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One year after the story...

"Take a short break, you guys. You're doing great."

Tara relaxed, walking away from the other dancers in the troop. She was friends with the others she danced with, yes—that sort of bonding happened when you travelled across the country on a bus with one of the best groups in the country—but during one of the routines, she had heard her phone sound and figured it was a text.

She sat down at her normal spot during breaks and drank form her water bottle, enjoying cool refreshment down her damaged throat. Then, she went to her phone and saw multiple texts.

It took a few minutes to reply to everyone; her mother, a few friends, and even a potential boyfriend.

But the last text was Mettaton, surprisingly enough. Yes, he tried to keep in touch with Tara, but he was a lot busier nowadays. He had even written a song to honor her, and it was the hit song on the album it came out with.

Actually, it wound up being the biggest hit Mettaton had ever released. Never had Tara felt more honored in her life.

However, Mettaton had a new proposition, which he had just sent over text:

Do you want to join me on tour? We leave next month, and I'd be honored to have you travel the world with me.

Tara smiled. She didn't even have to think to send back a response.

Sign me up.

The End

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