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"Welcome Octa insiders, bloggers and journalists. We are delighted that you joined us to participate in our special event! Today marks the beginning of a bright new futureā€¦"

The Octa Launch Party was one of the most popular and anticipated event of the year. Thousands of tech bloggers, journalists and tech enthusiasts from all over the country were arriving for the special release party hosted by Octa's billionaire playboy, Owen Case. The room would be filled with thousands of people, all waiting for the new exciting next-generation cell phone and while security was ready for intrusive bloggers and reporters trying to get exclusive coverage, they had no idea of the surprise that the launch party was about to see, especially with that fact that one Jack Wilder was hiding among them.

"Oh, just to let you know, there have been a couple of surprise guests, Owen wants you to follow his lead." Jack informed the security team, handing them the forged security notice Liv had made several hours prior. Turning away, Jack started walking towards one of the hallways leading backstage and whispered into the small walkie talkie hidden in his jacket.

"We're all good on security. Heading up to the control room now." Jack stated, making his way through the crowded hallway.

"Alright thanks Jack." Dylan said, whispering into his own cell phone as he hid in the shadows of the entrance way near the stage. Dylan glanced at his watch, noting the time. As scheduled, Owen Case was to arrive at the back entrance in the next couple of minutes. "Liv." He called into his phone. "You're up."

At the back entrance, hidden in one of the hallways, was Olivia, dressed in a professional black dress, holding a clipboard with a release form attached to it and a false ID badge around her neck. Olivia watched as Owen hurriedly got out of the limousine and entered the building, yelling at some of the people around him.

"Mr. Case, Janet from Legal." Olivia introduced herself, rushing up next to him, pushing past one of his assistants. "Just need your signature on this." She said, holding out the clipboard. Without looking at the paper, Owen quickly signed his name before turning back to his assistance, not realizing what he had just signed. When the group was out of sight, Olivia tapped her ear. "Got his signature. Going to meet Danny now." She informed him before rushing down the hallway.

Flying past most of the staff, Olivia quickly threw away her badge and the clipboard, placing the release form in the hidden pocket of her dress. Pushing past the double doors, Olivia flew down the stairs, quickly grabbing the blazer and new ID badge that she had placed at the bottom of the stairwell, changing into her new identity. Feeling around inside the pocket, she made sure that the flash drive containing the shows new graphics was still in the pockets. As she entered the basement, she saw Danny standing against one of the concrete walls.

"You look nice." He admired as he looked Olivia up and down, a smug smile adorning his face.

Olivia gave him a matching look. "Wish I could say the same about you." Olivia regarded as she gestured to the black Octa jumpsuit Danny was currently wearing.

"After you." Danny said, stretching his hand out towards the corridor. As Olivia walked past, she grabbed his hand and gave it a small squeeze.

As the two came up on the security room, a small area in the back with all the security monitors and surrounded by iron gate walls, Olivia dropped her hand from his, making sure the security guard inside didn't see them.

"You're turn." Olivia stated before Danny rushed past her and into the room. Olivia rushed to the side of the area, keeping hidden from anyone's view.

"Hey there buddy! Smile" Danny greeted the security guard as he flashed a small camera. The security guard was stunned for a moment, the large flash clouding his eyes.

"What-who are you?" The security guard said as he blinked furiously.

"Who am I? It's picture day. Did Julie not tell you it's picture day?" Danny asked as he placed the camera on a table, watching as the film popped out of the camera. As the security guard continued to question Danny's presence, Danny quickly pulled out an ID badge, sticking the security guards picture in it.

"Look, I got a job to do!" The security guard protested.

"I got a job to do too." Danny stated as he pulled out a walkie talkie. "I'm going to need some backup here."

"Wait, hold on a second!"

"Ya, security. My name is Bo Walsh." Danny said into the walkie-talkie, grabbing hold of the security guards ID badge while also placing a false medical bracelet for Evans Mental Facility.

"No wait! I'm Bo Walsh! Not this guy, he's Bo Walsh." He screamed into the walkie-talkie as he grabbed it from Danny.

"Hey, hey, hey! What's going on here." Two members from the security detail questioned as they entered the room.

"This guy just came in here and put a flashlight in my eyes!" Bo Walsh screamed, pointing at Danny accusingly.

"You might want to check that guy's badge there. Who is this guy?" Danny told the guys as the two security guards grabbed hold of Bo Walsh.

"It says here, Evans mental facility. Mark D. Stooge" One of them stated. Bo Walsh's eyes widened.

"I've never seen this before in my life!" He protested as the two security guards began dragging him out of the area. Once the three of them were out of the area and down the hall, Olivia snuck into the room.

"God, you can not trust anybody in this city anymore, can you?" Danny asked, giving Olivia a smirk.

"Clearly, since everyone is for themselves." Olivia stated, throwing Danny's words back at him.

"Oh come on, that's not what I meant." Danny explained as he plugged in a large router to the electricity panel.

"Oh really? Olivia asked as she pulled out the flash drive from her pocket and stuck it into the main control. "Because it sounded like you meant you don't need anyone." Olivia explained as she watched the flash drive content upload to the computer. "Dylan, I'm taking over the circuit board. Danny and I are leaving soon."

"Okay, great. Lula, show these guys what you're made of." Dylan said, watching as Lula started for the kitchen area.

"Liv, come on, that's not what I meant." Danny pleaded, placing his hand on hers. "I wasn't saying that I don't need anyone." Olivia pulled away from the screen to look at Danny in the eyes. "I just am saying that I don't think Dylan's is as slick as you, Jack and Merritt think he is." Danny admitted.

"Are you sure it's not your ego that's thinking that? That for once someone might be smarter than the great J. Daniel Atlas." Olivia asked Danny, watching the insecurity flash in his eyes.

"Dylan's not smarter than me." Danny hissed, pulling his eyes away from Olivia's and stared intently at the computer screen, watching the uploading bar move. "You're just saying he is because you lived with him for a full year." Danny mumbled and Olivia gave him a wide smirk.

"I'm sorry but do I detect a little jealousy there?" Olivia poked.

Danny rolled his eyes and scoffed. "Oh, no. No, absolutely not." He protested.

Before Olivia could make another comment, Jack rushed in, interrupting the two. "Hey, guys, we gotta get up to the stage." Jack informed them and then noticed the odd tension in the room. "Uhh...am I interrupting something?" He asked.

"No!" Both of them said quickly, moving slightly apart at Jack's comment.

"Okay, then let's go." Jack said as he walked out of the room.

Olivia pulled the flash drive from the computer. "Let's go."

As Olivia started for the exit, Danny grabbed her hand, pulling her back. He stared at her for a moment, looking into her big, brown eyes. If they weren't currently exposing a pretentious, high-profile billionaire, Danny could have been happy just standing with Liv for hours. It reminded him of New York, with the two of them standing in the elevator. Back then he was at a loss for words, unsure of what to do. Two years ago, he didn't expect a girl to come into his life that would make him utterly speechless and even now, he couldn't find the right words to say. With Liv, there were never enough words.

'Merritt did say something about being corked up...' Danny thought, remembering Merritt's inappropriate comment regarding Olivia and Danny's personal life. Even though the comment itself annoyed Danny, it did give him an idea. Before Olivia could say anything, Danny planted his lips on hers and pulled her in so she was flush against him.

Olivia's heart fluttered when she felt Danny's lips on hers. It had been a while since they had seen each other, let alone be able to kiss each other and Olivia couldn't help the sigh that escaped from her mouth as Danny pulled her in. Even after a year, the goosebumps on her arms rippled as she felt Danny's lips on hers and her heart beat faster than it should be. She missed him a lot and even though the year had been tough, she was glad to know that he still wanted to be around her and the comment that Danny had made yesterday drifted from her mind as she let herself be lost in the kiss.

Just as quickly as he kissed her, Danny pulled away, looking at the deep bliss in Olivia's dark brown eyes. Maybe Merritt was right about being corked up...Danny thought.

"What was that for?" Olivia asked, saddened that the kiss had ended so quickly.

"Just..um...thought you might need a little...uncorking?" Danny mentally kicked himself for the poor choice of word.

Olivia rolled her eyes. "Turning into Merritt, are we?" She asked sarcastically.

"Guys, come on!" Jack shouted from the hallway.

Olivia grabbed Danny's hand and gave it a squeeze. "Show time."

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