I'm writing this a couple of hours after I posted the first chapter. I don't know when I'm going to finish it.. I realized I forgot to do a disclaimer, but I'm not very creative, soooo here goes:

Disclaimer: If I was Rick, Percy probably would've killed Akhlys. Better character development, and something unexpected (which is my favorite thing in writing,)

Annabeth958: Sorry I didn't specify.. She's been out for a few months, so she's had time to acclimate to the mortal world.

Myfanfictionaccount: part of why she's coming back is she's not feeling safe, she got involved with some bad mortals, and monsters keep coming after her. Plus, she needs mythical help, and Percy and Annabeth owe her a life debt (they made a deal with her to get out that I'll explain later)

A conch horn. I wonder what it means, maybe a signal of some sort? Regardless of what it meant, I was almost at the Hill, so I slowed down, not wanting to get seen by a demigod, or a satyr. I stayed in the shadows, and made my way to the beach, knowing I would find at least one of the people I was looking for there. First I had to get through the forest, preferably without getting eaten by whatever monsters happen to be lurking. A twig snapped, and I slowly turned around, if no one noticed me I wasn't going to point myself out by whirling around and making even more noise.

Two teenage voices, female I think. They were giggling and whispering, talking about not wanting to get caught. I heard a thud, and figured one of them was now against a tree. I slowly slunk away, partly because I figured they needed privacy, and partly because I couldn't afford to stop, I had to talk to the Son of Poseidon. I need his advice, he knows what I'm going through, he did the same thing - but he didn't finish the job. He spared the goddes' life, I didn't. I'm not talking about the same goddess that he is though. Akhlys is still alive, Arke is not. I wonder if her twin felt her passing, probably not. Iris chose the gods, and became their messenger, Arke did the same for the Titans. That betrayal ended up costing her her life, funnily enough, on the orders of the side she betrayed her family for.

Whether or not you've figured it out, I was a sort of hitman when I was in Tartarus. I worked for whoever, whenever. No one retaliated against me, because they all used my, ahh, services. My first serious kill was when I got the tattoo from my mother. I had been without it on all one hundred before that. I know it seems like a lot, but when your targets don't necessarily have a soul, so they can't die, and they're all literal monsters, and you've been stuck in Hell for hundreds of years, it's not so bad. You do what you need to so that you survive. I adapted, and I got a power enhancement as a prize. Before I got the tattoo, I could see fairly well in the dark, and I could summon it - not in great amounts though - and I could shadow-travel short distances, only short because that's more Hades' thing nowadays, I just borrow it from time to time. Now, I can see in the dark, different types of night vision, if you will. The types of night vision I have are: image intensification, active illumination, and thermal imaging. Image intensification essentially works by magnifying the already available light. Active illumination uses light that is not visible to the naked human eye to light up/define images. And thermal imaging shows images that give off heat, such as the human body. (AN: My school is using this sort of thermal imaging camera to check our temperatures throughout the day. It's pretty cool.) I can also summon/control more darkness, and for longer periods, and I can shadow-travel farther. Not as far as Hades' children, but fairly far nonetheless.

Then I killed Arke. That's when I caught His attention. This was only about a few months before they came, and yes, I could tell time down there (my mother taught me). He was the one who told me how to do it. I'm pretty sure He ordered the hit in the first place. Don't ask me why monsters, Titans, gods, and goddesses were putting hits out on each other in a Hell Hole (literally one of the names I gave it) some sort of screwed up politics game I suppose. It doesn't matter though, all that matters is what happened after I got my tattoo.

The ground beneath my feet turned soft, and I realized I had thought my way through the rest of the woods. I was finally on the beach. Camp Half-Blood was bigger than I thought, especially the woods, I must've been walking for an hour at least. I was a lone figure on the shore and headed towards him, thinking it was Percy. He turned around and almost confirmed my suspicion, except he had a full beard, a very loud Hawaiian shirt, and smile lines. I froze, realizing who he was. I was about to turn and run when I heard a voice. It wsn't Poseidon, he was staring at me, he seemed surprised, though I couldn't see why, the gods must have known I was out, that I've been out. This voice made me want to fall to my knees and cry out in fear, no it wasn't Hera, or Athena. It was Hestia, the goddess of the hearth, and home. The reason I was sent to the Pit.

AN: I came up with that twist on the spur of the moment, I was going to use someone else, but decided this would be more shocking. I'm not sure about my writing schedule. I write when I can, post when I'm happy with the length or content of the chapter. I'll try to be consistent, but feel free to PM me nagging for an update, it will be extra motivation. I am taking all honors (which is Pre AP, we just don't call it that at my school) so I might get slammed with homework. Wear your mask, and wash your hands.