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I can take solace in the fact that I know my dorm mates won't be bothered if didn't return for the night, so at the very least no one will report me being missing, at the very least it gives me enough time to figure out what the hell this is.

Patches of different types of leather and skin, even without opening it I could see the pages were aged and then some, something in my gut is screaming at me as if in the presence of a powerful artefact, I even levitated it to here refusing to touch it.

"It's just a book." A shrill voice whispered in my ear, and I was forced to withhold a sigh.

"I noticed Myrtle," I dismissed the ghost and continued to stare at the book that my ever so lazy familiar suddenly graced me.

When I questioned where the damned owl got the book, she gave me her usual lazy glance and fell asleep on top of my headboard not bothering to return to the owlery, of course, my mother runs a creature sanctuary and she gifts me with the laziest familiar out there.

I flick my wand at its direction and hoped that the book would open so I could read it without touching it.

Yet it remained firmly shut begging for me to touch the damned thing.

Ah well better scrounge up my Gryffindor courage and ignore every intelligent thought.

The moment my fingers touched the book, it suddenly disappeared, in a bright blue flash, blinding me.

My palm viciously rubbed my eyelids as Myrtle did what she does best, moan. Eventually, she calmed down, took a while though and a headache was coupled with it, "Are you okay, Alton?"

I lean my head back, resting it against the cool porcelain of the sink as my vision finally returned to me, "I think I'm no worse for wear. Still doesn't explain what that fucking book was."

A gift from your father.

'The fuck?' Bold luminous blue words hovered in the air.

Your father feels guilt for not being in your life, a supremely power being shamed that he cannot groom and nurture your abilities. Hence, he searched his armoury for the perfect gift for a young wizard, the Oghma Infinium, a grimoire capable of gifting every user a different but powerful ability.

My chest heaved as I stared at the words hovering over Myrtle's head, the ghost none the wiser.

"I'm going crazy."

"Oh, then you can off yourself," Myrtle giggled with a creepy tone, "then we could haunt these toilets together forever and ever."

"I could think of no worse hell than that." I shot down her delusion not giving her a chance to plant any seeds of thought that I enjoy her company, this bathroom is literally the only where I can get some peace and quiet from the other students, but I'm forced to tolerate her presence.

Though I suppose the inverse is true and she tolerates me or at least at first she did, now it seems like she enjoys my visits, maybe I should cut back on them for my own sake of peace.

She let out a wail of despair as she flew into a toilet.

You are not going crazy, young Alton.

'Than what am I, weird floating text that only I can see?'

You're a Gamer.

My face scrunched up in confusion, 'I'm a what?'

Quest Unlocked: Tutorial 1 – Learn the ropes.

Reward: You learn the bare bones

Think, status.

Am I really going to follow the direction of the magical floating text from a book that claims it's from my father?

Yep, yes, am I.


Name: Alton Geur

HP: 300

MP: 100 [5 MP Per Second]

SP: 300

Level: 1

Race: Half Breed [Wizard/?]

Age: 15


Strength [Your general physical prowess not all that useful for a wizard.] = 5

Endurance [Works as your health points multiplier] = 4

Agility [Affects your stamina regeneration] = 6

Charisma [The effects of your presence amongst people varies on this, as well as your chances on convincing people, mind you don't expect outlandish lies to succeed or accept commands out of their nature no matter how high your charisma stats is.] = 5

Intelligence [Effects the speed on how fast you pick up new information] = 7

Regain [Effects the speed of MP regeneration] = 5

Luck [Influences actions that fall under the realms of chance] = 7

Half Breed? How… I was always told I'm a Half-Blood, but to be a half breed is mean my father wasn't even human, and better yet I don't even know what he was, it's infuriating.

I take a calming breath and steady my shaking hands, this is a lot to take in, but it's almost like my muggle friend DnD games she likes to play.

Think, skills.

I still don't know if I've lost the plot, but crazier things have happened, and the only explanation has always been, magic.


Defence Against the Dark Arts: 37

Transfiguration: 28

Charms: 17

Potions: 25

Runes: 32

Care of Magical Creatures: 45

Herbology: 20

Flying: 17

Well, I guess that makes sense with Care of Magical Creatures being my best skill, helping mum with her job isn't exactly optional, as she quite literally brings her work to home.

Gotta say even without a reference to compare to, I'm proud of my DADA skill, it's the one subject I've shown any actual interest in. That's mostly because I refuse to be a doormat and allow anyone to push me around, just too bad the people who decide to antagonise me are usually a lot more skilled than I am.

Think 'Perks.'

Wonder what this means? 'Perks.'

Current Perks:

Occlumency – Occlumency is the act of magically closing one's mind against Legilimency. [Unlocked due to becoming a gamer, you have automatically unlocked this perk.]

One with Nature – Animals and creatures do not perceive you as a threat and are more inclined to relax near you. [Unlocked due to your time spending with magical creatures.]

Thick Skinned 1 – Gain a 10% damage resistance to all forms of damage. [Unlocked due to all the times you became a target dummy to a certain witch.]

Tough Bastard 1 – An increase in your overall spellwork damage by 10%. [DADA Natural Perk]

'Natural Perk? What's a Natural Perk?'

There are two types of perks; Perk Points, where you will receive them every two-level, and you may choose from a series perks, and then there are Natural Perks. They are gifted to the Gamer when they increase a particular skill to a certain level, they automatically gain a perk associated with the skill.

'So if I raise let's say Transfiguration to a certain level, I could unlock a perk for it?'


This is so grand if I didn't have a reason before to work hard in class before I certainly do now.

Quest Unlocked: Brightest wizard of your age – Get all of your schools' skills over level 75.


10,000 Experience Points

Unlock a Specialised Ranked Spell

3 Perk Points


Think, inventory.

Okay, I guess I'm being ignored, or it's part of another tutorial, better get on with this.


Inventory Space: 1/30

Wand; Yew Wood, Dragon Heartstring, 15 Inches [Owned by Alton Geur]

Let me guess, 'Wand.' I let out a pleased sigh as I felt the familiar weight of my trusty tool in my hands. Funny thing is it wasn't in any of my pockets, it just suddenly slipped into my palm as if I unholstered it from one of those sleeves holsters.

Sounds like I have a storage space connected to my very being, which is with no doubt impossible even with magic. Storage spells and enchantments and living beings do not mix. Then again, none of this should be possible.

I jostled my shoulder blade as it was not resting at an awkward angle against the sink, maybe I should get some rest now, or at the very least sit on something comfy.

I stood up and cracked my stiff neck.

"I have thought this through," Myrtle floated out of her toilet and hovered in front of me yet again, "and I forgive you."

Lock eyes on to her and think, observe.


Name: 'Moaning' Myrtle Warren

Level: Irrelevant

Race: Ghost, former Muggleborn witch

Reputation: 60 (Likes/Attraction)

Quest Completed: Tutorial 1 – Learn the ropes.

Reward: You learn the bare bones

"For what?" I said in a bland voice, and not even a beat passed, and she once again moaned away in her toilet, I'm not once again going to waste an opportunity to get the hell out of here, I rushed out the toilets.

'Alright, here's the midpoint of the castle,' The point where all four houses can separate and head to their common rooms.

Aw fuck, I know why but I have the sudden urge to find the nearest pit and jump into it for my safety.

"Up early even for you, Mongrel." The soft voice let out a cackle, coupled with deep black untameable hair and deep violet eyes, the girl was pretty, gorgeous even but the ugly sneer took away from her beauty.

Alright, why not? 'Observe.'

Name: Bellatrix Aquila Black

Level: 20

Race: Pure Blood Witch

Age: 16

Reputation: -50/-25 (Hate/Begrudging Respect) [Gained a +25 Due to her respect that you are willing to throw back spells her way.]

How the hell is her level so much higher than mine? I mean yeah sure I've never once beaten her in any impromptu duels we've had but shit at the very least I manage to get a few hits in, now this system is telling me she could've easily stomped me like it's nothing.

"Not in the mood you inbred cretin." I brushed past her drowning out her retort as I usually do whenever it involves my mother being a blood traitor.

The Fat Lady let out a frustrated sigh as she stared at me with thinly veiled annoyance, "What is it with you and your dorm mates, first Potter and his tails appear and then-"

"Balderdash," I uttered with the same amount annoyance directed back at her.

"Youths of today." She tutted, but nonetheless, her frame swung open, allowing me entrance to the Gryffindor common room.

The room was a ghost town except for a couple laying on the sofa asleep holding each other by the dying fire.

I headed towards a series of stairs not bother pause as heard whispered voice muffled behind the metal doors, I swung it open was met by four confused and startled pair of eyes.

A couple of them peered back at the curtain drawn bed that I knew was mine as if to confirm I wasn't standing right in the doorway.

"Alton," Remus Lupin was the first to get his bearings back as he greeted me with a cordial smile.

"Lupin," I greeted without glancing in his direction, the norm for me, but as I crossed the dorm heading towards my bed, I suddenly stopped and turned my head towards the battered and worn weary boy.


Name: Remus Lupin

Level: 15

Race: Half-Blood Wizard [Werewolf]

Age: 15

Reputation: 20 (Acquaintance)

He gave me a strained smile and raised the motionless chocolate frog, "Want some?"

So the chocolates are his, I mean I've the wrappers and packets lain a strewn all over the room, but I always figured they belonged to Pettigrew, because of his… husky frame.

"You know chocolate is poison for werewolves, right?"

The aforementioned poison slipped his grasp as he stared at me in fear, hell a sense of dread wafted off Potter and Black.

"Ho-ow-" He stumbled on his words as fear crept into his voice.

"I've known you're a werewolf since the first day here, the scars are familiar enough, and the fact you disappeared at every full moon to go back home to tend to your mother despite your father is alive and well enough to take care of her. Plus the sluggish behaviour right after the transformation is a sight I've seen enough times."

Rushed footsteps could be heard from behind me, as I turn around I see Black and Potter try to intimidate me with a series of furious looks, Pettigrew continued to watch this all go on from the foot of his bed.

"You cannot tell anyone. If you do…" The plea from Black didn't work so well, considering his family are a series of nutcases.

The roll of my eyes was put on show here, "Didn't I just say I've known since the first year? If I was going to tell anyone, I would've done it ages ago." I huffed out in annoyance.

"You also said you've seen it before," Lupin said in soft voice hope practically leaking off of him.

I waved him off with a shake of my head, "My uncle, he was inflicted at a young age, my grandfather dedicated his life taking care of my uncle, he even home-schooled him and built a creature sanctuary in our family estate. When the old man passed on, all of his responsibilities fell on my mother."

Potter seemed vexed for some reason, "Why wouldn't you say something then? Why keep it to yourself?" He was getting dangerously close to me, which will result in a stunner in his face.

Instead, I took a deep calming breath and then met his glare, "Why would I have? My uncle being a werewolf is no one's business, the only reason why I mentioned it was because Lupin is poisoning himself."

Potter didn't let up on his glare, but I could see Black pulling him back before shuffling into to view, "Yeah, what do you mean by that?"

I shut my eyes and let out a deep sigh, "Just ask him yourself, sounds like something a bunch of friends will fight about, kind of sounds like a nightmare if I'm being honest."

Walking over to my bed, I grabbed my school bag and my damned owl before walking out of the room, ignoring their protest.

The Fat Lady mumbled under… she mumbled whatever consist as breath for living portrait, as I walked out of the common room still well past curfew. My body forgetting its earlier desire for rest, for as long as I can remember I could always go about my day with only a few hours of sleep, I don't why but something about the night just energises me.

Many restless nights have allowed me to know this castle like the back of my hand, even the faculty rounds and how to avoid them, that was a lot of trial and error.

Though it's a bit tougher today with a huge lazy owl on my shoulder, she cracked her amber eyes and tucked itself further in and rub its face into the side on my forehead, "Don't act all cute with me," A low rumble escaped her throat.



Name: Shimmer

Level: Irrelevant

Race: Verreaux Eagle Owl

Reputation: 100 [Unquestionably Loyal/Amused]

Knowing how she perceives me should beg to question how come she doesn't act like a regular owl, but I couldn't help but ignore it and focus on the flutter in my stomach that someone even if it's my familiar regards me so profoundly.

Quest Unlocked: Who needs friends… you do – Raise your reputation with 5 people over level 85.


5,000 Experience Points

Random Rare Spell

Passive Spell

'Does Shimmer count?'

Quest Unlocked: Who needs friends… you do – Raise your reputation with 5 people over level 85.

'Wow, passive-aggressive much?'

Shimmer gave me a slight nip alerting me that we've arrived owlery, instead of going in, I laid my elbows against the stone railing looking out at the sun rising over the distant hill, bathing the ancient castle in sunlight.

Shimmer once again nipped at my ear, this time drawing blood.

HP: 298/300

"Ow." I glared at the owl, "Maybe I should question your loyalty." She let out a low hoot and spread her impressive wingspan washing me over with the cool winter breeze.

"So to get me out of the cold weather you drew blood, that's questionable!" She gave me a look that just told me she's perfect in every approach possible.

"Just wait, I want you to send a letter for me." I pulled out a parchment and a quill, and I summoned all of my wills to convey all of my feelings for the man who claims to be my father.

Maybe there's some hate in the letter, maybe there's a bit of thankfulness for the gift, I didn't exactly hold back as wrote on the parchment, it's as if a dam broke and I could stop the words, I needed to get it all of my chest.

When I was done, I couldn't force myself to read through what I wrote; instead, I rolled it up and attached it to Shimmer's leg, I stroked the crook of her neck, "Listen, Shim, it's imperative that you get this letter to the man who sent that book to me. Could you do this for me?" As I gazed into her eyes, I couldn't see her usual gleam of mischief as she bowed her head.

"Thanks, Shim." The eagle owl flew off; her massive wingspan was all that I could spot of her for a good while before she disappeared in the horizon.

A tired and frustrated sigh caused me to curse my lack of perspective, "Mr Geur," I turned around and gave my head of house a shaky smile, "what are you doing up at a time like this?"

"I just wanted to send a letter and-"

"You haven't slept have once tonight have you." She didn't question, she stated.

Alright best way to lie to McGonagall is to give her a hint of truth, or in her case, the whole truth barring one piece of information, "My father got into contact with me recently, and I just can't sleep, so I wanted to send a letter to him."

Persuasion Check Passed [Temporary bonus +2 charisma due to good standing with McGonagall.]

EXP gain: 25/100

Sweet, 'Observe.'

Name: Minerva McGonagall

Level: ? [Cannot see levels 30 or more than yours.]

Race: Half-Blood Witch

Age: 40

Reputation: 60 [A reminder from the past]

"I did not know your father could get into contact with you."

I scoffed, "Yeah, a bit of surprise to me a that an unknown muggle could do that, or a more reasonable explanation is that my mother lied to me."

Professor McGonagall isn't someone who would let something like an awkward tension best her, "Mr Geur if you wish we can take some time to speak, at your leisure, of course."

"Thank you, Professor, I may take you up on your offer."

She gave me a curt nod, "See that you do." She cleared her throat and sidestepped motioning towards the castle, "I doubt that you will get any sleep, so at the very least have a hearty breakfast."

"Will do, Professor."

HP: 300/300

MP: 80/100 – [5 MP Per Second]

EXP: 75/100

Spell Unlocked: Episkey - Heals minor injuries [5 HP]

Wait I already knew that spell, it's bloody well why I used it.

Quest Unlocked: Tutorial 2 – Learn the different ranks.

Reward: Random common spell.

I know full well that I'm the only one seeing the text box, but I still couldn't help look around the great hall at the few bodies up this early to see if they were gasping my way then again floating text would be pretty minor in regards to magic. Still, no one took notice of me than a courteous nod to their fellow earlier riser.

Think, spells.

Here we go, 'Spells.'

Spell Logs:

Common Spells + [Minor and small spells with an either more powerful variation or no practical use other than its intended purpose. These spells cost a small amount of MP.]

Rare Spells+ [Spells that require a fixed level to use, have a broader range of use. These spells cost a moderate amount of MP.]

Legendary Spells + [Spells that require a high fixed level, to attempt to use these spells without the desired level can have dire consequences. These spells cost a large amount of MP.]

Passive Spells + [These spells cap your MP for a continuous spell effecting you.]

Specialised Spells + [Spells learnt from an individual that are specific to them, and now you.]

'Common Spells.'

Common Spells –

Episkey - Heals minor injuries – 20 MP Per Second

Lumos – Emits a light from the tip of your wand – 5 Per Second

Nox – Cancels out Lumos – 0 MP

Rictusempra – Tickling Charm – 5 MP Per Second

Sonorus - Amplifies one's voice – 5 MP Per Second

Aguamenti - Shoot water from wand – 5 MP Per Second

Diffindo - Cuts or rips material – 10 MP Per Second

Wingardium Leviosa – 10 MP Per Second

'Rare Spells.'

Rare Spells –

Deprimo - Creates great downward pressure – 50 MP

Piertotum Locomotor - Animates statues – 20 MP Per Second

Defodio - Carves through stone – 50MP

Locomotor Mortis - Leg-lock curse – 40 MP

Stupefy - Stuns target – 100 MP

Expelliarmus - Disarming Charm – 100 MP

Protego - Shields caster from curses – 100 MP

Legendary, Passive, and Specialised were all grey outed, not allowing me to them open up, I'm guessing it's because I don't know any spells that fall under that category.

Quest Completed: Tutorial 2 – Learn the different ranks.

Reward: Random common spell [Chilante – Chill or ice over your drink – 20 MP]

Well fuck that new spell costs a fifth of my magic points, and it's considered a small amount of MP, gods, here's hoping to level up will increase my magical points, or I'm royally fucked.

So if I use all these spells again, I can get more experience points. Though I suppose it would be odd if I started too randomly so spew spells for no reasons.

Quest Unlocked: Sanctum Sanctorum – Find a good and safe place for you to train and practise spells.

Optional Objective 1: Find the Chamber of Secrets

Optional Objective 2: Find the Room of Requirements

Optional Objective 3: Find the Spider Den

Reward: A Training Ground

Reward: 500 EXP

Optional Reward: Natural Perk

Optional Reward: Natural Perk

Optional Reward: Natural Perk

What the fuck? The Chamber of Secrets, the actual Chamber of Secrets, a place that no one has found in recorded history, a place that has been labelled as a rumour.

Well, shit, I want it.

Whelp off to the library to find any information on a literal myth and try and base it on reality.