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Warning for Fairytale!AU, Muggle!AU, and a slight bit out of character. Word count is 3,278 words. I hope you enjoy the first of many chapters in The Rumplestiltskin files.

Homecoming. It was the event of the year at Hogwarts High School, besides prom that is, and everyone was going to be there but Astoria. She'd been told by her parents that she could go if she happened to finish all her chores before the time the dance began.

Astoria, however, had been distracted by helping her sister Daphne pick out her homecoming dress. Then they had gone shoe shopping because what good is a dress without shoes to go with it.

By the time they got home from all that running around Astoria didn't have enough time to finish her chores in. Beg and plead as she might, she couldn't get her parents to go back on what they'd said before. She hadn't finished her chores so she couldn't go to the Homecoming dance.

She slumped forlornly in the window seat of her bay window.

"I wish I could go to the Homecoming dance," she said, wishing upon the first start that she saw flashing in the sky. "It sounds like it's going to be so much fun. But, of course, I'm the only one that doesn't get to go."

"Who says you won't get to go?" a voice from inside her room said, making Astoria jump out of her skin.

Astoria's dark-haired head whipped every which way trying to see who'd snuck into her room. Who had the audacity to even think about coming into her house and trying to scare her like this?

"Over here, dearie," the voice said, sounding close. Real close.

Astoria turned towards her right and sure enough, there was the owner of the voice. The strangest person she'd ever seen in her entire life. He was dressed as though he was a character out some Shakespear play. His skin was cracked and grayish looking. His mane of shaggy blondish hair looked like a tangled mop.

"Who are you and how did you get into my house?" Astoria asked, trying to back away from the man.

Trying being the operative word in this case. By the time she'd started backpedaling towards the left there he was. He was now her other side. She blinked and tried to make sense of what she was seeing. That couldn't be. It was almost like he was magic or something like that.

"Let me introduce myself," the little man said, giggling and taking a dramatic bow. "My name is Rumplestilskin and I can make your wildest dreams come twoo. All you have to do is make a deal with me."

"Make a deal with you?" Astoria asked, watching the man who claimed to be Rumplestilskin. But he couldn't be. Rumplestilskin was just a fairytale. "Who are you really and how did you get in here?"

"Rumplestilskin," he said once more bowing exaggeratedly. "I got in her by magic. You were just making a wish, weren't you? Perhaps we can come to some sort of deal, dearie?"

"What sort of deal?" Astoria said, eyeing the man suspiciously. He had after all just admitted to eavesdropping, and breaking and entering. Perhaps he was wanted criminal and she could turn him for some sort of reward.

"I'm no mere criminal, dearie," Rumplestilskin said, watching her in return with great interest. "I'm not a criminal at all, in fact. I'm a person who helps others get their hearts' trustest desires. You are a person who desires to go to the ball, are you not?"

Astoria raised a perfectly manicured eyebrow at the man. Anyone that she and Daphne passed in the comings and goings would have known that bit of information. If he was trying to prove he was magic he had to do much better than that.

"Anyone that my sister and I came into contact with at any point in the day can tell you that I want to go to the Homecoming dance," Astoria said, folding her arms over her chest. "If you want me to believe that you are who you say you are, you'll tell me something that no one else knows. Not even my sister."

The man rubbed his hands together gleefully as though this was sort of game. The small giggle he gave only served to make Astoria's blood boil in anger.

"Let's see," he said, looking at her appraisingly still rubbing his hands together. "Your name is Astoria Greengrass. You are sixteen years old and come from one of the most wealthy families in the country. You have an older sister named Daphne, who is fooling around with the boyfriend you convinced yourself you wanted during sophomore year."


"There's more. Shall I go on or do you believe me yet?"

Astoria inclined her head wondering how he'd gotten the information that he'd mentioned so far. It was obvious from the pictures around the room that she had a sister. It was also obvious from the same pictures that she had a boyfriend. Maybe the pictures were what was leading this man to believe that Draco was cheating on her with Daphne?

"Since the day you met your sister Daphne's best friend in your freshmen year, you've been in love with Pansy Parkinson. You don't want anyone to know because your mother and father threatened to cut you if off if you ever acted on it. Shall I continue?"

Astoria shook her head. No one knew that. Not even Daphne. Not even Pansy. How had this man found that out? How had…

"You are magic, aren't you?" she asked, looking at the man with newfound respect. "Rumplestilskin, you said it was?"

The man nodded.

"Perhaps we can make a deal," Astoria said, knowing that she was probably going to regret making such a deal with this man. After all, hadn't the people in the story regretted their deal after it had been made.

"I'm glad to see that you've changed your mind, dearie," Rumplestilskin said, glee coloring his words as he said them.

"What sort of deal are you looking to make?" Astoria said, not wanting to get fooled into a deal that would only benefit one party of the agreement. The sort that Rumplestilskin was apt to make in the fairytales.

"Why my help getting you to the ball in return for a favor to be named later?" he said, sticking his hand out as though they'd already had a deal.

"Why do you keep calling the Homecoming dance a ball?"

"It is a ball, isn't it? Do you dance at this Homecoming dance? Do you dance at a ball? I don't see the difference."

"But there is a big difference between a Homecoming dance and a ball," Astoria said as though explaining something a particularly slow child. "One is held so that everyone can attend and Homecoming is only for those in high school."

"Alright, dearie, alright," Rumplestilskin said, still holding his hand out for her to shake. "My help getting you to the Homecoming dance in return for a favor to be named later, is that much better?"

Astoria nodded. "Although I would rather much prefer to know the favor upfront," she said, watching him for a sign that he was going to ask her to do something dangerous. "I want to know what I'm getting myself into. Wouldn't you if you were in the same situation?"

The man seemed to ponder for a bit before just blurting out his answer. "No!"

"Most normal people…."

"That your problem, dearie," Rumplestilskin said, leaning close to her. "You assume that I am like most normal people. I'm not."

"And the offer of help only stands as long as I take your deal, right?"

The man nodded.

Astoria took a deep breath knowing that she would come to regret this. She shook Rumplestilskin's hand and sealed the deal.

"Now let's see what we can do with these clothes," Rumplestilskin said, looking at her pajamas that she'd changed into once she'd been told that she couldn't go to the dance. "We can't be caught at the dance in these, can we?"

"I guess not," Astoria said, looking towards her wardrobe. She wasn't sure if she had anything nice enough for a Homecoming dance in there. "But I'm not sure…."

She looked down at her clothes they started to magically change into a nice form-fitting corset top dress. It was in one of her favorite colors too. A nice pale blue that matched her eyes perfectly.

She turned towards the mirror that was hanging on the back of her door and her mouth hung open in shock. Not only had her clothes changed but her hair had changed too. Instead of hanging down in a cascade over her back, her hair was in now in an elegant updo that would make the Queen of England in youth very happy.

"How did…."

"Magic, dearie," Rumplestilskin said, watching her take in her appearance. He held out a pair of the most delicate glass shoes that Astoria had ever seen in her life. "We can't forget about your footwear, my lady."

"These are delicate for me," she said, taking one look at the shoes and knowing that this wouldn't end very well if she wore them. "I promise you this isn't going to end well if wear these."

"I suppose you're right," he said, waving his hand over the pair of shoes in the palm of his other hand. "How about these?"

Astoria giggled as she watched the beautiful glass slippers disappear and in there was standing a pair of baby blue lace-up sneakers. How did this stranger get her style more than her own family did?

"They are perfect," Astoria said, taking the pair of sneakers from her benefactor as she vowed to call Mr. Rumplestilskin. "Thank you, sir."

"Now don't forget, dearie, there is a time limit on this transformation," he said, pointing to the clock that was hanging on her wall. "By the time of ten everything will change back to the way that it was."

"So be home by ten?"

Rumplestilskin nodded. "Don't forget, you still owe me a favor, and one of these days I'll come back to collect," he said ominously. Then he waved his hand and both Astoria and he disappeared from her room.

"Rumplestilskin," Astoria cried, eyes shut tight in fear. She'd seen the dark smoke engulf them and then she'd been taken out of her room. It was at that point that she'd shut her eyes.

She heard someone snicker at her from nearby but it didn't sound like Rumplestilskin's laugh. It sounded like someone's laugh that she knew, however. Opening her eyes she came face to face with her boyfriend Draco and her sister Daphne. What were they doing out here? Shouldn't they be inside with everyone else?

"Storia, it's not what it looks like," Daphne said, moving to reach for her hand and at that moment Astoria figured out what she wasn't seeing at first.

"You don't have to lie to me anymore, Daphne," she said, sounding hurt and like she wanted to cry. "My new friend Rumplestilskin helped me get here to the dance. He told me all about what you and Draco have been doing behind my back."

Draco looked like he was about to say something to her. She wasn't about ready to give him the satisfaction of giving some lame excuse for his behavior. She raced off in the direction of the Homecoming dance. She would have a fun time, even if she had just been dumped for her sister. She could feel that this dance was going to be the start of something very big and important for her.

"Watch where you're going," someone shouted as she brushed past them.

"Sorry," she said, turning around to apologize properly to the person she'd brushed past in her haste. "I wasn't watching where I was going. It won't happen…."

Astoria stared in shock at the person she'd just ran into. When had Pansy Parkinson gone and got hot? She remembers Pansy as the pug-faced dark-haired ice princess that used to follow Daphne around and pine after Draco. This wasn't the same girl. It could be, could it?

"Astoria Greengrass?" Pansy's voice asked as the girl looked at her closely. "Is that you?"

"Yeah," Astoria said, smiling at Pansy. "Pansy Parkinson?"

Pansy nodded.

"When did you get so hot?" they both asked at the same time, making the two girls double over in laughter.

Pansy told Astoria all about how she'd met a strange man who'd give her the secret of how to look good. She like Astoria had been skeptical at first of trusting the stranger that she'd met. But he was the only one offering to help her. So she did as she was told and the results were almost instantaneous.

"What did make you promise him?" Astoria asked, knowing right away that this stranger Pansy had met was Rumplestilskin. "He made me promise him a favor to be named later."

"He promised me that I'd….But that's ridiculous and couldn't happen even if I wanted it to." She shook her head.


"He promised that I'd have a child with the person that I will fall in love with tonight." She laughed as though that was the most ridiculous thing ever. Then her eyes lit up as a slow song started to play. "That's one of my favorites. Do you want to dance with me?" She held her hand out to Astoria looking hopeful.

"Sure," Astoria said, allowing herself to be led onto the dance.

Hours must have passed by quickly and at some point, she must have taken off her shoes. But that didn't matter. Not when everything was about to go back to the way it was. She looked at the clock and mentally cursed as she pulled away from the dance that she and Pansy had been having.

"What's wrong?" Pansy asked, seeing the distress in Astoria's eyes. "Are you alright?"

"I have to go," Astoria said, leaning and giving Pansy a quick but chaste kiss. "I hope to see you again sometimes," she called over her shoulder as she raced from the school building and towards her home.

She could feel the gown going back to the pair of shorts and a tank top that'd she'd been wearing before. She could feel her shoe disappear. Shoe? Wasn't there supposed to be another one of those? Looking back she decided that it would be far too embarrassing to leave the dance in a gown and come back in her pajamas. It would seem like some sort of prank.

She continued the walk home and climbed back into her bedroom window. Tonight had been nice and she would remember it for the rest of her life.

Pansy had watched as Astoria raced off halfway through their dance. She felt disappointed that the younger girl had left. Rumplestilskin had said that she'd meet the person she'd fall in love at this dance and Pansy was pretty sure that she had. That person was Astoria Greengrass. But then why had she run away from her if that was the case?

She looked down to where they'd both set their shoes when Pansy's had become too uncomfortable to dance in. Eyes widening in shock she noticed that one of Astoria's baby blue sneakers was still sitting on the ground with Pansy's wedges.

"I'll have to get this back to her," Pansy said, going over and picking up the sneaker gently. "I'm sure she didn't mean to leave it behind."

A thought then occurred to Pansy. She should return the sneaker to Astoria the next at school. She was sure that Astoria would be grateful for its safe return. Maybe she'd be thankful enough that she'd accept a date with Pansy?

The next day came and went and with it went any chance that Pansy would remember to bring the shoe with her to school. It was as though the shoe had been magically forgotten overnight. She could still see it sitting there just waiting to go back to its owner but every time she look at it, she forgot who the owner was.

Days turned into weeks. Weeks turned into months. Soon the signs had been put for the Senior prom. Pansy sighed as she looked at the baby blue sneaker, once more wondering who it belonged to. Once more wondering if this person was the person that she was looking for since the Homecoming dance. Then the idea hit her. She'd been reading a book of fairytales that had been given to her from a friend of a friend. One of them had just such a problem as she was facing now.

A shoe that had been left behind and no way to return it except to find the owner of the shoe herself. She would put an advert in the school paper and try to find the owner of the shoe. When she did she'd ask the owner to Senior prom as her date.

It had seemed like such a perfect idea at first. But now she had people from all different grade levels trying on the shoe and hoping to be the one that it fits on. She even had some boys try the thing on. Even though both they and she knew the shoe would never fit the foot.

She was about to give up trying and think of a new plan when the Greengrass sisters walked over and offered to try the shoe on.

She watched as Daphne, her best mate, sat down on the chair that so many other people before her had sat on. In her heart of hearts, Pansy knew that the shoe wasn't going to fit Daphne's foot. The shoe was smaller than Daphne's foot size. Pansy knew this much. She and Daphne usually shared shoes.

"Sorry," Daphne said, as the shoe didn't fit her foot. It was much too small. "I guess we won't be going on that friend date after all, huh?"

Pansy laughed and shook her head. "I guess not," she said. "Back the drawing board, I guess."

Neither Pansy nor Daphne had been paying attention to Astoria. The younger girl had sat down and put the sneaker onto her foot. The thing fit her like a glove if one would wear a glove on one's foot.

"Pansy," Daphne said, nudging her best mate in the side and pointing towards where Astoria sat with the shoe on.

"What?" Pansy said, still trying to figure out how to find the person the shoe belonged to. "I'm trying to figure this out."

"You don't need to figure it out. Just look!"

She grabbed Pansy by the shoulders and turned towards where Astoria was sitting with the baby blue sneaker on her foot. The younger girl looked like the cat that had eaten the canary as she sat there and smiled.

"It's you," Pansy said, smiling as she walked over Astoria.

"It's me," Astoria said, smiling up at Pansy.

"That only means one thing," Pansy said, taking both Astoria's hand in her own. "Will you go to the Senior Prom with me, Astoria?"

"I would love to," Astoria said, smiling the biggest smile she'd ever smiled in her entire life. "I will."

The night of the Senior Prom had finally arrived and Astoria was having a great time with Pansy. They danced and talked and were the happiest couple at the Prom. But unbeknownst to them, they were being watched by someone who was more than willing to make a bargain with anyone.

"All magic comes with a price, dearies," Rumplestilskin said, watching them as they dance. "Soon you'll have to pay yours."

I hope you all enjoy the first edition of the Rumplestiltskin Files as much as I enjoyed writing it.