Later we got to know eachother a little more and asked questions to eachother and soon after that we started dating. "So you wanna go out on a date tomorrow ?" He asked curiously as he smiled. "Sure ." I smiled as I nodded . "Alright sounds good I'll tell you tomorrow what time I'll see you at ." He told me . "Alright sounds good ." I smiled .

We were still sitting at the table in the diner as I started shivering . " Are you cold ?" Riley asked curiously . " Ye... yes ... " I shivered as I talked and nodded . " Here I'll let you borrow my leather jacket for now ." He had said as he took it off of himself and gave me it to put on so I did . " Thanks that's much better ." I smiled . " You're welcome and good to hear ." Riley said . "Riley you have a great style don't let anyone tell you that you don't cause you really do I like your clothes you wear ." I told him . " Thanks ." He said as he smiled . " You're welcome ." I replied back .

" So Riley ?" He smiled as he looked up . " Yeah?" He asked . " Do you like rock music " I asked curiously. "Yes actually I do." He told me . " Really ? that's cool me too . "Yep and that's pretty cool as well actually ." He had said as he smiled back at me while talking to me . "Yep ." I nodded in agreement .