For the story bellow, i decided to make something short and cute to the 2015 live action of Cinderella, hope you like.

The only thing you have to know about this story is that it take place maybe a year after the movie and both Cinderella and the prince had names in this movie, so, its Ella and Kit respectvitly. Other than that, the plot was the same.

Hope you like

Please enjoy


In honor of his lovely bride Ella, King Richard, or Kit, as he liked to be called, decided to throw a ball, inviting all the people around the kingdom, to celebrate his happiness with them. Sure, Ella, shy as she was and rumble as well, after serving for almost ten years as a servant on her own home, told him, he didn't need to do that, still, the newly king just smiled and said she deserved all the ball and all the hipness in the world.

With this, the Greatest Ball took place a week later and indeed, everyone was invited, from the lords and ladies, to the simple pleasant, came to share the joy with their monarchs. It was a night to remember.

Within the guests, however, was Ella´s stepmother and stepsisters, as they had come with the Grand Duke, who disgusted with the King´s success and happiness, decide to take revenge. The plan was simple, since they knew that the source of the king´s joy was his beautiful bride, so, they thought about destroy her and this way, take control over the king.

Once the last guests arrived, the Stepmother, without no one notice, dropped a small potion on a glass and made her way toward the main table, where Ella and Kit were surrounded by dukes and douches from other kingdoms.

''My dear Stepdaughter!'' the Stepmother said approaching the table, with a gray smile.

''What are you doing here?'' Ella asked calmly with a frown.

''You are not welcome here!'' King Kit got up and look angrily at the other woman.

''I thought you had forgive me and your sisters!'' the older woman laughed falsely.

''I did'' agreed Ella ''But its doesn't mean I want anything with you ever again!''

''Guard!'' the king exclaimed ''Please take…''

''Your Majesty, don't be so unkind, I just want to propose a toast, to yours and Cinderella´s happiness'' she said ''As a good stepmother that I am'' she finished and with a deep breath, just with the small thought that her Stepmother could have an act of kindness, accept the toast and drink all the liquid from the glass the other woman give her.

It was her mistake. As soon as the poison touched her lips, Ella started to get unwell and without warming, she dropped the glass and fall backyards.

''Ella!'' Kit exclaimed, rushing to hold her, before she hit the floor. ''Ella, what´s happening?''

''I… I was poisoned…'' she whispered as the Stepmother start to laugh.

''This is what you deserve, after what you did to me and my daughters!'' she exclaimed ''I should have done to you sooner…''

''GUARDS!'' Kit yelled ''Take this woman away from here immediately!''

''Kit…''Ella´s voice echoed his years above a whisper ''Have … courage…and… be kind'' she said her last words and fall on his arms, dead.


The whole kingdom, shared King Kit sadness over his lost love. Ella was a good and kind person and everyone who knew her, join in the castle, to say goodbye when they receive the news of her passing, two days later.

A few ours before the services started although, Kit decided to spend a few minutes alone, in the garden where once he and Ella spend a few minutes together, when she had come to the ball, once upon a time, when she lost her glass slipper.

Once there, he started to cry, when suddenly, he heard someone approaching. It was a very old woman, dressed like a beggar, asking for water. Immediately, the young king rush to a well and give the old woman a glass of water.

''Thank you! Thank you'' she exclaimed. ''Why are you crying young man?'' she asked.

''Oh, please, don't bother'' he said walking away for the woman, not knowing however, that she was Cinderella´s Fairy Godmother in disguise.

''I see you are in distress, please, let me help you…'' she insists and Kit just took a deep breath.

''I lost my princess, my wife, she´s gone forever and now I have to say goodbye'' he sobbed

''Oh, poor dear…'' the Fairy Godmother patted the king´s shoulder ''Poor dear… Goodbyes are never easy, I know, but we have to be strong when the time come''

''Yeah, I suppose…'' Kit agree.

''You need to be strong and after saying good bye, give your princess a kiss, she will know she´s loved'' she said.

Confused with that speak, Kit was about to ask what she was talking about, when one of the guards came to call him, saying it was time, so he just walks away from the old woman.

Sure, on the other hand, The Fairy Godmother could have showed the king, her identity, but for plan to work, he had to believe in himself.

As expected, when Kit entered in the Castle hall, both monarchs and pleasant people, came to give him condolences, he didn't care about. He just wanted to approach the coffin and end already with this sad day.

This way, as he approaches, he bent down and taking a deep breath, he give her the most tender kiss.

''I love you!'' he whispered, still, when their lips barely touch one another, a colorful wave exploded through the hall and suddenly, Ella woke up with a gasp.

''Kit?!'' she whispered.

''My love… you are alive?'' he asked amazed, helping her out of that thing, scaring mostly the people around.

''What happened?'' she asked confuse ''The last thing I remember, we were at the ball… than I don't remember anything…'' she said and he kissed her again.

''You don't have to worry about it, you are alive and that's what the matter.'' He said and she simply nodded.


Later that night of course, after telling the whole kingdom that the queen was alright, Kit told his lovely Ella about the Stepmother, she felt sad that the woman was capable of such, but on the other hand, she was happy to be together with her love once again.

This way, with the Stepmother away forever this time and after that kiss of true love, Cinderella and her Prince, finally lived happy ever after… with a bit of help with the Fairy Godmother, of course.