Cries like a little beta bitch. Mumbles like he got autism. Eats hair for power. Has one of the most cancerous fanbases in the history of anime, surpassing even hitman reborn or Dragon ball. Lame Protagonist. A PUSSY in front of girls. Attracts only good diggers and the mentally insane. A weak, pathetic, crybaby, beta bitch. Gets shipped with every single dude In the series because of his virgin energy. Probably will get cucked by the end of the manga. Even his own creator hates him. Only starts training AFTER getting OFA. Needs to be praised to reach the top. Got his ass beat by his boyfriend (bully, but he acts as if he's the end all be all and worships him nonetheless). Doesn't get ranked 1st in popularity polls. Breaks his bones like a kit kat bar. Lame freckles. Rip off of Naruto. His anime isn't even top 5 in Japan.

Chadsta (Asta).

An absolute CHAD. An inspiration to everyone in Canon and In real life. Doesn't have magic, still trains his body. Speaks his mind loud and proud. Has a rivalry that's refreshing. Complete chick magnet, royal bitches want his black BLADE. Absolute BADASS. Knows he can't get the nun, still gonna do all he can to tap that ass. Has an absolute GIGA-CHAD of a author. Has a fandom that's understanding, and patient. He doesn't get shipped with every dude In the series, only BABES. Fights royalty, AND devils. Makes deals with his devil for power. Exudes Chad energy everywhere he walks. Doesn't need anyone to tell him to work towards his goal. Gets ranked in popularity polls at 1st place EVERY SINGLE TIME. A better character than deku. His anime is in the top 5 most popular anime in TV Tokyo's library, competing with yugioh, bleach, naruto, and Pokemon. Has 4 swords under his belt. Calls people bitches.

Authors Comment: Time to watch the crybabies cancel my ass. :)))))