Remember the content warnings at the beginning of the story, where I warned there was gonna be foul language?

Well...this is the chapter where that warning starts to become relevant.

There are swear words in this chapter. If you're ok with that, then proceed.

One island in the Memory Dimension now had a stone wall in the center, functioning as a bulletin board. The board was plastered with wooden signs, framed images, and red string.

How does he remember? How does he remember?

Memory Steve paced around and chewed his pencil as he analyzed the scattered ideas in his notebook. He circled another key word and approached the board. He placed down another wooden sign and wrote "Creeper crater Void Steve," then resumed reading his notes.

After a few "minutes," Memory Steve sensed something. He turned his attention to the small hut with a wooden door at the corner of the island. He had designed the hut to emit energy whenever Illusion Steve requested entrance into the Memory Dimension. Memory Steve quickly put on his masks. After double checking that his memory powers were deactivated by his new illusion powers, he sent some energy to the hut's door. Illusion Steve entered a moment later, the view of the Overworld behind him.

"I see that you're busy," Illusion Steve said. "What's going on?"

Memory Steve bowed before looking back at the board. "I'm figuring out what causes Sabre to remember the memories I've erased. I've taken notes of all the times he remembered from Guardian's reports and from my own observations."

Illusion Steve approached the bulletin board and read the signs.

Creeper crater...Void Steve

Hearing the word "sick"...Time Steve, infection

Chicken and potatoes...Illusion Steve and the illusion

Seeing me or hearing my name...Me and all his past encounters with me

Hearing a sneeze...Illusion Steve and the illusion

A sheep eating of grass...Green Steve

Activating redstone, trapping someone...Plague Steve (who dis?)

Hearing the word "valley"...Illusion Steve, the illusion, Alex

"So these are things that trigger Sabre's memories?" Illusion Steve stroked his chin as he inspected each wooden sign.

Memory Steve rested a hand on the board. "Some triggers make sense. But a majority of them...I don't understand how they work. Sabre is a anomaly. Random things cause him to recall memories and I can't find a pattern. He'll always end up remembering what I take away from him."

"Even my analysis power can't find a pattern," Illusion Steve huffed before looking at the lava sea with contempt. "Why is he like this?! He rambles on and on. Long enough to forget his main priorities, but he eventually connects his current rambling to the task at hand, then he panics from remembering! Why does he recall memories so easily? Is it because he's not a Steve? But your powers can affect him!"

Memory Steve gave a frustrated sigh. "He is difficult."

Illusion Steve looked back at the board, raising an eyebrow. "So, umm, can you explain why seeing a chicken and potatoes together reminds him of my plans with the illusion?"

"...It's hard to explain..."

"Alex, Guardian, I sense there's been some tension in the team. And you know what they say: teamwork makes the dream work."

"What dream?"

"The dream is our plan. I forgot what our plan is, but I'll eventually remember it. Anyways, I find this bickering and greed unacceptable, so we're addressing it right now, and I know just how to solve it."

"What are you doing, Sabre?"

"Setting up a table. I'm inviting you both to brunch so we can talk things out and get to know each other better as friends."

"...It's evening."

"Oh, it's suddenly illegal to eat breakfast at other times of the day, Alex?!"

"...Let's just sit at the table, Alex."

"That's the spirit, Guardian!'s everyone doing? Everyone getting along better?!"

"What's on the menu, Sabre?"

"I don't know about you guys, but I'm in the mood for some fried chicken and waffles. But we don't have that in this world, so this is the next best thing." Sabre placed chicken and potatoes on each plate. "Haha, Alex, do you what this chicken reminds me of?"

"Umm, you?"

"That's right! It's me! And this know, in my world, we have multiple languages. One of the languages we have is Spanish. In Spanish, we call potatoes 'papas.' That's coincidentally another way to say 'dad' or 'father.' Isn't the development of language amazing? Isn't it just – OH MY GOD!"

Sabre slammed the table, knocking the food off the plates.

"What's wrong, Sabre?!"


To that flashback, Illusion Steve facepalmed. "Of course Sabre remembered from just food! Anything provokes his memories! Can I just put him in an isolated white room for the rest of his life? I doubt that'll work either."

"If I may ask," Memory Steve began. "Why can't we just destroy Sabre? Wouldn't that be easier than erasing his memories?"

"Well, I would like to destroy him. He's really getting on my nerves," Illusion Steve said. "But Sabre is an important character in this story. He may be annoying, but I don't want to destroy him, or we'll lose something important. It's impossible to kill him anyways. I've been doing some reading."

Illusion Steve took a book out of his inventory. "This book tells me all about Sabre's species: players. They're indestructible. Even if you destroy their body, they'll eventually return. It's called respawning. It'll be pointless trying to destroy him. In fact, it would be a waste to destroy Sabre's gifts and not find a way to take advantage of it, you know what I mean?"

"I suppose so. Does the book explain how players and their memories work?"


Memory sighed in defeat. "Where did you find that book anyways?"

"In an abandoned library. Thank the Colors there's one Elder Blue Steve survivor in this world, who helped me find this book. I enjoy learning. It keeps my mind sharp." Illusion Steve placed the book back in his inventory, avoiding Memory Steve's gaze. "Oh, how are your new powers? Have you been using them?"

Memory Steve paused at the sudden change of topic, surprised and confused. "Oh, it's wonderful. I've been using them every day." He wondered if he should elaborate. He really wanted to talk about how amazing it was to socialize again. How liberating it was to be able to navigate through a crowded market without his memory powers forcing him to erase random memories and nauseate him.

In the end, he kept those thoughts to himself. These miraculous things – talking to someone, going inside a building – were trivial to everyone except him. It would be silly to celebrate those mundane activities. Mundane activities that he shouldn't had allowed his memory powers to steal from him in the first place. Besides, although he enjoyed socializing more, he still felt reluctant to approach people. Yesterday, he backed down on his plan to say hello to a Purple Steve.

Additionally, the illusion powers created new drawbacks when he worked. He wished he could work while the illusion power was activated, but then he couldn't erase memories. Breaking eye contact or hovering his hands over the victim did nothing when his memory powers were deactivated. Fortunately, there was one way to erase memories while the illusion powers were activated. However, the illusion powers didn't overcome all of his obstacles. He still returned all the victim's memories instead of a few memories. He still risked losing his own memories when returning a victim's connected memories.

So in the end, there was nothing to boast about…as usual with his powers...

"You're welcome again," Illusion Steve said. "Maybe next time you assist me, I'll reward you with even more power! Maybe I'll grant you flying next time."

"Oh, that won't be necessary." Memory Steve shook his head. "I already have the ability to fly. I just choose not to fly unless I'm in a dire situation."

Illusion Steve did a double take, astonished. "You don't like flying? ...What is wrong with you? Who doesn't like flying?"

Who would choose to be in the sky? Memory Steve wanted to retort. Everyone can see you in the sky. Why would you want to be seen?

"...I prefer walking," was Memory Steve's only answer. "Anyway, granting me with more power isn't necessary, though I appreciate the offer. I can't thank you enough for what you've done already, and I don't know how to repay the kindness."

Illusion Steve went from astonished to abashed. He gave a hiss and waved a hand away. "Yes, yes, we've been through this before! Seriously, it's no big deal! I wanted to give you that power, and I'm glad it helped you. It makes you a better henchmen, after all, and I need that."

"Yes, you gave me power to..." Memory Steve perked up and gasped. "That's it!" He bolted to a nearby crafting table, created more wooden signs, and scribbled down the new idea.

"Hey, what are you doing?!" Illusion Steve followed Memory Steve back to the bulletin board.

"I understand now!" Memory Steve set the new sign on the board and inspected the wall in awe. "I was focused on finding what I can take away from Sabre to stop him from remembering, but that was the wrong strategy. We can't take the triggers away from him, but we can give Sabre something to defeat him."

"What do you mean?"

"As a player, Sabre, has the ability to recall memories at unpredictable rates and the ability to respawn, correct?"


Memory Steve turned to Illusion Steve. "Do you still have some power that allows you to block a person's ability?"

Illusion Steve blinked, inspiration and hope sparking in his eyes. "...Do you plan to block Sabre's ability to remember or his ability to respawn?"

"Which one do you prefer I block?"

"His ability to remember. Given the choice between destroying him or making him harmless, I'd rather do the latter."

Memory Steve nodded. "Then I'll block his ability to recall memories that I erase. We won't have to worry about him remembering when he finds something that provokes his memories. So, do you have some power left to block a person's ability?"

"Yes, plenty. How do you plan to transfer that power to Sabre?"

"I have one idea in particular." Memory Steve began jotting down a step-by-step procedure in his notebook. "First I'll have to erase some important memories, then give them back with the intention of...shit!" He ripped the page and crumbled it up. Through gritted teeth, he hissed and threw it into the lava.

"What's wrong?!" Illusion Steve asked. "And what does 'shit' mean? I've never heard that word before."

Memory Steve facepalmed. "It's a word I heard Galaxy Steve say when I was younger. It's a forbidden word used to express surprise or anger. And I just realized that my plan can't work..."

Illusion Steve groaned and rolled his eyes. "Of course there's a catch! Why can't it work?"

"It's...complicated." Memory Steve looked away, uncomfortable.

"I like complicated topics. Tell me and let's see if I can follow along."

"...I have another drawback since I can't control my abilities." Memory Steve dipped his head in shame. "When I restore memories, I restore all of them, not a select few. This plan will only work if I restore a few of Sabre's memories."

Illusion Steve stroked his chin, deep in thought. "Hmm, I have the ability to filter memories. Maybe if we use our powers together, we can make this plan work."

Memory Steve looked up, surprised. "You'll assist me with this plan?" He expected Illusion Steve to demand for more explanations about his drawback. To demand why he hadn't done anything to solve this problem. But instead, he was immediately ready to help? Why was Illusion Steve so eager to get back on task despite learning another drawback?

Illusion Steve scoffed and approached Memory Steve. "Do you even have to ask? Let's figure out this plan together."

Memory Steve arrived at a small oak and birch forest. The forest was slightly elevated, overlooking a plains biome that was ahead. Sabre's white onesie immediately stood out. With his back against Memory Steve, Sabre punched down a few trees to collect a decent amount of wood. Afterwards, he sat on a log block and stared at the plains below the forest.

According to Illusion Steve, the heroic trio were preparing to build another trap to drain more of his powers. They had separated to gather resources. But why did Sabre stop collecting?

Memory Steve emerged from the shadows and stalked towards Sabre. He started focusing on his memory powers, activated again because of his disabled illusion powers. He didn't care what memory he erased, as long as his powers detected and retrieved a significant memory.

Memory Steve froze when Sabre suddenly lowered his hood, revealing his brown hair. There was no black cloth wrapped around his head. Memory Steve then noticed the bandana was resting on Sabre's lap.

"I just...regret leaving so soon." Sabre lowered his head and sighed. "If only I thought about coming back sooner. Would I have returned in time to help them all, before the infection became serious? What if...Galaxy Steve and Alex weren't prepared to watch over this world after all? I'm an idiot! Alex just went through trauma with Origin Steve, and Galaxy Steve just absorbed Void Steve and missed generations of Steves. That takes a lot of readjusting! I should have stayed longer to make sure they were prepared enough to handle this job! If only..."

Sabre raised his hand and a gray rectangle materialized in front of him. The gray rectangle had the word "DISCONNECT" in white text.

Memory Steve stared at the gray rectangle, tilting his head in confusion. Was it some sort of button? He never saw a button float in the air before, or form out of nowhere.

"Now I wish I didn't leave so early. Oh well, I can't change the past, and that's the reality of the situation." Sabre put his blindfold back on. "I just need to do better now to make sure the future is brighter! I can't mope around! Heh, if Rainbow Steve were here..." Sabre sniffed loudly before rubbing his nose. "He'd...he'd cheer me up. I'll keep going...for Rainbow's sake."

Memory Steve shook the confusion out of his mind. He had to make his move now! He aimed a hand at Sabre and a flash of light appeared.

Memory Steve teleported behind a tree. He spied Sabre who was a few yards away, groaning and rubbing his head.

"Ugh...what happened?!"

A new flower floated between Memory Steve's hands. It replayed Sabre's memory of being chased by Nightmare Steve. A strong, important memory. But just in case, Memory Steve wanted to steal another strong memory. Quickly before Sabre started remembering things.

"Sabre!" A voice called out. Sabre jumped up and placed his hood back up. He turned around and his covered eyes noticed Alex and Guardian approaching him. Memory Steve kept silent.

"We gathered the resources you wanted," Guardian announced. "And you?"

"Yeah, I got the resources too!"

"Are you doing ok?" Alex asked.

Sabre forced a nervous laugh. "Yeah! It's just...actually, I think I forgot something important."

Alex paled. "Is...the illusion starting to get to you?"

"No way!" Sabre fussed. "The illusion can't affect my memories because I'm not a Steve! Unless..." He gasped. Beads of sweat formed on his face and he started to tremble. "...Memory Steve...I remember him."

Memory Steve gasped. Usually, Sabre only remembered him when he spotted him. But now he remembered him just by thinking! Was Sabre's mind becoming more resistant against his powers?! He darted his eyes back at the flower. Fortunately, Sabre did not remember this encounter with Nightmare Steve, as the flower remained in his hands.

"Who's Memory Steve?" Alex asked, while Guardian seemed distressed.

"He's a Steve who erases the memories of anyone who looks away from him," Sabre said.

Alex gulped. "I really don't want to forget everything again. Will his powers affect an Alex? Is there a way to defeat him?"

"Actually...Guardian, you told me a while back that you knew Memory Steve's critical weakness. Do you remember what his weakness is?"

"Well, I remember Memory Steve, and I also remember the Spirit World." Guardian wrapped his wings against his body as if shielding himself. He pressed his sweaty palms on his gray cloak. "But I don't remember his weakness. How annoying. I know most of all the horrid things about him except his weakness!"

Hopefully it stays like that! Memory Steve thought as he sent the flower away. No one but Void Steve knows my critical weakness. Not even Illusion Steve knows yet...

"Darn," Sabre huffed. "But I know some ways we can defeat him! First..." He turned and placed two wooden signs down. He wrote Memory Steve is back! on the first one and Be careful and don't look away from him! on the second one. "First, we place down signs. They'll help us remember him if he erases our memories."

Memory Steve rolled his eyes and scowled. From his inventory, he got out TNT, which he crafted from the resources stolen from the Red Steve village.

"Second..." Sabre looked back at his friend and puffed out his chest, an arrogant grin stretched across his face. "I'll use the power of memes to defeat him!"

Alex and Guardian exchanged glances. "So, do you think the first idea with the signs was legit or no?"

"I'm serious, guys!" Sabre laughed. "Seriously, if we want to defeat Memory Steve, we gotta fight fire with fire!"

"Memory Steve can set things on fire?!" Alex cried out.

"No, it's just an expression from my world! I'm saying that Memory Steve will try confusing us by erasing our memories! So we gotta confuse him before he can confuse us!"

"Confuse him...with memes?" Guardian tilted his head and drooped his wings.

As Alex and Guardian processed Sabre's ideas, Memory Steve concentrated on the area near Sabre and the newly placed signs.

"Yes!" Sabre said. "I'm find him and use my memes to confuse him. Then you guys sneak up on him while he's distracted and trap him with redstone. I'm sure it will work. You guys get confused when I talk because you don't understand some of the things I talk about. Memory Steve will be the same way. He won't understand memes!"

Memory Steve teleported behind Sabre and whispered into the player's ears, "Vibe check."

"...Who said that?" Oh, Memory Steve wished he could see Sabre's confident expression melting into pure fear.

Sabre whirled around and saw him. He and his two friends gasped and slowly stepped back. Memory Steve's mask hid his mischievous grin as he set a TNT block next to the two signs and ignited it with flint and steel.

"Oh god, RUN," the words caught in Sabre's throat. The three heroes screamed and turned around to flee.

A flash of light, accompanied by the sound of an explosion.

Memory Steve returned to the tree after teleporting. He looked past the tree and saw the three heroes sprawled on the ground. There was a crater where the two signs used to be.

"What happened?" Alex grunted as she pushed herself up.

Guardian coughed and brushed debris and dirt off his cloak. "Were...were we attacked by a creeper?"

Sabre laughed and added "aw man" under his breath as he got up. Memory Steve understood that.

It was all thanks to Galaxy Steve. Memory Steve recently viewed some of Galaxy Steve's memories – his adventures in other dimensions – where Memory Steve learned about most memes. The joke was on Sabre.

"I feel like we forgot something important..." Alex murmured.

Sabre brushed the dust off his white outfit. "Yeah...but I guess that happens when you just survived a creeper explosion. We should have paid more attention to our surroundings. I sometimes forget that this world has mobs." He stretched his arms and legs, as if surviving an explosion was as typical as preparing for a run.

Why does he seem content instead of hurt? Memory Steve thought. ...Ugh, enough wasting time! I have to erase another strong memory for this plan to work.

Now that Sabre was with his friends, it would be harder for Memory Steve to erase his memory. Face-to-face, at least.

Memory Steve concentrated and formed a ball of glowing energy in his hands. The ball morphed into a bow and arrow. This was his special ability: to transform his powers into a range weapon, allowing him to erase memories from a distance. This ability used more energy than erasing memories face-to-face with someone. But when the targeted person was in a crowd, the extra cost was worth it if Memory Steve could stay away from the crowd. He didn't want to risk getting caught in the act or that nauseating memory whip of anyone who looked away from him.

"I remember now! We were gathering materials and we got them all!" Sabre announced. "We should find a valley and start building a trap."

"I saw a valley while searching for caves to mine in," Guardian suggested. "I can take you there."

"Perfect! Lead the way, Guardian!"

As Sabre began following Guardian and Alex out of the forest, Memory Steve nocked the glowing arrow onto the bow and stalked the trio. He aimed the arrow at Sabre's head and then released it.

"OW!" Sabre cried when the arrow hit his head. The glowing arrow immediately disintegrated, leaving no wound or mark. Memory Steve quickly teleported before Guardian and Alex turned around to check their friend.

Back at the tree, Memory Steve opened up his hand and a new flower appeared. The flower showed a memory of Sabre saying goodbye to Rainbow Steve and a white-colored, shy-looking Steve.

Two strong memories...this should be enough. Memory Steve looked back at the trio. Alex and Guardian inspected Sabre's head for injuries while Sabre complained. But to move onto Step Two of the plan, I need him alone.

He cleared his throat and looked at the sky. "Illusion Steve, I request for your assistance. Can you separate Sabre from his friends?"

Thunder roared.

"SABRE!" Alex and Guardian cried as they started to vanish.

"Alex! Guardian! No!" Sabre tried to grab their hands, but they disappeared before he could reach. "NO! Did Illusion Steve take you guys?! I thought he didn't know what we were planning!"

There was another sound of thunder and Illusion Steve appeared in front of Sabre, giving him an arrogant sneer. "Holy shit, Sabre! Did you really think I was that oblivious?! I knew you were alive all this time! I was just giving you a false sense of security."

Sabre gave a dramatic gasp. "What did you just say, young man?"

Illusion Steve cackled and sang, "I learned a new wo-ord! It's a way to express surpri-ise!"

"That's a forbidden word! You're not supposed to say forbidden words!" Sabre scolded, while Memory Steve slowly approached him. Memory Steve held in his hand the new illusion block that Illusion Steve gave him.

"Why not?!" Illusion Steve continued laughing as he looked to the side to avoid Memory Steve's dangerous gaze. "At least 'shit' isn't a useless word. I'm using the word to distract you!"

"Distract me from what?!"

Memory Steve then grabbed Sabre and lifted him up. Sabre screamed and kicked and clawed at Memory Steve's arm.

Memory Steve cried out, "use your powers on both me and Sabre!" He summoned the two memories he recently stole and pressed them against Sabre's head. "NOW!"

Without looking, Illusion Steve raised his hand up and thunder surrounded Memory Steve and Sabre.

When Memory Steve opened his eyes, he found himself in a dark, groundless area. He gasped. He expected Sabre's mind to be a yellow plane, just like Memory Steve's mind and Galaxy Steve's mind. What was this dark space?

Memory Steve felt the illusion block, still in his right hand. He waved his free left hand in the air. 12 yellow glowing entities appeared, startling him. He observed each entity in confused speechlessness. Each entity was identical from each other: a small, flat square that was folded. Folders. They differed in the names that hovered above each of them:

Assets, backups, bin, config, libraries, logs, mods, resourcepacks, saves, screenshots, shaderpacks, versions.

Memory Steve gulped. He expected this to be simple. He expected that he would just find in Sabre's code of whatever gave him the ability to recall memories and attach the illusion block to it. But this was it? Just these 12 folders with names, most of them being words he'd never heard of before?

There must be some mistakes. He felt stress and panic forming in his chest. There's got to be another way.

He waved his hand again. For a moment, he saw another entity appear, a bigger yellow folder towering above the 12 entities. It was labelled Minecraft recordings. Memory Steve reached a hand to it. Suddenly, his vision glitched and he drew his hand back in shock. "Ah!" The big folder disappeared. Well, looks like I'm stuck with these 12. Perfect!

Memory Steve read the names again. Assets, backups, bin, config, libraries, logs, mods, resourcepacks, saves, screenshots, shaderpacks, versions.

What did these words mean? Or more specifically, what did they mean for Sabre? Which one of these had something to do with his ability to recall memories?

...Could Sabre...have backups of his memories, allowing him to recall what he forgot? Could Sabre's code have a log of his experiences. And since memory was visual, did Sabre have saves and screenshots of his experiences?

Memory Steve reached and grabbed the folders labeled backups, logs, saves, and screenshots. He set them on the invisible black ground and held up the illusion block. Usually, this wouldn't work. But fortunately, I'm inside someone's mind. He crushed the illusion block with his two hands and his powers. He was thrilled he hear the block shatter and crumble into rainbow dust, to cave in from the strength of his hands. Oh's been forever since I've done something like this. A soft smile crawled on his hidden face as he slowly buried his hands into the forming dust, knowing he wouldn't experience this again.

He tossed the rainbow dust on the four folders and spread it around. The folders glitched and transformed as they absorbed the particles. Their yellow color morphed into a pink rainbow palette, and the image of a lock formed in front of them.

Memory Steve placed the folders back in the air with the other eight. He looked back at where that big folder used to be. The one labelled Minecraft recordings. The mind technically recorded memories. He lifted his hand and tried summoning the folder again. Nothing.

He huffed in frustration as he brushed the remaining dust off his suit. Hopefully this is enough. At least I did something. He concentrated, thinking of the Overworld.

Memory Steve gasped and opened his eyes. He was back in the Overworld, with Sabre still struggling in his arms and Illusion Steve looking away.

"What did you do?!" Sabre panicked.

"Did you do it?!" Illusion Steve cried. "If you did, move onto the final step!"

Memory Steve nodded and pressed his now free hand on Sabre's head.

"No!" Sabre cried.

A flash of white.

Memory Steve found himself in an empty area of the forest. When he saw Illusion Steve approach him, he deactivated his memory powers, straightened up, and bowed in greeting.

"Did you erase his memories?"

Memory Steve held out his hand, which had several flowers representing Sabre's memories of the illusion. "Now, he should be looking for Alex, Time Steve, and that infected Green Steve. He does not remember you or the time you disguised as Rainbow Steve."

"And did you use the illusion block to stop him from remembering?"

"I believe I have. I first took a few important memories from Sabre. When I return memories, I'm able to put some of my powers and my control into a person's mind. When I returned Sabre's memories, I put in the illusion block's power in his mind. was confusing."

Illusion Steve started to look nervous. "What happened?"

"It's...difficult to describe," Memory Steve sighed. "I give you permission to look at my recent memories to see what I saw in Sabre's mind."

To Memory Steve's surprise, Illusion Steve hesitated. Finally, he nodded and raised a hand up, his face deep in concentration. A moment later, he stepped back, his multicolored eyes wide with confusion. "What was that?! His mind looks nothing like a Steve's mind! What did those words mean? What do those things do for Sabre? What...what if we don't understand anything and we didn't completely block Sabre's – "

"Illusion Steve," Memory Steve said softly. "I apologize for interrupting, but let me remind you that the task is complete."

"But did we do it right?" Illusion Steve looked away, fidgeting with his hands and biting his lip nervously.

Sabre in the distance shouted, "Alex? Time Steve? Rainbow Steve? Where are you guys?"

Memory Steve offered, "If you are worried, I can test what happens right now if I encounter him."

"...That's a good idea. Go do that."

Memory Steve teleported near Sabre. The player's blindfolded eyes spotted him. Memory Steve tensed up and held his breath. The moment of truth...

Sabre approached him, head tilt in confusion, before looking more gleeful. "A new Steve?! Oh my god, you have no idea how happy I am to see a new Steve here!"

Memory Steve gasped and jumped back.

Sabre flinched. "Oh, I'm sorry if I scared you! My name is Sabre. I'm actually looking for my friends. Have you seen anyone nearby?"

Memory Steve panicked, erased Sabre's memories, and teleported back to Illusion Steve. "He-he doesn't remember! Seeing me triggers all of his memories of me, but it didn't do it this time! He doesn't remember!"

Illusion Steve opened his mouth in awe. "So...we did it. Sabre is no longer a threat. He thinks this illusion is reality!"

Memory Steve smiled under his mask. "Yes...we did it."

He recalled the first time he met Sabre. It was in a forest. Sabre and Rainbow Steve had helped Galaxy Steve remember his past by using the center of the universe, only to cause Galaxy Steve to teleport away. Since Memory Steve had sensed Galaxy Steve teleporting, and he was assigned to erase his memories every time he returned to the Overworld, he had traced the energy and arrived at the scene. He had instead met Sabre and Rainbow Steve. To his surprise, Sabre was able to remember him, and he used the signs to help Rainbow Steve remember too. If Sabre could remember him, he would eventually expose him to the Steves...

Memory Steve had frantically tried to make Sabre permanently forget him. Of course, it all failed, and it costed him his life.

But now he could put that worry to rest. This goal that he died for was finally complete. Finally, no more days dreading and wondering how Sabre's memories worked. Finally, the world felt simpler again. It was a place where Memory Steve could easily disappear, where no one would remind anyone of his existence.

And most importantly, Memory Steve had proved to himself that he could do his job right.

"We should celebrate," he told Illusion Steve. "My treat, but you can decide."

"Now? But I want to return to work! With Sabre out of the way, now's the perfect time to move onto the next stage of my plan!"

"Part of your plan is learning more about Galaxy Steve's past, and you promised me that you'll take a break once a day if you want to use my dimension for your plan."

Illusion Steve groaned and crossed his arms. "Fine. We'll celebrate."

Memory Steve looked back at where Sabre was wandering. That player. Despite all his amazing accomplishments and unexplainable feats, Sabre was now a harmless, misguided player, who didn't know what to think about. Sabre was defeated.

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