Content warnings: I'm rating this fanfic PG-13 because it contains themes and stuff that may be upsetting, such as:

Fantasy violence
Direct depictions, analogies, and metaphors of self-destructive behavior
Direct depictions and analogies of abusive and toxic relationships
Discussion of mental health (anxiety, trauma, depression)

Nothing graphic or severe! I hope I did my best to portray these things respectfully and without making it too disturbing. I just thought giving a heads up would be a good idea ^^

Basically, I say this fanfic has lots of angst (and fluff) for a reason.

Welcome to my Steve Saga Minecraft fanfiction! This fanfiction is based on the story, world, and characters created by FavreMySabre on YouTube. The fanfiction is based on what we know about Illusion/Reality, Memory, and the rest of the Galaxy Family. So I'll add a lot of callbacks to their episodes. But keep in mind some parts of this book will contradict the canon, since it is an AU!

And before we begin, I want to iterate that this is a gen fanfiction focused on platonic and familial love. There is absolutely no romance here.

So I want to ask my readers a big favor: please do not comment about shipping or romance in this story. Please understand that I don't want this fanfic to be associated with any romantic ships, and comments about shipping may make me uncomfortable. Thank you so so much for understanding!

This author's note is getting long, lol. Let's just head into the story now!

Remorseful Recollections of the Forgotten Family:

Act 1: START

With a silent huff, Memory Steve climbed to the top of the Netherrack hill, wincing every time he took a step on his bruised leg. The hilltop intersected with stalagmites of glowstone. Memory Steve collapsed onto the glowstone wall before sitting down. The glowstone would shield and hide him from that Demon Steve and provide a light source for now.

Memory Steve inspected the bruise on his leg. A large purple mark on his copper brown skin. It hurt like needles and mocking burns, but fortunately not a serious injury. After double checking the bruise, he finally allowed himself to dry the sweat off his face with a black cloth before chugging a water bottle. Despite being used to the heat from his old home — the Memory Dimension — he could not stand the scorching air of the Spiritless World, as well as its other Nether-like characteristics.

He coughed after gulped down water a bit too ferally. Feeling refreshed, he placed the cloth and water bottle back into his inventory. Then he took out his iconic mask that he no longer wore because of the unbearable heat. He traced a finger around the mask's spiral print. Memory Steve had been withering away in the Spiritless World ever since Sabre and Rainbow Steve destroyed him generations ago. The white print of his mask turned yellow decades ago, though the overall mask was still sturdy from lack of use. Being an ageless Steve (perks of his family), his endurance and physical appearance hadn't deteriorated either. He could not say the same thing about his current clothes though. Worn out shoes, dirty dress pants and a tattered dress shirt — his current clothes were a shell of the black suit he used to wear. Not to mention the ashy smell (not like Memory Steve would notice anyways after generations of smelling like the Nether). And his dark brown hair, which was filthy and horribly cut at his neckline. As someone who spent many years taking pride in his appearance, it shamed Memory to admit that he nearly looked as ragged and feral as the Demon Steves that populated this hellscape.

Well, maybe he was a Demon Steve now.

He had seen the trend in the memories of Demon Steves. Demon Steves...those hostile creatures that hunted and attacked anything that moved...they were Steves distorted and transformed by the Spiritless World. Memory Steve knew that because he had been attacked and chased by countless of Demon Steves during his time in hell. He survived these attacks by using his psychic powers to erase the Demon Steves' memories, confusing them long enough to flee or making them forget the reason why they were aggressive to pacify them.

Memory Steve also had the ability to view the memories that he stole from the Demon Steves. Memories of who these Demon Steves used to be in the Overworld, the land of the living. Memories of blackmailing victims. Memories of hurting Steves. Memories of being involved in conspiracy and crime.

All the Demon Steves used to be cruel and evil Steves who ended their villainous journeys with incomplete goals and unsatisfied rage. And like them, Memory Steve lived a life of villainy — serving as the minion for Void Steve — and died with an incomplete goal. He sighed bitterly as he remembered his final moments. His last targets. Sabre, Rainbow Steve, and long-time foe Galaxy Steve. He was supposed to erase their memories, but they somehow overcame his powers, trapped him, and destroyed him.

Besides Rainbow Steve, Sabre, and his father, Memory Steve hadn't seen anyone unaffected by his powers in a long time...

A low growl interrupted his thoughts. Memory Steve tucked his mask back into his inventory and remained still, pressing his back against the glowstone wall. The Demon Steve that had been chasing him for days had arrived. This Demon Steve was stubborn and kept finding him every time Memory Steve erased his memories and teleported away. So I have to finally go through with this: find out what he's angry about and erase that memory, he thought.

Memory Steve pushed himself up. He had rested enough to restore his teleportation ability. He concentrated on the bottom of the hill, where the Demon Steve lingered. A moment later, he teleported to that open area, nine blocks behind the Demon Steve who looked over his shoulder to stare back. Memory Steve could teleport without sound or thunder, but the Demon Steve still sensed him somehow. Memory Steve had been stealing memories from this hostile entity for days now, slowly piecing together Demon Steve's past life. Finally, he knew the memory he must erase to pacify this enemy once and for all.

The Demon Steve turned around and limped towards him. Memory Steve jumped out of the way before the Demon Steve swiped his white claws at him. The demon hissed before attacking again and again. Memory Steve jumped to the left, right, and a block backwards as the Demon Steve continued snarling and swiping. He couldn't look away or teleport; only the opponent must break eye contact for this to work. Memory Steve just had to concentrate on the memory he was looking for until...

Finally, the Demon Steve blinked. There was a flash of light.

Suddenly, Memory Steve found himself on top of the Netherrack hill, shielded by the glowstone stalagmites again. He quickly peaked out of the wall, spying on the Demon Steve, which shook his head like a dog before scratching his scalp. Good, he was confused. A definite sign that the memory was successfully erased.

Memory Steve ducked back behind the wall and raised his hand in front of him. A shape materialized above his hand, transforming into a large blue flower that softly glowed. If a stranger only knew the basics about Steves (and was terrible at identifying colors), that stranger may mistake Memory as a Green Steve, who had the ability to generate and manipulate plants.

But this blue forget-me-not was not a true flower. Just an object taking the form of one. Memory Steve had the ability to summon stolen memories so he could view them, and the memories always took the form of a forget-me-not that was large enough to fit in his hands. Memory Steve sent a silent command, and the center of the flower glowed and projected a small hologram above the flower, replaying a moving image of a Green Steve. Voices echoed from the flower.

"You're an idiot if you're gonna side with the Nightmare King!" the Green Steve in the hologram yelled.

"I'm not being an idiot. I'm being smart!" another voice said. In the image, a purple finger from the right corner pointed accusingly at the Green Steve. This meant that this memory was from a Purple Steve, who was talking to the Green Steve. "It's inevitable that the Nightmare King will rule us all! The earlier I pledge my allegiance to him, the better! It's safer that way."

"We have a great hideout that he'll never find!" The Green Steve in the image reasoned. "You're not siding him because you're worried about safety. You're siding with him because you're greedy and think joining that crook is the easiest way to gain power."

So this was the point when a thought became action. When this Demon Steve, who used to be a Purple Steve, turned evil, and saw his good friend betray him because of different ideas and morality. Memory Steve crushed the flower with his hand and gave himself a silent congratulation as he felt the soft petals melt into nonexistence. The memory returned to the dimension where he stored the other stolen memories.

He looked back at the Demon Steve he left behind. The creature still looked confused before shrugging and limping away. The Demon Steve forgot what made him so mad and motivated to chase after enemies. Not to mention that him didn't remember Memory Steve. All Steves who were attacked by him always forgot who he was.

Memory Steve sighed in relief. He should be safe from Demon Steves now, making his main priority just to scavenge for food and water again. He did not know what happened to Demon Steves who forgot their incomplete goals or wrath. Nor did he care. He only cared about finding food, water, and shelter once he escaped those creatures. The living conditions of this hell was unforgiving, after all. There was no time to think about how his powers affected the Demon Steves. There was no time to think about joy or hope either.

If there was a bright side about the Spiritless World, it was that the brutal landscape gave Memory Steve permission to only focus on his survival. Allowing himself to not think about others' wellbeing or his own downfall...when he failed his last mission to erase Sabre's memories...

Memory Steve was trekking along a Nether ravine until he heard thunder.


He flinched and immediately teleported to a small little cave he spotted on the side of the ravine.

Looking outside, Memory Steve's eyes darted left and right, up and down. Trying to find what Steve was powerful enough to summon lightning.


Was that Steve expecting him? Was it even a Steve at all? Memory Steve flinched again when his heart suddenly turned cold. He forced himself to keep still before inhaling and exhaling a deep breath, soothing his jumpy heart.

He waited a moment more but heard no footsteps or voice. He took the risk and teleported back onto the ravine. He scanned the area. No Steves nearby. But where did the lightning come from?!

On cue, the thunder roared again.

Memory Steve stumbled as the Netherrack under his feet shook. He winced when he fell face-down and quickly flipped himself onto his back to see the roaring sky.

"What the?!"

The last thing he saw was the Nether's hazy red sky split into two by a flash of white light.

He felt the lumpy Netherrack beneath him disappear. He felt suspended in bright nothingness. His heart panicked as his hands desperately searched around for a rock or anything to cling onto.

Memory Steve's mind felt a twist and his stomach turned. He felt that he was no longer lying on his back but somehow standing, despite the fact that he made no effort to get up, nor felt any sense of ground.

Then the white light that had engulfed him blinked away, replaced with light blue and green.

Memory Steve shouted in pain when he fell five blocks from the sky and stumbled onto coarse grass. He hissed as his bruised leg and one of his ankles cried from the landing. Fortunately, they were both ok.

He wobbled back up, blinking his wet eyes. The light blue colors surrounding him pained his eyes that were so used to darkness. He blindly searched his inventory for his mask and snapped it on his head. The mask immediately dimmed his surroundings, making Memory Steve much more comfortable.

He quickly backed up to a tree he didn't even know was there and just stared. Stared at this land, noting every single detail. The grass, blue sky, nearby pond, and gray hills. It should be familiar. But after being in the Spiritless World for so long...this land felt like alien paradise.

No, it can't be. Many worlds look just like this world! He was killed! There was no way he could have returned to this world.

A wind swept his loose, coily hair and Memory Steve stilled. The calm breeze continued, easing him. He was denying that he was in the Overworld. But the pleasant wind, something completely absent from the Spiritless World, was making it harder to deny that this was reality. Should he allow himself to embrace it, whether it was reality or a foolish dream?

Memory Steve closed his eyes for a bit, letting the wind play with his dark hair and cool his body. Having this quiet moment made up for the several generations he spent in the scorching Spiritless World. The wind brushing his hair and the soft air flowing in and out of his lungs, he felt a rare emotion. Bliss.

He then shook his head, opened his eyes, and looked around again. Whatever this world was, he had to find resources. And although he was enjoying this moment, the longer he stayed outside, the more aware he became of his torn and worn garments, and the more nervous he felt about his ragged appearance. He refused to be caught looking like this. Fortunately, he could use his powers to erase the memories of anyone who spotted him. Hopefully there were chests or villages nearby for him to scavenge through.

He froze when he heard thunder.

"What in the world is going on here?" A deep voice hummed.

Memory Steve pressed himself against the tree, deathly silent. He spotted a shadow gliding across on the grass in front of him. A moment later, an entity flew down from the sky, his gray heeled shoes meeting the shadow he was casting. The newcomer scanned the area, his back against Memory Steve.

Who was this person? Was he a Steve? Memory Steve had never seen an entity like him before.

The entity had dark skin and wore a lab coat over his grayscale clothes and colorful tie. His lab coat's had an achromatic gradient, starting as white on his left shoulder and fading to black as the colors reached his right shoulder. Memory Steve also spotted hints of pink, blue, and purple on the coat's lining, accented with a white puzzle-like pattern. He didn't know what that was supposed to represent. But based on the colors, he deducted that if this entity was a Steve, he was at most a young adult, as younger Steves typically possessed shiny and bright colors. The entity also had long, light azure hair in a ponytail.

The entity turned around, revealing his face. The entity had heterochromatic eyes: one eye blue and the other purple, which were framed by pink eyeglasses.

"...Who are you?" The strange-looking entity took a step towards Memory Steve. The masked Steve gulped.

Well, he knew what he had to do.

Memory Steve charged at the silver-colored entity.

"What are you doing?! Get away from — !" The entity flinched and ducked, breaking eye contact. A flash of light.

Memory Steve suddenly found himself hiding behind a different tree in a different area. That entity had looked away from him, meaning he forgot that he encountered Memory Steve.

Memory Steve was about to walk away before he paused.

Wait...where was he supposed to go? What was he about to do anyways?

What was that entity he was running away from? He didn't have to run away anywhere!

This was home. This was home. This was the Overworld! A perfect place!

No! The Overworld wasn't his home! His home was the Memory Di...

Memory Steve tensed and looked down. Underneath the mask, his face scrunched up with pain as he dug his hands through his hair. Something was in his mind, erasing his memories and he didn't like it.

"Get...get out of my head!" Memory Steve hissed. "What are you doing?!"

He suddenly collapsed onto his knees before perking up with sudden relief. That strange pressure in his mind was suddenly gone. His memories crashed back in.

He was Memory Steve. His home was the Memory Dimension, and he had been living in the Spiritless World for generations until a strange force brought him into this green and lively dimension...where he encountered that -

"There you are! If you were in distress, the illusion should have taken over your mind by now. But I purposely broke you out of the illusion because I'm curious." The deep voice returned.

Memory Steve whirled around. He felt a rising panic. There was that well-kept entity, standing with the posture of a leader and with his arms behind his back. Due to being shorter, the entity looked up to meet the hidden eyes of Memory Steve, who was messy and confused.

Memory Steve charged again. The strange entity flinched and looked away.

Memory Steve found himself in a new area again. The crushing feeling of some happy reality came in, drowning his memories of the Spiritless World and the Memory Dimension.

This entity could erase memories! How was that possible?! No one could erase his memories! Void Steve specifically created Memory Steve to be immune from other Steves that could erase memories!

...Who was Void Steve?

"Can you stop that?!" The deep voice hissed.

The crushing mental feeling disappeared and Memory Steve blinked before looking around, remembering everything clearly again.

The colorful entity stormed in. "Can you please stop erasing my memories and running away from me?!"

Memory Steve cowered back, stunned.

The silver-colored entity stomped closer to him. "You're getting on my nerves with these mind games. It's already bad enough that I have to deal with Sabre!"

Sabre?! He's still alive, even after generations have passed?!

"Now, let me ex — " The silver-colored entity around to begin his Evil Villain Monologue™. Little did he know that looking away from Memory Steve would cause him to forget his encounter of him, and causing Memory Steve to teleport to another area.

"Aaaaaahhhh." Memory Steve screamed had he pressed his hands against his head, feeling something smothering his memories and identity again. "What is going on?!"

"You know what, this is ridiculous!" A voice boomed.

Snap. Memory Steve straightened and blinked again. The crushing feeling disappeared. He looked around, but the enemy was nowhere to be found.

"I think I know what's going on," the deep voice continued.

Memory Steve looked up at the sky.

"You're Memory Steve, aren't you? The Steve who erases the memories of those who look away from him. I can't believe it...I thought you were destroyed generations ago."

Memory Steve paled. How did this entity know who he was? No one but Sabre, Rainbow, Void, and Galaxy Steve knew about him. But...this strange entity did know Sabre.

"I also saw you in Sabre's mind. You caused so much pain to Galaxy Steve. And your father, Void Steve, also caused him so much pain."

Well that answered his questions.

But...this stranger also knew Galaxy Steve? Memory Steve, now that he wasn't feeling something crushing his mind, noticed something. He sensed something. That strange young Steve was not present, but Memory Steve could still feel some aura of him. It was not the power. The power felt too strange and alien for Memory Steve to label. But somewhere in that power, he sensed something familiar about the Steve...

"It doesn't make sense that you are back, and I plan to figure out where you came from. I'm keeping you immune from the effects of my illusion for now, but remember that I'll be back."


Memory Steve waited a moment and sensed no one nearby. That silver-colored Steve gave his word.

...Who was that Steve?

Looking at the grass below, Memory Steve recalled the aura that Steve gave. That aura...that energy...he felt it before. When he was dealing with Galaxy Steve. When he was dealing with Time Steve and Elemental Steve, who were the sons of Galaxy.

That stranger had the same energy of Time, Elemental, and Galaxy.

"That Steve...," Memory Steve whispered. "...That Steve was created by Galaxy Steve. He's Galaxy Steve's youngest son."

Memory Steve looked up at the blue sky.

"He's my cousin..."

Word count: 3254

I know the situation between Galaxy and Void is confusing. I know fics depict them as literally the same person, as opposite halves, as brothers, as coparents, or as father/son. I decided to go with the "Galaxy Steve and Void Steve are brothers" headcanon. Hence Memory saying "he's my cousin" about Illusion, lol.

I hope you enjoyed the first chapter! I'm really excited to share this fic and I hope you are excited as I am!

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