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It was a beautiful summer day. Natalia and Horatio were relaxing on one of the deck chairs by the poolside. Natalia sighed. At the moment, she and Horatio were at the most romantic all-inclusive Sandals resort in St. George, Grenada, for their honeymoon.

The last ten days explored the island, and what it had to offer: diving, rum distillery, a tour of the chocolate company, and a tour of a spice plantation. They visited nearby Martinique and enjoyed fish Friday along with listening to steel pan music, which was much more different than what they heard back in Miami. They then visited Fort Matthew made the climb up magnificent views made arduous hike the more worthwhile. They also participated in water and land sports and had a blast doing so. As much as they explored the outside, they also stayed in and explored each other.

Now on their last day, and they were enjoying their last day snuggling and making out. A short time later, Natalia said, "I am going to go for a swim because it could be a while before swimming again."

With that, she got up but not before exchanging another kiss. After she got in the pool, Horatio rested on the deck chair he reminisced back to their wedding.

-Ten days earlier-

It was a sunny day in Santa Monica, their big day had arrived, and they couldn't be more ready. They choose to go small and intimate; it was easier since their jobs were demanding. For the location, Natalia and Horatio would have picked one of the sandy beaches in Miami. Still, because of the kidnappings and deaths, they decided to have it close to where Horatio proposed to her.

Once Calleigh, Maxine, Anya, and Christine made their way down the aisle as the maid of honor and bridesmaids, the Bridal Chorus began to play, and everyone stood up. There appeared his beautiful bride with her parents. She had on an off-the-shoulder ball gown wedding dress that hugged her curvy body like a hug, causing Horatio's heart rate to rise a little and swayed a little. Kyle (who was sharing co-best man duties with Eric) noticed his father's sway a little he leaned in whispered, "Dad, I don't think you would want to faint right as your bride arrives."

Horatio steadied himself and nodded as Natalia reached the altar. Once her father Jeffrey had kissed her, he placed Natalia's into Horatio's, they then joined both hands and became lost in their little world. It wasn't long before the officiant announced, "Now Horatio and Natalia have opted to say their vows. Go ahead, Natalia."

Taking his hands in hers and with mists in her eyes, she began. "Horatio, my handsome Ginger man. I never thought I would never find love again. Then you came and showed me what real love is all about. You loved and treated me like a queen, and with respect, and I will be forever grateful. Horatio, my promise to you is that I will try to be worthy of your love and trust. I promise that I will be honest as well as be kind, patient, and forgiving. But most of all, Horatio, I promise to be a true and loyal friend to you. I love you."

Horatio brought Natalia's hands up for a kiss and said, "Natalia, I was completely lost after losing someone close to my heart. You came in and have shown that it is possible to love again. I promise to love you in good times and in bad, and I cherish you and respect you. Natalia, I give these things I give to you today for the rest of our life."

Once the final blessing was performed, the officiant said, "Horatio and Natalia have vowed their life and love in front of you all today. Now vested in me in the state of California. I now pronounce husband and wife."

Turning to Horatio, the officiant said, "You may kiss the bride."

Horatio stepped closer and pulled her into a loving kiss. Natalia held him even closer and gave him an equally loving kiss.

The officiant announced, "It's with great honor that I now present to you, Mr. and Mrs. Horatio Caine!"

The entire wedding guests all stood up and cheered as they made their way down the recessional as husband and wife.

Horatio deep in thought but lost his train of thought when he saw her exiting the pool dripping wet and looking like a million bucks. He got up and met her halfway by taking her in his arms and before she had a chance to towel off. He threw her off a little only for him to sweep her up in a sizzling kiss. When they parted lips, she said in an erotic tone, "Hey handsome I'm about to head off the shower, would you like to join me and possibly work on our honeymoon baby?"

Horatio didn't need to be asked a second time. He jumped up and took her in his arms and said, "Let's go, my love."

They soon had a trail of clothing that led to their bathroom.

~10 months after the honeymoon, 2015~

The pregnancy had been smooth, and the delivery was fast. Natalia and she eve decided that she wanted to go without an epidural, which led Horatio to admire her even more. She pushed long and hard, and it wasn't long, and Baby Girl Caine had come into the world screaming loud and clear. Natalia held her for mother to newborn skin to skin contact for a little before letting daddy do the same and Natalia getting the sleep she needed.

They knew that Kyle would be coming soon, the Boa Vistas along with Christine and her family, and Anya would come by after lunch.

As Horatio held his daughter, he relished being able to hold a baby in his arms. He knew that babies grew up so fast, and he was cherishing this moment.

After Horatio had completed his part of the skin to skin contact, he held her in his arms as baby girl Caine slept. Horatio whispered, "My darling daughter, your mama, big brother Kyle and I have been waiting for you. We loved you when we found out you would be coming to us. You have many uncles and aunties who love you and will protect no matter what."

No sooner had Horatio finish talking to his daughter when he heard, "Dad?"

Horatio turned around and saw Kyle with balloons, flowers for Natalia, and a teddy bear for the baby. Putting a finger to his lips and nodded to the side Kyle knew what that meant. Setting down the gifts, he hugged his dad, Kyle asked, "How's Natalia?"

Horatio replied, "It was a long, and she is getting the sleep she deserved. As soon as he had said that when Natalia woke up, "Did I hear someone call my name?"

Kyle walked over and hugged his step-mother, "Hey mom, how are you feeling?"

Natalia was so happy when Kyle began calling her mom. She welcomed him with open arms and knew that he needed the mothering touch that he didn't get with Julia. Natalia said with a tired smile, "Sleepy and sore but otherwise happy."

Kyle saw the pink bundle and asked, "Is that, my little sister?"

Horatio answered, "It is, would you like to hold her?"

Kyle was nervous, but Natalia said reassuringlu, "Don't worry, you will be great."

Horatio gently placed his daughter into her big brother's waiting arms, and Kyle asked, "What is her name?"

Horatio said, "Son, meet Erin Marika Caine."

Natalia added, "Right now, you are the first to know."

With a smile on his face, Kyle said, "I will remain quiet until everyone knows. He looked at his sleeping baby sister, "Hey Erin. It's your big brother here. You are lucky to have the best parents ever. As for me I will make sure you are protected, loved, and teach you all the things you need to know."

With that, Kyle saw a hint of a smile from his baby sister, and it warmed his heart even more. Half an hour later Kyle had left to work at the Police Department in nearby Parkland. Just before visiting hours ended for the day, the dayshift team with tons of gifts in hand arrived at the hospital to visit with the new family. Eric gave his boss and former brother-in-law and said, "Hey H, Natalia, congrats you the birth of your daughter."

Calleigh and Alexx made a beeline for Natalia. When the ladies saw her head peeking out, "She is so beautiful!"

Ryan, who was close by with Walter, pointed out, "No, duh look at who her parents are."

Walter poked Ryan and said, "Save the dry wit for the job, man."

With Calleigh holding the newborn, Alexx said, "No matter what, we are going to spoil this little girl."

Eric asked, "So have you guys decided on a name for this little cutie?"

With a teary smile, Natalia said, "Ok, you know how Horatio and I were hesitant at one point before we go together?"

Everyone nods. Natalia continues, "Well, Horatio and I had a guardian angel who gave us the nudge we needed. Well, we saw this middle name. We thought it was perfect. Everyone, Horatio, and I would like you to meet Erin Marika Caine."

Everyone in the room gasped. Eric was especially moved. Eric shed tears of joy, and said, "I am happy you and H decided to honor Mari. I know that would she be honored and will be Erin's guardian angel."

Everyone nodded in agreement. Just then, the team all felt a breeze come into the room. But only Eric and Horatio smelled Marisol's favorite fragrance and knew they knew was with them in spirit. Indeed Marisol was present. She bent down, kissed her brother's and Horatio's cheek which was followed little Erin's forehead. Right then, the baby opened her eyes, instead of it being blue like Horatio's it was a shade of brown that could only match Marisol. They all knew then Mari was a part of Erin and of course, watch Erin grow up and help guide her.

Indeed it was their heart's desires that helped them get what they each's other's love.

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