A/N - Welcome to the first of of the side stories for WOF. The first chapter was originally suppose to be about Levi, but until I can rewrite it, this is what I have.

This scene was originally cut from the beginning of Chapter 14, but it can now be considered cannon for the any time during the early stages of the training arc.

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Wings Of Freedom : Side Stories

Sleepless Dream

Eren couldn't breath.

He thrashed and looked around frantically for an escape from the burning pool he was falling into but all he saw around him was the squishy but tough material that had him trapped as the fumes from the scalding pool of acid, stole what little breath he had.

Eren choked as he reached up towards the opening with a bloody stump "someone…help…" he forced out with a strained voice and to his amazement, a roar answered him and fire engulfed everything, burning away his prison and licking at his missing appendages before solidifying into new limbs.

Eren gasped as he now had access to clean and much needed air and bent over for a moment as he finally felt relief "w-what…" he trailed off for a moment before taking in his new surroundings and he jumped with surprise as found himself standing in a white void "w-where am I?" He asked and a warm presence filled his mind as the void began to take shape "safe" a voice called out and Eren spun around to see his Dragon standing in front of him.

The two just stood there staring at each other for a moment before lunging at each other and Eren latched onto her neck as she rapped her wings around him and the area became an open field with the sun shining down as they stood under a very familiar tree that overlooked Shiganshina.

Eren pulled back and blinked as he looked around "what's going on? How did we get here and…wait, where's the wall?" Eren asked with confusion as he noticed the wall was indeed gone. But more then that, everything just felt…wrong. No not wrong, it was incomplete and obscured, like a fog was covering everything but he could still see through it.

Scarlett batted her head against Eren to get his attention and he looked to with expectantly as she pondered which words to use "sleep" she finally answered and Eren looked at her with confusion "sleep? What are you…" he trailed off as the gears in his head began to turn and like a vail, the fog was lifted from the world "this is a dream" he realized and suddenly his brain kicked into gear as he became fully conscious.

It was like someone had switched the light on and Eren shook to fog from his mind "so, wait, are we still sleeping, but then how am I awake and dreaming at the same time?" He asked with amazement. His Dragon had helped him through restless nights before, but nothing like this

Scarlett just shook her head as her tail whipped "not…know" she said before looking Eren in the eye with a purr "only know…here" she tried answering and Eren chuckled at her broken words for a moment before sighing in resignation "well, at this point I guess I shouldn't be surprised by anything" he said before looking around, then down at the recreation of his home "I guess nothing's changed. You're still keeping the nightmares away for me" he said and Scarlett hummed before rubbing up against his face and Eren blinked with surprise before looking to his shoulder to see that his Dragon had shrunken down to a baby again and was resting on his shoulders like she used to.

Eren shook his head "this is gonna take some getting used to" he said with small smile before reaching up and scratching his Dragon behind the ear, eliciting a purr "miss this" she said and Eren chuckled "me too" he replied before looking around again. This was all still very weird to Eren and it kinda made him feel a little nauseous every now and then when he was able to consciously recognize the weirdness of the dream, but it was far better then the alternative.

Eren sighed as he gave up trying to make sense of it "well, might as well enjoy it while we can" he said as he sat down below the tree and breathed in the fresh air.