The bacon was sizzling, Kelly was looking at it licking her lips.

"No Kelly, save it for your children...",she said to herself.

She reached out for for the pot holder and lifted the pan up to make the bacon go up and it does a backflip and landed back onto the pan. Then, she felt her body being wrapped in strong arms around her waist.

"Oh Andy.",she said to her husband.

"What, I'm just saying hi to my wife.", he kissed her on the cheek.

This caused Kelly to chuckle suddenly the bacon on the pan almost caught fire!

"Ahh!",shouted Kelly.

She tried to blow the fire away until it disappeared. By the time the fire went down, Andy was laughing a little as Kelly playfully pushed him.

"What!? It was funny.",said Andy with a smile on his face.

Kelly turned away from him , rolling her eyes. The bacon was actually done. Kelly organized a big breakfast table for everyone.

"Kids! Breakfast is ready!",called Kelly, but, nobody heard her.

"Ugh.", she complained..

She made her way up the staircase to the children's rooms. The first room she ran up to was Amaria, her first born daughter. She knocked on the door.

"Amaria..rise and shine, sweetie!",shouted Kelly. No answer.

"Amaria, come on.",said Kelly.

She entered in the room and decided to put on the lights.

"Ahh.. mom!",groaned Amaria.

She almost fell out of bed, causing Kelly to walk over to her daughter.

"Amaria, whenever I say for you to wake you up, you have to get up."stated Kelly.

"Mom, it is because sometimes I pull an all nighter.",said Amaria with a grunt which made Kelly laugh a little.

"Amaria, I get it. You want to do well in school but sometimes life isn't always perfect. If you get a bad grade, we will work it out, in case ," explained Kelly.

Amaria was silent. After all, she and her mom have a close bound. When she was a baby, it was just the two of them before her mom fell in love and married Andy, her stepdad. "Dad"stuck around with them for the longest time as long as Amaria could remember.

"Anyway, since your up, can you get your brother and sister for me?",asked Kelly.

Amaria responded with a nod, as she got up and walked out of her room.

Meanwhile Downstairs~

Kelly and Andy were sitting at the kitchen table waiting for their children to finally come down and eat with them.

"Amaria, why did you wake me up?", complained Priya.

Noisy Priya, Amaria and Sai were on their way down moments later.

"Mom made us breakfast, silly, of course we have to eat.",explained Amaria softly.

"But what does this has to do waking me up from my sleep", Priya complained.

"Ugh Priya, do the right thing. You just woke up! I don't want to deal with you right now."said Amaria.

"Yeah Priya, listen to Amaria.",agreed Sai.

The three kids got down the staircase and then went to sit in their seats.

"Alright everyone let's dig in.",said Andy as the family started eating.

Priya started spitting out the egg salad.

"Priya, why didn't you ate the egg salad?",asked Kelly.

"I don't like the taste.",said Priya.

"Come on, Priya, seriously...",said Amaria.

She watched her mom stand up out of her seat to walk over to Priya's seat. On her way there, however, her mom shushed Amaria. Then she walked over to see what is wrong with Priya

"Why's that Priya?",asked Kelly softly.

"It tastes like rubber.", said Priya.

Kelly leaned down to take a look at the eggs and salad and tried to taste it herself.

"Your right.",said Kelly.

"Alright let me make you new eggs and salad.",said Kelly.

As she took Priya's plate away, Amaria laughed a little.

"Mom, I thought it was because Priya doesn't like vegetables!", giggled Amaria.

This made the entire table laugh as Kelly tried to ignore her first born child. She fixed Priya's dish, then, took one look at her family, then looked back at the dish.

"Yup. Thats my girl alright.",thought Kelly to herself.