Tommy was nervous as he sat around his friends the next day. He was going to tell them about him seeing Rita and hearing her. However, as he sat around them in the park with the wind and kids buzzing around them. It was a beautiful day and Tommy could not think of a better day to do this, but he still did not want to do it. Tommy opened his eyes and looked at his friends who all looked at him with worry. Well, other than Jason who nodded at him. Tommy took a deep breath and closed his eyes again. "Tommy?" Billy asked looking around him. "It's ok take your time all right," Billy said making Tommy smile. Tommy took another deep breath and said:

"Thanks. I'm just going to say it and you promise not to get mad that I did not tell you earlier," Everyone nodded, and Tommy took another deep breath and said: "I see Rita everywhere. I hear her voice too. She tells me that I'm not better without her and that I should join her again. I was scared to tell you because she told me that if I tell you she will kill you," after Tommy said this he closed his eyes in fear of what everyone faces said but he opened them when he felt Kim hug him.

"We are not mad at you Tommy. In fact, we are happy that you told us before you pass out again," Tommy looked at Kim and then to Jason.

"I had to tell them that part. Now why don't we stop this depressing topic and hang out here before we must work on homework," Jason said making everyone laugh.

Tommy laughed along with his friends as they talk about the recent monster that they had to face but Tommy stopped when he remembered that he had to tell them one more thing. Tommy took a deep breath and smiled at Jason before he said: "I um need to tell you guys another thing. I was adopted and I never knew my real parents," Everyone looked at Tommy and nodded but they all smiled and started to ask him more questions about him and Tommy knew that everything right now is ok. Tommy answered all of them and laughed when they seemed jealous when he said he has been to Paris. Tommy also realized that he had made the right friends who will never give up on him and be there for him when things go wrong again.

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