(Coop and Kat fighting in the shed)

Coop: Give it up Kat!

Kat: Meow.

(They continued fighting until Kat used one of his inventions to send Coop to parallel universe)

Coop: Ahhh, What's going on!

(Coop see a nerd version of himself)

Coop: Who are you?

Nerd Coop: I'm you as a nerd. I was suck into this wormhole.

Coop: Noooooooo!

(Coop ended in a parallel universe to see the different versions of his friends)

(Coop look to see Fiona , who was sitting on a couch)

Coop: Fiona?

Slacker Fiona: Hey Coop. Wanna join with me in the couch?

Coop: Umm?

(Coop looked to see Dennis, who was dressing as a cool kid)

Cool Dennis: Don't worry Coop. No one touch your nerdy stuff while you were gone.

Coop: Umm?

Popstar Lorne (talking on the phone): Yeah. I'll be their tomorrow. Unless I have a concert.

Coop: Concert?

(Coop see Millie, sitting on the corner, staying still, silence)

Coop: Um? Millie?

Quiet Millie: Shhh.

Cool Dennis: She doesn't talk that much, she spend most of her time quiet and doesn't care about noises.

Coop: Umm.

(The door open to see Harley)

Good Harley: Hey Guys. I just came back from the store and bought some vegetables.

Coop: What's going on here!?

Quiet Millie (Whispers): Hey. Keep it down.

Coop: Umm? Where am I?

Cool Dennis: What's wrong. Did you came from someplace?

Coop: Umm? Yes. And I'm the nerd in this universe?

Slacker Fiona: Yeah.

(Coop faded)

Cool Dennis: Ha. Coop faded again.

(Back to the real universe where Nerd Coop is inside the shed, looking around and Kat was confused)

Nerd Coop: Interesting. I never seen some place before.

(Dennis came to the shed with Millie,Fiona, Lorne and Harley)

Lorne: Dude, why are you wearing glasses?

Nerd Coop: Excuse me?

Harley: Why are you so... Different?

(Nerd Coop look to see the machine)

Millie: What's that?

(They came over to see the machine)

Dennis: Interesting?

Nerd Coop: I came from a different universe. I saw another me not wearing glasses.

Fiona: That must be our real Coop.

Nerd Coop: Okay. I was send here and saw some cat in here.

(They looked at Mr. Kat)

Millie: Mr. Kat?

(Kat meowed)

Nerd Coop: I never seen you talk that much before.

(Millie looked at Nerd Coop)

Millie: What?

Nerd Coop: You Millie Were always quiet. Dennis was always the cool kid, Fiona was a couch potato. Lorne was a famous popstar and Harley was a responsible guy.

Millie: That's the opposite.

Nerd Coop: Yep.

(They looked at the machine, who was broken)

Dennis: Great. Now we are going to have to fix it.

Nerd Coop: Don't worry. We will fix it.

(Back to the parallel universe, where coop was surprised)

Coop: This is weird!

Cool Dennis: Don't be a scary cat.

Slacker Fiona: Hey, relax. I'm still Fiona. A TV loving couch potato.

Popstar Lorne: and I'm still Lorne. A famous popstar.

Good Harley: I'm still Harley. A responsible guy and doesn't like candy.

Quiet Millie (Whispers): And I'm still Millie. A quiet girl.

Cool Dennis: And I'm still Dennis! A Cool kid!

Coop: Does that mean... I'm?

Cool Dennis: You're Coop. The nerd.

Coop: Okay. Umm. I'm hungry.

Good Harley: Don't worry. I'll make dinner.

Popstar Lorne: Let's get Milkshake.

Slacker Fiona: No, let's get Pizza.

Coop: Woah. Calm down. We can order both?

Slacker Fiona: wait, what?

Popstar Lorne: Both?

Coop: Yeah. We can order Milkshake and Pizza.

Popstar Lorne: Mind Blow.

Cool Dennis: Looks like we have a problem solver in the house.

Good Harley: Don't worry. I'll get the food for you guys.

Coop: Wait? What about candy.

Good Harley: I don't eat candy but I'll gladly to get some for you.

Coop: Right.


(They were having a party)

Cool Dennis: Now this is what I call a "PARTY"!

Coop: Yeah!

Slacker Fiona: Guys. A new episode is coming up.

(They watched the new episode)

(Back to the real universe where the others are)

Lorne: It needs charging.

Nerd Coop: Alright.

Millie: So...um...It will take a while to charge.

Nerd Coop: I'm afraid so.

(They waited for 1 hours and 20 minutes until it was fully charged)

Fiona: It's ready.

(Back to the parallel universe where Coop and Slacker Fiona were sitting on the couch, flirting with each other, until the wormhole appear and came out was the real Fiona and some of the stuff were suck in)

Fiona: Coop? What's going on?

Coop: Umm. Fiona?

Slacker Fiona: Dude.

(Everyone came out from the wormhole including Burt and Nerd Coop)


(Burt pull the couch down and grab Coop)

Dennis: So your me?

Cool Dennis: Of course dude. But you look like a nerd just like nerd coop except for the glasses.

Popstar Lorne: Dude. You look like me.

Lorne: Umm. Yeah.

Slacker Fiona: Your me?

Fiona: Yep. And I don't wanna hear it.

Good Harley: Would you like for a carrot?

Harley: No thanks but I don't know why are you a vegetarian?

Millie: Do you have any candy.

Quiet Millie (Whispers): It right over their.

Millie: Thanks.

Burt: Come on guys! We have to get out of here!

Nerd Coop: I'll stay here.

(Burt and Coop went to the wormhole, Dennis, Fiona, Lorne and Harley went inside, Millie was taking a bag of Candy but stopped by Cool Dennis)

Cool Dennis: Where are you going?

Millie: Back home.

Cool Dennis: Not in my watch.

(Cool Dennis manage to kick Millie inside the wormhole but the bag of Candy was still with Cool Dennis)

Cool Dennis: See you later!

(Back to the real universe where everyone was back home)

Millie: My candy!

Lorne: Let it go Millie! That candy wasn't supposed to meant to be!

(Millie started to cry)

Coop: Dad! How could you! You could off see me and that other Fiona.

(Fiona came in front of Coop)

Fiona: Listen, I saw you and that fake Fiona and I don't like what I saw.

Coop: Um. Hey. Why do you care so much about me?

Fiona: What?

Coop: In petty sure your keeping something from me.

Fiona: Okay. I gotta go bye.

(Fiona left while coop was following her)

Burt: Finally, back to normal.

(Dennis saw a sledgehammer)

Dennis: and now, time to destroy this machine!

Millie: Noooooooooooo!

(Dennis destroyed the machine into pieces)


The End

Sorry for not posting any stories for a few days, it just I needed a break from it, anyways. I came up with this story. This is based off a episode from talking tom and Friends called "Parallel Universe". It's on YouTube. Search it up, anyways, I hope you enjoy the story. Bye.