He still saw her and heard her. Why? He was freed from her. Why is this happening? Thomas "Tommy" Oliver sighed as he sat at his desk in his room. It was a Saturday night and Tommy had plans to go out with his friends, but he just could not go in fear that he will see her again. She was always there. Tommy sighed and looked around his room. He was sitting in the dark like he has been there all day. He just could not bring himself to leave his bedroom. He just did not want to see anyone anymore. Tommy sighed again and ran his hand through his black hair and looked to his door when he heard a knock on his door. "Tom? Are you feeling all right?" his adopted father asked him. Another reason not to see his friends, he was adopted, and he did not know what happened to his real parents. Then again his new friends knew nothing about him because he was still the new kid who had to get himself turned evil. "Tom? Can I come in?" Tommy closed his eyes and nodded but he did not say anything.

"Yeah, dad you can come in," Tommy said with another sigh at how weak and tired his voice sounded. He has not slept in three days and his friends noticed. They asked him about it one day,

but he did not answer them. He knew that they were worried but why would they be? Tommy looked up from a book to see his father walk in.

"Why are the lights off Tom?" his father asked turning on the light. However, he gasped when he saw his son with bloodshot eyes, messy hair, and his room a mess he knew why his lights were off. "Tom? What's wrong?" his father asked but Tommy said nothing not that he could anyway. "Is this about school? Is there someone picking on you?" Tommy shook his head, but his eyes told his father that he was right.

"Yeah, but they stopped. Dad, I…I'm sorry about the way that I have been acting. It's just with the move and…." Tommy cut off and shook his head. "it doesn't matter now," Tommy said before he stood up and walked over to his door. "I have to meet my friends," Tommy said with a shaky voice. His father nodded but he could still see the pain in his eyes.

"What is it, Tom? You can tell me you know," his father pleaded but Tommy shook his head and walked out of the room.

It wasn't dark out when Tommy made his way to Jason's house. He was going over there for a movie night and he was fifteen minutes late. Tommy however didn't really care because they all might just think that he got kidnapped again or something. They don't care about him. He might move again anyway so why….. "Green ranger? Feeling down?' Tommy shook his head when he heard Rita's voice his head. This was not the first time, but it still scared Tommy.

"Get out of my head," Tommy said under his breath when he walked up to Jason's door. He took a deep breath before he knocked on the door. It took a while for the door to open and when it did Tommy flinched when Kim hugged him.

"Guys!" Kim called letting go of Tommy though he wished that she didn't. for he wanted someone to comfort him. Kim then grabbed Tommy's arm and pulled him into the house. "Tommy's here!" Kim called out with a bright smile, but Tommy wished that he could tell her what was going on, but he knew that she did not care about him when he was not there. "Tommy?" she asked when they walked into the living room where everyone was sitting. Tommy looked up at them and smiled.

"I'm fine just did not sleep very well last night. Right let's do this," Tommy said picking up a slice of pizza even though he did not feel like eating. Jason shared a look with Billy, but he nodded anyway.

Tommy fell asleep a few minutes later. However, no one noticed, nor did they notice the sweat on Tommy's brow when his nightmare kicked in.

"Get away from me! I will never turn on my friends again!" Tommy yelled as he sat in a cell with Rita staring at him. She laughed and smiled at Tommy.

"But you will dear Tommy, you will. Your friends don't understand you do they?" Rita said laughing at Tommy who dropped his eyes.

"You may be right but maybe one day they will, and I will

"You hold your tongue Green ranger and wake up. Remember you can't tell anyone about these dreams or I will kill your friends or worse make you do it. I can control you again you know. Now, wake up!"

Tommy woke to the others looking at him. Jason was talking with Trini and Billy was calming down Kim. Tommy closed his eyes again and opened them before he ran a hand over his face, to hide the fact that he was crying. However, this did not hide the soft noises that came out of his mouth that he tried to hide but he could not. "Tommy, what is it?" Jason asked but Tommy did not stop crying to answer.

"Did you have a nightmare?" Billy asked but Tommy still did not answer. How could he? They would all die if he told them. However, Tommy did not stop his head from nodding. "Do you want to talk about it?" Billy asked but Tommy looked down in shame.

"I…..I can't! Leave me alone!" Tommy suddenly snapped and got to his feet before he ran to the front door and ran outside with Jason running after him. However, when he got outside he did not see Tommy anymore.

A/N: How was that? Did you like this? This story was inspired by a comic that I saw in the back of Soul of the Dragon. I really like this story and I hope you do also. Tell me what you think. Thank you again for reading and I will see you next time- Captain Voxland