1:15Pm, Saturday Afternoon .

April 12th

One day there was a guy who had moved from Chicago to Tulsa ,Oklahoma he had went to a diner and sat down at the table while looking at a book in his hand as there was a bottle of mustard in front of him for his sandwich he had ordered of course which was a ham sandwich and he was dressed in a black leather jacket with a red shirt underneath and blue jeans , the waiter had brought over a drink of lemonade for him as well ."Thank you ." He said as he smiled before eating his sandwich and taking his drink after she had gave it to him . "You're welcome ." She smiled then went away .

I had went inside to get something to eat I had walked up to him . "May I join you ?" I asked as I blushed cause I thought he was pretty cute even though we hadn't met before . He nodded since he had food in his mouth so with that I sat with him . "My names Erin what's yours ?" I asked him . He then finished chewing and the waiter brought me over a sandwich as well and a drink . "Thank you ." I replied." You're welcome ." She then left . He began speaking . "My names Riley A. Collins and it's a pleasure to meet you ." He smiled . "You too , are you new here to Tulsa Oklahoma?" I asked curiously. "Yes actually I'm originally from Chicago Illinois." He responded . "Cool welcome by the way . Also do you have any siblings ?" I asked . "Nope ." He shook his head , " I see me neither ." I replied back . "Guess I'm not the only one who doesn't ." He smiled .