Amaria had driven all the way from her apartment building to her old house. This was the one she used to live with her mom,stepdad and half siblings. Today was Sai's 19th birthday. Amaria couldn't believe that her brother was so close to 20. The thought of Sai's birthday was even more special i

as it's on St Patrick's Day. This holiday the Irish people celebrate a man who was eventually called Saint Patrick. He was considered very brave and chased the snakes out of Ireland. Even though her brother's birthday was the happiest moment for her and her whole family, Amaria had to come clean to her family that she had been drinking since New Years Eve. She knew it would hurt everyone including her mother, but, she had no other choice. Telling the truth was always the right thing as she pulled up in front of the house, ran up the steps to knock on the door as her mother was the first one to open it to let her in.

Few Minutes Later in The House~

The entire family was gathered around the table singing "Happy Birthday" to Sai. Kelly laid out a St Patrick's Day Birthday cake for him that had nineteen birthday candles on it. Kelly,Andy and Priya were the only ones that were singing. Amaria was smiling, but, Kelly saw that Amaria was only smiling and not singing. She walked up close to her to pull aside while Sai was eating his birthday cake with Andy and Priya.

"Amaria, what's wrong you're not singing with us?", asked Kelly.

Amaria's face became concerned and worried because Kelly had taught her when she reached 21 not to drink. While she was in college at that time or in later adulthood and how dangerous alcohol can be when it affects people. The example of her grandfather was horrifying. Amaria looked over at mother she exhaled as tears came down from her eyes,

"Mom,Mama I started drinking...", admitted Amaria.