She touched my elbow and gave me a kind smile, but despite the action, I could tell she was stifling her own nerves.

I gave her a small nod before mustering my courage and calling Misty, the ever-loyal house-elf of my family.

"Masters Alton," She blinked her tennis ball sized eyes as she looked at me in disbelief, a warm smile made its way onto her face, "it's is good to see you, Masters." She said with a happy cheer.

I reached down rubbed the space between her large ears, "It is good to see you also, Misty." She preened at my words, "If you could, would you please let mum know I'm home for the holidays?"

She nodded vigorously before clicking away in a mist along with suitcase that was laying on the grass beside the gate of the estate.

"So we walk?"

I give her a blank look, "Are all gods and goddess so lazy?"

"Hey!" She warned, "You don't live in a home, you live in a national park."

"It's hardly that large," I grumbled.

The likes of Potter, Black and even Longbottom, are families known for their tremendous wealth, while my family were pretty much middling amongst the other families, but there was one thing we have over the others, we owned land, and a lot of it.

The older families used to be in the same boat as us, but with them all marrying each other for wealth and breeding, a lot of the lands ended getting used as dowry payments, deals and whatnot, so when a massive scale conflicts and infighting started taking place, lands were taken or ceased by the Ministry.

That's not to say the Geur's were all peachy perfect when it came to 'deals' like these, but dealings with the magical communities in Asia were a lot easier, or perhaps it was harder to delegate and make demands when your continents away.

"Honestly this land is so large, how do you and your mother manage it so well."

I simply shrug in response, "Old magic. Something about the runes placed on the bare bones of the lands keeps it well maintained."

"Runes? Old magic?" She cocked her head to the side.

"I thought all of your kind were supposed to be almighty and infallible." I said with genuine curiosity, again going by myths and legends being the son of Hades, still fucking taking that in, that could quickly put a target on my back from my 'uncles.'

She let out an unladylike snort, "The majority may like to think so, but for the most part other than our domains, the vast majority our knowledge relays on our intellect and thirst for knowledge."

"Good to know," I said with ease, history and myths do tend to have one thing in common, most of it tends to be embellished for entertainment sake.

"So, 'old magic.'" She air quoted.

"It was believed in the past, during the early ages of man to the time of Merlin, magic was vastly powerful compared to today's standard. While magic can do a great variety of things, Rune Magic, in the hands of someone with the knowledge was said that they could manipulate the world around as if they gods in a sandbox."

"Really now?" She gave me a bright grin, "So can you do things like that, don't you take runes?"

I was tempted to question how she could know that, but from our long intensive talk in the burger place, I quickly learnt that the woman knew way too much about my life for her to simply hear it from another party.

"No, runes and rune magic are different things. Rune magic is a dead art for a reason,"

"Wait, wait, wait, let me guess, it involves a painful death when you mess it up."


She let out a morbid chuckle, "Magic."

With the manor in view, I managed to see mother rushing over to meet us, "Here we go." Persephone grinned.

"Alton." Mother swooped in crashing me into a hug when she reached us, "Oh, sweetheart." She placed a kiss on my forehead, an action I would've ordinarily whine about, but the way I've been acting, being a colossal dick about my parentage, I owed it to her to simply just behave.

"Hi, mum." My arms tightened around her.

"What are you doing here? I had thought you were going to spend winter break at Hogwarts."

I rubbed the back of my neck, "Uh…"

"Alton, does your visit home have something to do with these outlandish rumours about our family being parcelmouths?"

"Not outlandish as you think, mum."


"Wow, never before had I felt so unnoticed." Persephone muttered in a loud voice as she regarded her fingernails, "Should I just go?" She asked mum.

There was something that flickered in mums face, not joy or love but a grimace, "Perhaps." She said with a slight edge that I've never heard coming from my ever kind, loving and patient mother.

"Astra." Persephone said losing her icy mask, "I-"

"You what? Your presence will put my son in danger. You said it yourself, or was that simply a lie so you and your husband could be deadbeat parents." She put emphasis on my, as she narrowed her eyes at the goddess.

"I'm in danger?"

Persephone turned to me with a reassuring look, "No, your father changed fates itself."

"What in the hell does that mean?" Mum said with a dangerous edge to her voice.

"It means, Alton Geur," A masculine voice oozing power with just merely a few words, "the son of Hades' fate has been severed." A man no taller than mum, with the blackest of hair, and amber coloured eyes just like my own, he stood beside me as he spoke, "No longer is he bound to his lot in life, no longer can the Fates cut his thread in threat to either us nor for the will of Zeus."

"My thread… as in the thread of life, my destiny and all that tea reading bullocks?"

Hades, the ruler of the underworld, the god of the dead, my father, regarded me for the first time in my memory, "Yes, Alton." He looked solely in my eyes as if he was taking me in. Actually, he was taking me in, as I was doing the same thing.


Name: Hades

Age: ?

Level: ?

Reputation: 100 [Pride, but lingering worry.]

I couldn't see Persephone rep with me, why can I see Hades' now? It is because I know his name, while when I met her, I had no idea who she was?

"You have been deemed Fateless."

"What does that even mean?"

"It means, you are no longer bound to the fate that was paved before your first breath, no longer do I or Persephone, not even your sisters are forced to stay out of your life." He managed to sound both impassioned and calm at the same time.

"If I believed in something so asinine as fate and pre-emptive destiny, wouldn't that mean I simply throw off every one of their destiny?"

"Exactly that Alton." His passive face tense ever so slightly, "Also you may be out of the Fates reach, but that does not mean you should be so careless as to insult them. Even a fool like Zeus knows to fear them."

"I did not know what my gift did, but the Fates are none too happy with I or your altered existents."

A single thought came to mind with his words, "Runt."

"Aye, your sisters and I have been keeping the majority of monsters away, but the chimera runt slipped in when your sister was doing whatever she does in her threstle form."

"So Melinoe wasn't just a threstle I was helping out, but my half-sister keeping tabs on me."

Hades winced, "No, your sister was not keeping tabs, she was defying me and trying to spend time with you. She has known you before your change."

"What is this fucking change?" Mum growled something fierce flooring me enough that I ignored her cursing for the moment.

"Mum, I…" How do I explain any of this? Hey, my life has turned into a subpar dnd game. I'm seeing things that no one else is.

"I gifted Alton with an ancient grimoire of another plane of existences. That grimoire gave Alton powerful abilities as well as cutting his thread from the Fates but leaving him alive." Does he know about the gamer ability, or is he merely assuming from the bare bones he knows, I mean he did say he's been protecting me, so it's safe to say he's been watching me.

"What gives you the right?" Mum grit her teeth as a fire burned in her eyes.

"I am his father." Hades responded in calm, "I would have him live a good and happy life before he joins me in the underworld."

"You condemned him so you can get him earlier." Mum accused as Persephone, and I stepped away from the two.

"I may not care for what happens in the land of the living, but, never accuse me of condemning any of my children."

"Then why put him at risk?" Mum grounded.

"Because he was fated to die in the next couple of years." Those words seemed to kill almost any fight my mum had in her. Persephone hand cupped mine as she gave it a squeeze, "You're right I will gladly welcome him when he passes on. Nevertheless, I expect to see him when he's a man grown not as a child."

He turns to me, "Alton…"

All of this is too much right now. I pull back my hand and off, down a path leading towards the magic made lake we have for water creatures.

Persephone moves to follow me, but I hear mum call out to her, "Leave him be."


"Just," She let outs a deep and long sigh, "Just let him process this all, Merlin knows I need to."

Power Unlocked – Your thread has been cut yet you amongst the living, untouched and out of reach from the sisters.

Fateless is the ability to shift the fates of everything around you. The ability has two aspects:

You are forced into an augmented state, where speed and strength are increased monumentally.

You can conjure weapons made up from pure darkness.

[Note the power last only 20 seconds your time, and has a cooldown of 24 hours.]

Powers Unlocked – Due to finding the truth of your parental heritage, you have unlocked new powers that work separate from your everyday magic. [Will be given a separate magical pool if needed.]

Son of Hades, God of the underworld, the dead and riches [Pick One]:

The Necromancer: The ability to raise the dead around. [Note the dead you raise are only suited for combat purposes, the risen dead will not retain intelligent thought.]

One with the Shadows: The ability to meld with the shadows around you. [Note this is not downright invisibility, a shadow in your form and size will be visible.]

Father's inheritances: A passive power that will increase your luck at finding or receiving wealth.

One with the very Earth itself: The ability to control the earth all around you.

The Embodiment of Fear: A passive power that instils a primal fear in your opponents.

I just stared at the words, blankly reading them over and over again not really taking stock of them any further than how much would it fuck up my life, from most to least, at the top. The Necromancer, followed closely by The Embodiment of Fear, because being a Parselmouth isn't enough, might as well raise the dead or just skip giving people a reason and just straight-up scare the crap people by simply being.

One with the Shadows could be achieved with the disillusion charm. Father's inheritances is tempting, but it's not as if I'm broke, and with quest rewards gifting me with money, the power is more icing than cake.

One with the very Earth itself it is.

My arms suddenly contracted, and I felt something stir in my stomach.

What the fuck was that?


Name: Alton Geur

HP: 1050

MP: 1250 - [10 MP Per Second]

SP: 300

GP: 100

EXP: 300/1600

"GP, god points I'm guessing." So how do I use this then? 'Spell log.' I gave a quick once over my log only to once again over through it more slowly when I see no new spells or abilities in regards to the earth manipulation.

"Something is different about you from just moments ago." Hades said as he stood awkwardly next to me, "How?"

I gave the man an uneasy shrug, "Your gift is a gift that keeps on giving."

"What did it do to you?" He says as he lets out a prolonged sigh as he sits on the ground next to me, "I mean no offence but compared to your now deceased half-siblings, you were weak. Probably the weakest how all of my offspring."

"Geeze tell me what you really think."

"Alton." He chided.

"I don't really know how to explain it but, I feel as if my, let's call it a cap, on my all-out potential, has been removed," I said tiredly not all that bothered if he bought it or not.

"Okay." He gave a slight incline of his head as we watched the sunset.

"Okay? Just like that, you believe me with no questions asked?"

"Alton, I am the God of the Dead. Compared to every single one of my children, you are probably the most normal one I have ever had."

"You mean boring, don't you?"

He makes a noise of indifference, "I mean normal. Your kin has had a history of letting their powers getting to their head." He places a hand on my shoulder, "It is refreshing to know I have a child that has a good head on his shoulders."

"Yeah sure, I'm known for having my head screwed on straight."

He let out a light chuckle, and then he met my gaze, "So why do you seem different now compared to half an hour ago?"

"I guess it's because I have had a moment to take in the fact I'm your son, I think, I believe I can manipulate earth."

"Ah, one of my lesser-known powers."

"I mean, your brothers can control water and air respectively." I simply stated.

He let out a groan, "The less we talk about them, the better."

I couldn't help but grin, "Contention in the family?"

He gives me a flat look, "You know full well I don't get along with my siblings, well other than Hestia, your aunt can get along with just about anyone, even Zeus' bastard spawns."

A teasing smile overcame my face, "People in glass houses."

"Do you want me to teach you how to use your earth control or not?" He snapped.

I raised my hands up in surrender, "Okay, okay. I won't mention your siblings even though you mentioned them first." I said the last part in a low whisper.

"Hey, mum." I said with a hint of confusion in my voice, she and my uncle have a rota of who takes the night shift for looking after the creatures, and for the most part, they stick to it like clockwork barring the night's uncle Artic needs for his hairy playtime, "What are you doing up? You know its midnight, right?

She gave me a weak smile, "Couldn't sleep." She said with noticeable bags under her eyes.

I pulled back the adjacent chair and sat down, "Listen, mum, I'm-"

"We don't apologise, we simply acknowledge and move on." She said making the worst impression of grandfather.

Despite it being a poor imitation I couldn't stop the snort of laughter from escaping, she joined in, and we both simple laughed with each other. When our amusement died, she reached her hand forward and cupped mine.

"I know, sweetheart."

"That I'm sorry acting like a whiny teenaged twat?"

"You are a whiny teenaged twat."

"You sweet talker, you."

"What I'm trying to say," She said with a genial smile, "It's okay to act like a child you know, I mean you're so young," She lets out a morbid chuckle, "Gods know what I'll do when you become interested in girls."

"Mum, I've been interested since I was twelve."

She waves me off, "No, no, I don't mean Lola." She said as is she was waiting for me to deny my crush on Pandora's mother as I used to. Still, after the realisation of my abysmal judgement, i.e. Bellatrix, the days where I was an awkward mess when it came to my 'crushes' are now happier memories.

"Alton," She prod, "Tell me you're not interested in girls." She commanded.

"Mum I need advice, and Pandora advice is piss poor in this situation." Her chair scraped against the ground as she stood up with a goofy look of denial on her face, "Mum?"

"I'm going to sleep."

"I really do need advice. I have this weird complicated, and she's gone." Ah well, if she going to be like that, "I'm being safe if that's what you're worried about." I said loudly.

My grin widened as she let out a furious scream.

"You know, she's going to kill me, right?" Uncle Artic glowered down at me as he stood in the threshold of the kitchen connecting to one of the gardens, his clothes covered in mud and fur.

I shrugged my shoulders, "What does it say about our family that we enjoy torturing each other?"

He huffs, "It means we're as dysfunctional as every other family."

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