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Ryan and Marissa finally found Luke drinking alone on the baseball benches. Neither of them were sure what to say after Luke had run out of his house. His family was falling apart in front of him and even though both Marissa and Ryan could relate in their own ways, it was different.

"Luke, it's gonna be okay" Marissa said optimistically for once.

"How? My whole life has been a giant lie. Everything I thought I knew about him. Every business trip that made him miss one of my games. I don't even know if this was the first guy he was with or if there was others" Luke ranted taking about sip

"Look I know it's hard. But with everything I've been through with my dad. We've never been closer. We're finally just honest with each other and talk. Just give it some time" Marissa consoled.

"I don't wanna hear what he has to say" Luke said walking the other end and sitting down next to Ryan.

"I'm just gonna grab my jacket, its cold" she announced walking away.

Ryan sighed looking over at Luke "you know even if he wasn't honest with you he still cares. He did make it to some of your games"

"Whatever. What does it even matter now" Luke replied defeated drinking more.

"Trust me it matters. I have a dad who doesn't even know what sport I played let alone make it to any of my games." Luke looked over and saw Ryan's face. He knew that Ryan opening up about his life before the Cohen's was probably hard so he smiled "it's all just so screwed up you know" he said after a minute of silence.

"Well isn't this romantic" Ryan and Luke looked up to see two jocks from Pacific "a couple of harbour butt pirates"

"Is there a problem? Other than the fact that we kick your ass every year" Luke retorted. Ryan sighed, he knew this was going to get ugly.

"Nah there's no problem here. Fag" He spat, emphasising his last word.

Luke jumped up to the fence "what'd you call me?" he shouted before running around and getting in their faces, shoving him back with his shoulder

"Don't touch me. Save that for your boyfriend" the guy said in return.

"Okay let's just not do this" Ryan interrupted. For the first time ever, he was hoping he didn't have to throw any punches, knowing it'll only end up getting him in trouble.

"How bout a black eye for the queer guy" the second jock said before shoving Ryan. Ryan's previous momentary thought of letting it go was pushed straight out the window as his blood boiled and he shoved the guy back.

"Why don't you just run to your daddy?" the guy said and both Ryan and Luke swung a right hook to them and in unison they both dropped to the floor. They looked at each and smirked in victory before they looked back and saw the rest of the team walking up to them and both their smirks dropped as fast as those jocks did. They both knew that they were completely outnumbered but being the guys that they were they were definitely not going to run either.

About 10 minutes later Marissa hopped back out of the car and walked towards the field. She had just gotten a call from Luke's mum and promised her he was okay and that she and Ryan would drop him off once he had cooled down. She figured she had given Ryan and him enough time to talk and it was time for them to go back home now. She walked up and saw both Luke and Ryan laying on the floor out cold.

"Oh my god!" she cried running in the middle of both of them. She put her hand on Luke's chest and shook him "Luke?" He groaned and opened his eyes "what the hell happened?" she sobbed.

"We got in a fight" he grunted trying to sit up

"Ryan. Ryan?" she said brushing his hair out of his face "Ryan please wake up" she saw blood coming out of his mouth and couldn't tell if it was from a split lip or something worse "should I call an ambulance" she asked

"No. No we'll be fine. Let's just go to the Cohens" Luke said having finally pushed through the pain burning in his ribs and sitting up.

Ryan stirred "rissa" he whispered

"Yeah Ryan. Hey, can you wake up and we can get you home" he nodded, instantly regretted it but he tried not to show it. He looked over and saw Luke sitting up holding his one swollen hand in the other "you good?" he asked.

Luke nodded "I've been better. You?" he responded

"Same" Ryan grunted using all his strength to finally push himself upwards. Once they were both standing Luke helped Ryan and Ryan helped Luke and Marissa tried to hold up both of them the best she could. Ryan helped her sit Luke in the front and then she helped him get in the back "you sure you're okay?" she asked seeing the bruising forming all over his face. He barely even nodded this time as she closed the door.

Seth was doing his homework on the kitchen table when Kirsten angrily walked up to Sandy "Julie cooper sold her house"


"to my father" she finished.

"Oh! Now that, I wish you hadn't told me." Before they could finish their 'discussion' they heard the door bang shut. Kirsten turned around to see Marissa walk in.

"Hey Marissa. Ryan isn't home." She said absentmindedly. Marissa didn't even respond and just walked up towards them, she saw the tears in her eyes. "Marissa? What's wrong" she ran up to her.

"It's – they got in a fight. But I can't help them both" she rambled.

Sandy and Seth stood up after hearing that and walked up to her "was it Ryan?" Seth asked "of course it was Ryan, fights are his thing. But with who?" he said answering his own question and adding a new one. They reached the front door and saw the car doors were open showing a bloody Ryan and Luke in the car.

"Oh my god. I'm going to get the first aid kit. Sandy, Seth bring them in" Kirsten ordered walking back to the kitchen.

"Sure, I'll just use all my upper body strength. Oh wait I don't have any." Seth replied sarcastically walking towards the car with his father by his side.

"Seth just help" Sandy said. "I've got Luke. You get Ryan."

Seth looked at Ryan barely conscience in the back seat and winced at the blood on the side of his head "Hey buddy. Ryan, wakey wakey. you gotta help me out here" he said tapping his shoulder.

Ryan groaned and looked at him "Seth?"

"Yeah it's me. Wanna come in?"

"Are you okay?" Ryan asked confused, which terrified Seth. Ryan had got in a lot of fights, but Seth had never seen him so out of it. He must have hit his head hard. "Yeah man I'm fine. You on the other hand…" he leaned over unbuckled his seat belt and started helping Ryan out the car. Come on let's get you home." He said carrying the chunk of Ryan's weight.

Sandy had already gone in and put Luke on the couch and met Seth at the door to help out. They placed Ryan on the other end of the couch and Kirsten had brought out ice bags, painkillers and water for them both.

"What the hell happened" Sandy finally asked as Marissa and Kirsten worked on them

"They got in a fight" Marissa responded not looking up from wiping the blood on Ryan's face

"With each other? Cos I thought they were like best friends now?" Seth said with an obvious tinge of jealousy

"No. not with each other some other guys." She responded.

Luke groaned "guess bad news travels fast" he said looking down ashamed. He sat up and ate the painkillers that Kirsten handed him.

"Luke do your parents know you're here?" Sandy asked, knowing that if he was Luke's parent regardless of any drama at home he'd want to know where his kids were, especially if they were hurt.

"No, hey I'd rather not call them. If that's okay" Luke said with pleading eyes

"erm yeah dad he can just stay in the guest room" Seth offered, putting his dislike for Luke aside.

"Guys I don't think Ryan's doing so well" Marissa said moving his hair from his face.

"He hit his head pretty hard. I'm surprised he got back up and carried on to be honest" Luke said looking at Kirsten as if she could somehow cure him.

"I'm not" Seth commented knowing Ryan wouldn't give up a fight even if it killed him.

Kirsten walked over and put her hand on his cheek, he was pale, a bit clammy but he wasn't burning up "Ryan, sweetie, can you wake up for me" she asked softly.

"Mom maybe we should take him to the hospital." Seth said moving closer to him. Just then Ryan groaned "no hospitals. I'm kay" he whispered.

"Of course you are" Marissa and Seth responded at the same time, creeping each other out.

Ryan involuntarily groaned again and Kirsten looked up at Sandy "maybe I should take him to get checked out" she said worried ignoring Ryan shaking his head.

"Honey can I talk to you in the kitchen" Sandy finally said.

"Yeah sure. Marissa try and keep him awake okay." She said walking into the kitchen.

"I'm going to call Luke's dad. He should know. I'll stay here. Why don't you take Ryan to the ER and call me with an update." Kirsten nodded and kissed her husband's cheek.

She walked back to living room "Seth help put Ryan in the car. We're gonna go get him checked out. He might have a concussion" Marissa moved out the way as Seth grabbed one side and Sandy grabbed the other. Together they draped Ryan's around their necks and helped him walk. More like carried him to the car.

"I'm kay guys, really" Ryan whispered before his eyes rolled back and he passed out, going completely limp.

"Hey now" Seth said as he grunted with the extra weight

"Ryan? Ryan bud can you wake up?" Sandy whispered as they placed him in the back seat. "Ryan" Sandy tried once more.

"Dad is he okay?" Seth asked just watching Ryan. Sandy hesitated long enough for Kirsten to come running with keys.

"Seth you drive" she said throwing him the keys and getting in the back seat playing with Ryan's hair. Seth nodded, closing the door he ran to the front seat and drove as fast as he could.

Marissa stayed with Luke knowing he'd need her right now. She knew Ryan would understand, especially with everything Luke is going through right now.

Kirsten and Seth waited in the waiting room for about 20 minutes before a nurse came and informed them that he was fine, but they were going to keep him overnight because of his severe concussion.

"Can we see him" Kirsten asked hoping they wouldn't say anything about visiting hours because she was definitely not leaving her child here alone. She sighed in relief when the nurse nodded and walked them to the room. They both walked in together tip toeing, so they don't wake him up.

"Hey" Ryan grunted with his eyes barley open.

"Nice work mum" Seth sighed as he sat down.

Kirsten ignored Seth's comment and put her hand on Ryan's cheek "how you feeling honey?"

"I'm okay, just a headache. What happened?" he rasped

"You don't remember?" Seth said sitting up

"Well me and Luke were on the baseball field and these guys, they started a fight." He stopped mid explanation and looked at Kirsten "Is Luke okay?"

"Yeah. Well as good as someone can be when they find out that-" Seth started

"Okay Seth" Kirsten said cutting him off from his rant of the irony in Luke's dad being gay again.

"What time is it?" Ryan whispered his eyes slowly closing again.

"It's half past 9." Kirsten said

"When can I leave" he mumbled back

"They'll discharge you tomorrow" she said still playing with his hair

"But I'm okay" he whispered back with his eyes now closed

"Just get some rest honey"

"Okay mom" it was barely audible but Kirsten and Seth both heard it. They looked up at each other awkwardly. Kirsten smiled not knowing that his saying that would mean so much to her.

Kirsten and Seth went home after Sandy convinced them that Ryan would sleep throughout the night anyways, so they might as well come home for the night.

Ryan slept as best he could with the beeping of machines and the nurses waking him up to check on him, regardless of how many times he said he was fine and he just wanted to sleep. The next time Ryan woke up it was with a smile when he saw Marissa was holding his hand.

"Hey" he croaked.

"Ryan, you're awake. I just thought I'd see you on my way to school." She said smiling.

"So we're okay?" he asked not forgetting the fact that he blamed everyone finding out on her.

"Of course. You were really great with Luke. His dad came to pick him up yesterday and I think they're gonna be okay. Eventually."

"That's good. I still never should have told you." Ryan said sitting up a bit.

"Because I'll tell everyone right" she said rolling her eyes

"No because he asked me not to" he said smiling.

"Ah but see the unwritten rules of relationships is that you're allowed to tell your girlfriend everything" she said sitting on his bed "because everything you say to me, stays with me. And vice versa."

"And I'm such a stickler for rules." he smiled making Marissa laugh "so you didn't tell anyone about me going off on you yesterday."

"No" then she smiled "well I mean just summer" she said moving on to the bed.

He moved in close "will you tell summer about this" he said putting his hand on her cheek and pulling her in for a kiss.

Just then the door opened "ohhh. Sorry" Seth said walking in with a bag

"Hey Seth" Ryan said not surprised that Seth somehow found a way to interrupt their kiss even in a hospital. Marissa got off the bed and sat on the chair near the bed awkwardly.

"Hi. Clearly you're feeling better. I figure I'd come see you on the way to school. Didn't know I'd have the same idea as your girlfriend. I mean technically-"

"Seth" Ryan interrupted.

"Right. How you doing?" he asked walking towards them

"I'm fine. Can't wait to leave" Ryan said

"Yeah my mums outside talking to your doctor and then I think she's taken the day off to stay home with you"

Before Ryan responded Kirsten walked in "Hey Marissa. Ryan how're you feeling"

"He's fine. As per usual" Seth answered instead of Ryan.

Ryan rolled his eyes "I am fine"

Kirsten smiled "yeah well your doctor thinks so too. He said we can take you home so I've brought you some fresh clothes and we'll leave when you're ready" she said placing a bag on the bed.

"Thanks. And Kirsten you don't have to take off work. I'll be okay." Ryan said swinging his legs over the bed

"I know I didn't have to. I wanted to." Kirsten smiled. Also, I've made up the guest room for you. So, no pool house for a while. Ryan tried not to show it, but he was smiling on the inside. His actual mother wouldn't do any of this, even when it was worse than just a concussion. Kirsten decided to give Ryan space to change and get ready "Marissa how about you get some coffee while I sign the discharge papers"

"yeah sure" Marissa said walking out behind Kirsten.

Once the door was shut Seth sighed "so you and Marissa seem to be doing well"

Ryan stood up "yeah I think things are good right now" he swayed and tried to hold onto the side of the bed "woah. I got you" Seth said stepping forward and holding his arm helping him walk to the toilet.

"So let me update you on Summer. You've missed a lot while you napped" Ryan smiled as he closed the door and heard Seth go on and on over every word Summer says to him.