He starts laughing but as Henry looked back at Jonah without a word, there was a flash of a fist. Henry quickly punched Jona. That was when the both of them started fighting. The fighting did not stop until someone yelled out, "The police are here!"