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Author's note: This is dedicated to Commander Emma West, Mr Xandu, Jenna Stetson, Kelly XXX, Jenny Edwards and Jake Poopenstein.

Valentine's Day for Bev

Doctor Beverly Crusher enter her office aboard the Enterprise D.

She is surprised when she find a PADD on the table.

The PADD flash blue, which means there's an active file on it, waiting for her.

Beverly grab the PADD and press open.

The file opens and it turns out that the file is a 24th century version of a Valentine's Day card.

On the small screen it says "Happy Valentine's Day, Beverly."

"I'd almost forgotten that today's Valentine's Day. Awwo, so sweet." says Beverly.

She wonder who left her a Valentine's Day card.

Beverly has no idea who it can be.

She starts to work.

"Who care about me?" thinks Beverly while she work.

She really wanna know who gave her the Valentine's Day card.

"Doctor, Miss Evans is ready for her treatment." says Nurse Ogawa.

"Good. I'll be there in a few." says Beverly.

5 minutes later, Beverly treat Crewman Jessica Evans.

Beverly focus on her job, even though she really wanna know who wish her a happy Valentine's Day via PADD.

She is very curious to find out who it is.

4 hours later, Beverly eat lunch in Ten Forward.

She see Riker and Worf having lunch too by a taple on the other side of the room.

"I'm sure it's none of them." thinks Beverly.

Captain Jean-Luc Picard enter the room.

Beverly wonder if it is him.

She know that he has certain feelings for her.

"Maybe..." thinks Beverly.

After the captain has been given a cup of tea and a plate of bacon and eggs, Beverly gesture to him that he can sit with her.

"Thank you." says Captain Picard and he join Beverly by her table.

"No problem, sir." says Beverly.

"I happen to remember that it's Valentine's Day." says Captain Picard.

"When Jack was alive I'd always look forward to it, but I've not celebrated Valentine's Day since his death." says Beverly.

"That makes sense. I assume it might be feel too painful." says Captain Picard.

"Correct, but I miss having a man." says Beverly.

"Do you?" says Captain Picard surprised.

"Yes, sir." says Beverly.

"Then perhaps you should try to date again." says Captain Picard.

"I think I'm a bit too old for that." says Beverly.

"Never say never, doctor. Life's short and we should enjoy it while we still can." says Captain Picard.

"Sweet advice." says Beverly, now feeling like she's talking to a friend and not just her superior officer.

"Okay. You're welcome." says Captain Picard.

"Nice." says Beverly.

"Indeed." says Captain Picard.

"Uh...did you leave me a Valentine's Day card on a PADD in my office?" says Beverly.

"No, I did not." says Captain Picard.

"Okay. Somene did and I thought maybe it was you, captain." says Beverly.

"It was not. Check the internal sensors, that should reveal who did it." says Captain Picard.

"How stupid of me to not think of that." says Beverly.

22 minutes later.

Beverly is in her office.

She access the internal sensors.

A video-file appear on her desktop computer.

In the video she sees a man enter her office at night and place the PADD on her desk, but since it was dark in the room during the night she cannot see who the man is.

"Computer, idantify the an in this video." says Beverly.

"Unable to, sensor resolution at the time-index of this video-recording was below 40 %." says the computer's voice.

"Why?" says Beverly.

"Access to that information is restricted." says the computer.

"By who?" says Beverly.

"Access to that information is restricted." says the computer.

"Indentify the species of the man in the video." says Beverly.

"100 % human." says the computer.

"Can his age be comfirmed...?" says Beverly.

"Unable to, sensor resolution is below 40 %." says the computer.

Beverly want to know who the man is.

She feel kind of sad.

When Jack was still alive he'd fuck her soooo good on Valentine's Day and cum in her.

This was always very fun and cozy for Beverly.

Now she has no man.

She takes her break for the day and walk to her quarters.

She open the bottom drawer of her nightstand and grab something from under some blankets.

It an 'erotic stimulator' which is basically the 24th century equivalent of a rabbit-dildo.

Beverly open up her uniform in the pussy-area and slide the stimulator into her pussy.

She then switch on the stimulator and it starts to vibrate.

"Mmmm, yay!" moans Beverly as she fuck herself with the stimulator.

It feels very good for her.

"Awwww! Fuck..." moans Beverly.

The word 'fuck' hasn't come from her mouth in a long time.

She blush at this fact, even if she's in the privacy of her own quarters.

"Horny is what I am!" moans Beverly.

Beverly hasn't been this horny in at least a few months.

"Mmmm, damn!" moans Beverly.

20 minutes later.

"Holy shit...yes!" moans Beverly as she get a big orgasm and squirt.

This is the first squirting orgasm she's had after Jack's death.

It is the mystery of who left her that Valentine's Day greeting that excite her, making her horny like a normal woman.

Beverly is surprised that she squirted.

She thought she had lost the ability to do so when Jack died.

"Okay, that was a lot of fun." says Beverly.

2 hours later.

"I can't just forget." mumbles Beverly, thinking about who it can be that left her the Valentine's Day greeting.

She update some crewmembers' medical-files, while trying to figure out who the man that left her the Valentine's Day greeting truly is.

"Who can it be...?" thinks Beverly.

"Doctor Crusher, report to my ready room." says Captain Picard over the inter-com.

"On my way, sir." says Beverly as she tap her combadge.

She walk to Captain Picard's ready room.

"I'm here, sir." says Beverly as she enter Captain Picard's ready room.

"Nice. Happy Valentine's Day, Bev." says Captain Picard.

Beverly now sees a very nice dinner on the table.

"So it was you, Jean-Luc...I mean, sir." says Beverly.

"Yes, I wanted to surprise you. After all these years you deserve a less than worthless Valentine's Day." says Captain Picard.

They eat in comfortable sweet silence.

Beverly is happy to get a good Valentine's Dat for a change. This is the first Valentine's day without Jack where she doesn't have to cry herself to sleep.

"Awww, this food tastes wonderful." says Beverly.

"I'm glad you like it." says Captain Picard.

50 minutes later, after the dinner.

"How about a dance?" says Captain Picard.

"That'd be a lot of fun." says Beverly.

"Computer, DeLa Vega's third tango, traditional version." says Captain Picard.

Spanish tango-music starts to play.

Beverly and Captain Picard dance.

It is clear that Beverly enjoy this.

"You've not any dangcing skills over the years, Bev." says Captain Picard.

"Neither have you, Jean-Luc." says Beverly.

"I guess that's correct." says Captain Picard.

Beverly gives Captain Picard a kiss.

She love him so much and cannot help herself. She has to kiss him.

The End.