The Tartarus Secret

Description: What if Bob and Damasen weren't the only ones that Annabeth and Percy met in Tartarus? Jaqueline Daughter of Nyx, was banished to Tartarus shortly after the First Titan War, because she hadn't sided with the gods or the Titans. When Annabeth and Percy were escaping Nyx, they were helped by Jacqueline, who followed them guiding them to the Doors of Death, planning to follow them out. She disappeared, Percy and Annabeth never talked about her, and now she's back. Out of the blue, at Goode highschool - scaring the schist out of our favorite demigods.

Characters and Ships: Percabeth (PercyxAnnabeth) Jiper (JasonxPiper) Frazel (FrankxHazel) Solangelo (Will SolacexNico DiAngelo) Tratie (TravisxKatie) Thalia, Reyna, (other campers too but these were on my mind when I was writing this). (Also, I might not have all of these, partly because I don't want to ruin them for anyone, I might have OC's but I'm not sure yet. The only OC I am sure about is Jaqueline)

Important Author Notes: Thalia and Reyna are Hunters. I'm using (mostly) canon ships to start but may break some up as the story continues. (Probably Jiper because I've never really liked that relationship. It always seemed so forced.) Also, this is my first EVER published fic... PM or review if the formatting is off.

Jaqueline PoV

(Flashback to Tartarus)

I heard my mother talking, but I thought she was talking to a monster dumb enough to come over to this territory. I looked out of my window and saw two ghastly looking beings. Then, looking closer, I realized that they were demigods. They must have been to visit my half sister, Akhlys, because they looked to have been shrouded in Death Mist, her specialty - besides poison of course. I saw Nyx get mad, and so I left my room for the first time in a while, and went to the one place I knew they'd go. The River. You know the rest of their story, but what you don't know is how Damasen came back, or how Bob found them again. I'll tell you.

It was me.

(Present Day)

I woke up and stared at the wall of the hotel I had charmed my way into. My life wasn't as glamorous as it had been before, or even during, my time in banishment. At least I wasn't stuck like Calypso, the poor girl. I am getting tired of my life here, lying my way through everything, maybe I should check up on Annabeth, and maybe her boyfriend, Percy I think his name is. Or was, I heard they survived the fight with the giants, but I don't know if they survived past their wounds. I believe that they did, they were a resilient couple.

I knew where I could find them, Camp Half-Blood. I may have been banished for millennium (don't ask me how I'm still alive, I think it's because of my banishment) but I do know a thing or two. As I followed them through Tartarus, I heard them talk about their encounter with Akhlys. Now, remembering their tones, I figure I at least have confirmation of a peaceful time at Camp. They wouldn't dare do anything against me, Percy is scared enough as it is. I don't know how the Campers would react to what Percy almost did to the goddess. I hate blackmail, but I am very good at using it.

I'm scared of who I've become; blackmail, betrayal, mur-. No. I cut the thought before I could finish it. I had promised myself I would never think of it. I took a deep breath, and pushed the memories down. I packed my stuff into a duffle bag, and headed out of the hotel. I have until sundown to get to Long Island. After dark is when the monsters are at their prime, although it is easier to fight them in the dark, there's less mortals to worry about.

'Stop thinking so deep' I reminded myself. 'You'll get distracted. Getting distracted will get you killed.'

I walked out of the lobby, nodding at the concierge as I left. I think he was surprised to see me leave so soon, usually when I stay here I stay for a couple weeks, not just a few nights. It doesn't matter though, I'm probably never coming back. I've decided to try and stop the path I'm on, I don't want to get in too deep. If it's too late for that, someone will try to find me and remind me of that. Mortals don't scare me, but they're capable of terrible things.

I finally hailed a cab, it only took forever, and told the driver to take me to Hicksville. I don't want anyone to find out where I'm going. (AN: I'm not from New York, I live in Texas, so I looked at a map, and did my best) I say that like I know where I'm going, all I know is that I need to go to Long Island Sound, and find the Delphi Strawberry Farm. Can't be that hard right? I know that some people never survive their journey there, but I'm not most people. Anyway, not many monsters will come after me, as long as they see the tattoos on my arm. One from my mother, and one from Him. A lot of them won't even look at me. If the monsters react that badly to me, I don't even want to think about what the demigods will say. I just hope they won't realize what they mean.

I guess I should explain the tattoos, and what they mean. I have one on my right bicep, two black rings, with a crescent moon facing out from my arm. (AN: I got the tattoo idea from HogwartsGoddass1967, whose story, Falling for You, is AMAZING) It was a gift from my mother after I proved myself. After what happened… not even the spawn of Gaea is willing to fight me, lest they end up on the wrong end of my OTHER patron. You may believe that he hasn't taken The reason that we have a place to live, He's the one in charge. Tartarus. My second tattoo. (I found this link for a symbol, but I'll try to describe it as best I can, or look up 'Tartarus God Symbol' . /fairytailfanon/images/4/4e/Tartarus_ /revision/latest?cb=20150321181037) It looks like two thick rectangles, empty in the middle, with two thick lines coming out from the bottom of the rectangles, they were crossed halfway down. On the outside bottom more to the outside of the symbol, were two stubby hockey-stick-like lines, with the sticky-out bit facing toward the rectangles. The sticks don't touch, but are still long. This tattoo is a blood red. (AN: Sorry that was kind of bad haha, also sorry there are so many ANs, I promise that I'm gonna try to back down on those.) I shook myself out of my thoughts as I realized the cab had pulled onto the street I wanted to get off on, he was about to turn, so I'm glad I zoned in when I did. Is that what it's called? I have no idea… if I had a phone I'd definitely look it up. I got out of the cab and started walking. I turned the corner and, after checking that there were no mortals, shadow-traveled by Camp Half-Blood. I know you're probably wondering why I didn't shadow travel instead of taking a cab, but the answer is probably a little crazy. Time and distance are different in Tartarus, and I still haven't gotten the hang of Earthly distance yet, but I'm almost there.

I saw the Camp border in the distance, marked by the Pine. I started walking towards it, quickening my pace when a conch horn blew.