Chapter 4 - Legacy

Harry and the twins planned a few pranks, and showed off the parseltongue potion. And a few other new ones as well. But this potion! This potion had potential to bring down the Malfoy heir for good!

But was this his chance before flying class? This potion could be epic! Malfoy would never drink anything Harry offered, but he had seen the spell to put potions into people often enough. That would do it. Maybe?

Or were they going to just put potions into treats and leave them out? That might work for some things. Now that was a diabolical plot!

Wouldn't work on the Malfoy heir. He'd be looking for potions. Or poisons.

The timing couldn't be better for testing this potion. This could be epic!

And now, finally! It was flying lessons. Poor Neville. He had received something from his father in the mail. His grandmother told Neville that Frank had been quite forgetful, so sent his Remembrall. Sitting there, at the table with no outer robes, it proved it worked. Well, kinda. It didn't say what you forgot.

Harry thought about getting Arthur one for Christmas, and gave it up as a bad job. He might as well just send him a ball of red smoke.

Same result.

Harry looked at the empty potion vial. This was good. This would be his Legacy! He focused on her rather than Malfoy. Wouldn't want to give the surprise away after all if he felt something go into his tummy.

But then they had gone to the pitch together.

Harry looked at Hermione's face and realized his mind had been drifting. She was clearly terrified, and this girl had helped aurors fight the Dark Lord!

"Hey, you okay?" Harry reached for her hand that she squished. Way too hard.

"Heights. I don't really like heights. And do these brooms look all that safe to you?"

Upon her command for up, the thing flipped over like a pancake.

"Flying is great Hermione! Really! And I'll help you! I promise."

He touched the staff on his back while her eyes were closed. He fed magic into it, straightened bent bristles, filled in cracks. She was clearly whispering to encourage herself.

When she opened her eyes, the broom somehow looked better.

"Did you trade brooms with me? Yours flew into your hand, after all."

"Can't fool you. Well, it looks a little better, and I thought that…"

"Get down here boy!" Hooch called, but it wasn't Harry in trouble, he was on the ground after all, but his dormmate.

Harry panicked. He wanted to help Neville, but didn't know what to do.

He felt bad when his roommate crashed like that. Poor bloke!

The teacher really should have locked up the brooms if she didn't want someone taking off.

Malfoy was hovering there, bouncing Neville's Remembrall in his slimy hand.

"Malfoy, we know that this is how your family gets its wealth, but come on! Stop stealing! Family values or not, it's just wrong!" Harry goaded, touching his staff, and starting to retrieve the magic of the broom into a storage crystal.

"You should know about stealing." Malfoy accused.

Harry smirked. Perfect!

"Why don't you ask Lord Black why he made his son his heir rather than you!"

"You admit you're a bastard!" Malfoy screamed.

"You've never heard of adoption? My godfather, Sirius Black, my sworn godfather, adopted me after my parents, legally and lawfully married parents were murdered. By you know. Voldemort."

His staff was doing it, the broom was slowly losing height.

"He's in Azkaban! He can't be Lord Black! He can't legally adopt you! You can't be the legal heir!"

Daphne Greengrass' mother was a solicitor, and a scary one. The girl had picked up a thing or two at home.

"Draco! Stop it! If he is wearing the official heir ring, then it is legal. Magic decided. I'll write to my mother and find out how this happened. It is odd."

Harry beamed at the pureblood princess.

Hermione glared at Daphne for receiving that look! He wanted to kiss her!

But it was gone in a flash.

"I'll just put Neville's toy up here for the squib to find."

Draco was trying to get the broom to go up to the tree, but it was flagging.

"You know you have to be magical to fly a broom, right Draco? I mean Malfoy? Neville's old broom may have flown wonky, but it did fly."

"That's it Potter! I challenge you! Honor duel! And when I win, I will be the Black heir."

"Oh, and I suppose that you'll give me the Malfoy heir ring should you lose? Denounce your heritage?"

"Yes! I'll swear an oath!"

The braggart potion worked! And the spell to get it into his stomach worked! It shouldn't have, well, Harry's intent was to get Sirius' freedom to walk around. And the potion wouldn't hurt Draco.

Just make him act on all the things he thought to be true.

"I accept."

"Trophy room, midnight."

"Tut, tut Malfoy. You challenged me, after all. I choose. Great Hall. After lunch. As for my second…

"I'm Harry's second." Ron piped in.

"Are you sure Ron? I don't want to explain to Auntie Molly if you got hurt."

"I am." Ron said, there was no way he was missing out on this!

"Crabbe will do it for me." Malfoy stated, the burly boy nodded and cracked his knuckles.

Draco seemed to just now notice that he was standing on the ground, holding his now drained broom in his hand.

"What are the rules regarding dueling a squib again?" Harry asked Ron, ignoring the spluttering behind him.

After that, it was a calm, collected flying lesson. Ron watched over Neville, Harry watched over Hermione…

And Malfoy got another detention for disobeying Madam Hooch.

All in all a great day.


Harry had a very busy time before lunch, and arrived late.

"Scared Potter?"

"You wish!"

Bets were being handled by the twins. Harry had to ask Flitwick about the use of potions in a duel. As long as they were not on the banned list, approved beforehand, he could. Good. This was too important to have it go badly.

Harry got his potions in, wishing he could use his staff. Moony was looking pale; likely Sirius was listening in again.

It would be black and inky in a pocket. Would Sirius get motion sick?

Best do this quickly.

Professor Snape was giving advice to Draco. He took a moment to glare at Harry. Yep, he completely approved of this mess.

Maybe he could see the benefits?

As soon as lunch was done, the Headmaster stood.

"Draco Malfoy, as the challenger, do you wish to renege the challenge? Mr. Black, do you wish to renege the challenge? Then I declare this honor duel legal and binding. Refereeing is Filius Flitwick and Severus Snape. Any objections? Mr. Black has several potions pre-approved, Mr. Malfoy has the one pepper up allowed.

"Now, unless there are any other objections, let the duel begin!

All of the tables had been stacked on one side of the room, a raised platform in front of them.

Shimmering wards were in front, ready to protect the spectators from any random spells.

For several minutes Harry just dodged. He threw a couple of disarming hexes, and a tickling jinx, but nothing serious.

Then Draco cast the spell to summon snakes, serpensortia. Harry drank the water in the vial marked for the parseltongue potion, and told it to go and eat the one who summoned him. Nodding, the snake turned, and it took Draco a moment to banish it back.

Then Draco cast sectumsempra. It was on the banned list for a duel, as it could cause death, and was an immediate forfeit. Harry dodged, tried to shield, but burnt out his wand in the attempt to use that much power so quickly.

The heir to the Black and Potter family had successfully dodged most of it, but was still terribly wounded. He dropped like a puppet with its strings cut.

"I win! I win!..." Draco started to cheer, but was dropped by a stunner. From Professor Snape, and wrapped in ropes from Flitwick.

The Headmaster had everyone not helping Harry ordered out. Penny and Hermione refused to move, hands clasped together in support. Several of age students stayed, as did the Parkinson chit.

Professor Lupin's eyes had gone completely amber, and he had to be restrained from killing the blond ponce with his bare hands.

Pale and shaking, Snape ran, kneeling beside the Potter boy. One of his contacts was out. A green eye, Lily's eye looked at him. Then closed.

Casting the counter to the spell, praying to anyone listening, he worked to rescue the boy. The wounds closed. Poppy was there, administering the blood replenishment. Then a healer from St. Mungo's was there, impossibly fast, via house-elf.

But it wasn't enough.

Harry's heart stopped.

The healer stepped back, making notes for the death certificate. Poppy started crying. Snape looked murderous.

Penny took the stairs, Hermione on her heels.

"You know how?" the older girl asked.

With her nod, she laid Harry out flat, clearing his airway, Hermione giving the breaths.

"What in the world?" Poppy asked, preparing to interfere but the headmaster stopped. It was better that these girls did it. It had been too long since his last refresher course.

Penny's efforts were flagging, Weatherwight was ready to intercede, when there was a sudden movement.

Harry coughed, and Poppy took over. Lupin was there in a flash cradling his head, bathing his face with his grateful tears.

"How? He was dead?" Filius asked.

Penny rubbed her aching arms. "Muggle CPR sir. Don't ask me what the initial means. Gets the heart going by compressing on the ribs. Saves lives in the muggle world. I had to have it to babysit. Never used it before on a person."

"One hundred points each to Ravenclaw and Gryffindor. Now, we've got aurors that need to be called. Miss Clearwater and Miss Granger, please go with Poppy to the infirmary." The headmaster directed. Lupin picked up the boy in inhumanely strong yet gentle arms.

"Wait sir, Harry's ring." Hermione reminded him, going over to the boy wrapped in ropes.

"You dishonorable, miserable little cockroach! You tried to kill my first friend." She pulled off the Malfoy ring from his finger. Then kicked his shin, hard. "Oops."

Hermione was not the only one who stayed for a beau. Pansy clearly wanted to grab the ring back, but was sent to her common room by the potions master.

If it had been Draco Malfoy's ring, nothing could have removed it. It left his finger easily, almost begging to leave.

"Is he old enough to go to jail Headmaster?" Hermione asked in a sick voice.

"He's old enough to murder, Miss Granger. If there was any fairness in the world, he would be. He certainly should be."


The Slytherin first years were not happy.

"That jumped up little mudblood is going to get hers! Putting hands on my Draco!" Pansy sneered.

Mr. Fairchild looked up from his studies. "Detention, Miss Parkinson."

"All I said was…"

"Repeat that vile epithet and I will give you a second detention with the caretaker of our fine school. Need I remind you how Mr. Malfoy fared there?"

"She stole his ring!" Pansy snapped.

"Miss Parkinson! You are upset, and for that I have excused your tone if not your racial slurs. You are a product of your prejudiced upbringing. So let me give you a few truths about the Malfoy legacy."

Even the older students were listening now.

"Proof of past malfeasance was recently registered with the Ministry of Magic. You are of course aware of the rumors surrounding the Malfoy family? That the Weasleys once owned that manor house." Their head of house said.

"Yes, but it's nonsense! Draco told me that that is why there is a blood feud. To stop the lies."

"But it isn't a lie. Narcissa Malfoy turned over the evidence herself in order to be reinstated to the House of Black. You don't get it. The Malfoys used muggle cards. Marked cards, no magic. They cheated. They stole. They lied. And Harry Potter knew about it. He told the Ministry of Magic that he would one day challenge House Malfoy and get back their legacy. He plans on giving to his adopted family."

"But Draco is the one…"

"Exactly! Mr. Black just took advantage of an opportunity. That he nearly died for it was unfortunate. But for Malfoy to know such a dark, banned spell is reprehensible."

"Professor Snape invented it for the Dark Lord!" Alexandra Rossier spoke without thinking, then covered her mouth. She was only 12 after all.

"He did indeed. And did the counter in front of witnesses. But I saw his face. He didn't expect the boy to cast that spell. He certainly did not teach him that spell.

"What's going to happen to Draco?" Pansy asked.

"I don't know, and I wish I did. I don't want him anywhere near any of you. He's dangerous. The son of a serial killer." Oops. That wasn't common knowledge yet.

"Lord Malfoy was imperioused to kill all of those muggles and muggleborns. Everyone knows that."

"Hush now, Alexandra. You've said enough. But she is right. Lord Malfoy was exonerated by the Wizengamot." Her older sister, Caseiopia said.

"You're right. Anyone who has done crimes while under that insidious curse are innocent. After all, it was the person giving the orders who was guilty. Now, we have been discussing some very serious subjects. Let's talk of something else."

He called for an elf, and soon the children had a nice unexpected afternoon tea.

Pansy huffed and was about to refuse to eat when Daphne really made her mad.

"I don't know why you're upset. It's my sister that is betrothed to Draco. I don't know if that contract means that she still has to marry him and have nothing? Or is the contract now going to be to marry one of the Weasleys, or Potter. You can bet she is going to be upset. She's been planning the wedding since forever."

"My father would never betroth me to someone who had nothing. Look at how the Weasleys have been treated! Poor Draco!" Milicent said with false sweetness.

Pansy glared at them both.

Daphne went over and sat next to Millicent, with a glare towards Pansy. Honestly! That girl!

Pansy was thinking to herself. 'Honestly! That girl!'


Locking her back into the cell was hard on both of them, prisoner and rescuerer but they had to do this. Waiting for a few moments was hard, but she wanted to give the captain a chance to leave. Hearing the door slam shut to the dungeons, and waiting a bit more, she was frantic to get out of there.

"Macelin! Macelin! Can you hear me?"

"How can Macelin...Mistress! What you being doing in nasty Malfoy dungeons?"

"Get my wand! Then get me out of here! Please hurry!"

She was home in an instant. Why hadn't she thought of it on her own? Most of the muggle women had been cleared out of Malfoy Manor, alive and dead. They left two of the recent bodies of muggles there as proof, and all of the magical bodies. How elves could tell which was which after death, she didn't know.

She was too angry to conjure a patronus, so sent an elf with a rapidly written note. Her husband was at the ministry. Good. She'd have time to report this to the DMLE before he returned home.

She had been gone for hours. He would never think to ask an elf to find her.

Amelia Bones came through the floo.

"Cassandra? Are you alright? You're dressed...very sparingly?"

The woman ranted, telling her story disjointedly.

The head of the DMLE took good notes, saved the clothes as evidence, everything.

"Do you have any idea where he went?"

"He had a meeting at the Hog's Head, he said. Meeting with some of the 'Old Crowd' but he said he wasn't willing to share me with them."

The woman shuddered, and called for tea. Again.

Amelia poured some soothing draught in and some sugar.

"Was going to teach me a lesson about interfering in his marriage." Lady Greengrass said.

"You and Narcissa Malfoy are friends?" Amelia confirmed.

"Yes. She's staying in my cottage in Hogsmeade. Lucius questioned me with Veritaserum to find that out. I would never betray her."

She stood suddenly. "I need to warn her! What was I thinking!"

"Calm down, calm down, Cassandra. It's alright. I promise. We have him in custody for attempting to break into Mrs. Malfoy's house. She swore out the complaint." The head of the DMLE used a soothing voice and gestures.

"He's in custody? Why didn't you tell me?"

"Because I needed to know what he said to you, what his plans were. I need to look into the Hog's Head. Old crowd. Doesn't sound like the imperious to me."

"Never used the truth serum on himself, did he?" Cassandra knew the pureblood testimony rules inside and out. She had to as part of her job.

"No, he did not. And Professor Snape has provided my department with an experimental potion. Supposed to show who has and hasn't been under the imperius."

"Oh? And just how did he get that past testing?" Lady Greengrass asked.

"Less said the better. Ready for me to floo Cynus?"

"Yes. As much as I hate playing damsel in distress, he needs to know. Just so that he can rip the Malfoy coalition apart."

Amelia handed over a bracelet, and then tapped it. It went invisible.

"Just in case. A bit of protection for you, my friend. If you're knocked unconscious, it will take you to my home. If you are hurt, it will take you to St. Mungo's. Three taps of the wand will take you to my office."

"Thank you, Amelia. Time for you to go, I think." The lady of the house felt the floo flare.

"Cassandra! Where have you been?"

The woman rushed into her husband's strong arms.

Trying to make sure that Lord Greengrass spoke 'babble' well enough, Amelia stayed a moment.

"He did what?" Cynus asked again.

After verifying a few facts, showing the husband the clothes, or lack thereof, Amelia made her own escape.

Calling for Alistar Moody, she wanted every former Phoenix member on guard duty. None of them would let that piece of future dragon dung escape.

And she was very grateful for her friend Dirk Cresswell letting her know that Malfoy was wanted for crimes against the Nation. If Fudge started to act to get him released, then that is where Lucius would go.

Along with all of the evidence of his crimes against muggles and magicals alike.


Harry begged Vernon to stop. Over and over, but the belt kept coming.

"Easy cub, I'm here." A cool compress helped for a time, but then the nightmare was back.

A different beating, his arm broken, the bone poking out, flesh bleeding. Pain too much to bear.

And then it stopped. The pain was gone, and soothing voices. That sweet magic, shimmering just above her skin. He loved that magic. "Hermione."

Well, it came out more like 'Hempfupful' but it was the thought that counted.

"Yes, Harry. I'm here. Oh Harry! You almost died! Please, please promise me you'll be more careful!"

"I promms" Harry murmured before falling back asleep. This time to have dreams of flying with Hermione on a magic carpet over the pyramids, taking her shopping in the bizarre. Kissing her under a full moon.

"He's much better now. Thank you for calming him. Quite a nasty spell." Madam Pomphrey said, Miss Smith and Professor Snape arguing gently over his something.

Professor Lupin had left to get some sleep, emotionally worn out.

"It worked! Your counter worked against the scarring! I have been trying to find out how to do that for years! Please! If it's a matter of money, or a patent, it's yours! I'm not trying to steal anything. Please!"

The woman grabbed his hand. Her eyes were liquid honey with amber and gold flecks.

"I just want to look normal. Please." Miss Smith gently begged.

"You've found and removed the curse from the Defense position?" The potions master asked.

"Yes, and documented it for the headmaster. It wasn't that hard. I don't know why someone hadn't done it before." The curse-breaker stated. "It was like the previous headmaster wanted it there."

Professor Snape snorted. It wouldn't be the first time that the Dark Lord and Dumbledore had agreed on something, but it was rare.

"I will work with you. Perhaps together we can find a way to make a potion that would act similarly. I dare not cast this at you directly." His silky baritone voice intoned.

"Agreed. Thank you."

The small hand felt warm in his. It had been his dream to teach DADA for a long time. And now, as soon as the Dark Lord, no, Tom Riddle was thoroughly gone, he could live for his dream.

In the meantime, he had potions to brew.

CPR. The man pondered if he could take a class during the summer?


The twins met in secret. This could be it - their legacy!

"Are you sure that Harry would want us to do this now?" George asked.

"He has the perfect alibi! He is in the infirmary! With Professor Snape as witness! Mum saw him there."

"Alright. But we have to be careful about the trigger order, or this could go very, very wrong!"

They should have known.

The prank went very, very wrong. At least no one died, and no one was seriously injured. Mostly.

Other than Filch having nightmares for the rest of his life. And maybe Mrs. Norris.

But they could live with that.


Molly Weasley was just leaving the infirmary, a box of homemade treats left on the bedside table. "Please be more careful, lovie! An honor duel! You're eleven. Please!."

She came back for one more hug before hurrying back home.

Harry felt warm and loved while eating breakfast, waiting to be released.

Professor Lupin brought in a certain mirror before Harry left the infirmary.

"The plan did not include you moving to James' and Lily's house, now did it?" Sirius asked, trying for stern, but looking sad.

"I messed up, Padfoot. I panicked and burnt out my wand. It must have been really scary for you and Moony. I'm sorry. I'll never do it again, I promise."

The animagus barked a laugh. "Don't make promises that you can't keep. Lucius is in custody, trial later today I think. Goldrub is ecstatic. You would think me providing evidence that caused his cousin Bagland's death would make him hate me. No, he gave me a promising tip for an investment. At half the normal price."

"Goblins, Dad, goblin values."

"Hey pup! You called me Dad!"

"Well, you said I could, was it wrong?" Harry asked.

"No, but I'll have to get Moony to hug you as my proxy."

"Yep. Now, before we go, Remus tells me that he caught you holding hands with a girl. Again. You like her right? So there are a few things that you need to know about girls. Make sure that you take a bath or shower everyday. Girls appreciate good hygiene."



Filch was shaking, furious, and terrified.

"Argus! Whatever is the matter?" Professor McGonagall asked. She was in charge of these things after all.

"You'll let him get off! But I know it was him! Harry Potter! Looks like the devil twins from his father's era, James Potter and Sirius Black! You know it was him!"

She wasn't going to use logic to explain that Harry had been in the infirmary, or that he couldn't have done it as it was way too advanced!

The boy had done average work in her class. Disappointing, but it was good enough for a first year. He wasn't behind at all.

"Just come here, Minerva, and use your special skills!"

Rats and mice, thousands had been there before the door had been opened.

"Goodness me! Argus! You should have Poppy make sure you weren't bitten!"

"I wasn't in my office at the time, thank goodness. But Mrs. Norris. Poor Mrs. Norris."

"She's not, she's not…"

Minerva couldn't bring herself to say it.

"Nay, she's not dead, but she won't come out from under the desk."

"Argus, this was not the devil twins work, or Harry Potter's. Those boys love to make people laugh, turn colors and the like. Have you ever seen them to be cruel?"

"In truth, no. I can't say that I have." He said in a soft voice. "But my Mrs. Norris has been traumatized! I want to see some punishment!"

"You probably didn't notice these marks. I will get the NEWTS rune professor down here, and see if he recognizes the work. I suspect Slytherins, because of the prank being done on a squib in retaliation for all of the recent rule changes. Well, I won't put up with such prejudice any more! Ne'er again!"

The man grasped her hand, and unexpectedly kissed her on the cheek. Startled, she pulled back, but tapped him gently on the hand to know that she cared.

That was more than odd.

She was by no means a rune crafter. But somehow runes had been used to both attract and trap rodents in an area. If they could be adapted to keep such pests from the food stores. Um. Worth looking into.

Blaming a first year for a project that was worthy of a mastery? Well, at least when it worked right. She shook her head. Poor Argus just didn't understand magic at all.

But Argus had confided to Snape his feelings that Potter had pranked him, and the potion master was now on high alert.


The Wizengamot wasn't the same without Dumbledore there. Things were changing. As much as he liked to say he was the muggleborn champion, Albus didn't really help that much. And now, a man who had dodged trial more than a decade ago was up on charges of trying to bring down the wards on his former wife's house.

Augusta Longbottom had been voted in Chief Witch.

Lucius Malfoy, in clean robes, and freshly shaved, stalked into the place that he felt he owned. Despite the rumors of an honor duel at Hogwarts, he would pay his little fine, and then go home.

He hoped that the elves had fed all of his 'friends' in his absence.

Lucius still hadn't remembered the witch he had recently brought home, or he would not be sitting there with nary a care.

The proceedings started, and he scoffed at the offer of the truth drug. No! Someone could ask something he would rather not answer.

"The charges include two counts of murder of muggles, aggravated kidnapping, assualt and torture. Twenty seven counts of murder of magicals, aggraved kidnapping, assault, and torture. And more recently, aggravated kidnapping of a witch, a wife of one of the sacred twenty-eight."

Mayhem resulted in the courtroom.

Greengrass sat in his seat and glared daggers at the man. The last few days while Malfoy cooled his heels, the man who raised plant potions ingredients had been very, very busy. He hadn't needed to bribe a soul.

Just point out all of the things that they could have without murder and torture. Implied that those who enjoyed such things were sick, and should not be a part of honest society.

Mulciber had objected. He liked killing muggles.

The next day, he was found dead in a paddock of hippogriffs. Terrible accident.

Now, it was Malfoy's turn.

Fudge was turning purple. If Malfoy started to lose, he would turn on him. He knew it.

Time to shine.

"Members of the Wizengamot. While I am sure that there is a reasonable explanation of why Lady Greengrass was in Lord Malfoy's um, basement…"

"Fudge! One more word, and I will challenge you to an honor duel! The DMLE has a memory of her kidnap. All know here that while we were arranged, our marriage was not forced. You also know that I love my wife and our three children.

"One more disparaging comment about my wife's honor, and we will cross wands here!" Lord Greengrass stated, to much applause.

"I request a recess to talk with Lord Malfoy and his counsel."

The Wizengamot broke for two hours, but the trial never continued.


What do you mean he isn't in his cell? He's supposed to be eating lunch, hopefully his last meal if all goes well!" Madam Bones yelled.

The Wizengamot stirred, but Cornelius was suspiciously absent.

"Spell fire in Diagon Alley ma'am. It's Malfoy."


"Why are you not in Azkaban you son of a slattern?" Lady Greengrass called, a nasty orange hex whizzing far too close to his blond hair.

His auror escort had disappeared the minute the attack started. Cowards!

Lucius was looking everyone for escape.

"You were going to torture me you monster! Like you killed and tortured those other women."

"Women? Most were muggles! Animals! We do them a favor to kill them. Ask your friend Narcissa!"

They were moving slowly down the alley, passersby dodging out of the way. Then he saw his chance.

Goblins were neutral territory. They would have to take him in if he cried sanctuary. He could go to another country. Start another life.

He shot the avada kedavra before diving into the bank, not seeing if it hit his target or not.

Such a shame that Lord Parkinson had to pick that moment to exit a shop.

Terrible, terrible shame.


Harry's box chimed at lunch, and he found the small box.

There was a part of him that was really, really sad for Draco. He had just lost his dad. And likely didn't know it yet.

But there was another part that was aware that this was war. And he could fight it Dumbedore's way. How many of his siblings would he lose that way?

The fact that he still might lose one bothered him alot.

Still, if someone had to die for their rights, he wanted it to be them.

Harry just wanted his family to be happy.

He pocketed the ring. And made a promise to the dangerous cockatrice that he would be going to someone honorable.

And maybe he would hire Potions Master Snape to make a potion so that Percy could talk to it. That would be awesome!


The Wizengamot was in chaos. Lord Parkinson dead. The killing curse in front of dozens of witnesses. The goblins refused to give the man back.

Draco Malfoy, who was also supposed to be tried, was cut adrift with the news that his father had escaped, and hadn't taken him along.

He seemed to forget that he had lost his position as heir of House Malfoy.

The trial was delayed until they could get word, but Madam Bones had to be stopped at one slap. She clearly wanted to hit him again.


All of the extra classes were going well, but Harry was really bored. And he liked to study with Hermione, but sometimes, he needed to do boy things. And blow stuff up.

Then he remembered that Dobby had a surprise for him.

"Okay, you found the hidden room of melted cauldrons. Right?"

"Yes, indeed, Greatest Mage, Harry Potter-Black sir!"

"Dobby, you need to call me Boss!" Harry whinged.

Harry rubbed his hands together. The headmaster had promised these to him. The Hogwarts house-elves were helping him, so why did he feel like he was stealing?

"Maybe we shouldn't Dobby? I mean, scrap metal is very valuable, and I have a lot of money already."

"So does Dobby, but earning more is not wrong, Boss."

"I suppose. And since it's from the school, I could use it to buy more books for the library. Or a harp. Melody was saying that the music room needed a harp."

Then they were there, and Harry was taught how to find the room of melted cauldrons.

But he found those, and so much more!


Albus Dumbledore stirred, awakened from his dreaming by two gossiping healers.

"I am telling you, I was there. I cast the spell. The boy-who-lived was dead. I was writing the certificate!"

"My son is a seventh year Hufflepuff! He saw everything! That Granger girl kissed him, and he was fine. He was only in a deep sleep!"

"Sleep, even with Draught of Living Death can't be fooled by that spell! That's why they teach it to morticians and healers! Are you telling me I don't know how to cast it?"

"No, I'm saying you made a mistake! Understandable - the boy was hit with that horrible, horrible spell. Should be classed as unforgivable! And who taught it to a first year anyway? When is the brat's trial?"

"Draco Malfoy will be going to prison for this, no doubt. Or getting his magic was supposed to be tried the same day as his father, but Fudge let him off for a few days to 'get some things done' before returning to custody."

"He's allowed to escape, while Sirius Black waits and waits for his first trial."

"I thought that he was Dumbledore's man. How did that happen?"

The voices were moving away, fainter.

"Fudge, Malfoy…"

Albus' thought process was slow, but several things stuck.

Harry Potter had died.

Draco Malfoy had killed him.

And for this he was going to be sent to prison? Not while Albus could do something. Lucius was likely out of the country, his liquid assets with him. But Draco? Draco would inherit the rest. A nice manor house, elves. With his stipend from Hogwarts, he remembered them saying he wasn't coming back, it would be comfortable.

He could write his memoirs and admire the countryside. Yes.

And make sure that a powerful young wizard strong enough to take down Harry Potter wasn't going dark!

For the first time in weeks, Albus Dumbledore opened his eyes, and sat up.

He had people to rescue, places to be.

And Fawkes was ignoring his call.


Harry found Percy helping with the younger year girls. He was doing a good job of it too! The extra training that they got hadn't done him any harm. Seeing Harry waiting for him, the students agreed to wait.

"It's important Percy. But won't take long, I promise."

Harry had been very upfront with Bill and Charlie about his plan. They had no interest in politics. And Mr. Weasley wouldn't be up for the infighting. Harry knew it.

"Percy. I really admire you. You are strong, you care about the Wizarding World. I want you to one day be a Lord, and have a seat on the Wizengamot."

"Thank you, Harry, that's very nice of you but…"

"Please. You know what it is." Harry pulled the box from his pocket. Opened it.

"That's the ring. That's THE ring!"

"I want you to have it, Percy. Please."

"But my father, um, Bill?, no. Don't even want to think about Charlie. Are you sure?" Percy asked. "This is really big Harry. Huge!"

"I won it, and it is mine to give. You were made for the Wizengamot."

Percy put the ring on, magic swirled around him, and settled on him.

"Hey! The wards to the house are down! The elves are confused, and…"

"My job is done. Thank you Percy."

"But the heir ring shouldn't work like that. It's acting more like..."

"The Lord's ring. Which it is. And rightfully yours. You just felt magic accept you."

"Thank you for giving me back our family ring, our family home. You will always be welcome there, Harry, as you are family too."

"You are very welcome. And thanks. That's great! Truly! And before you ask, Bill and Charlie both said no to being heir. Bill said you should ask Fred to be your heir until you have children."

"But not George?" Percy was clearly confused.

"I think that he just wanted a way to tell them apart! Good day, Lord Weasley." Harry bowed.

"I'm not 17 until next Nov 3rd. A year from this coming one."

"Really? I can't wait to tell the twins that you and Sirius Black share the same birthday."

"No! NO! That's not possible!" Percy shouted.

Harry ran.

"Get back here. Tell me that was a joke! That's not possible!"

The poor first years girls shook their heads and got back to work.


Professor Snape was on patrol when the noise attracted his attention.

"Do it again, great mage! Do it again. Dobby be so proud!"

That was clearly a house-elf cackle. Didn't he know a Dobby?


That was no spell that he knew, the smell of ozone was strong.

Someone was up to no good!

Wearing earmuffs like Sprout used in the greenhouses, the Black heir was firing curses at a cauldron. What! What a waste! Oh. A deformed cauldron. A set of several stacks of deformed cauldrons.


The last one of that stack was now small bits of detritus.

"Potter! What are you doing?!" The professor demanded.

Clearly not hearing the wizard, Dobby pulled on his sleeve and pointed.


"Hi Professor! Isn't that a cool spell? Watch this!"

Using the staff, he circled it, and all of the bits started to whirl around him. He put a small moke-skin bag on the floor, and all of the little bits went falling in. Every. Single. One."

"Come with me, Potter! Now!"

Not waiting to listen or giving him even the chance to explain, Harry was marched up to the Headmaster's office.

"Professor Snape, Mr. Black. Is there a problem?"

"Problem? Mr. Black is blowing up destroyed cauldrons! Then collecting the bits!"


"And what, headmaster?"

"Mr. Black, didn't you tell your professor that this was your reward for Special Services to the School?

"I tried, sir, but he didn't give me a chance."

"What spell were you using?"

"Well, it's a new one. I made it up, you see, and was testing it."

"And it's name?"

"Boom. Sir."


"Yes, sir. Dobby likes it alot. He begs me to cast it, and makes sure to clean up any bits I miss. I usually get all of them though."

"I see. Well, since I said that you could do this, how about we designate a space for it, and make sure that the professors know. I can see why Professor Snape was worried. But you are not in trouble."

"Sir, the room that had the cauldrons…"

"Yes, the elves told me of your request. Something about broken furniture or lost socks. I consulted with the previous headmasters. You pulled Gryffindor's sword out of the sorting hat. The school counts you as a Founder's heir. Use anything you find in that room. The school trusts you. You have brought back so many classes. Who knows what else you will find? Just make sure to have Miss Smith or one of the elves with you at all times. Just in case."

"Thank you for your trust sir."

"You are very welcome. Unless there was something else, professor? Goodnight, Mr. Black, Professor Snape."

They both bowed slightly. "Goodnight, Headmaster."

Going down the stairs, Harry turned to go back to his room, when the professor stopped him.

"I'm sorry, Mr. Potter. I keep seeing your face, your eyes, and expecting trouble." Snape thought that was likely Filch's issue as well.

"I know sir. And I was blowing things up. No hard feelings. I promise."

"Why do you keep giving me potion ingredients? And the fresh gillyweed left on my desk? And the other undersea offerings? I know they're from you."

"I have a friend. She's a mermaid princess, believe it or not. She's sending me stuff. They don't have the same values as we do. I sent her a jar of peanut butter. She loved it. She didn't like the chocolate though. In Egypt, it was too hot. I guess it doesn't do well underwater."

"Have you tried sending her Beluga caviar?"

"Professor! What if it belonged to one of her subjects?! Or a friend!?"

"You are absolutely right Potter. Five points to Gryffindor for cultural sensitivity. Goodnight."

And with that, the man stalked off.

Harry waited until he was in his dorm, and he couldn't hold it anymore. He burst out laughing.

He had to tell Arista about this one! She had loved the caviar he had sent!"

"What's so funny, Harry?" Ron asked.

So he had to tell the boys the story. They had all seen pictures of Arista above the water, and couldn't believe that she would be ugly under the sea.

Harry had pranked Snape and got five points for it. Padfoot and Moony were going to burst!

But it got Seamus talking about how dangerous Irish Sirens were.

"I think that they would still be better than my singing." Ron said.

"No, you don't get it. They are really, really good at singing." Seamus started to explain.

"Got ya!" Ron said, and started a pillow fight.

Harry used it to practice with his new wand. He felt bad about burning up the old one, as it hurt the phoenix feather core. But Seraphena had been forced to give that. Besides, the nundu hair that Harry had given Ollivander was working great.

Harry sighed. He wanted more of that stuff. It was really useful in potions. Which meant another trip to Egypt. Or maybe he could go someplace new? Not a hardship, but he missed his friends there.

At least he had his family there. Which definitely included Penny.

He would be seeing Hermione in runes tomorrow. Now that was a happy thought to go to sleep with.


The day after Albus Dumbledore woke, he disappeared from the hospital. They tried to find him at Hogwarts, he was not there. He was not in fact in any of the normal haunts.

Percy had been tempted to throw him out of his new home, but he was far too Slytherin for that. Best keep him in sight.

All of the manor elves had been told to give the man food, beverages, and his healing potions just as long as he remained stable.

If he started to rant, they were to pop away and keep themselves safe.

And keep watch.


It was getting close to Halloween.

People would be remembering the Potters and what they sacrificed.

Albus didn't know what happened with the stone, but heard about what happened with poor Quinirus.

It would be awful if the Dark Lord rose on the anniversary of the Potter's death. It would be awful if the blood of his enemy was used to raise him, especially if he was no longer a horcrux. For then he couldn't be sure of coming back from the next avada kedavra.

Dumbledore just needed a horcrux. And he thought he might know where one was kept. He could go there, and be very close to the other ingredients. Too bad he didn't have Snape to brew for him. Oh well. The Malfoys kept a decent potions lab here, stocked with most of the ingredients. And if he needed more, he could send the elves. Draco wouldn't deny him.

Not after saving his life.

Too bad Fawkes wasn't around, it would be so much easier.

A second chance for Draco. Yes. A second chance.

He needed to start on the resurrection potion. Albus had found the recipe, and made sure that Tom knew about it. He wished he had access to the Headmaster's pensieve. Maybe the Malfoy's had one.

He jotted notes, made plans, all of the while not noticing that Lord Prince was there listening in to every word. Reporting to his great-grandson.

Unseen, and unheard, was a former Malfoy elf visiting his family, helping with chores, and listening to the plans of the former Headmaster. Dobby would be reporting to his Great Mage, the Glorious Harry Potter-Black, Sir. The Boss. Even if he got mad about his full title being used.

And one other elf was there, not ignored by the other elves, but accepted as she was a part of this too. Macelin was listening in for her Greengrass family, as Mistress Narcissa's son was on trial, and being talked about.

Mistress Cassandra wisely was listening to her elves now.

Narcissa and Cassandra were talking late into the night about what to do about Draco.


Narcissa Black was self-centered, arrogant, powerful. She loved two things in the world.

Herself. And Draco.

Learning that her son could cast such a powerful spell had filled her with pride.

Learning that her son had cast such a powerful spell had filled her with dread.

Consulting with her head of house, for she dare not go against him, he approved the plan. He gently let her know that the manor was gone, but that she would be provided for. If she wanted the London house, Kreature could serve her. It could be fixed up however she liked.

She had already heard the rumors. She hadn't planned on returning anyways, but it was kind of her cousin to take care of her.

Plan in mind, she sent a letter, hoping that this would work.

It worked for Severus, after all


'Dear Ablus Dumbledore,

'Please, they are going to kill my son.

'I've been kicked out of the family, my husband is missing.

'I don't want to lose my son.

'Please help me, Dumbledore.

'You are my only hope,

Narcissa Malfoy

"I say, Dobby, can you please fetch me a few of my favorite robes? And maybe my lemon-drops from my office? There's a good elf."

Dumbledore was much nicer to the borrowed elves that he would be to the Hogwarts elves.

Today was the trial, and he needed to make an impression.


Draco Malfoy was scared. His only visitor so far had been Professor Snape, and that had been to ask him how he had learned to cast such a dangerous spell.

To learn that he had had a power enhancer, strictly forbidden in a duel, and had used it was one thing.

Being told that he father had taught him the spell to kill muggles was another.

He was expected to 'help' his father with his glorious mission. Draco wasn't positive, but bragged that he thought he had killed a stupid muggle.

Disturbed, disgusted, Snape tried to get the boy to show one bit of remorse.

Draco was sorry that he hadn't gotten Granger first, by accident, of course. He truly wanted her dead for being muggleborn (not his word), smart, clever, and cute.

In other words, being attractive while being 'unworthy'.

Washing his hands of his former 'friend's' child, Snape left.

He would make sure and stop by Amelia Bones office. Such an illegal device would be a tempting target for some of the underpaid staff.

As much as he hated Black, there were things he needed to know. He would tell Lupin, the wolf had a way of getting word to his friend quickly.


The letter arrived on very official looking Ministry parchment.

Harry paled.

Two wives.

He had to marry two witches. Oh, not until he was at least twenty, and they had to be at least nineteen, but still.

All because they had saved his life. One by 'kissing' him to save him from death.

Harry swallowed.

Okay, so the thought of marrying at eleven was a little creepy, but let's look at it logically. Of all of the witches in Hogwarts, were there any better? Was human Arista better than Hermione?

No contest. Hermione was so cute, and smart. Fun to be with. And her magic! Powerful!

Holding her hand was heaven.

But Penny! Penny was Percy's girl.

Wait! That was it! Percy was his brother!

He needed help, and he had just the right person to do so. Right next to him.

"Bad news?" Hermione was wondering if she should be supportive, or what.

"Hermione, I could really, really use your help in the library. I know that I missed your birthday, and I am so sorry. I would be happy to make up for it now. I have my own library. My own books. I need help researching something, and want to use them. If giving you access to my library as a belated birthday present would work for you, would you help me?"

Hermione didn't really hear Harry that well. She heard books, library. More books. Private library. And books.

Parvati sitting next to them gave a delicate snort. "You lost her Harry. You need to use little words. Research. Library. With books."

"Yes, Harry. I would love to help you." She stuck her tongue at the Indian witch, but in a friendly way, and with a smile.

She laughed and shook her head. "I swear, you are more like Padma than I am!"

The tent idea for Harry's individual study plan had been abandoned with a new Headmaster. Hogwarts did accept the teaching portraits, and they were being used all over the place. But Harry had kept his huge runic library separate, and had been adding to it with all of the books from the hidden places room. Not duplicates, of course, but putting in one of everything.

His library elf had been ecstatic and wanted a new index system. Which he bought. And then upgraded.

He still hadn't processed all of the melted cauldrons, even working on that for about a half-hour a day to build up his power. He was supposed to use up all of his magic, every day. And overpowering spells was a great way to power the wards and such on the castle.

The magical energy source had gone down the last hundred years with all of the wars and lack of children. The castle was definitely happier with Harry here.

So, he pulled Hermione into the tent. And then realized he was in a place with bedrooms without a chaperone. It was one of the big no-nos with Auntie Mollie. He called for Dobby, and soon Penny and Percy had settled at a nearby table to study.

"Five points to Gryffindor for following the rules." Penny said, smiling.

"Yes, good show." Percy added

Harry wanted to be vague, but wound up just showing the letter to Hermione. When she didn't start yelling, he counted it as a good sign.

"So, I am assuming you are trying to get out of it?" Hermione asked, very professionally.

"Well, Penny is Percy's girlfriend! I can't marry her!" Harry said, thinking that was very clear.

"But me?" Hermione asked.

"Hermione! You are the best witch in the school! Smart, beautiful, talented, and magical. So magical! You magic sings to me! I would never be so lucky as to marry a witch like you!

"No one is going to want to marry a freak like me."

The last was said very softly.

"Well, I think that you are wonderful as well. And if we can't get out of it, at least we know that we like each other very much. That is a good start to marriage."

"You like me?" Harry asked.

"Yes. Very much. And that was before I knew you owned your own private library. Now that I know that, I don't know about helping you get out of the part of marrying me! Of course Penny... let's see what this one says." Hermione went back to old books.

Less than an hour later, the girl was dancing. "I found it! I found it!" She twirled.

Harry read the passage. He read it again.

"Um Perce? Percy?"

Percy dispelled the privacy ward, and tried not to frown at the interruption.


"Can you please read this, and then this." Handing over the book and letter.

For a moment, Percy started daggers at Harry, and he felt himself at risk, but then he read the passage in the book.

"You want me to 'take this burden from you.' Right?"

"Yes, but just Penelope. Please."

"Are you sure? She's awfully smart. And smart girls are the best!" Percy teased him. Successfully too.

"Yes! Yes! I'm sure!"

"Alright, let's write this out, and then get the girls to sign it. Wait! I don't have a betrothal ring. I know that there's going to be rings at the manor but yuck! Malfoys have been wearing them. I want something nice for Penny."

Said girl was oblivious, working on her own project with her own privacy charm. Though she did feel Harry's eyes upon her, looked up at him, gave him a sisterly smile, and went back to work.

Harry snapped his fingers and whispered. It was a great thing that Harry didn't know the origin of these rings. They were surrounded by broken hearts. Well, they were not cursed or anything. But when a boy bought a girl a ring, or a girl bought a ring for herself for the boy to give her (which happened with wealthy girls and poor boys), and something happened to make the match not work, the abandoned rings wound up unused in the room.

But now, two of them were about to be happy rings.

Dobby popping in with butterbear and small boxes got Penny's attention, and she pulled her privacy ward down.

Percy showed her the letter, and the book and asked her seriously if she would marry him. Not just to help Harry, but because he loved her. She kissed him gently.

He took that as a yes, and waved the elf over with his treasures.

Both girls were going over the rings, trying them on, Dobby sizing them for them.

"Wait, Hermione, what about your dad? Shouldn't I ask his permission first?" Harry asked.

"He's a muggle Harry. I know that you respect it, I've seen how you talk to Mr. Smith and all. But the Ministry of Magic won't care about waiting for his permission. 'He's just a muggle'! They'll say."

"Good point, Hermione. Something that Percy and I intend to fix. Right, love?" Penny said, admiring her ring.

"Right love. Nice choice, future Lady Potter-Black." Percy teased, seeing Hermione's eyes going from ring to Harry about back.

"Nice choice, future Lady Weasley."

"Ohh! I'm so glad that we're friends, Hermione! Can you imagine enduring all of the boring political things without having a friend to plan with?"

Hermione laughed. "And there are so many things to change."

Dobby popped in with butterbeer, and they shared a toast. "To the Muggleborn Revolution."

Harry hurried up and finished the paperwork, got all four of their signatures, and gave it to Dobby to send off to the Ministry.

The poor owl got lost, and dropped the letter. There was no such office, even if the Ministry of Magic existed. And betrothal/contracts and such were part of the Registration office.

Fred and George saw the girls rings when they sat down together that night at dinner.

Quietly clinking their water goblets together in celebration for another well-played prank.


Amelia Bones was with the head of Family Affairs, Cassandra Greengrass, Narcissa Malfoy and the wizard liaison to the muggle government, Ralph Burns.

Narcissa scowled at him being included and said something that sounded like a prejudicial slur.

"I am indeed a muggleborn. You look down on me for having a muggle job, but where was I supposed to go after Hogwarts? I was in the top five of my year. I have twelve NEWTS. I worked at Gringotts for a time, until a pureblood wizard accused me of stealing. We both know that I wouldn't be alive if that were true. But just the accusation brings dishonor there. I was blackballed at the ministry for being a Ravenclaw muggleborn with a brain.

"I left our world, joined the military. Used the benefits to get an education. And got this job. So tell me, Lady Malfoy, what was I supposed to do in your view?" Captain Burns asked.

She sniffed and turned her head, refusing to answer the man.

"I am here to bring you the ruling from Her Majesty in this case. Whereas there is evidence that a child has committed murder, and within the code of conduct for magical beings, his magic shall be bound, and he shall have the memory of magic wiped from him. He will be placed in a juvenile facility, and taught useful skills so that one day he might be of benefit to our fair country..."

"NO! I won't allow it!" Narcissa interrupted with a scream.

"That's the relevant bits. You may read the order. This judgement was rendered without benefit of questioning the child as you refused to turn him over. This has been noted. Your complete lack of respect to my office and person has been noted. I will also add one more item."

He stood and pointed to the wall where a list of auror rules stood.

"You claim to love the rule of law, but then butcher them right, left and center. You allowed Lucius Malfoy, a serial killer, to escape when you had him in custody. If he kills one more so-called muggle there will be consequences." Captain Burns stated coldly.

Narcissa scoffed. "There are so many of you! You breed like rats!"

"So, it's okay for muggles to be killed? Was that what you meant to say? I will note that you approve of your son killing muggle women."

"No, of course I don't approve of my son killing anyone. But you're not a part of our world. No magical person would allow a muggle to rule over them!"

"Do you concur, Madam Bones?"

"Not personally, but I am tied to duty and responsibility. If I started taking orders from you, I would lose my job. And someone who would look the other way in these deaths would take my place. I did the investigation. I know the men who killed these women, and I am furious that Lucius Malfoy escaped. I did not allow the son to do so.

Albus Dumbledore waited and knocked on the door as the liaison was leaving. Good. Such a little pest. Ralph Burns had implied that Dumbledore was responsible for him not getting work after he left school!

"I'm here with a suggestion that I hope will please both justice and mercy."

Amelia, knowing that this was an impossible situation, was all ears.


"Narcissa, it's for the best, really." Cassandra said, trying to comfort the woman.

"But you heard what he said! He won't remember me! He'll think that I'm dead! Ten years living without magic! Won't that hurt his core?"

"A normal magical bind at this age renders a child a squib. It's normally only done for the rarest kind - a child who detests magic. You know how dangerous those are!" She didn't mention the rare type of dangerous child like her friend's son turned out to be. It wasn't...helpful.

Narcissa nodded.

"And that's what he'll be. A squib. The Black family used to kill any such! This will be better for you both. You're still young! You could remarry, you know! There aren't enough children in our society. Or you could adopt!"

"No one knows the bloodline though!"

"Narcissa, there is no talking to you. Take your potion or not. Your choice. But I think that torturing yourself is pointless. Goodnight.

A letter from Gringotts inviting her to the will reading of Lucius Malfoy decided it. Lucius was dead. Her son, gone to live with the muggles for a minimum of a decade. Dumbledore saying he would restore the boy's magic. Cassandra saying that it was impossible.

As soon as she got back from the bank, she drank the potion. She forgot that she had a son, a sister, or had been married.

She thought about staying, but it was just too painful.

She moved to Argentina, and in time married a pureblood llama breeder. She bore him three daughters. She never returned to Britain again. But she married for love, and was happy. Very happy.

Dumbledore lied that the potion would reverse after ten never regained the memories of having a son. Which was better for her, as she would have despised him for being a squib.


Dumbledore had a different agenda for the young wizard. He now had the secret formula to make a mage. And the beauty of it was, no one but him knew of it!

The muggles that first took Draco in were too nice. Dumbledore tweaked the wards on their house. Yes, that was it. Soon, the boy was overworked, and underfed.

And going to muggle school in clothes that led him to be mocked. Perfect! The boy would be humble and malleable soon.

It was difficult, but it needed to be done. The child was being prepared for his destiny.

Ten years. Yes, in ten years, he would take the boy to Gringotts. It would remove the bindings, and the boy would be so powerful! So full of anger! Hatred against muggles.

Malfoy would be the greatest Dark Lord of the Century! He had already killed! Wanted to kill more!

And Dumbledore the Mighty would be there to defeat him!

It was going to be glorious!

Now, to raise, and defeat Tom. Might as well get that little task done.


Dobby was helping his gre...Boss Harry collect up all of the matching sherry bottles.

"Watch Dobby!"

Harry stacked them neatly until they were one on top of the other in a big pyramid. He had invited Ron and Hermione, but no one liked the noise. Well, except Seamus, but he got bored.

"Better back up!"

The elf did so, but tripped over some of the room's junk.

Harry was going to cast his spell when Dobby yelped.

"Are you okay?" Harry asked, rushing over to his helper.

Dobby was shaking. Next to him, on the floor next to a sideways mannequin of some sort was a crown. An ugly one, with that swirly mess.

"Dobby, come here!" Harry commanded, getting him up on his shoulders, off the floor and away from it. "We need an iron box, or something like it. Lead, Lead is what Goldrub used!"

Dobby popped himself away, but was back in only a few minutes.

"Dobby talked to grumpy goblin. Him giving me box. Told me to bring foul thing to him."

"Good Dobby, no, great! Wonderful! Good thinking." Harry said.

"Tell Spurnik that I'll have a shipment of ore ready by November 15th. He probably thinks that I forgot."

"Dobby not talking with grumpiest goblin, but Dobby tell him."

Harry deciphered what the elf said. "Oh, you did go to Goldrub first. Gee Dobby, I wonder why they're grumpy when people call them that!"

Dobby stuck his tongue out, levitated the nasty tiara into the lead box, and popped away.

Harry looked around and cast at the stack of bottles. The glass travelled backwards, but the shield held.

Three Hogwarts elves popped in. "You in bad trouble, not waiting for elfie to be here!"

"Look at the mess you made!""Where's all the pretty bottles?"

Harry concentrated, and nearly all of the bottles were fixed in one swipe. One piece was under a foot. Waving her up off the floor, it zoomed across the room, making the last bottle whole.

"There. You were here for the spell, I cleaned up the mess, and the bottles are back. Okay?"

Without waiting for an answer, Harry stalked to the door.

"Everyone in the castle treats me like I'm a kid!"


Hermione tried to get Harry to smile, but the day hadn't started well at all. Professor Lupin had come over and given Harry a shoulder squeeze in lieu of a public hug on the way up to the high table.

It was Halloween.

The Headmaster stood.

"Several of you students were raised with muggle holidays, and the feast tonight will be in the style of a muggle Halloween."

Applause and some quiet boos.

"But many of you were raised with Samhain, and those traditions. At 9:00 tonight, there will be a special visitor coming. Any who would like to participate are welcome to join. Enjoy your holiday everyone."

He sat down, and breakfast appeared. The mild-mannered man started eating, not expecting the respectful applause that was given from across the hall.

For the first time in a long time, they had a headmaster who was showing strength with discipline, caring of student's knowledge, and compassion for different cultures.

Only a very few hated him, and that was just their prejudice showing.

Alex turned to the professors. "So, besides Professor Lupin, is anyone else going with Mr. Black to Godric's Hollow tonight and missing dinner?"

Snape paled. How dare he say that in public! If word got out, of course. No one would dare attack an unknown force. Clever.

"I would like to attend. I don't have to stand right next to your family, of course, Lupin. But I would like to pay my respects as well." Snape nodded.

"Of course we all can't go, but I would like to put my name down as well." Professor McGonagall was teaching just the first and second years. Mayweather was teaching the older ones. It surprised her to find that she had been doing much of the previous headmaster's correspondence work for him, and so with only her deputy duties, and no longer head of house, she had free time for the first time since the war ended.

Several nods and a quick survey.

Snape felt a chill, a premonition of evil, and caught the wolf's eye. 'Be Prepared!'


Albus knew that he needed the horcrux, but the ring sang to him. He promised himself that just as soon as the ritual was finished, he would put it on, and see his beloved sister. Beg her forgiveness. Yes.

Levitating the ring to a lead box, it's song stopped, and he left the ramshackle building.

The potion was ready, and boiling, most of the other supplies were at hand. He only needed Severus and the boy.

And he knew where they were going to be tonight.

Such a shame that Harry would be joining his parents on the anniversary of their death. But at least Tom would no longer be a problem.


"Mr. Potter, a word." Professor McGonagall stated.

A stern look let Ron, Hermione, Neville and the rest to get along to class.

"I just wanted to let you know that I'm going to the memorial too. We'll leave after the last classes are done. Unless you wanted to stay for the feast."

"No thank you, ma'am. I think seeing their graves might help me. I've never been before."

"Petunia never took ye? Of course not! Well! I apologize for not standing up for you better, Mr. Potter."

"You already asked and have been forgiven ma'am. Though, when there's time, may I ask you about my mother? I know a lot of my father, but not much about her."

"Yes, Mr. Potter. I'd be honored. Best get to charms. And Mr. Potter, even if it isn't common knowledge, I know that you are the one that supplied for all of the new classes. Thank ye. It's a legacy gift, and it honors your parents as well as your future children."

"You know about Hermione?" Harry asked, eyes wide.

"Well well, that's a story! I didn't until just now when ye told me. I'll win the betting pool!"

"Not you too!." Harry moaned. "Why is everyone always betting on me?"

"Of with you, ye wee scamp. See you after class."

She chuckled. Wait until Filius heard about this!


Severus had waited his turn, knelt, and placed the small bouquet next to her name.

"I miss you." He said gently. "Always."

"I've missed you too Severus."

The man pulled his wand, but saw nothing. He knew that voice!

"Come along, now, my boy. Imperio. You have a lot to do tonight. Stun Potter, use this portkey. You are going to resurrect your master."

Severus Snape tried to fight it, but Voldemort didn't fear this man for no reason. Happiness, peace, floating. He had to obey.

At least Dumbledore had stunned the others. That would make it easier to obey the voice.

And then they were gone in a swirl. Part of his mind was screaming the whole way.


A bodiless spirit in Albania was feeling something, a calling, a pulling. And suddenly he was in hot water. Literally.

Standing up, no longer just a spirit, he looked at his arms, felt hair on his head. There, his faithful servant stood, bleeding, his right arm looking as though a thin slice of skin had been taken off. His left arm was also bare. Of course! Using the dark mark to call his spirit. Clever man!

"You shall be well rewarded for your faithfulness, Severus. And who do we have here? Harry Potter! You used his blood?"

Severus knelt as directed. "Yes, my lord. I brought you a few wands, I don't know where yours was kept."

"The ministry likely destroyed it. No matter. Rise, Severus. Release the boy from his bonds. Let him face me."

Harry was not a happy person. He'd been kidnapped by someone he trusted, bound to a gravestone, had his arm cut, and now he was being forced to duel Voldemort. Again.

"You killed all of those aurors!" Harry accused the being, his power building. "Then you tried to kill Hermione!"

"Oh, your little mudblood! What is it with Potter men and their desire for filth! You could have any witch you wanted! You have power, I can feel it. Shame you won't be able to find out how much you could do with it. Good bye, Harry Potter!"

Now, Albus Dumbledore truly thought he was invisible. And he was to everyone but Harry. But Harry could see magic, and he was quicksilver fast. The first green spell nearly got him, but it was the second one that found its mark.

Well, its mark if you were Harry Potter. Not so much if you were Voldemort or Albus Dumbledore. The former Headmaster suddenly appearing just before collapsing was expected. Having an enraged former Death Eater join in the battle on his side was definitely unexpected.

"Severus! What are you doing?" Voldemort demanded.

But both Harry and he were too busy trying to take the evil wizard down to talk.

Besides, if someone was going to monologue, wasn't it supposed to be the bad guy?

One thing that Albus didn't count on was the construct needing time to fully charge it's magic.

The purple beam connected with Severus, Harry saw it, and nothing happened. No entrails.

The Black heir powered everything into the next one, and the spell connected. With rather disgusting results.

Panting, and brushing off bits of former dark lord, Severus looked at the boy.

"Boom? Is that a real spell?"

Harry pointed at the large cauldron that had previously held the Dark Lord.

"Boom!" Harry shouted, pointing his wand.

The results pattered down all over them.

Harry took off his pouch and summoned all of the bits. "Goldrub can't complain about second quarter profits now, can he? That cauldron was HUGE!"

Harry really noticed the potion master for the first time as he put his pouch back on. "Imperius?"

Severus looked down and nodded.

"It would end only when the caster ended it. Or he died."

"I killed him." Harry stated. "I used Voldemort to do it. But I'm not sorry I did it." Tears streamed down his face. "I'm as bad as Draco."

Severus grabbed him up in a hug. Patted the boys back. Kissed his forehead. Just as a favored Uncle would.

"You are nothing like him! Did you enjoy it? Or were you in an impossible situation?"

"He said he was going to kill me. And use my money to get Hogwarts back under his control. Undo all of the 'horrible' things that were going on." Harry's story was interrupted.

All of a sudden, a group of commandos appeared near them.

"We have found them. Over. Roger that. Over. Return the rest to base. Roger. Roger."

"Mr. Potter, Mr. Snape, you are being detained for questioning. I'm Captain Burns."

Severus nodded. "The Headmaster sent you didn't he?"

The captain smirked, but didn't deny it.

Harry wiped off his tears with a sleeve. "Professor Snape needs a healer."

"You'll both get looked at."

Harry cast a stasis spell at Dumbledore. Then looked up at the wizard in an army uniform.

"Sir, please be careful. You don't know what might be in his pockets. I know some really good curse-breakers if you need help."

Harry handed him a card. "Spurnik, Goblin Account Manager. Many curse-breaking services. No job too small, no fee too large."

The man grunted after reading, and went back to his headset.

The captain clearly had been waiting for some signal, and without warning, both he and Professor Snape were on their way.


Lupin strode across and struck Snape before anyone could stop him. Amber eyes flashed, and his arm readied for another blow.

"Wait! Moony! Stop! Dumbledore did it! Dumbledore imperioused him! Harry said, hanging on his arm, affecting Lupin's aim not at all.

"Harry, all Death Eaters say that. It's just an excuse!"

"Which is why we'll be using Veritaserum and truth spells. To get at the truth." Captain Burns said.

"I was so worried about you, cub!" Remus said, pulling the boy from his arm and into a hug. The other teachers were there too.

Molly Weasley was next, holding Harry close. "Oh, Harry! We were so worried! Are you alright?"

Harry shook his head. No, he wasn't alright.

She said down, and he climbed into her lap like a toddler. No, he wasn't alright. But with his family, he would be. He would be.


The next few days were crazy.

A ring was found on Dumbledore's body, but before the witch could put it on, a phoenix had flashed in and stole it from her!

The hired curse-breaker was furious! She had been about to discover the find of the century! The ring promised that!

She shook her head, realizing that the phoenix had likely saved their lives, and focused on the rest of the old man's pockets.

Seraphena came to Harry with the ring. She destroyed the Horcrux with her fire. And told Harry that he now had all three of his Legacy items. Harry had put the wand and cloak in his vault on the advice of his godfather, and then forgotten about them.

The ring was put there as well, to deal with another day.

There was a great debate on how to deal with the aftermath of Dumbledore's treachery.

It was Harry that came up with the final solution. "Only Professor Snape and I were there. The Dark Lord is gone this time, really, really gone."

Professor Snape rolled up his sleeve. The dark mark was gone. No scar, no faint outline. Gone.

"Just put Dumbledore back in St. Mungo's. Maybe in a different room, like he wandered there. My elf can 'find help' for him. Something like that." Harry had cast a stasis spell on him in the graveyard. It would appear that the man had just recently died when it was removed.

The people around them were thinking of this, so Harry addressed Mad-eye. "Would anyone really believe that the Leader of the Light would imperious a known death eater to bring back the dark lord? Or would everything bad be blamed on the half-blood, and everything good be accredited to the pureblood?"

"Actually lad, Dumbledore, like the so-called Dark Lord was a half-blood. But your basic summation is right."

Dobby was called, Harry removed the spell, and that part of the plan was put into place.


The country mourned. Albus Dumbledore was dead, passed away on All Souls Day.

Abeforth Dumbledore came to Hogwarts for a visit, requesting to see Harry Potter.

The Headmaster was not inclined to allow anyone near a first year with that name.

"Gringotts send me a letter. Albus never made a will. Well, I don't want nothin' of his. Man was poison. Everyone knows that Harry Potter was his apprentice. Let the boy have all of his things in repayment to how he was treated." Albeforth siad, turning to leave.

"I will let him know. I'm sure he'll send you a thank you letter."

"Don't want it, will just burn it if he sends it. I want nothin' to do with my brother or his evil apprentice. You best keep your eye on him, Headmaster. If I know Albus, the boy will be corrupted. Evil. Nothing but trouble."

"I promise you. I will keep my eyes on the lad. You have my solemn word."

And with that, the old wizard left Hogwarts. He went to his bar. He wanted to know how he really died on Halloween, but wasn't too fussed to know.

The castle elves had moved his portrait to the men's latrine. So it could be used for target practice. Not that he was awake yet, but he was in it.

Maybe that was as close as he could get for revenge for now. It would suffice.


Fred and George agreed with Harry that anything from Dumbledore would be put towards pranking capital for the rest of school.

They were trying to figure out how to fix the mice prank. Having a girl's dorm with one mouse? Screams and scantily clad maidens looking for rescue. A room floor to ceiling full? Nightmares, expulsions, all sorts of badness.

Harry was eleven and thought that it was highly unlikely that their cold castle contained scantily clad beauties anytime. Not even in August.

"What do you mean that you put this in his office? It would be full of mice within hours! And you added rats! No wonder the man hates me!"

Harry wrote in his notebook. At least he had something to keep his mind occupied with while pretending to be average.

"We're very sorry Harry, it's just that no one knows how good you are. Yet."

"And that burly seventh year got expelled?"

"Well, not for this. He was accused of this, to be sure, and said some horrible things to McGonagall, and called Filch some really awful things. And then he tried to crucio the squib in his office."

"He's really old! That could have killed him!"

"Oh, yeah! But the Headmaster was there quickly, he is really using the house-elf express. And this is the weird thing! After Filch goes up to the infirmary, Madam Promphrey gives him a cruciatus potion from her stores. Has a bunch in stasis for Snape apparently. Anyway, he stops shaking, right away!"

"Potions don't work that fast on squibs!"

"Exactly! So she asks an elf to get her a spare wand, and he casts a lumos. It's really weak, and you couldn't use it for anything useful, but…"

"This can't get out! Parents will be crucio'ing their squibs to death!"

"That's not what it was! Somehow, back in 1931, someone put a binder on him! As a toddler! And sent him off to muggles. But something happened, and he was back with a wizarding family. But then he never got fixed."

"This is a very, very familiar story. Dumbledore didn't take off the binders on me, after all. They were supposed to come off by age 5. I could have been a squib!"

"We think that you, Harry Potter, should tell Argus Filch your life story. Well, your before Hogwarts life. Maybe not right away, or anything."

Harry put the bow on the basket. And then took a minute to go to Mr. Filch's office. Gulped and knocked.

"Are you here for detention, Potter? I don't have you done on the list."

"No sir. I can swear if you like, but I would never hurt a cat. I love animals, and am trying to slowly learn how to talk to all of them. I brought a basket for your cat. I thought I could try this latest potion, see if it works. If not, it will just wear out."

"A potion to talk to my cat?"

"Yes, sir. But like I said, it's not tested yet."

"We'll let me test it!"

Argus Filch turned into a mangy, ugly old cat. Mrs. Norris turned up her nose at him, but they did 'meow' at each other.

Harry left the basket on the desk, the apology note, pre-written, and walked quietly away.

"He took it?"

"He took it. Willingly. No pressure, no promises."

"I can't wait to tell Padfoot. He's going to be so proud. Moony too. You have to come up with your nickname. So they can add you to the map."

"Alright, I will. But not right away. Definitely not Prong's Jr. So, Fred, have you thought about your marauder name?"

"I was thinking either Rogue One or Red Two or something like that."

He and George just rolled their eyes.

"We need Sirius help." Harry opined.


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