A/N: I'm baacckk! Just like Jack Wilder coming back from the dead, I have returned with the long waited and overdue sequel to my first story Double Trouble: The Disappearing Act. Originally, this story was suppose to come out a while ago but I had gotten busy and kinda had forgetten about it. However, a couple of weeks ago I watched the movie and it reminded me of the sequel and the draft that I had so I figured it was time to put it up! I'm really excited to restart this again because this was my favorite story to write and I'm excited to contiune with the story!

If you are new, I would recommend reading the first story, its not entirely necessary but I do reference some stuff that happens in the first story so I would recommend reading it.


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One Year Earlier

Dylan guestered for the Four Horsemen to follow him into the carousel ride. "The real magic is taking two strong solo acts...and one duo act, and making them all work together. And that's exactly what you did." He turned towards them. The carousel was now spinning wildly, the colors flashing by. "So welcome. Welcome to the Eye."

Danny and Olivia looked at each other, reaching over and grabbing each other's hand.



One Year Later

Olivia mindlessly flipped through the channels on the TV, glancing at the clock ever so often. Minutes seemed to tick by like hours in solitude. Dylan's apartment was cluttered with papers, files, pictures and other random assortments that made it seem smaller and all Olivia could seem to think about nowadays was to be able to go outside without worrying about anyone recognizing her. She missed the days she could freely walk outside or grab a burger without worrying of being spotted. She missed talking to her brother, Jack and Merritt, with his weird and often pervy sense of humor and odd jokes but most of all, she missed Danny. She missed his smug little smile whenever he was right about something or the way he talked about things in a way that made Olivia smile and want to punch him for being so smug about it. She just wanted to see him, even for a little bit. It would make this insufferable wait bearable.

But Olivia knew better. After revealing that Dylan Rhodes aka, Dylan Shrike, was in fact working for the Eye, the Horsemen jumped onto the mystical carousel to a life in the most magical coven in the world. But even with all the glitz, glamour and dazzling illusion, the Eye proved a life different than what is imagined. The Horsemen were swept into hiding, dispersed into different areas to keep up their cover. Jack, Daniel and Merritt had been placed in a small apartment just on the edge of the city, in an abandoned area where not many people lived while Olivia lived with Dylan, being used for her various computer skills to help Dylan while awaiting further instruction from the Eye. Both Danny and Jack, of course objected to the living arrangement, stating that they should all be together but Dylan informed the group that the Eye believe that it would be too much of a liability for them to be around each other and that Olivia's particular set of skills was needed during hiding. During their year of hiding, Olivia didn't see the other horsemen. The last time she had seen her brother or Danny was months ago and it was only for a quick moment.

As Olivia settled on a movie that was playing, she glanced over at Dylan, who was scrambling through a stack of files, rummaging through them like crazy. After moving into Dylan's apartment, she quickly realized how unorganized he actually was and it amazed her that he managed to keep their secret and follow all FBI information at the same time. Of course, Olivia tried to keep the place as organized as possible but Dylan's lack of organization skills seemed to defeat her every time.

"Oh shit, I've got to head to work! I'll be back later tonight." Dylan stated, glancing at his watch. Olivia nodded, turning back to the TV.

"Did you do that thing? The...oh what was it?" Dylan muttered, rummaging through a stack of files on kitchen island.

Olivia held up a stack of freshly printed pages. "Did it last night. It's not hard to photoshop things, you know." She stated as Dylan snatched the papers from her.

"Ha, ha." His laugh was flat and dripping with sarcasm as he shoved the papers in his bag. As Dylan started for the door, the doorbell rang, causing Olivia to jump from the couch.

"Are you expecting someone?" She asked, moving slowly to the other room. Olivia knew that no matter who was at the door, she needed to keep herself away from anyone that came through the apartment that wasn't Dylan.

"Oh yea, I forgot!" Dylan shouted and rushed for the door. For a second, Olivia's heart fluttered, secretly hoping that Jack or Danny was behind the door. Dylan put his hand on the door handle and turned it.


Olivia felt her heart drop in disappointment. Even though Olivia knew that Dylan wouldn't let Danny or Jack near his apartment, she had still secretly hoped that they were the mysterious knock at the door. However, instead of either of them, a young woman around her age stood in the doorway. At first Olivia thought she was an FBI agent but her casual outfit didn't give any indication that she could be one but Olivia felt she knew this girl from somewhere...

"Uhh, Dylan. Who is this?" Olivia asked.

"Oh, Olivia, Lula. Lula, Olivia." Dylan introduced hurriedly and then glanced at his watch. "I gotta go but you two get to know each other and do...whatever the hell it is girls do together."

Dylan slammed the door behind him, leaving the two girls alone in an awkward silence.

"So..Hi, I'm Lula." Lula reintroduced and then laughed a little, trying to relieve some of the awkwardness that clung to the air. She looked around the room, observing the cluttered mess around the apartment. "Wow, you would think that a member of the Eye would have an apartment that was...more magical. Or at least cleaner."

Olivia let out a forced laugh and looked around the room. "Yeah, well, Dylan is a pretty unorganized person, I guess the magic is that he hasn't lost anything in this mess." She stated, still trying to search her memory. Olivia had a gut feeling that she had seen this girl somewhere. Maybe at one of the shows? She thought.

"Wait, okay, I'm sorry, I don't mean to be rude but um...why are you here?" Olivia asked.

"Oh, yeah! I..uh...I wanna be part of the Eye….And meet you...well all of you." Lula rambled.

"Meet us?" Olivia asked. "Oh god, are you some kinda crazed super fan or something?"

"Oh, no!" Lula exclaimed, shaking her head wildly. "Well, I mean, kinda, I've watched all your shows online, especially Jack's parts…"

Oh god, she's a crazy Jack fan girl.

"But I'm actually a magician myself. I've been in the underground magic scene for a while and I guess the Eye-"

At that moment, a little bell went off in Olivia's head. "Omygod, wait." Olivia started, cutting her off. "Wait, wait, no, I know you. You did that…. trick with rabbit and the-"

"Pulled a hat out of the rabbit." Lula finished, her cheeks red from embarrassment. Even though it was eight years ago, Lula still couldn't shake that embarrassing trick.

"A hat of the rabbit, that's right." Olivia chuckled. She remembered when she saw the video on YouTube. Jack and her watched it at least ten times, wondering how she had done it without injuring an animal. They had debated back and forth for months.

"It's a fake rabbit. I'm telling you." Olivia stated as they watched the video for a fifth time. Jack had barged into her room earlier and plopped down his laptop, which had a video titled "Reverse Rabbit out of Hat Trick" written across the top. The video showed a young girl pulling a hat out of a rabbit. It was disgusting, gross and highly entertaining.

"No, that's a real rabbit, look at the body motions. You can't do that with an animatronic." Jack argued, pausing the video and pointing to the body of the white rabbit.

"Dude, have you seen those new animatronics at Disney?" Olivia pointed out. "Those things are so real that Johnny Depp will sometimes go and pretend he's one of the statues and people don't even recognize him."

Jack rolled his eyes. "Jesus Christ, that is not the same thing."

"Yes it is!" Olivia said, gently shoving her brother.

The memory made Olivia's heart ache a little. She missed Jack, they hadn't been separated for this long in years and every day she missed him more and more.

"That was what? Eight years ago?" Olivia asked, moving herself over to the island. She pushed away some of the papers and sat down on one of the chairs and then gestured for Lula to sit.

"Yea, it was." Lula said. "I know, it didn't work."

"Yeah, it was kinda, actually disgusting." Olivia admitted.

"Danny said the same thing." Lula stated casually and Olivia's back straightened. Even the sound of his name made Olivia's heart flutter.

"Wait...what?" Olivia said, slightly taken off guard. Is this part of Dylan's plan?

"Oh yeah. Before I came here. It's actually kinda funny, so I had went to his apartment, you know to meet him and stuff and-"

"Wait, so you saw him?" Olivia asked, her heart jumping at the chance to ask someone about Danny that wasn't Dylan. Dylan was horrible at descriptions and any time she had asked him about Danny or Jack, he barely said more than two words.

"Yeah why?" Lula asked, noticing the tension in Olivia's body. Lula had read multiple fan web pages and blogs where fans had speculated that Danny and Olivia were together or at least were attracted to each other but she had always assumed those were just craze fan fantasies. However, watching Olivia's body language at the mere mention of Danny made Lula think that those fan theories may have been true.

"How did he look?" Olivia asked. "Like...I don't know...did he look okay?"

Lula gave her an odd look. "Um, yeah, I mean besides the shaved head, yeah, I guess." Lula stated warily.

"Yeah?" Olivia asked in reassurance.

"Yeah." Lula said, this time more confidently. "Why do you ask? Haven't you seen him?"

Olivia shook her head. "Not really. With us being on the run from the FBI, we had to split up."

"Damn, that's crazy!" Lula stated, making Olivia chuckle. "But yeah, other than his head shaved, he was fine, well not fine, he was like, super annoyed that I was there." Lula pointed out. "Like is it just new people or is he always kind of a dick to everyone?"

Olivia laughed a little harder. "Yeah, he doesn't really like surprises. He's kinda a control freak." Olivia chuckled.

"I could tell."

Both girls bursted out laughing as if Lula's comment was the funniest thing they had ever heard.

Maybe this new girl won't be so bad.