I smiled up at Riley and he smiled at me too as well. "Riley you're really cute ." I told him as I smiled . "Awww thank you that's very sweet of you ." He said as he smiled ." You're welcome ." I smiled back at him .

Later on we had finished eating our sandwiches we had gotten . "That was very delicious don't you agree ?" I asked him . "Heck yeah it was ." He said as he smiled . "Do you want me to pay for the meal or do you want to ?" I smiled as I asked him . "I'll pay for it." He responded . "Alright ." I smiled . The girl then came over and Riley had taken out some money the girl had told him the cost of what they had got and he had gave her the money . "Thank you ." She replied ."You're welcome ." He smiled at her then got up with me and we went outside .

"Hey do you wanna stay the night at my house tonight ?we can go over now if you'd like ." He asked . "Sure I'd like that." I smiled and nodded . "Alright ." He smiled and we went to his place I had already told my mom on a text that I was going to stay at his place tonight.

"So you're a greaser too huh?" I questioned . "Yep I am just like Pony boy and his friends and his two brothers Darry and Sodapop." He responded. "Cool." I smiled at him while sitting next to him in his house now since we had just gotten inside .