Silver Knights

Chapter 1

The Doctor Dies

In a single heartbeat a shock wave went out across Earth, across the universe, across time itself. Adrian was numb with shock. Why wasn't his father regenerating? Alien Doctors were screaming at each other in the street. All Adrian could think to do was take the gun Shyer Folding had dis-guarded.

He scanned it with his sonic device and then looked at the Alien Doctors,

"The radiation is gone, The Doctor is dead. This weapon is no ordinary gun. I don't know how he did it but I'm going to find out" Adrian said

Liam walked up to him.

"That means you're the Emperor now"

"I've always been the Emperor, a homeless Emperor. There's a reason why I couldn't be in the TARDIS with him. She knows something"

The TARDIS materialised before him with Purple panels and Adrian went inside with Liam.

Standing just inside the TARDIS was a vision of white light,

"You're earlier than I expected" The vision said

"You're unusually calm" Liam realised of Adrian

"Sometimes Time Lords can hide information from each other and create a trigger for when the time is needed for the truth to be outed. There are two TARDIS left in the universe and this one belongs to Adrian. He's a lot older than he looks and until five years ago was running the Empire quite successfully in his own Time Line" The vision said

"That's not true, I don't remember everything. Mum isn't exactly alive in any real sense of the word, she's a spell threaded together using her memories and her soul. The Doctor..."

"Is not your real father, he's your son" The vision said, "And he's still alive, to all but Shyer and the darkest corners of your Empire"

"You mean to say The Doctor was killed by one of his own?"

"No, he was killed with a gun that drains regenerative Time Lord radiation, used by a spell cast by one of his own" The Vision said

"OK I think we need to go back to the hub" Adrian said

"We're already there" The Vision said

Adrian and Liam left the TARDIS and found themselves in the Boardroom, where a sad Jack and a serious looking Owen and Tosh sat.

Jasmine smiled and Jack looked at Adrian in shock as he pointed his sonic device at her and sent his mother into the console of the TARDIS.

"The true identity of the TARDIS is being hidden but I know she walks among you, has done for a millennia. She could come to me in the form of a companion or even an animal so I shall reject neither. Surely one day I'll just know who it is" Adrian said

"Adrian, The Doctor" Jack began in tears

"Is here" Adrian said hand to his stomach, "I just don't know how it's possible, the why I get. The Universe needs a Doctor"

"What did you just do to your mother?" Jack asked

"She was a spell, now the Doctor is dead it's broken and we all see things as they are, you're not crying over her because you're not required to feel an emotional attachment and with me completely aware you're Time Lord program is no longer required to work just three hours a day. How on Earth your parallel universe became entangled with mine is something I hope to solve one day but that day is not today" Adrian said

"I've never seen you so serious" Tosh said, "What do we do now?"

"We need to find out how this started, when did we become aware that Shyer would try and kill The Doctor or drain him of radiation to allow him to regenerate? How do we know this baby is the Doctor?" Owen said

"Don't you see, we haven't lost the body, we've lost the soul. The soul needed a body, but how did we get here and what happens now? Are you leaving us Adrian?" Jack said

"I have nothing to stay for once this baby arrives. I have to live in three Time Lines. Pre The Doctor' Time Line, to make sure what happened to him happens in order. In the Doctor' Time Line and at some point I need to figure out where you came from, I can do none of that here"

"What happens to me?" Liam asked

"I never said I didn't want you with me. You're Jack to my Doctor" Adrian said

"Forget it, I know you love Adrian but I need you here at Torchwood" Jack said sternly

"Where do we start? What happened to Thununi?" Liam asked

"There was a shock wave and a shift, he vanished. Guess we didn't need him anymore" Owen said

"We need to go on a vision quest" Jack said

Jack lead Tosh, Adrian, Liam and Owen into a circular room with time pieces for walls. They sat on a clock with the shape of a body centre.

"Who wants to go first?" Jack said

"It should really be me" Adrian said

Adrian lay in the centre, in the body shape and eyes appeared in the walls, they each shot a beam of light into Adrian' body and Liam had to be held back from interfering. Adrian seemed to be in pain,

"What's happening?" Tosh asked

"It's searching for the truth, this is the same technology we used on the sleeper agent, isn't it?" Owen said to Jack

"Only I don't control this. It's a creature in it's own right" Jack said

Three separate identities appeared before them, Jack flicked through them,

"Joe, human, a singer. Emperor, 2 Million-years old, Adrian 2020-years of age. Which alias would you like information from?" Came a voice

"Emperor" Jack said

"Confirm your identity" Came the voice

"Captain Jack Harkness"


"The Claw"

"You are not of this universe, you cannot give out requests to The Visionary" Came the voice

"Who can? We need information on Shyer Folding, the gun he used to kill The Doctor" Owen said

"Your identity is hidden but I accept you to be a Time Lord"

"Jack is my father" Owen said

"Jack is your mother, like Adrian carries The Doctor' body, he carried yours, you have two other parents, both Time Lords, as you have specified already we will allow you and Adrian into the memory bank. Prepare for transfer"

"What?" Owen said

Owen and Adrian were dissolved.

Owen and Adrian found themselves before the black gates of a black palace on Yarfalag. The date for 5 years and 6 months prior appeared before them as a timer.

"Really? You think you're going to get away with this?" Emperor said

Owen and Adrian turned to find the Emperor stood behind them.

"I needed a motive, I need you" Adrian said

"You need to find out where that thing started, there must be someone out there, who knows" Emperor said

"And if the time comes before we have that information I'm not afraid to bind Floored' powers and kill Shyer, even if it kills me too" Adrian replied

"This is how it started" Emperor said, "This is what lead to that child you're carrying"

"So who is my father?" Adrian asked

"We may never know" Emperor said, "Your mother came home with you, we merged your conception and her information with the Doctor when I chose him to guard her at the beginning of the Principle War of Light and Dark but your abduction was not foretold"

"So for 1002 years you ruled" Owen said

"Let me see it" Adrian said

They entered the palace.

Emperor confronted Shyer in his laboratory. He had the gun that killed The Doctor, on the desk, glowing blue. Emperor took Adrian' gun and destroyed the weapon.

Shyer came for him and they fought.

Shyer sort to stab Emperor with Emperor's own sword, Emperor threw him back off of him, they ran at the same sword and Emperor pinned Shyer to the ground by piercing the sword through Shyer' hand. Adrian and Owen winced as they looked on,

"I don't like the guy but that's got to have hurt" Owen said

"When are you going to get it into your head!? We can't kill each other! Stop going after my family!" Emperor snapped

"Never, that goes against everything I was made for" Shyer laughed, "I have family too you know, you just never found them. One could be a real thorn in someone's side" He took a breath, "My guards will find you, they can kill you"

"I put a ringing charm on the grounds" Emperor said before pouring a blue liquid into Shyer' mouth, "Oh and just how are they going to know you're in trouble when you can't even scream anymore!"

With that, Emperor got up and stormed out.

Owen looked at Adrian,

"How did you and he become one person?"

"Yeah" Adrian looked around the room, "My life doesn't happen in order, any me you meet could be me now or me then"

"Right" Owen said, "How did we go from that to you being pregnant with The Doctor? A man you have called dad for as long as I've known you"

"Oh you and I have always known each other, you were there when the; Laws of Time were written...oops did I say too much?"

"I don't think you've said enough" Owen said going after Adrian as he ran through an arch that had just appeared ahead of them.

Adrian and Owen now found themselves in Adrian's TARDIS again. The bells tolled and Emperor just walked through his gold and white boarder double doors,

"Why does it look like a police box? A purple one at that?" Emperor asked

Adrian was sat on the sofa of the aquarium central control room, reading a Galactic newspaper that had stars projected onto it,

"Come in why don't you?"

Owen scoffed at Adrian' rudeness.

" it is"

"I already know" Adrian said, standing up, looking at him and going over to the console, "Nothing in my life happens in order, at some point I lose my memory and quite possibly my mind because the man I'm calling dad in that there TARDIS memory, one that looks remarkably like mine but isn't is actually a baby that he's now carrying. What the hell happened and how many lives and time lines do you need me to create to clear this mess up?"

"The Doctor is in trouble. Shyer Folding created a gun that would drain the radiation from out of his body. Do you know a good spell caster?" Emperor asked

"If he dies he dies, I can deal with it or ACID can, they override UNIT all the time"

"In their time line there have been three other Doctors"

"He needs a body, I carry it and when the Doctor is killed he'll already be soulless and you can tether that soul to the fetus. I will then hand the baby to the 10th Doctor before we port him from here to the firing line, it'll be enough to promote growth but I may cause a fire but if his TARDIS is anything like mine she'll be able to handle herself" Adrian summarised

"We have to wait until the gun is back in production, and Torchwood fell"

"You want me to find the new team and get Jack back" Adrian said

"When I alter part of your memory you're going to need to retrain, I really think you ought to have your mother with you. Jack always loved her, he'll do anything for you if he has her by his side"

"On it, but if you're going to spend the next 5 years messing up my life you could at least keep it from my beloved humans, they've got enough problems"

"A Torchwood hub vanished, I'll find it and create a 50's warp, send in the shape shifters to act as humans" Emperor said

"If I do this you have to help me find out who, created Shyer and why, I don't care how long it takes"

Adrian and Owen walked through the new arch that had just appeared and found themselves in a forest in 1345,

"Bring out your dead! Bring out your dead!"

Liam ran through the forest and into Adrian, wearing a plague mask,

"His voice carries very loudly" Adrian said to him, "You're trembling, come with me I know somewhere that's safe"

"No such thing!"

Adrian flicked the switch on his sonic device.

Not a minute later and Liam was in the 1950's, looking at his boss with suspicion, a picture of a rat freaked him out but the plague mask made his wistful.

"What you're not seeing are our adventures together before this moment. Those aren't a secret" Adrian told Owen,

Owen smiled,

"Emperor sent Daisy didn't he?" Owen said

"Yes, now clearly the trigger was Chrissie but how is she connected to the Time Lords?"

"Maybe it's the TARDIS she's connected to, you can't leave her behind Adrian"

"One day I'll have a companion of my own choosing that I can keep too" Adrian sighed, "What is it you need to see?"

A blue arch appeared and through it Adrian disappeared. Owen was left with blurred vision on an alien plane with silver men all around him and horses with soul-less eyes,

"Who are you?" Owen called

"We are you" They said

"What are you talking about?!" Owen called

"Silver knights for the Silver Knight, writer of the Time Keepers rule book. He will return, you must remember Owen, remember who you are before it's too late"

Owen reappeared in the room with the time piece wall and clock with the body shape in the middle. Jack, Adrian, Liam and Tosh looked at him,

"What the hell is a Silver Knight?"