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June 5th

I shimmy a little closer into my towel, and bury my toes under the sand, adjusting my floppy hat so that the sun stays out of my eyes and I don't get heat stroke or sunburnt. I woke up with a minor hangover this morning, and Christina and I decided to get some vitamin D and sit by the beach to cure our sour moods.

This whole time, since we've woken up, gotten ready, and made our trek down to the beach, she has not shut up about Tobias. And frankly, I've refused to answer, since I really have nothing to say about the situation. Hopefully he'll be too busy with Nita this summer that we won't have many more run-ins, and I can focus on myself.

Now, Christina cannot bother me, because I've laid out my towel, positioned my body in my bikini to tan just right in the sun, put my earbuds in, and am reading my favorite novel, 'Gone Girl'. Mark my words, this is going to be a peaceful morning. Christina sits next to me on her own towel, lying face down, maybe taking a nap.

I refocus my attention back to my book, but from my peripheral vision I see Christina lift her head and look up in the distance. She turns back to me and says something, pointing, but my music is blasting so loud that I can't hear. I remove one earbud. "Huh?" I say, quite loudly.

"Incoming, 10 o'clock," she says, gesturing. I look in the direction of her finger, and to my dismay, Uriah, Marlene, Zeke, Shauna, and Tobias are approaching. No Nita, though, so my spirits lift slightly at that.

"Tris!" Uriah calls out, waving. I lift a hand in greeting, yanking my earbuds out of my ears. So much for a peaceful morning. As they approach us, I try not to look at them, especially not Tobias, who happens to be shirtless. I turn my attention back to my book and pull my hat further over my eyes.

To my irritation, all 5 of them begin setting up their towels around us. They seem to get the message that they shouldn't disturb me, though, because they mainly talk to Christina. I keep trying to remain engrossed in my book and not eavesdrop but it's hard.

Eventually Zeke announces, "Okay. Shauna and I are heading over to the ocean. We're gonna play wave jump."

"Ooh! Ooh! Let me and Mar come!" Uriah insists. I pretend I do not hear any of this, still. I'm reading very diligently. I hear them leave, and then it is just me, Christina, and Tobias. I'm still reading very diligently.

"So, Tobias…" Christina says. I almost have to laugh, Tobias and Christina were never the best of friends in high school. In fact, Christina's smart mouth often clashed with Tobias's hot headedness and irritability. Still, they used to get along for my sake.

"Christina, how's it been?" He asks.

"Pretty good. I noticed you've been doing good as well! Nita is just… so pretty, and mature, and kind. How fun it must be to have a beachy romance this summer." I resist the urge to reach out and smack her.

"Yes… exactly." Tobias responds.

There's some awkward silence for a few more minutes, until Christina speaks up again, "I see a snow cone vendor! I'm going to go get something! Be right back!"

No! My insides scream. Don't leave me alone with him! However, I don't react to her leaving, I'm still staring at my book. In fact, I think I've been on the same page for the last 2 minutes. I flip the page.

There's a few more seconds of heavy silence, and I think that Tobias may have gotten up and left, until he says, "So are you gonna say anything?"

I take the immature approach, because I'm a bitch. "Oh, hey Tobias!" I look up as if I just noticed him for the first time. "I didn't see you there!"

He looks back at me flatly, no amusement shines through his deep blue eyes. "Very funny."

My insides are writhing, and guilt is picking away at me. He surely didn't deserve my rudeness, but it just happens to be my defense mechanism. I look back to my book, unsure of what to say, but he breaks the silence again. "How are your parents doing?"

I look at him, blinking in surprise. "Uh… they're doing well. Retiring soon, actually. And then wanting to move out of Illinois. They're not sure where yet. What about yours?" It's a bit odd, speaking to him like this, but I guess I should be friendly with him under the given circumstances.

"Well," he laughs uncomfortably, "they divorced… when I left for college. And they both moved out of Illinois, because I think being in that old house and town was too much for them. My dad's in Connecticut now, and my mom moved to Virginia. To be closer to me."

I feel like a stone just dropped into my stomach. "Oh," I say, "I'm… really sorry. And I'm sorry I wasn't there for you." I feel stupid saying the last part, because he probably didn't even need me either. I wonder how many girlfriends he's had between Nita and I.

He just shrugs, looking away from me. "It's okay. I don't really speak with my dad too much anymore, and me and my mom have been trying to repair our relationship. It's hard, though. You know how she gets."

I nod. I am very familiar with the ups and downs of Tobias's mother, Evelyn. She can be a toxic presence in his life, but at least she actually loves him and wants to try, opposed to his father, Marcus, who probably could not give a flying fuck about Tobias's mental or emotional state.

Tobias glances back to me suddenly, gazing at me dead in the eyes. My face flushes a little bit, and I can feel the sea breeze lifting my hat from my head. I begin to feel self conscious, do I look bad? "You know, Tris… I really wanted to call you when this was all happening. You said you wanted your space, though."

Irritation rises in me before I can shove it down. Is he seriously trying to victimize himself, especially after I already apologized for not being there for him? "I only said that because you told me I was weighing you down and you couldn't deal with me anymore!" I snap angrily, setting my book down.

His face grows indignant and he glares at me. "I tried to take it back the next day! I came to your house ready to apologize for being such an ass and to try and work things out, but you wouldn't see me. Maybe if you weren't so stubborn-"

"Maybe if you weren't such a hothead!" I shoot back, my chest heaving. This. This was always our main problem. Our indefinite way of getting under each other's skin. It was so easy to get into a fight with Tobias, and evidently it still is. It's hard to tell which one of us was the root cause of the problem. Sometimes he picked the fights and sometimes it was me. They were never long, though, and we could make up pretty fast. But shit like that drains you quickly. And I'm already exhausted.

Tobias says nothing after that, and gazes back to the ocean, watching Uriah, Marlene, Zeke, and Shauna dodge waves. I half expect him to get up and join them, but he remains seated where he is. As my anger subsides, I realize that I need to reconcile while I still can. We aren't in high school anymore. We need to grow up. "Maybe if we weren't a lot of things, our lives would look very different right now. But we weren't and it's probably for a reason." I say softly.

He looks at me in surprise, and I know why. It has never been like me to concede or offer any form of placation. Before he can form his response, though, I spot Christina coming back, with snow cones in hand and I shoot up from the ground hastily, gathering my things.

"Tris!" Christina shouts, confused.

"Come on," I tell her, "Get your shit. We're going back to the house."

"Tobias what did you do?" Christina asks irritably, grabbing her stuff off of the ground.

"Me? Ask her." He juts a finger toward me and I glare back at him coldly.

"I don't have time to play the parent. You guys are ridiculous." She mutters, marching off toward the house with me in tow.

"It's just so fucking ridiculous!" I exclaim, launching a pillow across the room. "How dare he? Isn't it ridiculous?" I ask Christina, who sits just a bit lower than me on our air mattress.

She doesn't look as outraged as I would like her to feel after I explained everything that went down between us after she left us alone. She presses her lips together, as if she's trying to figure out the right words to say. "Tris, you weren't the only one who had her heart broken 3 years ago," Christina tells me gently, "You guys both said some awful things to each other. I mean, it's no secret that your relationship was a mess half of the time, but you guys were very obviously in love. And losing someone you're in love with hurts."

I want to feel angry with her for not instantly taking my side and bashing Tobias, but I also know that she's right and I needed to hear those words. "Stop being so wise," I grumble, "You're supposed to tell me that he's in the wrong."

Christina sighs and gets up from the air mattress, sitting next to me and wrapping an arm around my shoulders. "He was telling you about how you refused to listen to his apology that day and then you quite literally refused to listen to him say that againtoday." She points out to me. I glower at her.

"I hate it when you're right," I fold my arms.

"Okay, Tris, I think you finally need to give me the rundown of what really happened when you broke up. Because you've never told me the full story before and I feel like you're just always carrying it around and it would help to let it out."

I grimace. I really don't want to relive that day. I've avoided reliving that day, I've shoved it down, done anything to distract myself from the memory. But now, being close to Tobias for the first time in years it's coming up of its own volition anyway. Christina should know too, I guess.

I exhale, and begin telling the story.

*Flashback, about 3 years ago*

Work was fucking excruciating today. My manager was so far up my ass, but at least I head off to college soon. College. My decision keeps hanging over my head. I don't want to leave Tobias, but I also don't know how to weigh my options. Or if it would even work whether we stayed in the same place at once or went to different institutions. I'm not even sure how to speak to him about this without him blowing up either.

I'm unlocking my car, when my phone buzzes with a text. I glance at it quickly and see that it's Tobias. The text reads: 'We need to talk. Now. Come over asap.'

My stomach plummets. Fuck, he knows, he knows, he knows. He's going to be so angry with me. Shit shit shit. My fingers shake as I text back a response. 'ok omw just got off of work'

I take the long way over to his house, and do a couple turns around his street, wanting to put off this conversation as long as possible. Eventually I pull into his driveway and take a few deep breaths, trying to gain some nerve. It's ridiculous that I should be this scared to talk to my boyfriend about something that should be easy for couples to discuss. I'm not just scared of him getting upset, he's just the spark that lights my fuse. I'm a firecracker, he's the thing that sets me off.

I press my face into my hands, trying to gain some courage before I jump out of my car and storm up to his house.

His mom answers the door, and she gives me a look that says 'he's upset, be careful.' before announcing loud enough for him to hear that she's going for a walk around the neighborhood. Probably trying to give us some privacy I guess. I appreciate that, but it also scares me, because nothing will hold us back from screaming as loud as we want at each other.

I make the familiar trek up to his room and knock on his door weakly. It swings open in less than half a second, and he stands there, looking incredibly erratic and upset. I swallow. "You wanted to see me?" I ask, somewhat sarcastically.

It was the wrong thing to say. He grabs my wrist and pulls me into his room. Not harshly. As intense as our arguments get, they have never gotten violent, and Tobias will make sure of that. After everything he's witnessed his dad put his mom through, his biggest fear is becoming like him. We're just over passionate people who use words to express our emotion. But they are a far better alternative to any other weapon.

He shuts the door quietly, and now I start to get really nervous. Quiet is dangerous with Tobias. "Sit." He gestures to his bed.

I stroll over timidly and take a seat, stiff as a board. He remains standing, looking straight at me, with that same intense glare. "Why… is my mother, hearing from your mother, that you've applied to Reed, UCLA, UW, Cal Poly, and a bunch of other schools that are nowhere near where I've applied? And why is the first time that I'm hearing of this from my mother? And not from you?"

I raise my chin defiantly and look back at him with as much intensity as I can muster, hoping that I am mirroring his gaze. "Obviously because of your reaction right now." I say coldly.

He smacks the wall and I jump up. I should've expected it by now but it still startles me. "Damn it, Tris! What is going on? Were you just going to leave me and not say anything?! Pretend like everything is fine and then just pack your bags and go across the country without a warning?! Or were you just going to tell me at the last possible minute?!"

I breathe out of my nose, determined not to lose my cool like he has. I will not be firecracker Tris this time. I'm cool, stoic Tris. "I just wanted to exercise my options, is all." I say, my voice quivering a little bit.

"Then fucking talk to me about it." He snaps back.

"How?" I cry. "How am I supposed to, when you've been my whole life for 4 years? You're all I know, Tobias. And when you just talk about how we're applying to all the same places without even asking me what I want and just acting like it's all going to be okay it suffocates me. You never even asked me where I wanted to apply or where I wanted to go. You just said 'hey, we're applying here, here, and here! love you so much! we're gonna have the best college experience ever!' How am I supposed to talk to someone who is so set on something?" I screech out. There goes my cool and stoic plan.

"Well, forgive me for wanting to be with the girl I'm fucking in love with for college!" He throws up his hands.

I'm clutching his bed sheets so tightly, my arms tense. "You just make it so hard! The possibility that I might want something different from you has never even crossed your mind apparently! It's just 'Let me do what I want and drag Tris along! She won't mind!' Sometimes I feel like you see me as an accessory and not as an actual person! I have dreams and ambitions and wants too, Tobias."

"So you want to split up? Is that what you're saying? You don't see us together after high school?" He asks me, his face red and splotchy.

"I never said that! See, this is what you do! You put words in my mouth! I'm just saying that I'd like the opportunity to discuss things instead of sweeping it under the rug and acting like it's fine!"

"If you don't fully want to be with me in college no matter what, Tris, then we aren't doing what I thought we were." He says, quietly all of a sudden.

Dread fills my stomach, but the anger overtakes it quickly. How fucking dare he? "So that's it?" I ask, mirthlessly. "Four years full of fights and yelling, and this is the one that breaks us?"

He stares back at me, emotionlessly. "I think it's time to face facts, Tris. You've been weighing me down. I don't think I'm ever as distraught as I am when we fight and I always feel like I'm giving 110% in only to get like 15% back from you. I just don't think I can deal with you anymore."

I try to fight back the tears but a couple of them fall anyway. That's it, then. I'm a horrible girlfriend. He is better off without me. He said it himself. After everything I've done for him, loved him no matter what, not even despite his flaws but because of them, and it's just never enough. I stand up, nodding at him. "I understand. I'll see myself out." I push past him and storm down the stairs, trying to fight off the sobs that rack my body.

On my way out I shove by Evelyn who looks at me concernedly before getting into my car. I can't help it. I look behind me, half expecting him to be chasing after me, begging me to stay. But of course, he is not. I laugh, the noise sounds strangled and gurgled through my tears. 4 years of dedication to someone only for it to be dismissed as making them distraught. I pull out of his driveway, with full intent to never come back, no matter what.

*2 weeks later*

My phone has been ringing off the hook with his calls, ever since the night that we had our break up. I haven't answered a single one. Christina even texted him, telling him to leave me alone. I'm not angry anymore. I'm past the point of being angry. I feel empty, desolate, sad. But a part of me hopes that these emotions will help me in turning over a new leaf after I go to college. After Tobias ended it with me it was easy to make my decision. It was mostly because of monetary reasons as well, but he gave me the incentive and the courage to get away from him. My decision isn't set in stone yet, I haven't contacted other institutions -the ones that both Tobias and I both got accepted to- to let them know I won't be attending yet. I'm not sure what's holding me back.

He's been by my house to see me a few times and I've had my mother turn him away each time. In turn, he started parking on the other side of the street, because I have to leave eventually, right? After he headed home one night after waiting outside my house for 8 hours, I packed my things and went to stay at Christina's. As far as I know, he doesn't know where I am anymore.

As my phone rings again from him, I realize I at least need to talk to him to get the closure that will allow me to officially reject my other acceptances. I close my eyes and press the green button. "Hello?" I say steadily.

"Oh god, Tris." He says. I try not to let his desperate tone break me. I'm better than this. I am.

"Why are you calling me, Tobias? It's over."

"Tris, I'm so fucking sorry. I was so fucking dumb and I didn't mean that at all-"

"Well clearly some part of you meant it. Words like that don't come out of nowhere. After all of our fighting, you've never said anything like that to me before." I don't sound angry, or upset, just tired. And that's what I am. Exhausted. And broken.

He doesn't address what I said. So I must be right. Instead he says, "I heard through the grapevine you got accepted into Weslayan and Johns Hopkins. You know I got into both of those too."


"Have you made your choice?"

"What's it to you? I'll go where I please. And even if I was attending one of those two schools it doesn't matter. I love you too much to continue 'weighing you down'. I need my space too. Don't call anymore." I hang up the phone, and then stare at it for a very long time. I half expect it to ring again, but it does not.

I open my email. Time to cut myself loose.

*Present day*

After I finish rehashing most of the details to Christina she looks at me wide-eyed. "Holy fucking shit, Tris. I didn't realize how bad it was."

"Yeah." I wipe a tear from my cheek. In present day there would be so much I would do differently. I've grown up a lot since that awful fight, and I'm sure he has too. It doesn't change the fact that we seemed to bring the worst out in each other, though. It was for the best, I try to remind myself.

But I'm wondering where we would be right now if both of us were a little more willing to listen and forgive the other.

"It's obvious that both of you were heartbroken." Christina says.

"Yeah, well, he's perfectly fine now. I haven't dated anyone since him, and I bet you he's dated a lot."

Christina waves a hand. "That doesn't mean anything. That's just how people distract themselves."

I raise my eyebrows at her. "Nita seems like a bit more than a distraction."

"Well, what's kept you from dating?"

I sigh, I guess it really is full honesty hour. "I'm scared. I was devastated for months after him and I still don't understand how I loved someone who could be such an asshole so much. The whole relationship was so confusing and I just didn't want to jump into anything that was like it and get even more hurt." I admit to her self consciously. What kind of person gets hung up over their high school ex for 3 years?

Christina seems to contemplate this for a few seconds, and then her face lights up. "Tris! This is perfect! You guys are on the same beach for the rest of the summer. This is your chance to actually get closure with him so that you can move on!"

I stare back at her flatly. "That's so lame, Chris. Clearly he didn't need closure."

"Well guys are a different breed. But you need to go out there and find him and just have a talk about everything. It'll be good for you guys, too. Honesty is the best policy, as I always say." She pats my shoulder encouragingly. At first, the idea of doing this makes me want to vomit. But then, it actually starts to make some sense. Maybe Tobias needs this too, considering the fact that he also seemed upset at the beach this morning as well.

I squeeze Christina's hand. "I'm really trusting your advice on this, so this better not go horribly. Otherwise I'm blaming you."

She raises her hands. "Hey, if anything goes wrong, I will take full responsibility."

Several hours later, by evening, I'm knocking on Uriah's door. I allowed myself to take a long nap, eat lunch, watch Euphoria, and get my face made up before beginning my journey to find Tobias. Uriah yanks the door open, shirtless, and I allow my eyes to give his abs an appreciative glance before looking back up to his face.

"Hey, Tris."

"Hey, Uri. What have you been up to?"

"I was just taking a nap, cuz Marlene's out shopping in the outlet malls with Shauna and Shauna's sister, Lynn."

"Oh, sorry to wake you, I just want to know if you might know where Tobias is?" I ask, somewhat embarrassed.

Uriah raises his eyebrows at me but does not ask any questions. "He's probably with Zeke, I presume. At their condo. It's just the one to the right of the one that we went to last night."

I press my lips together. "Yeah… considering how drunk and high I was, I don't think I'm going to remember exactly where that is."

Uriah laughs. "I'll send you a geo location. Just put your number in."

After we get the technology handled, Uriah's sent me the location on Maps. It's just an 11 minute walk, down the very pretty beach. "Thanks, Uri. Enjoy the rest of your nap!"

He grins, "Will do. And… good luck with whatever it is you're about to do." He smirks.

Before I set off, I glance at my reflection in the mirror in the hallway. Just making sure I look presentable. Not for any particular reason.

The breezy and sandy walk over to the condo complex is peaceful, and I can't help but feel reassured that I am meant to live in a warm place like this, as opposed to rainy Portland or windy Chicago. I follow the map on my phone and once I approach the dot I look at the number of the condo and find it.

I get a little bit nervous, wondering if I'll run into Nita, or if Tobias will refuse to see me, but I shove these thoughts from my mind. What's important is that I try. For both of our sakes. I knock on the reddish brown door, and a few seconds later I hear footsteps padding over.

It opens and there is Zeke, looking a little surprised to see me. "Hey, Tris. What's up? Come in." He ushers me into the condo, which looks identical to the one we partied in last night, except it is far cleaner and well furnished.

"Hey, Zeke. Is Tobias around?"

Zeke furrows his eyebrows a little at me. Clearly Tobias told him of our argument this morning and he doesn't know whether to trust me. "I'm not gonna bite his head off, I promise. I'm actually here to hash things out peacefully." I try to assure him.

"You just missed him. He stepped out."

"Oh." I say disappointedly, turning to leave.

"There's this spot on the beach, if you walk West, diagonally, you'll come across a small cove. He likes to sit there and think sometimes." Zeke says.

I smile gratefully at him. "Thanks Zeke. I'll see ya around."

He salutes to me and I salute back.

As I make my way over to where Tobias's supposed spot is, the sand gets a bit rockier, and soon enough I'm walking up a grass patched hill. This must be the cove that Zeke spoke of. My glutes start to burn at the steepness of this trek. Tobias really had to be so melodramatic as to find a secret spot on the beach? I shake my head, smiling a little.

When I finally am walking on flat land again, I spot him about 30 feet away. We are the only two people up here, and he's sitting on the rocks, his feet dangling over the somewhat sizable ledge. As I approach him, I begin to notice the breathtaking view that he no doubt comes here to watch. The sun is making it's way down over the horizon, and seagulls flock by the sea. I tip my head back, smelling the salty ocean, and feeling the breeze on my face.

I watch him for a few more seconds. I can only see him from the back, but he looks tense, and the breeze blows his hair sideways. He also happens to be shirtless, again, so I can admire his taut back muscles and how he looks like something straight out of a Hollister commercial.

Before I lose my nerve and turn around, I march straight up to where he sits and then sit right next to him. I feel him glance at me and tense up in surprise, but he says nothing. And I say nothing either. We just continue watching the sun slowly inch downwards. The golden light has begun to flicker into my eyes, so I squint them a little bit.

Nothing is spoken, not for a few minutes, not until the sun is halfway down. Then he says, "Why did you do it?"

I continue looking at the horizon. "Do what?"

"Go so far away. We said we would stay close together and we both got into Wesleyan and Johns Hopkins and then you accepted Reed without even talking to me. And I had to find out that you left from Christina after prying it out of her." I can hear the hurt in his voice, and while it causes guilt to eat at me, it also makes me feel normal. I am not the only one in pain after 3 years.

"We broke up." I say, not bringing up how he was the one who dumped me. He's not going to light my fuse this time.

"That's not even what I'm saying, though. You didn't say goodbye or even tell me what your decision was. I thought after everything we'd been through you would have at least said goodbye. No matter how mad we were at each other."

I thought that by not saying goodbye to Tobias I was being strong, by ignoring him, by avoiding him, I was making a statement. The truth is that I was being cowardly, because I knew if I had to face him one last time I would have never been able to leave. "The reason… the reason that I applied to all those places in the first place was because of money. And scholarships. I didn't think I would be able to afford to go private, but then Reed offered me a lot of money, and my parents couldn't afford the other schools. I'm sorry though… I should have told you before I decided. You know I've never been good with goodbyes. And I thought by sort of picking the fight with you and diverting the attention as to why I was really leaving, it might have been easier. Because then you would be so mad at me that we wouldn't get false hope over trying to make it work just because I couldn't afford to go where you were going." I say this out loud as I realize it myself. That ultimately, I was the reason we broke up. Because I was scared. Sure, I didn't prompt him to say all those awful things… but subconsciously I definitely started that fight to distract both of us from the real fear that we could try to be together and it might fail.

"You could've stayed public at University of Illinois. I would've stayed with you." He insists, desperation and sadness clear in his voice.

I sigh. Tobias has always been one to hang onto "what ifs" and I, evidently, am not. "I couldn't do that to either of our futures," I try to explain. "I mean, look how bright we are and look at the colleges that we got into. You're going to Virginia Tech for God's deserve to do anything we can to achieve our dreams."

He just shrugs. "I wish you had explained all of this to me instead of telling me to leave you alone and then moving across the country without saying goodbye to me." He mutters.

I look down, ashamed. "I'm sorry," I say, my voice cracking. "There's really not an excuse for it, I just thought you really would be better off without me after our huge fight. And I thought that if I went to see you one last time my body would never allow myself to leave."

He's silent for a few beats, and then he asks, "Why did you come?"

"I just… wanted to get some closure with you. I feel like we both deserve it now." I try to keep my voice as even as possible.

He looks at me now, not at the sun, which has almost faded. I look back at him. Into those god damned perfect blue eyes that I fell in love with 7 years ago, my freshman year of high school. "I'm really sorry for all the horrible things that I said, and how I let my temper get the better of me and cloud my judgement. You were… the love of my life back then. And I'll never forget what we had." He tells me, his eyes shining genuinely. This sincere and compassionate side of Tobias is not one that I have seen often. I feel something in my chest swell.

I nod my head, still maintaining eye contact. "I'm sorry too. For hiding things from you and flaking out on you and making you believe you weren't important to me. You were. You were the most important person in my life and that's why it was so hard for me to face the reality that we wouldn't be together to break up and make up like we always used to do."

To my surprise, he clasps my shoulder with his hand. I suddenly long for him to grab me like he did last night at the party, but evidently we're both completely sober now and we just had a serious conversation. "We were very high school back then… but look how much we've grown up. I mean, a mature conversation? That didn't end in yelling or crying or anger sex? We would've never been able to do this four years ago." He points out, and I laugh.

"Remember that one time you gave me the silent treatment for 2 days, because I watched one episode of Scandal without you." I say playfully.

He shoves me gently. "Not as bad as when you got into a screaming match with me for grabbing a little bit of the blanket back, after you hogged it every night!"

"You kept your room ridiculously cold!" I exclaim. "That was all on you. We never had that problem when you slept at my place."

"Except at your place you would always make me get out of bed to turn the lights off." He shakes his head. "Beatrice Prior, the tyrant."

I grin at him, shivering a bit because the sun has completely faded by now and the wind is getting chilly. "This was a good talk, Eaton. I'm glad we had it."

"Me as well." He replies pleasantly.

I stand up, looking at the stunning view one last time, and stretching out my numb legs. I glance back down at him and run my eyes over his gorgeous body. Before I lose my nerve, I say, "Nice abs, Eaton," and skip away, feeling much lighter than I have in a while.

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