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Jacqueline PoV

I woke up in my bunk sweating. That stupid nightmare. I snuck quietly out of my cabin and went for a walk, if the curfew harpies wanted to come eat me, well, I've been looking forward to target practice. I made my way towards Cabin 13, there is someone I need to see.

I get there, and I hear voices inside so I knock and wait. I hear frantic shuffling, and feel a blush rise to my cheeks, I press my (freezing) hands to my cheeks to quiet them, just as the door opens to reveal a skinny, Italian, teenage boy. Sitting on the bed behind him, trying to hide (and failing) is a blonde, blue-eyed, all-American looking teenage boy, blushing furiously. I smirk, and look at the son of Hades in front of me.

"Can we talk?" He looks a little upset, not that I blame him - his history with the Hunters hasn't been great, but nods anyway.

"I have something to ask you," I start, after he lets me inside, I look sideways at the other boy - who is obviously a son of Apollo - before continuing. "I want to say goodbye to Zoë." Nico looks a little confused, then understanding dawns on his face, with a tinge of resentment.

"And why should I help you?" He asks, ignoring the look his boyfriend gave him. "It's not like Zoë did anything good for me, she's the reason my sister joined the Hunters, the reason Bianca is dead." I looked down, but decided to try again.

"I was going to join Lady Artemis' Hunt with her, but got called to war. I was pushed into Tartarus, and when I got out, my sister was already dead. I never got to say goodbye, never got to help her get over Heracles' betrayal. I have a chance to say goodbye to the one person who helped me stay alive, and you refuse because we're Huntresses?" He has the grace to look a little ashamed. "I suppose all of the good things I hear about you were wrong, even if they came from Percy, Annabeth, and Thalia themselves. Thalia's actually the one who told me to come see you, Nico. All I want is one chance to say goodbye. One chance to explain why I left. One chance to tell her the truth about the night I fell into Tartarus. One chance to tell my sister I love her." I could feel my resolve to not cry start to crumble. My dams (hehe) burst when Nico slowly shook his head.

"I'm sorry. I won't do it." He did have some regret in his eyes.

"I shouldn't be surprised!" I shot back through my tears. "Just another LOSER Son of the BIG THREE too IMPORTANT to see past his YEARS OLD grudge to help a SUFFERING person who only wants ONE CHANCE to say goodbye." I'm sure the entire camp could hear me yelling. I didn't care, not anymore. "You STUPID, ARROGANT SON OF HADES! I HOPE YOU GO BACK TO TARTARUS!" He flinched at my last remark, tears now flowing freely down his face. "I'm sorry to have inconvenienced you," my voice was deadly calm. "I should have learned my lesson a millennium ago."

"What lesson?" Ah, so the son of Apollo can speak.

"Never, ever, trust a male. Especially if they have godly blood, or any connection to Apollo or Hades." The boys looked at me, dumbfounded, as I turned on my heel and stalked out, slamming the door behind me. Sure enough, there was a whole host of people outside, listening to the argument. I went straight to Cabin 8 and sobbed. I could feel my sisters beside me, and I welcomed their embrace.

I have been victim to so much betrayal, heartbreak, and disappointment that this shouldn't have bothered me. I guess not having any way to say goodbye is devastating. Not as devastating as what happened next, as the Oracle of Delphi came through the door, her eyes green and smoky.

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