It took a long time for Amaria to return all of the wedding decorations and cancel the plans. There was not going to be a wedding. People had 2 choices either to hand back the wedding invitations so Amaria could throw them all away, or throw it out themselves.

Ethan, of course, had made himself invisible. That was good for Amaria because she didnt want to talk to him, anyway. Amaria tried to go through her daily routines which were to wake up,eat breakfast,go to work. She didn't want to even bother trying anymore.

As each day goes by, with her doing the same routines, it began to feel more and more lonely. so she stopped by the yogurt shop. There was a break out of usual routine when she and her mom used to go to when she was a child to pick up chocolate flavored yogurt with sprinkles then stopped by a pizza place to pick up pizza,chicken wings and calamari for herself.

So ,when she got back home while it was almost sunset. She sat in the living room of her apartment to put on the tv to watch, "Titanic". It was a movie to cry to. She settled into the couch to eat her food. Until she heard her phone ringing. She picked it up the phone to see who it was.. it was her mom!? Amaria had placed the phone against her ear,

"Hello.",she said.

"Hey sweetie, I want to see how you are doing.",said Kelly

"I'm doing good.", answered Amaria, as she tried to lie.

"Wait, is that Celine Dion's song, "My Heart Will Go On"? Baby, are you watching,"Titanc?",asked Kelly.

Amaria then gulped, "'s Heart Attack.",by Demi Lovato..."

"Amaria, I know your lying! You know I'm getting too old to have my kids lying to me..."said Kelly almost making Amaria laugh.

Her mother and father still had to raise Sai and Priya now. Sai, was now 18 ,and, Priya, who was now 15 made Amaria think that they were giving her mom a hard time. Sai probably was being responsible. He was always studying in college ,but, Priya from what she had heard was keeping her mom's feet active by sneaking out at night,hanging out with "bad people" and since she decided to dye her hair purple her mom and dad are now watching her like a hawk.

"No I really am fine mom it's his fault and I have to accept that." Amaria assired her.

" I'm always going to be your mom and help you whatever you get what you need."said Kelly

"I know mom but listen I'm 24 almost close to 25 I'm not going to be your baby anymore." Told Amaria

"I understand but that doesn't stop me from being your mom I'm always hear when you need me okay?",said Kelly

"Okay." ,agreed Amaria.

"Bye love you.",continued Amaria.

She hung up on her mom and after a few minutes watching "Titanic" Amaria then changed into her pajamas and made her way to the bed. She shut off the light and went to sleep. She couldn't think about her conversation she had with her mom. What her mom doesn't know is that she feels "alone" in her apartment...