To say Yui was shaken was an understatement. That was fairly understandable, even in a world like theirs with villains lurking around the corner, it wasn't every day you were ambushed by an entire group of criminals in a dark alley.

Add the girls own shy anxious personality and frankly it was a miracle she hadn't shut down yet. Though she knew she couldn't, not with Izuku right in front of her like this.

So he was Bolt all along? How the hell did that happen?!

She knew it had to have something to do with the green lightning bolt at the garage, but that only gave birth to about a hundred more questions. Either way, she was torn between jumping for joy and congratulating him, running from him like she always did, and just sitting jaw dropped that he was the vigilante.

Fortunately, the adrenaline of the fight was still going through her, even if her own role was incredibly minimal. She never thought she'd actually use her self-defence lessons her mother had sent her to before she got to U.A. but here she was.

She'd surprised even herself with her competence, though, she was certainly glad for it. Then suddenly, Izuku spoke up as he turned to leave, still vibrating his face behind the glass mask.

"Alright. T-There. Well, I had better g-go now- "

Her own eyes widened slightly, this was the chance she needed! She couldn't keep letting these chances slip by! She had to say something…

And thanks to the adrenaline, she managed it.

"When your apartment is right there?" She asked. Izuku froze, turning in surprise and though he likely didn't realize it his face stopped vibrating, revealing she was right. It was Izuku under that mask.

"What do you-"

"You knew my name. The only one who would know me and call me Kodai is you, Izuku." She stated as confidently as she could, amazed she was actually managing this, even with the adrenaline. The green haired teen's eyes went comically wide and his jaw dropped.

"…I don't-"

"And you stopped vibrating." She said, pointing forward, her voice coming out as dry as ever. "I can see your face."

Izuku blinked several times in surprise before quietly cussing, looking around to make sure no one had seen them as his face vibrated again.

"Darn it. A-Alright uh… Shoot. Just uh… go put your g-groceries inside and come back, and I'll explain. Okay?" He said and she nodded.

"Mm." She said as a way of affirmation before turning and walking inside, her mind whirling around as fast as Izuku could apparently run. Did that mean Izuku was the reason her father was saved? She had just assumed he'd managed to use his quirk briefly by sheer luck to get inside the balcony.

Her parents waved to her before both froze as they saw her. Her mother immediately rushed over as Yui put the groceries down. "Yui? You're completely white! What happened, sweetie!?"

"Mm." Yui shrugged, gesturing to the bag. "Villains."


Yui flinched and suddenly she was wrapped in tight arms as both her parents hugged her, her father's voice reaching her next. "What do you mean villains, sweetheart?"

"Ambushed." She said, trying not to wince when she was squeezed tighter. "Vigilante saved me."

"A vigilante?" Her father asked before her mother's eyes lit up.

"You mean that Bolt person? He's real?" She asked curiously. and Yui nodded. She was worried how they might react for a moment before her mother sighed in relief and smiled. "Well, I didn't think I'd say this but thank god for the vigilante then."

"I thought you didn't like vigilantes?" Her father asked curiously and her mother just shrugged.

"If they saved my daughter, they're alright in my book." She said seriously and Yui let out a tiny sigh of relief. Thank god for that, if they ever find out. "You should get to bed and relax sweetie."

"Mm. Not yet." She said shyly, her face tinging pink, unbeknownst to her. "Izuku invited me in."

She missed the twin grin's on her parents' faces, though she didn't miss the concern in their tone.

"And you're sure you can handle that right now?" They asked, clearly worried about her. Yui nodded her head determinedly.

"Yes." She said, more bravely then she felt even if it wasn't conveyed in her tone. "May I go?"

"Well… alright but I want you back in an hour for dinner." Her mother told her seriously and Yui sighed in relief, nodding her thanks. She hugged them both before turning and leaving, going up to the Midoriya residence and knocking on the door.

It only took a moment for the door to open and when it did, Inko opened it. She stopped for a moment, looking Yui up and down before smiling a soft, tired smile. "Hello, Kodai. Izuku said you found out his secret?"

"You know?" Yui asked in surprise, before wincing. That probably sounded rude. "Sorry."

"No, it's okay. Yes, I know. Approval is a different matter, but I certainly know." The older woman told her, ushering her inside to where Izuku was, sitting on the couch now in normal clothes and waiting. "Izuku, Kodai's here."

He looked over and smiled nervously with a blush. Yui nodded her head, her face now betraying her with a tinge of her own as she sat down.

"So… I'm Bolt." Izuku clearly had decided to just bite the bullet in the short few minutes they'd been split apart. "I assume you want to know more than that though…"

"Please." Yui nodded,she decided to just voice the question on her mind, her usual shyness forgotten as pure curiosity took over. "The lightning bolt?"

"Y-Yeah." Izuku nodded shyly. "That's where w-we think it starts, c-cause of the healing thing you said you saw. Then when I woke up…"

And saw, Izuku spent the next ten minutes explaining everything. He explained the way time slowed down which sounded so cool to Yui, the way he seemed to be able to decide whether his own perception of his speed was for it to be normal speed or if he himself wanted to experience it as super speed, how he possessed enhanced healing thanks to it. He even explained how it seemed to have affected his physique and Yui hoped her reddened face wasn't obvious when he began talking about the abs. If she were a less shy girl, she might have even asked to see them.

Then finally, the story wound to a close, after he explained how the vigilantism started and continued and how he'd found her. She was incredibly thankful for that old man noticing her and her unwanted followers, otherwise Izuku might have never shown up.

"And s-so, t-that's the whole story. That's w-why I'm Bolt and why my q-quirk's now registered as S-Speed and not quirkless." Izuku finished and the raven haired girl nodded thoughtfully. It was certainly a fitting name and it did wonders for her heart knowing Izuku not only had a quirk now but clearly a powerful one that would help him stand up to people. Izuku however looked really sheepish. "I'm s-sorry, please d-don't be mad."


"…Mad?" She asked, her mind crashing to a halt before her frown managed to deepen and she eyed the boy curiously. "Why would I be mad?"

"F-For lying to you? I d-didn't mean to h-hide it, I just…." Izuku trailed off and Yui sighed. Then, she got an idea. This was it.

She had to tell him. Her heart screamed at the realization and every instinct she'd gained over the years screamed to run, but she didn't. Because for the first time, it wasn't just a want to tell him, it was something he needed to know now. Something important for him to know, it was only fair after he admitted the truth to her.

He knew about the apartment now. He deserved to know.

And somehow, even though she'd never be entirely sure how, she managed to gather the confidence to speak up.

"I'd be a hypocrite if I was mad." She said, making both son and mother look at her confused. She sighed. "You know I live next door now."

"O-Oh, yeah. That w-was a really big surprise. Why didn't you s-say anything?" Izuku asked and Yui winced, as she felt Inko's calculating gaze on her. She sighed and bit down her worry, ignoring the churning in her stomach.

"Izuku, the truth is… I've lived beside you since I was four." She said. The room went silent as Izuku stared in shock. "I… I'm the one who kept sneaking those glasses of water and first aid kits to you."

"That was you?" Izuku asked quietly, eyes scrunching up in confusion as he processed that. "Wait but then… why didn't… why-"

"I was scared." Yui admitted as she looked down. "I saw you once when we were both four, I'd just moved in and… I wanted to be friends… I wanted to say hi. I went to meet you in the park but…"

"That was the day you brought Izuku back unconscious in that toy car." Inko suddenly realized and Yui nodded, feeling her heart going a mile a minute. Her face was heating up. Was her throat going dry? The air felt stuffy, was her breathing alright?

"Yes, I got my quirk trying to help then. I was scared so I waited but next time I went to talk to you… I was scared, and shy… and still shy… and then we grew up, and I kept wanting to talk to you but… but… I was scared you'd hate me for taking so long. Think I was weird. I'm sorry… I… I shouldn't have said anything. Please don't hate me!"

She suddenly stood up, she could feel her panic attack coming on and she went for the door but very suddenly, there was a massive gust of wind and Izuku stood in front of her but he didn't look angry, or miffed, or even that confused.

He just looked worried as he put a hand on her shoulder. "Kodai, c-calm down! I d-don't hate you, okay? I'm.. c-confused but I don't hate you. Just take d-deep breath, okay?"

She nodded confused, even though she still felt like she should run and did as he said. Deep breaths. Deep breaths.






One more breathe out and suddenly she felt very tired as she fell back against the wall. Izuku was very patient though, grabbing her and gently helping her down to the floor into a sitting position.

It wasn't much but it did help her feel a little better. What really helped was Izuku's voice though. "I w-wouldn't- I am n-not mad you w-waited so long. I g-get it, s-shyness sucks. You d-don't need to be s-scared of me r-reacting bad, t-though, okay? I'm c-confused w-why m-me… b-but… d-do you still w-want to be friends?" He asked the last part quietly, tentatively and Yui nodded despite herself. She somehow forced herself to look up and meet his eyes. They were soft, kind, warm… and he smiled.

Then he did something that undoubtedly surprised them both, he hugged her. Her mouth dropped open slightly and it was clear by the way his arms hovered ready to move away anytime he wasn't sure if this was right but he forced himself to speak anyways. "I'd l-like to be f-friends a-as well, if y-you want."

This… this was really happening? The thing she wanted and kept running from, it was finally coming to her, letting her have it?

She nodded her head slowly before hugging him back and answering in a small voice. "I'd… really like that."

"Me too."

They both stayed quiet for a moment before they then realized what they were doing and both promptly let go, each blushing fairly noticeably as Inko smiled like a feral cat in the living room from where she was watching.

"U-Um… w-we go to the s-same school s-so… d-do you w-want to go up t-together w-when I go b-back next week?" Izuku asked and the girl looked up in surprise, as Izuku pressed on. "A-And maybe e-eat lunch t-together or s-something? J-Just if you want to-"

And then, Yui did something she very rarely did. She smiled.

She smiled a very bright, wide smile showing her brilliant white teeth, as her monotone managed to briefly slip into a genuinely happy tone of voice.

"I'd love that." She said simply as Izuku gaped. It took her a moment to realize and her smile faded slightly. "If it's okay with you? Are you-"

"S-Sorry, just…" Then, he surprised both of them with the next words that slipped from his mouth. "You h-have a r-really pretty smile."

Yui felt her face heat up and Izuku's face went bright red.

"A-Ah, I m-mean its j-just its n-nice I don't w-want to s-sound weird or anything or m-make you-" She stopped him by smiling and putting a hand on his shoulder. It took a great delve into her courage to speak up but it was made easier by the compliment and the amazing way the day had gone that for once Yui didn't even freak out as she spoke.

"Thank you. You look like a tomato when you blush." She said, very seriously. "I like tomatoes."

Izuku's face went redder as Yui managed a giggle as she stood up. "I'll knock when I'm ready?"

"O-Okay!" Izuku said excitedly and Yui smiled as she stepped out the door, her smile never leaving her. Her parents noticed and smiled back when she appeared and eventually after a nice hearty meal Yui retired to her room.

And then she cried herself to sleep, but not out of sadness. No, her tears were those of joy.

Despite the issue of being ambushed, this was so far one of the greatest days of her life and she was beyond happy.

She was finally friends with Izuku, and she'd never let that slip away from her.

"Kazuhiko." A voice called from within a dark office deep in Musutafu. A man with sandy blonde hair and piercing red eyes, who was quite scrawny and wearing a white tank top looked up. "Have you heard the news?"

"Oh, you mean the rumours about Bolt?" Kazuhiko asked, spitting the name out as if It wasn't something vile on his tongue. "I hope that's all they are, you should be the only one…"

"Which is exactly why I need to know if these are just rumours. If they aren't, then I must know what he's capable of." The voice in the shadows said. It was neither gruff nor soft, an exact middle. It had a cold edge to it, like a salesman with only illicit products to sell, regardless of the consequences said items might bring. There was also a light but noticeable perverse excitement that sent a chill down Kazuhiko's spine. "I believe it's time we let our dear friend Eiji loose."

"Sir? But he's so reckless and he's…. hardly a good or obedient soldier." The scrawny man pointed out, gritting his teeth. The voice in the shadows made a noise of dismissal similar to a tut.

"Perhaps, but he will be good enough for this. Instruct him he may go and do as he pleases, so long as he keeps a low profile. I estimate it will take a month, maybe two before he gets sick of hiding and steps out. By then, I will have a very good idea of what we're dealing with."

"Well… if you're sure sir." Kazuhiko said uncertainly, sighing as he left the room. He stepped into another and lit up a massive room filled to the brim with cages.

Cages filled with humans. Starved, in rags and begging for freedom or food.

"Please! Let me go!"

"I have a family! Please!"

"I'm scared… please… I want my mom…"

"You sick bastards!"

"I'm so cold…."

Kazuhiko ignored them all. The products weren't his issue.

No, his only issue was setting the one at the back of the room free. He located the cage and saw a man curled up asleep inside. He scoffed, as he read the tag on the cage.

Name: Eiji Hamada

Age: Twenty-three

Notes: Approach with caution. Previously a villain. Name: Chrono-Devourer

Kazuhiko sighed and shook his head as he opened up the cage, snarling out a greeting.

"Up you get, Eiji. Time to cause some havoc…"