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Wings of Freedom: Side Stories


The sun rose over the wall, shining it's warming light upon the land and awakening the many creatures that lived in the forest.

Birds chirped and squirrels chattered as they moved among the branches of the trees. Their activities stirring a Dragon and her Rider from their blissful slumber.

Roy yawned as he kicked his feet of his bed and stretched and he immediately noticed that something was different.

He felt amazing.

It was like all the worries and trauma he had experienced had all melted away and the world was all sunshine and rainbows.

Roy was so swept up in the blissful feeling that he became ignorant to all else around him and actually laughed as he hopped off his bed skipped to the wash room to clean up while humming a merry tune.

Roy didn't no what had changed to make him feel so happy but he was drunk on it to the point that he paid no mind to all the oddities around him, even when his Dragon suddenly screamed and panicked for some reason as he went about his business with his eyes closed for practically everything in bliss.

Nothing could ruin this day.

Until Roy wiped the frog from the mirror and saw himself…

"AAAAAAHHHHHH!" Roy screamed at the top of his laughs with an oddly more feminine tone and burst out of the wash room "Everyone! Something's wrong! I-" Roy screeched to a halt as he stood before the kids and they all showed the same changes he did "dear god, it's happed to you too! What manner of sorcery is this!?" he screamed in panic.

The kids simply looked at Roy with confusion though and tilted their heads to the side in perfect unison "huh, what are to talking about Roy?" Eren asked, like nothing was wrong and Roy stared at him with disbelief "what!? Just look at us! Our heads are massive while our bodies have shrunk!" Roy yelled at them.

The kids simply stared at him in deadpan "yah, we're chibi. That's what happens in these side skits" Mikasa said like it was the most obvious thing in the world and Roy just stared at her blankly.

The little staring contest continued for a while, until Armin finally blinked with realization "oh, guys, Roy and the Dragons are from a series of western books set in medieval times, so they probably don't know what Chibi means" he explained and the others seamed to catch on, with Eren facepalming "oh, that's why the Dragons freaked out" he said before looking behind them.

Roy was very confused and still panicking, but he glanced over them in the same direction to see a chibi Scarlett, peek out from behind the couch, fearfully and Armin's Dragon was hiding under the pillows on said couch and Mikasa's two Dragons were huddled together under the table, quivering in fear and looking around in confusion at everything.

Roy then looked to his room, to see that even Thalia hadn't been spared, as she poked her head out, also looking scared.

Roy had just about reached his limit for crazy and started pulling at his hair "WHAT IS HAPPENING!" he screamed and the kids walked up and tried to sooth him "calm down, this kind of stuff happens all the time in anime fics" Eren explained but Roy just looked at him with a crazy expression "what is an anime!?" he asked, hoping desperately that the world would make sense again "don't worry. The world will go back to normal once we finish this side story…and the author's done torturing you and the Dragons" Armin explained but Roy just looked even more confused "author!? Side story!? What are you talking about!? Have I gone mad!?" Roy yelled.

Mikasa sighed as they lead Roy to the couch and sat him down "looks like we're going to have to train the newbies" she said before gathering up the Dragons too and setting them down next to Roy with security blankets draped over them all, even the massive chibi-fied Dragons, as the kids sat across from them, preparing to explain everything to the frightened novel characters and Eren clapped his hands together "ok, first let me tell you about the fourth wall…"